Incoming Battlefield 4 CTE Improvements May Tweak In-Game Damage Model and Reduce Suppression

Things are looking good for Battlefield 4 as progress is being made in the game’s Community Test Environment (CTE) on PC that opened earlier this month.

Last we heard, participants were noticing a significant improvement in the game’s “netcode” due to an increase in server tick rate. Participants also praised developer DICE’s decision tweak aim-down-sight sensitivity options and to reduce screen shake, which has been known to be rather disorienting for many.

Non-CTE participants will be happy to know that some of these improvements, namely the tweaks made to regular Battlefield 4’s “netcode” are in the works, as DICE VP and GM Karl Magnus Troedsson mentioned in a recent letter. He also explained the studio’s intent to expand the CTE while they “continue testing out new additions, improvements etc.”

Having moved into a new phase of testing, DICE developers working closely with the CTE are now announcing new plans to improve Battlefield 4’s gunplay and weapon mechanics. According to CTE forum users, the studio may test reductions to both Battlefield 4’s suppression and damage models, which should, in turn, help elongate gun fights that many users have complained of being too brief.

With the current damage model and with a more accurate depiction of taking damage thanks to connection improvements, it’s no surprise that players might feel gun fights are being ended perhaps a little too quickly. With that in mind, the potential new tweaks may lend to an experience that is more fair overall.

Battlefield 4 YouTube personality XfactorGaming does a great job rounding up some of the possible upcoming changes coming to the CTE, and ultimately Battlefield 4, so we recommend you check out his latest video above.

What’s your take on Battlefield 4’s current damage model? If the “netcode” were to improve, do you think a reduction in damage and suppression makes sense?

  • Yethal

    Damage model is good and shouldn’t be changed. BFBC2 pea-shooting was annoying as hell

    • SubXero

      Yeah screw that noise of changing the damage model. It’s annoying enough when you come up behind a group of people and can’t kill more than 1-2 of them because it takes as long as it does to kill and then if you throw some “lag” or something in you could come away with no kills because 2+ people turn on you. Not to mention they’re going to make shooting at people from range with anything other than a sniper rifle or DMR even more pointless than it already is.

      • Zatara

        You’re not supposed to be Rambo coming up behind a group of Zombies, you’re supposed to be one man trying to take out 5+ people before they turn around. You wouldn’t be satisfied with either Models, since they’ll still turn around & gut you through having more numbers regardless.

        • SubXero

          I don’t think anyone should be able to walk around being a one man army but when you come up behind unsuspecting players and already have to put more bullets in them than you should due to w/e “network issues” the game has… further reducing the damage is only going to make that more rage inducing.

          • Zatara

            You’re forgetting however that accuracy has increased due to the increase in TPS. I’m on the CTE, & I’ve had to adjust my game considerably to make up for the fact that accuracy is a lot better now, & there’s a lot less “phantom movement.”

            Range Shooting isn’t pointless on the CTE, I’ve seen people pull off some damn good kills at range with spread & all, but tbh, there should be a limit on that as well, if you want to shoot at 40 Feet + accurately, get a DMR/SR.

      • Watch dog sack

        Well it also does not help that the one hit kill bug is still there just hidden. I will shoot someone in the back and they turn around and you hear that weird damage sound and you die instantly. So annoying.

    • Tarvis

      What you don’t realize is that the TTK in CTE feels drastically different from the current version of BF4. It feels like half as long, and that’s no exaggeration. Watch the video in the article here to see for yourself.

      So if it was increased, it would likely just be to restore it to the regular BF4’s seeming TTK

  • Zatara

    TTK (Time To Kill) with 30 TPS (CTE) compared to 10 TPS (Live) is too quick. I was one of the first to say it, only to get shot down by whiney brats comparing BF to CS, because there’s any similarity between the two what-so-ever.

    It only makes logical sense to revisit TTK after the TPS buff, since no doubt DICE did the current Live Damage Model based on the expected, calculated “lagging” that players would experience between what they’re shooting at, & what actually hits.

    But regardless, some people will continue to claim that the current (Live) Damage Model was correct from the start, & the TPS was the problem, but DICE is now being “forced” to change stuff because of epic whinefest.

    So bring on the whining now, from all sides – Elitists, idiots, morons, & simply ignorant twits that have no idea WHY this is being done in the first place.

    • Eric Gulve

      It doesn’t feel like you kill people faster, the notifications just arrive about 60 ms faster than before, giving you the impression that you got killed faster

      • Zatara

        People keep saying this, & yet, better TPS = better Accuracy, better Accuracy = faster dying, no?

  • dieger

    I personally feel the only weapons that should suppress are HMG and LMG and no other weapons :/

    • Zatara

      Agreed, the BF4 Suppression System is a joke, but good luck getting DICE to admit they fucked that up.

      • dieger

        true frag rounds should be removed also as they are are useless go back to regular bullets dice >_>

        • uwantSAM0A

          I actually really like frag rounds in bf4. Theyre great for mcom campers on rush esp. If theres only one entrance into the objective, But thats just me.

    • marpla78

      actually i will add suppression to all the weapons but more to LMG and HMG…but they really f*** this mecanic in the game so i guess they will take out the recoil of all the guns to bring more people to the game.

  • swipe_06

    I was really expecting something like this. Bf4’s aim assist and the lack of recoil / spread / muzzle rise makes firefights too fast for the netcode to catch up. If you got into a firefight with a pro in bf3 at close range, it wasn’t that different than in bf4. There are plenty of issues, but an aim assist nerf, and not just visual recoil would make this game a bit more interesting.

  • Katana67

    Well, never felt that the TTK was quick. In fact, as a player of Hardcore, I found it pretty sluggish. But, I suppose it might be worth looking at in the CTE with the changes they’ve made.

    One thing I never liked about BF was that you could flank, corner, and engage a squad rightfully… pumping a mag into them… only to get killed after you get maybe 1 or 2 of them. Simply because you can’t put folks down fast enough.

    Never thought gunfights even SHOULD be elongated. I don’t really want it becoming Halo, where you’re sitting there exchanging magazines into each other, hoping the other guy just happens to die first.

    • KillzoneVII

      Same, in fact I’ve felt that suppression IS the reason gunfights tend to last 2-6 seconds because both me and my opponent are suppressing eachother so our bullets just fly everywhere until one of us does get lucky and the other guy dies.

      Suppression just needs to be removed all together IMO, it was a cool idea but it ruined BF3 until it was patched, and it’s still annoying and essentially makes all gunfights a gamble in BF4.

      • Katana67

        I actually like suppression, but only when it’s the ability of the Support class… and only when it’s the result of using a belt-fed LMG/GPMG at range. Landing multiple (talking 10-20) shots near an enemy with an LMG/GPMG, should be what triggers suppression. And it shouldn’t really occur if you’re within say 10-20m of your target.

        I never thought sniper rifles should suppress you, ever. For balance reasons. In fact, I’d posit that Recon players using bolt-action sniper rifles should be FAR MORE vulnerable to suppression than any other class (rather than wholly ignoring it, especially when using straight-pull bolt). I hate it, absolutely hate it, when I light up… I mean, HOSE DOWN, a sniper only to have them kill me because they are seemingly unaffected by suppression.

        I think suppression is good, but only if done right. I think it’s been markedly improved from BF3 to BF4. But it still has some issues.

        • Zatara

          Straight-Pull Bolt is one the biggest most retarded ideas DICE has had in years, single-handedly feeding the QuickScoping Machine with it. Morons.

          But more to the point – yes, I agree. Suppression from a Sniper Rifle makes about as much sense as a Sniper Rifle unlocking a Holo Sight. It’s dumb, & it showcases how lazy DICE was with BF4’s Systems.

          • Watch dog sack

            L96A1 with straight pull bolt and ACOG is so awesome though.

            • Zatara

              ACOG is x4 at least, you can be a Mid-range Sniper, if the situation calls for it. Holo is x1. It’s amazing how many mistakes carried right over from BF3.

          • Katana67

            I just don’t understand their logic in giving Sniper Rifles, and Sniper Rifles ONLY, access to ALL OF THE OPTICS.

            No other weapon class has this ability. They all get CQC/Mid-Range optics, and NOT long-range optics.

            So why are bolt-action sniper rifles special? Why are they deserving of sub-4x optics?

            I hear the same arguments.

            One, it’s not effective using an EOTech on a bolt-action. To which, I say play Hardcore and tell me that it’s not overpowered getting greased in the foot in one shot from a sniper 20m away.

            Two, the Recon class needs sub-4x optics to be effective at CQC. Not only does this sort of contradict the previous argument, it’s no longer the case. In BFBC2, sure, Recon needed some CQC optics to be viable because the all-kit lineup (arguably) wasn’t that robust.

            But now, we’ve got DMRs, Carbines, and Shotguns as all-kits. You don’t NEED a bolt-action to be good at CQC when you have a whopping THREE all-kit lineups to fill that gap, as a Recon.

            In my opinion, bipods need to be the only attachment in that slot. Straight-pull bolt is ludicrous, and I swear to god, it reduces the effect of suppression. Sniping shouldn’t be a highly mobile, “shoot-from-the-hip” activity. It should be a ranged activity which values stealth and distance above all else.

            • Zatara

              Agreed in full…. Now explain that to DICE.

              Not that it matters, they won’t change it for BF4, & it’ll be the same in BF5. They just don’t learn, they don’t listen, they don’t care.

              IMO it’s just pure simple laziness. That, or retardation.

              Like, why the fuck is Team Switch on a Timer, instead of on a Per-Round Basis? Such a moronic idea.

        • KillzoneVII

          Agreed, hell support is the only class that makes sense to have offensive suppression on. ARs, Smgs, and Snipers have no business suppressing their targets what-so-ever.

      • Jimkel

        gun fights at very close range would go to luck sometimes but gunfights at anything from close-ish out you could counter suppression by bursting. After the BF3 patch it was fine? we agree?

      • Watch dog sack

        Totally agree I hate the suppression. I was aware DICE said suppression would only come from Support class and LMG,s. What happened?

    • Brandon DeBoer

      I think what you’re experiencing is tied to the fact that hit registration itself is sluggish. I’ve had plenty of times where I dump a mag in a guys direction then walk away and he dies a second or so later. In reality, you’re “killing” him pretty quickly it’s just taking the game a lot longer than it should to recognize it.

      As he said in the video, definitely check out the CTE before you condemn longer fights. If they can bring the hit registration up to call of duty levels then I see no reason why it shouldn’t take 1 or 2 extra bullets. Right now it takes 10 extra bullets before you even get a hit marker, so it would actually speed up combat significantly from what we have in vanilla now.

      • Katana67

        I mean, I condemn longer fights as a concept… not only in BF.

        I want folks to drop when I shoot them, not stand there absorbing my bullets while they’re firing back at me with 100% accuracy.

        I agree, that the system needs to be looked at, as they’re making changes. But I don’t think that “longer” will be better (that’s what she said).

        • acealchemist

          I agree, I find it fucking stupid the time to kill. If anything they should increase the game, people already take a minimum of 6 bullets to kill in BF4 why fucking increase it more?

        • Watch dog sack

          Well one thing that is wrong is Pistols seem to be more powerful then anything in the game. I am a really good shot and I lose gunfights against people with pistols and I got a Assault rifle or LMG. Should never happen.

          Pistols should be back up to finish off enemies. They are so overpowered now that I see people just running around with them only. Also the damage for each pistol is way off. I can kill someone with a M911 with the same amount of bullets as the Rex or 44 Magnum close range. WTF.

          • Katana67

            I never really thought pistols were overpowered. I don’t get killed with them that often.

            They have miniscule magazine capacities, miniscule damage to boot, and massive bullet drop at range.

            They’re good at what they’re good at in the real world, CQC. And nothing else. I’m fine with that.

      • Tank Buster

        I’m not discounting that the hit registration made need a tweak but i think some “net code” complaints can be attributed to poor aim technique and compounded when you factor in suppression.

        .28 seconds in touches on this:

    • Jimkel

      Sounds like you should play hardcore

      • Katana67

        Did you not read the first line of my original post?

        I don’t play anything OTHER than Hardcore.

    • Tarvis

      Tell me, have you played the CTE? The TTK there feels pretty much half as long (not an exaggeration, watch the video in this article) as it does in regular BF4 due to the much more responsive bullet registration, which is why the change is needed. For all we know they might just make it match the regular BF4 TTK instead of making it longer (though I personally would not mind a longer TTK since I would love some more time to react to getting shot at, instead of just “Welp I’m going to die in a quarter second, might as well just stand here”)

      • Katana67

        No, hence why I said this…

        “But, I suppose it might be worth looking at in the CTE with the changes they’ve made.”

        Making TTKs longer doesn’t imply that they’re trying to make them on-par with the experience we’ve got now. And regardless, I don’t want to be dumping more rounds (even if more hits register, because my rounds will ostensibly be doing less damage) just to kill someone.

        So unless it’s lessened, or even with what we’ve got now (which I think is still pretty sluggish) then I don’t support it.

        • Johnny Neat

          We agree too much.

    • Johnny Neat

      You took the words out of my mouth. Sounds to me like DICE is just continuing the bullshit move to lure the second chancers of Regular mode. I like that hardcore is over in 1-3 bullets. If I wanted to take a mag and some. I’d play regular or jump to one of the many such games like Gears or Halo for example.

      As for suppression, it should be left to only the support class when they are holding down the trigger, more or less, in a prone position shooting down range.

      • Tank Buster

        Interesting, i like the idea of suppression for true support guns only and too further specify NOT the entire support class ie support class using a carbine for example would not get suppression.

        • Johnny Neat


    • Zatara

      Suppression across the board is as retarded as its Cousin – Headshots across the board. 90% of 1v1s are decided by who Headshots first… I mean seriously, wtf?

    • Tank Buster


  • Paul Thomas

    Improving the model sounds good but I don’t know about a suppression Nerf. IT never really felt that bad to begin with. As a matter a fact I felt that in some cases suppression wasn’t good enough. Like on Caspian Border I was being suppressed by what I thought was an AR as I ran for C but it turned out to be a gunship which wasn’t even barely slowing me down.

    • MegaMan3k

      imo get rid of suppression entirely
      What an awful game mechanic

      • Paul Thomas

        Well I say they either need to fix it or remove it. Because one volley from a gunship should suppress the hell out of me.

      • Watch dog sack

        So true. It just caters to noobs. That is the only purpose. I will literally have a 2 second drop on someone and they turn around and suppress me and my bullets do not even hit them because of the suppression. LOL

  • Jimkel

    if anything I think suppression should be increased.I think there are a few things when talking suppression. What it does to your ADS view, how it affects accuracy and what the player experiences or “feels”.

    In bf3 it was sound and a screen blur. Which made it feel like you were getting shot at. When your were hit things would go grayish. LMG’s really made u feel suppressed in a realistic manner. I do not believe it made your ADS move but i do recall your the spread of bullets being increased greatly(worse accuracy). The accuracy model was what some people complained about.

    In bf4 I feel the visual & sound effects are greatly reduced with two exceptions – DMR’s pew pew and wild screen shaking from explosions are still pretty significant. I would prefer BF3’s visual and sound suppression. Also in BF4 your ADS will now sway when you are being shot at despite lacking any real visual or audio affect. It just takes away from the intense gunfights you used to have because of the chaos of suppression. Screen sway just makes u feel drunk during a gun fight and accomplishes the same accuracy reduction as bf3 but in a more confusing manner.

  • Mike

    I came in just to read the comments.

  • kingwill4231

    Problem is there a ton of New shooters coming out in a few months so will this be too little too late ?

  • Oblivion_Lost667

    Starting to sound like I’m going to be exclusively HC again, normal’s been okay in both BF3 and BF4, but if the bullets required to kill/TTK is increased, it sounds like we’re going back to Bad Company normal, and that was terrible.

    • Tarvis

      What you don’t realize is that due to the increased server sendrate the TTK in CTE feels much shorter than the current live version of BF4 and BF3. It feels like half as long, and that’s no exaggeration. Watch the video in the article here to see for yourself.

      So if it was increased, it would likely just be to restore it to the regular BF4’s seeming TTK

  • Bmeowmix

    Suppression is good, but the way its executed is just annoying. All it takes is four bullets from any random gun and I can’t shoot for shit. What they should have done is made is so every bullet adds a slight bit of suppresion, and it is only really noticeable when the effect adds up. Not only would it make suppresion not super annoying, but also make it so that LMGs are the real viable option for suppression (like they should be)

  • sunny saini

    Suppression should be increased especially for lmgs

  • Eboyd27

    Currently the damage system is kinda broke. Not sure if its the network or what but I line guys up and hit them on point and sone guys can still kill me even when i have the drop and font miss.
    They end up having 10 or less health.. So stupid

  • Tank Buster

    Reposted from below for no good reason. I’m not discounting that the hit registration made need a tweak but i think some “net code” complaints can be attributed to poor aim technique and compounded when you factor in suppression.

    .28 seconds in touches on this:

  • Good god im off if they take damage away, it is needing buffs not nerfs and why were bots left out just before bad company. Tweets are ignored also is the petitions on change .org!!! devs really have their heads… in the sand on more issues than this.

  • Lets think clearly here, if you 50cal a mountain goat in Afghan on youtube, by mistake, its body is reduced to multiple mini pieces, so why in BF4 do I shoot a man 2 times just to make him say “that tickles” real soldiers probably laugh at “balanced games” let the experts decide gun power, not kids or worse, devs. Realistic game? im gonna laugh.