Hidden Battlefield 4 Premium Assignment Discovered, “Phantom Prospect”

As it turns out, there might more to Battlefield 4’s latest China Rising expansion pack than what meets the eye.

At first glance, China Rising appears to bring a number of new goodies to the table like four new maps, new weapons, and new assignments, among other things. But hidden away is a secret Premium-exclusive assignment you may not have known about.

As Reddit user blubakumi has discovered, visiting the “Learderboards” page on the Battlelog and scrolling down to the bottom will reveal an easy-to-miss, very faded image of a skull. Clicking it will bring up this command prompt, as seen below:

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 12.08.16 PM

Inputting the password “bumpinthenight” (credit to Reddit user cromusz) will yield the results, “>> Assignment unlocked. Unlock phase completed. Welcome to the Phantom Program… Stand by for further instructions.”

Note: You may have to play around with different browsers to get it to work.

Visiting your “Assignment” page on the Battlelog afterwards will reveal a brand new China Rising-exclusive, Premium-only assignment called “Phantom Prospect”. To complete it, you’ll need 200 kills with an assault rifle, 200 kills with main battle tanks, and a 300 meter headshot.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 12.12.56 PM

As you can see, I still have some work to do, but completing the tasks will reward you with a pretty nifty dog tag that you can show off to all your friends (and enemies).

Have any of you completed the assignment already?

Thanks, MattTheMusketeer.

  • Gigers

    Wont let me type anything in

    • mechcell

      You must be Premium member for BF4. And it this working for me.

      • Jamie

        I’m a Premium member and it doesn’t accept anything for me either. Another DICE fail. …Nailed it!

        • mechcell

          “Note: You may have to play around with different browsers to get it to work.” – Mr. V

        • Warlon

          works fine in chrome

        • mechcell

          works fine in chrome and IE 10.

        • DerpSlayer

          PEBCAK. These easter eggs aren’t for nooblets, they’re for people with a clue.

    • Sheldon

      use chrome

    • Alexander Loos

      try to use CHrome – had the same problem in FF – only entered keys when i pressed F1-12….

    • ShavedApe

      try using a different browser some people have had issues with firefox but its worked fine in chrome, some people its worked fine with firefox so I guess its a little hit and miss.

  • pot51e

    That is pretty cool. Can you imagine the shit these guys could have pulled off if they had been given time to complete the game properly.

    • Kyle Jackson

      And not included a campaign into a mainly multiplayer game, all those man hours and money would of helped also.

    • swipe_06

      Not to disagree, but I was thinking about GTA V. those guys worked on it for 5 years. Imagine working on something for 5 years, without seeing the end of it. And bugs still slipped in.
      I get flame for saying it, but everyone would have been better off with a Battlefield 3.5. DICE would have been able to release a major bug free game without a struggle. Making Frostbite 3 and BF4 + supporting 2 new platforms at the same time was too much too soon.

  • RoadTripToJalalabad

    The password is not working for me. Tried it in all caps too.

  • thatoneguy

    Worked for me and I use safari

  • Michael Oakley

    this is not a hidden assignment or well maybe it is but i saw this assignment when china rising came out

  • mechcell

    News Tip: Phantom Prospect assignment is a part of secret massive easter egg.


    • zacflame

      The most legit seeming easter egg conspiracy.
      DICE wants to replace Treyarch as the FPS developer who makes a bunch of unnecessarily complicated easter eggs, since recently all Treyarch does now is story related events in zombies.

  • Opt1kon

    i used safari and got in

  • Leon

    That is pretty cool, indeed.

  • J4K5

    Maybe you need the TAG before you can trigger it….. if there is a “IT”. Id rather spend that time playing the game.

  • Brandon Joe Miller

    i finished it a few weeks ago. took forever