In-Depth Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Weapon Statistics

Den boards users corpsecreate, pwnsweet and marvel4 have compiled an in-depth weapon statistic chart for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 fans to enjoy.

Weapons are categorized by class and feature statistics like magazine size, minimum and maximum damage, RPM, Time to Kill and tons more. If you want to know your guns inside and out, be sure to check out this handy guide.

It has been updated to reflect the latest updates but will most likely change as weapons characteristics tend to do through further patching. To keep up to date, you can also follow this Reddit thread by lolujelly.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Weapon Chart

Speaking of patching, have you caught up on the latest Xbox 360/PS3 and PC patch notes?

So far, which weapons are you liking the most or finding the most effective?

Source: Den Boards

  • KSG holy hell 200 DMG!

    • Nighthawk_0430

      Thats a slug shotgun for ya, ridiculous damage, but horrid accuracy.

    • I hate that shotgun. No way I miss hip firing from two feet away with a shotgun. I’ll stick with the Remington.

      • HighBob

        Hipfiring with ksg ? Please… ADS each time and get a long range barrel, it got better accuracy at range than most smgs, really…

        • Long barrel was equipped. I’m not going to waste time ADS in close quarters. It’s a shotty, the spread should hit someone in close proximity of me.

          • Zam Zar

            Hmmm. I wonder why the nonexistent spread of a SLUG shotgun didn’t hit the person. /s

            • Slug shotgun means nothing to me. Excuse my lack of firearms knowledge.

            • thebulky1cometh

              Well, you end up looking very dumb when you complain about something but do not understand what you’re complaining about
              A slug round is 1 large piece of metal, basically. Regular shotgun rounds are full of BBs, giving you that spread that you’re looking for.

            • Dumb? Not knowledgeable, maybe, but dumb? No. Takes more than a lack of knowledge in guns to be dumb. I already did the research, but thanks for the info anyway.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Laser attachment will give u the ability to shoot accurately off the hip

          • Asmitty56

            There is no spread on a shotgun with slugs?

            • Apparently not. Though after researching, I found out that the KSG shoots either type of round.

            • A lot of shotguns can be made to fire different kinds of shells. It’s just that for some reason in this game they decided to make it that only one shotgun uses slugs and only slugs. It should be an attachment.

              It has no spread in the sense that it’s one projectile, but it does in the sense that if you fire it from the hip, the slug will shoot out in a random spot between your crosshairs just like any other hip fired bullet.

          • Joe

            Yeah, KSG is utter shit. Worst range in the game. There’s no need to use any other shotty in the game other than the Remington — unless you want the Liberace camo, that is…

            • Duh

              It statistically has the best range of any shotgun, and arguably as good or better than SMG’s. If you learn to ADS quickly you can rip people up…just don’t expect to run into a room and hipfire 4 people. It pretty much requires ADS(laser sight helps). So while its fine you don’t like it, you’re absolutely wrong in saying it has the worst range. A players inability to USE something does not equate to a gun’s inability to DO something.

  • Joe

    Weapon stats have NEVER meant anything in any cod game. Why? Different people lag at different rates which essentially renders specific weapon specs moot. Weapon does 60/40 damamge? Doesn’t matter much if you’re lagging. Plus, you have to take in people who spray vs. people who burst fire & people’s accuracy & ability to control recoil & adapt to view kick. So again, weapon stats in cod meaning NOTHING.

  • name

    Black Ops 2 MP is shit.

    Every match I’ve played since the 1.03 patch have been stacked against me, putting me into a losing match in mid-game every fucking time. And the spawns have the MW3 ‘anti-camp’ logic meaning the spawns follow you around and you encounter groups of players, and to top it off there is some serious lag comp or something.

    Too bad, minus those problems its a good game.

    • Joe

      How can spawns that use “anti camp logic” follow campers around when campers don’t generally move? I don’t camp EVER & I haven’t had an issue. BO2 is an anti-camper game & from what I can tell, only pussy campers are bitching about the game.

      • name

        I haven’t pre 1.03, but PS3 mp is completely unplayable. I have PC version as well, no issues here

        • Dan

          If you’re in a losing match in mid-game, just play it out and then you will be in the pre-game lobby so the next game will be a fair match

      • name

        It doesn’t follow campers, you moron, it follows everybody.

        The ‘anti-camp’ bit is that it spawns lots of players around you so get overwhelmed if you stay in one spot but this also means you get no breathing space when you clear out a room.

        I killed 3 people with the remington and started to move forward and they ALL conveniently spawned just ahead of me.

        • Joe

          I’m the moron? You’re the one bitching about a non-issue. People bitching is just people exaggerating. No one ever dies in cod w/o a built-in excuse…

          • nickster

            the skill based matchmaking is stupid, i have a 1.95kdr down to rushing with a 400+ spm but i get put up agaisnt people with similar kd just cos they camp, in addition leage play is now obselete now they have implemented skill based match making in pub games. Finally the spawns are quite bad and there is quite alot of lag comp (affects rushers more :/)

      • Everyone I play with is a rusher and they all hate this game because the crappy connections make head to head gunfights a crapshoot. This is on PS3 BTW. It may be different on Xbox.

    • hersey

      ur are really really correct thumbs up to man

    • whatever

      This game, this series is complete mindless bullsh*t. It’s toilet bowl level entertainment for people who love doing the same exact thing over and over again expecting something different or remarkable. To anyone who likes getting shot in the back every 5 seconds by the millions of dirty head glitchers and campers buy this game now, oh and if you like being a half second behind every other player so your gunfights are a complete crap shoot buy this game now. It’s going to get patched up though 😉

      • COD isn’t solely about variety or innovation or discovery like some other games. COD has a massive fan base because that competitive factor is still there, left over from the early great FPS games like Quake 1 & 3 or Unreal Tournament. The “feel” of those games are still there. And they work. And you know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. However, the hit registration is broke as hell, especially after PC patch 2. Whether that is due to lag comp or whatever, I don’t really care. If I have the lowest latency by the game’s standards, I expect each and every shot that is fired accurately to hit.

      • codblackops2master

        dude shut the hell up with this call of duty black ops 2 smack tlk

    • Exotic Gerbil

      Some is just a little bit too mad… If you want a game you could camp in may I suggest looking into Battlefield 3?

  • Tom

    Don’t trust these numbers. If the 0.7DMG multiplier would be right, the FAL Silenced would be a 3 shot up close. But its still a 2 shot.

    • Jimbo

      That’s a range multiplier, not a dmg

  • Edward Richtofen

    That’s a lot mor stats than I expected! Wowzers!

  • name

    Just kidding I love black ops 2 multiplayer


    Uhh, i’ve been looking all over the internet for this. Thank you MP1st

  • We know pretty much everything there is to know about BO2 on Den’s forums at this point, lol. Tons of information there if you want more. Anyways, favorite guns so far are the M8A1 and SCAR-H. AN-94 is pretty cool too in burst mode.

  • See this is why there is Zombies. When the mp fails, it’s there

    • and zombies sucks ass (compared to WAW and BO1)

      • DanDustEmOff

        I disagree transit is the most fun I have ever had on any zombie map ever

        • well to each its own i hate how brown it is and how it has so little content ONE FREAKING MAP (and it isn’t even that big)

          • CaptainCaskey

            Stop complaining about the “brownness” of the map and go camp in the power room. Not so brown anymore is it?

            • yeah and then everything is WHITE -__- not saying tranzit isn’t OK or even good but its not great and very disappointing in some things. it feels like it was a last minute thing.

          • DanDustEmOff

            The colour doesnt bother me much and you do get a better variety of game modes this time around and the maps huge if you take the time to go explore it i agree that they could have made it better ie new wall weapons perks etc but i really enjoy playing it the way it is

            • “maps huge if you take the time to go explore it” yeah ive already explored all of it its about the size of two BO1 zombie maps.

  • Ol1VI3R

    Thks man Good job

  • kirby

    I think the only problems I have with BO2’s MP is the slight hitr eg problems I notice (yes, I said slight. deal with it) and the fact that SMGs are just too good. Otherwise, I really love the game.

  • wait the 5-7 is the same DMG as the TAC 45? that can’t be right….

    • Jimbo

      It is. The only difference is range. The 2 shot kill range is almost nonexistent with 5.7 but its there.

  • Platinumb

    Such a shame the connection and other technical issues fog this decent balance of weapons.

  • there aren’t any CoD player care about weapon stats .. ex. CoD MW3 most of player play with ACR, MP7 and FMG as a secondary

    • Zam Zar

      Umm… That’s because they’re statiscally the best guns…

  • Roperpeter83

    I’ve looked forward to this game for so long. Unfortunately the mass public has ruined tdm by what we call “defensive play”. I have a level 50 mw3 clan. 52 very individual members. What concerns me is they all have given this game a chance and all report defensive play being a common theme that ruins the enjoyment. Here is my thought, why don’t we all camp. As soon as game starts just find cover where no one can see you and play the waiting game. Here is the twist, if everyone camps then no one scores. And we can all just watch our screen until the game ends. Is this the future of FPS’s? I feel like its the talented players who are now taking the toll because they refuse to set up camp and as a result are getting slaughtered by noobs.

    • +1 This wasn’t an issue before COD became ridiculously popular. The direction of the series is what ruins the COD experience for aggressive, competitive players. I’d love to blame it on the players, but they really are enabled by the design of the game. By appealing to the widest possible audience, Activision has brought gamers into the COD space that would otherwise not have picked up an FPS game, and that I would rather not play with. This was further diluted on the PC side by terrible server administration over the majority of clans, basically falling back to mods and custom maps when the life of a game would wind down. This produced an issue where it was difficult to find a dedicated server that was “pure” and running the stock rules of the game. Additionally, you have the rampant popularity of “tactical crouch” that produces the same effect. That said, I am very pleased that zero of the dedicated servers in Black Ops II will allow for either scenario.

    • Consumer

      I understand that it’s ten times harder to hunt than to hide, but playing defensively doesn’t necessarily mean standing in one spot waiting for someone to pass you. And even if it does, good players will manage to overcome the unfair odds by recognizing common camping spots, taking precautions, and playing and aiming better overall.

      Don’t mistake defensive play as cowardice for running around with no regards for your own survivability. You may think it’s cheap because you keep falling into their traps and it may, in fact, be cheap depending on what they do. But ultimately, strategy and meta-skill lies in understanding your opponent’s psychology and being able to outsmart as well as outgun them. If you don’t understand that, you may have already been a dinosaur the moment Quake fell out of favor for other shooters.

      There’s always a good balance between play styles. No good player will restrict themselves to one–you always need to adapt to your enemies but not in a way that they expect you to, or you’ll continue to fall in the vulnerable rut they want you to be in.

      • Good, exciting FPS game design will always involve limiting the number of camping areas and corners to favor movement. I’ll stick to my guns on that one. The issue with COD is that instead of the player adapting to the game, the game has adapted to widening the audience. Likewise, since MW2 the gunplay has taken a back seat to metagame and strategy to entice more gamers to play the game (because not everyone can be great at gunplay). But I would argue that rather than redesigning a game which already was damn near flawless, Activision should have accepted the fact that COD is not for everyone, instead of widening the audience.

        • Cory Armstrong

          agreed…well said.

    • asd

      Everyone seems to claim that everyone else is camping.

      Play better, explosives have enough power to take people out that are camping.

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  • PlatinumSoldier

    At least Treyarch is TRYING to fix game issues.

  • cod gamers at their finest bickering like little children lol

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  • Henry Kaminarides

    Well i’m fine.

  • Me

    I find it funny the people that complain about campers are the ones who sprint up the middle of the map and expect not to get killed everytime defensive play is not camping you need to know when to advance and when to get to cover. Yea camping is annoying but you can’t expect to capture B flag by sprinting right to it everytime you spawn pick people off in cover dont stand in the middle of a gunfight and then advance on B. My bitch is that you don’t even need to aim just throw a laser sight on your gun and don’t aim it’s annoying and very easy to do the cods are getting way to noob friendly now bouncing Betty’s and shock charges enough said

  • SopranoDiamondmine

    When I move my weapons keep switching causing my knife to be pulled out in the beginning or the middle of a gun battle. WTF!? Is it me, my settling how do I fix this shit

    • Jimbo

      Broken controller.

  • Pöö


  • ãśš


  • Shut Up or F#$K Off

    I’m relatively new to CoD and as such not all that good. That said, with each new game I improve my skills, learning new tactics and improving my gun play. The key here is I don’t run around every single game without looking around corners and I don’t sit in one spot where I can be easily blown up by a grenade or air strike. I have developed from a sit in one spot to a run n gun to a someone ‘smarter’ player. I look around corners before I run blindly into the camper laying in the corner waiting to pick me off, I crouch and move slower occasionally so if someone is camping I’m already ADS at them and the odds are pretty even. I still don’t have the same skill set as the guys who have been playing for 15 years and don’t know what color the sky or the grass is but the game is more enjoyable for me because occasionally I can kill one of these self proclaimed gods of CoD.
    If running around like a wild animal is your thing then have at it. If you like to sit in the corner and wait for the next animal to run through the door so you can surprise him then by all means, you are entitled. The point is there are different ways to play the game and everyone’s idea of success is measured differently, a good game for me is one where my K/D is positive but to most that would not cut it. You guys still living in your parents basement and ‘pwning noobs’ have to remember that most of those noobs are half your age and didn’t even pay for the game themselves, then again you may not have either since you live in your parents basement.
    My point is, get over yourself, it’s a video game made purely for entertainment purposes and if you don’t like the way someone else plays nobody gives a shit. Go tell your mom that some guy with the screen name exotic_gerbil is camping and keeps killing you and see what kind of reaction you get.

    • Trevor

      I think I might use the name exotic gerbil now

    • YouAreInTheWrongThread

      What does this comment have to do with gun stats?

    • Guest

      Alternatively, the guy camping turns and continuously killing you turns out to be your mom. Moms play COD too. 😉

  • cats

    Its all crap. Duh. 12 gauge buckshot is several .32 cal rounds, which will not penetrate hard armor. a 5.56 round will not penetrate a building, and a wicker barrel wont stop a urine stream, much less 7.62. if your holding a “tactical shield” and actually take a round, your arm is insta- BROKEN! and I, meaning me here, can reload faster than the “Tier 1” frauds in this game, using a FASTMAG, the kind that mounts on molle, not the taped stuff. Full auto is useless beyond 15 yards generally, which is why no one uses it. Cover in this game is a joke. Oh yeah…forgot one thing. ITS A GAME! AS IN FANTASY! theres lag because instant communication to another hemisphere isnt a reality yet.

  • batmanroxus

    This chart is not accurate. Most, if not all, of the SMGs will kill with 3 shots close.

    • Jimbo

      No they won’t. Don’t try and talk about things you don’t understand. It’s very easy to go in a private match with an extra controller on, and test your “theory” You will prove yourself wrong, if you don’t want to waste your time, I’ll tell you.

      • batmanroxus

        Try it. I know what I’m talking about because i have done it again and again. In the chest, not a leg though.

  • chez098l

    well when you get put in a lobby which has a clan of 6 master prestige players you become determined to kill at least one of them but that never happens because lag is the enemy’s best friend and I have been killed countless times due this pain in the back side also the mp7 HATES me I get killed by an MP7 at least twice in a game and then when I use it I can barely get a UAV so most matches are frustrating but the odd few were you kill that master prestige player is totally worth the grinding 😉

  • pyrajh

    the maps are too small, all of them, WAY too small, bring back more of a mw2 style game play, maps big enough that campers don’t get all the kills. Quick Scoping used to be an impressive skill, spotting and killing someone so far away that your red dot completely obscured them and realistic bullet penetration, but maybe I just miss the old days

  • Djozef Markovnikov

    The only time COD is unfair is when someone is cheating or there are connection problems, anything else is your own fault. For example, a lot of people say that camping is a cheap or unskillful way of playing, but its not. The only reason camping gets a bad rap is because most players like to run and gun and camping is strong against that. Instead of complaining about campers, you should be adjusting your play style to be a little more cautious, just as campers need to sometimes be a little more aggressive if there are a lot of stealth players in the game.

    It also depends on the map. If you are on a map that favors campers, then for God’s sake DONT run and gun! Its really very simple once you learn the maps, I suggest playing search and destroy to learn the maps (you learn where all the sniping areas are, the best places to lay traps, best places to camp, most stealthy routes, etc…)

  • Hhkkkkk

    Fuckk off u dont know how to play cod

  • David

    Can you add the Peacekeeper please?

  • David

    No way the swat 556 is 900 RPM with select fire, this is a load of rubbish!

  • jesus christ

    why are you all whinging? just learn for fucks sake

  • It would be nice to have an addition to this chart that gives stats for attachments on guns such as how much range does a long barrel give u extra and how much range sights give you (if sights even give you the range that they say to add in the stat bar) and how much more accurate a grip makes your gun and how much faster a quickdraw makes you ADS, you catch my drift. I cant even play core because the stats BO2 give you are inaccurate so this shuold help with my core play, if not i guess ill permanantely be playing hardcore …

  • Master Troll

    What about the knife melee that shit is horrible is BO2