[Updated] Incoming Battlefield 3 Server Updates – DICE “Trolling” MAV Riders?

Updates to Battlefield 3 servers on both consoles and PC are on their way.

Tomorrow, April 19th, starting at 10:00am UTC, Battlefield 3’s game servers will be updated one by one throughout the span of a couple of hours. Anyone on a server during a restart will be kicked but the online multiplayer will still be available despite a few hiccups. This updated will address a number of gameplay bugs introduced in the latest title update.

Change list according to the Battlelog forums:

  • Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds
  • Fixed TV Missile doing much more damage than it should (it is no longer a 1-hit kill)
  • Tweaked tank armor strength
  • MAV elevatoring fix, round 2; proning on the MAV will now disable it

Game server stability fixes: (Updated as per Daniel Matros’ post on the Battlelog)

  • A few invalid map+gamemode combinations in maplist.txt could crash the server on startup; these combinations are now rejected instead
  • RCON vars.serverDescription was not returning anything in R20 if the string was not set; this has been changed to return “” instead
  • RCON player.onChat now reports the target player subset

If we read this correctly, is DICE “trolling” anyone attempting to MAV ride by disabling it upon laying prone on top? If so, awesome!

Make sure to read up on some other Battlefield 3 fixes in the works!

Thanks, Mark-Gee79 for the tip!

  • nice!

    • Tescamilla74


      • Randogisgod

        It’s an underslung attachment much like the M203 but is a semi-automatic shotgun.
        Some people……. I.e. Me used to use it as a close range back up weapon for the L85A1 (due to its low rate of fire) when most people were FAMAS or USAS12 whoring.

        It now seems its the flavour of the month due to a glitch making it benefit from the heavy barrel on your main weapon.

  • Tescamilla74

    m26? Wrong spot first time.

    • Doesn’t look like it’ll be making it in this time 🙁

      • Im going to try the M26 thing, I wont abuse whatever it does, just try it from different ranges. I honestly have never been killed or seen it used in the manner people talk about.

        • Got in a TDM match with a guy this morning who was constantly going something like 20-5 using strictly the Dart. It’s extremely frustrating. Over-effective at almost any range.

          • Whitney Housten

            I tried it out the other day to see what all the fuss is about, and I was pulling off some ridiculous 1HK’s from across the map. Def needs to be fixed ASAP.

          • Łukasz Palka

            20-5? That’s pretty bad. When this glitch came out, good players on inf only servers were able to do K/D = 10+ every round. Fortunately most of inf only servers now kicks those who use that glitch.

          • I haven’t so much seen this glitch on the 360. I tried it yesterday and it didn’t work as well as everyone is stating. I may try again tonight to make sure, however I haven’t seen so many people using it and doing well. 

          • Jtr165

            its something that is never going to take off though…its kind of specific glitch, and the average random will never figure it out from the kill cam…they’ll just think its the dart in general.

            also…on PS3 at least…almost every admin is aware of it on the infantry maps…I see people getting kicked constantly from metro, seine, bazzar servers…and considering DICE/EA sold off their own servers as rentals…almost any given match has an admin watching for the dart like a hawk…

            but yeah 20 and 5?…I had fun with it for my last 150 kills to get the m26 mastery tag…188 kills, 19 deaths in one 1750 ticket metro round…it will give you triple kills by accident…but then again, that might have been just a terrible enemy…went 130 and 20 the very next round with an an-94…i get the 20 and 5 on small ticket servers, but you get going with it on a long round…you’ll go untouched…

  • Gameguy21

    Good fixes Dice, But I won’t be playing anymore until you fix hit detection and aiming. If not, Hello future soldier

    • Well the aiming seems fine to me but hit detection needs work, going prone behind cover and bullets curve over the cover and kill you a second later screws me over

      • PSN->SpiderFishHeads

        add me bosss man … –psn  

      • dpg70

        That’s called lag

      • rtmoose

        maybe you shouldnt play on servers with 250 ping

      •  Happens way too often.

  • GFGopher

    I honestly haven’t noticed any MAV riders since the patch on 360. I saw one guy try to do it so I ran up to him, knifed him and then tea bagged him and he didn’t try it after that to my knowledge. The stronger tank armor is a very we

  • no more Mav flyer … very well done dice !! thank you very much

  • Hot-Wire

    I’m more interested with the tank armor tweak.  Is it going to be stronger?

    • Slepyhed

      That’s a key question. Given many of their previous inexplicable actions, I put the odds at 50/50 that they might nerf the tanks further….

  • Billy_ho

    I’m not sure they are “trolling” them as currently the MAV is disabled if you are standing on it… so it appears they just fixed it so that it is disable when you are prone too? Hoping they sort it out properly… as it is when the person get on the opposite side of the MAV as the antenna. My guess is they will mess something up. 

    And yes… the DART thing is crazy… a guy got 50+ kills alone in a match last night with it. And he also figured out how to run with no sound being heard and to do super side/rear leaps to run at you and jump behind you to get your dogtags. Looks like people are really finding exploits lately. 

    Already see people figured out how to do the RUN with grenade in the hand. But not seeing that as being very balance issue worthy.

    • Michael Kelley

       Nothing wrong with jumping behind someone and knifing them.  It’s called tactical positioning

      • Billy_ho

        Question is how it is being done when both people are directly in front of each other and then magically the enemy has special powers to do super side leaps and get a knife kill. Skill? I monitored one person doing this on a server and the animation was not natural. 

    • Running with a grenade has always been in the game. On xbox you hit LB and then hold RT and it lets you do that.

      • Billy_ho

        You are able to hold the grenade in your hand and walk using that method… but not being able to RUN with it. RUN and grenade is a separate thing all together. But again not such a big deal to be a big issue.

    • No, you can’t run while holding a grenade.  You can walk, and for a good reason, too.
      Also, your post seems full of hot air… “super side/rear leaps”?   What the hell is that?  Dice already knows about the M26 thing.  You just have to wait for them to fix it.

  • meatpopsicle 28

    Too bad this doesn’t read
    ” MAV elevatoring fix, round 2; proning on the MAV will now WIPE ALL STATS AND BAN PLAYER FOR LIFE” lol

  • RigbyPA

    What about fixing the MAV so it always gets destroyed when you roadkill someone with it?

    As of now if you hit someone from behind and kill them it DOES NOT explode as it should.

  • SpiderFishHeads

    they need to fix the hit detection.. after taking cover a ni99a still gets killed .. besides that everything is good money  .. add me PSN-> SpiderFishHeads

  • Increase tank armour OR decrease TV missile damage, but not both. We’ll just end up with the whole bloody stinger vs. jet balance roundabout again. One thing at a time, DICE, for God’s sake.

    • rtmoose

      in order to kill a tank from a chopper it should take a full volley of pilot’s rockets + a tv missile hit.. its called  teamwork

      • Trolololo

        Get into a squad of friends, have one guy use SOFLAM, and two guys carry Javs. Tanks can’t hide from Javelin bombardment, even with or without SOFLAM.

        • BonBon

          IR Smoke

          Your argument is invalid.

          • Trolololo

             Only works for like 5 seconds. Simply move 5 feet to right. Or have a buddy on the other side of map designate it.

            Be open minded, not close minded.

            Argument is valid.

      • POA

        Why? There was no special effort to get either vehicle. This whole attitude, that team work should be the only way to keep or destroy vehicles, is retarded. The majority of players are not playing as a team. I should be able to kill a tank with six rockets. I should be able to kill an attack chopper with 3stingers. If they don’t leave the area or can’t kill me, an infantry guy, first, they deserve to be destroyed. Vehicles are not earned so they don’t need to be overly powerful against individual players. Plus they respawn continuously, usually without the driver dying.

      • rtmoose

        sorry but thats the most idiotic thing ive ever read.. this is a TEAM game.. the vehicles are supposed to be the pinnacle.. it requires TEAMWORK to kill an attack chopper or a tank, just like it takes TEAMWORK to kill a full squad..

        maybe you should play Call of Duty… no teamwork in that game

      • All I’m saying is, don’t do both at the same time. They change too much at once, and bad things happen.

  • mcm127

    Fix m26 dart…

  • uMAVbro?

    The little ‘MAV elevatoring fix’ will probably be a failure. You don’t even have to go prone to ride the MAV.

    • Epic evil muddy

      Shhhh do not give away the secrets. MAV sniping spots give the game the creative dimension that COD lacks. Peeps wanna be limited to run n gun can go back to cod.

      • JustinD

        I like it. I haven’t done it in awhile but it is pretty fun to get real high(; and snipe some people. And if someone does it and they get me they don’t get me twice. Plus if someone does it and they aren’t that good and then their squad gets up there too it’s great cause a third of the team is up there not ptfo

  • Well now I can’t use it to freak people out by laying flat one foot off the ground when they come around the corner 🙁

  • 7franko7

    Nothing about fixing the grip,supressor,idiotic recoil,supression,loss of sound,weapon balance…? Another half ass patch to “fix” previous patch. Shit.

    • Bob

      how much weapon balancing do you need…damn dude, they all got changed, they are good now…now, sound drop outs and suppression need to be fixed asap…

      • 7franko7

        I don’t need balancing. All i want (like most of the players) is weapons as they were before the patch! Only weapons needed to be nerfed were usas / frag rounds and maybe famas. Nothing else! And they changed every gun in the game…

        • Bob

          before the patch everyone was running silencer with a grip. now all the weapons and attachments are more realistic and serve a specific purpose, each gun acts differently as they do in real world. depending on your play style you choose different attachments/guns combinations. just adapt to new guns and how they act…

        • RabidTurtle

           You aren’t most players. From most of what I have read, most players (myself included) rather do enjoy the balancing changes the patch brought. I like having options for my assault class depending on the situation/how I am feeling that day, not just grabbing one weapon and sticking with it.

          And as Bob said, the changes to attachments means more people are using different attachments, not everyone running around with foregrip and silencer, with the only variation being what sight they are using. I’ve seen people using bipods +ACOG on assault rifles rather well, while flash suppressors and heavy barrels getting a lot more use.

    • Trolololo

       They’ve been balanced already. Stop being a scrub and adapt.


    LOVE IT!

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  • Mark Schuh

    hopefully they see the mortar is bugged on grand bizaare on ps3. 

  • T BAG

    No word on the M26 Dart…. good one DICE 😉

    • RabidTurtle

       That is going to have a client side patch fix it. No word on when that will be released though.

      • Jtr165

        almost guarantee the next client side update doesn’t land until june…just before close quarters…

        One of them did mention, on twitter of course, that ‘a fix is in the next update’…but there is really no argument that that isn’t very far off…June is ‘early’ by DICE’s standards…

  • Epic evil muddy

    You know if they did not want you in those MAV spots they would not exist. It obvious after exploring that these spots where designed. I have yet to find a spot that I have not been shot out of. Some are creative enough that people just dont look but heavy fire draws attention

    • Grim

       You want to get on a building, then set a becon in the open and parachute like intended…

      • Epic evil muddy

        Some maps have a ceiling that does not allow this or I would agree. Since these same maps have manys areas that you can only mav access my thought is that is designed use

        • Epic evil muddy

          All the mav spots are well thought out with an obvious field of view. Many spots you think you should able to get to, you cannot because an ivisible wall pushes you out. They are not glitchy for the most part walls and objects are well defined.This means people spent time designing.

          • spent time designing yes, for the use in actual play no.  a good example is all the spots on tehran highway, the highway had an invisible layer on it, the players would hover over the highway.  There is also a building in the back on the RU side that when you get on and lay prone you can see through the floor and spot enemies.  I agree they went in and designed each area and objects.  but those out of bounds facades are designed for looks.  Think of it as a movie set, in the background of constructed sets there are facades and fake balconies and such that are designed and well thought out but they aren’t intended to be USED.  It adds to realism of the game, not actually used for the game.

            In my opinion any spot that is accessible from every class (a support guy can’t get on top of the highway to kill the enemy snipers) is fair play.  If a player is in a spot that he can’t be accessed just by running, jumping, climbing a ladder, etc. then its a glitch and it isn’t fair play. What they should’ve done is put ladders on every single building. It would give that extra dimension of sniping and a sniper could literally be anywhere, but the spots would all be considered fair play.

          • Billy_ho

            I would have to disagree with that only in the fact that some maps allow you to gain access via spawn beacon and parachute. Note: everyone on your team has access to parachute in using it so not really a glitch by a portion of your definition. But it doesn’t fall in your running, jumping, ladder… unless you include it under the etc? In that case the MAV riding can actually be done by any member of the team.. They simply hop on the MAV and the recon guy flies him up. 

  • To all who are worried of the M26 mass, the twitter account for battlefield is aware of the issue, they are looking into if it can be done server side rather than waiting for a patch so patience.

  • GBG2010

    F Dice – wasting time trolling MAV riders b/c they’re too dumb to properly code it out.  Meanwhile still no built in VOIP on PC.

    • BingXD

       go use team speak jeez skype duhhhh theirs plenty of shit to use  use ur brain and the downloading keys on the internet

  • Epic evil muddy

    MAV elavators. People argue that other classes do not have the ability to access these areas is at best a weak excuse. Snipers cannot fix tanks or revive players. Any class can counter a sniper. Use that thing in your hand(no not you wang) and pop a cap in the dudes arse. Open yours eyes look for muzzle flash , mini map and lense flare

  • Lkkladjl


  • (UPDATE) Played the BF3 over the weekend and I only see MAV riding has stopped. Which is GREAT!

    Other then that though, M26 glitch is there, but not abused as far as I could see which is a good thing. Other supposed fixes are no where to be seen. Tanks are still weak as all hell, AA work like shit against moving air vehicles and I have yet to retry the TV missile, but seeing as it isn’t easy anyhow to use the majority seems to not be using it let alone abusing it.

  • Dicesuck

    What a disgrace. They had better patch out the repair tool because you can kill with that = that means it’s being exploited. Why do they want to take creativity out of the game. Oh and no more c4 on vehicles either – that’s also an exploit…