Incoming Battlefield 3 Battlelog Update – the Live Scoreboard

Gone are the days of joining a server at its last five tickets or last five seconds! In the coming weeks, the Battlelog will be receiving an interesting update called the Live Scoreboard.

The Live Scoreboard is exactly what it sounds like, a scoreboard that can be viewed live – at the same time as a match is being played. This means that PC players, before entering into a server, will now be able to view the progress of the match in real-time while on the Battlelog. It will detail how many tickets or kills are left before the end of the match or round, which team is winning, as well as how many points, kills and deaths each player has.

Check out some of the images below:


If you’re not yet seeing the update on your Battlelog yet, Elton Muuga, Web Software Engineer at DICE tells users not to worry: “We are rolling it out to more users every day to gather performance data and community feedback before releasing it for everyone.”

Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments below and make sure to check out some other updates coming to Battlefield 3.

  • Derp

    and you will be able to recognize cheaters quickly. Just go on battlelog, check scoreboard and ban him

    • Wout Dekoster

      Lol, playing almost always as first or second of the server, does that mean I’m a cheater? Don’t think so…

  • Silverwolf

    Here’s an idea, stop repeating the mistakes of BF2142, building on a flawed foundation, and fix the underlying crash issues etc before going and compounding the problem with more features. STILL getting CTDs with “unexpected error” issues every couple of rounds.

    • Phoenix13


    • ClaspedMars

      try re downloading the game because mine works perfectly. not everyone has problems with the game.

  • Utopiate75

    already done via rcon, nice to have but not essential, maybe work on the browser first huh. Browser returns a list of ‘randomized’ results often with the same server listed 3-4 times ^^   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dpg70

    Needed on console…badly

    • finbars75

      I agree %100. My big problem is that i join a game in the lost screen which pisses me off more then anything in the world.I have at least 45 losses due to this crap.i know its built more for the PC but would for this to change on console.

    • Indeed my friend, I think this a great feature that everyone in the Battlefield community would benefit from. 

  • dpg70

    Needed on console…badly



  • my only problem with the game is that sometimes i crashes when changing maps but that maybe because of my lack of  ram i only have 4gb; the game is not to blame since we all know this is a very demanding game

  • StormShadow

    Anyone else notice the new guns and specializations in the “Upcoming Unlocks and Rewards” section of the full Battlelog screen shot? Is that a Galil he picked up previously?

    • An0n0musx

      It looks more like one the current LMG’s to me.

    • if you notice below that it says something about pre-order now on origin.  To me its probably just an early beta screen shot of battlelog (perhaps just a mock up) and they’ve changed the way the specialization looks and maybe the gun model image.

    • Tludt888

       Hm? What screen? I see the early Battlelog screen with the AKS-74 and M249 from BC2 used as mock-ups.

  • Outlawz

    I deleted all of my friends and I still can see their battle feed. Is there a way I can delete all of their battle feed? 

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  • xALL_EVILx >Ps3

    Needed For Consoles Asap

  • Mick Ditten

    COD needs this badly as well.