Incoming Battlelog Improvements – Android App, Friend Limit Increase, Better Privacy and More

The Battlelog, which has powered Battlefield 3‘s social component throughout its lifetime thus far and will ultimately do the same for the upcoming Battlefield 4, is in for some improvements.

According to the official Battlelog twitter account, the social, stat-tracking service will see a number of upgrades in preparation for Battlefield 4.

Moments ago, the Battlelog team publicly answered a few frequently asked questions. We think you might find some of the responses rather pleasing. Check them out!


“Yes, we are working on an Android version of the Battlelog mobile app.”


“No, we don’t like the 100 friends limit any more than you do, and we’re working with Origin to expand it.”


“Yes, we are working on more extensive privacy options.”


“Yes, we’re working on storing the server browser filter so it doesn’t get reset.”



“No, we don’t have plans for a Windows Phone or Blackberry 10 version of the Battlelog mobile app.”

Great news for Android users and those who’ve been having issues with privacy, though no timeframe as to when these improvements might be implemented was given.

That’s about all the team had to say thus far. We’ll be sure to update with anything else we might learn.

What other sort of improvements would you like to see made to the Battlelog? Let us know in the comments!

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  • This will be more useful for BF4 than BF3, but I’ll still take it.

  • Nathan Cox

    It’s about fucking time that they give us an Android app.

    • Magilla187

      even though i’ve used the app already for iOS they could’ve been made an android version

    • Mogwai Warrior

      Look up Battlefield BF3 Stats on the Play Store. 10X better than the Battlelog app.

      • Bengalsfan9595

        true story bro.

    • Clayton Johnson

      The Android app needs to have forum integration and more features!

    • dpg70

      I wouldn’t get too excited. If it’s anything like the iOS app it’s crap.

    • Arma3

      FAQ 5
      “Yes, we are still catching up on COD Elite”

  • Cheval Nektosha

    I use better battlelog huge amount of options , usable interface

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  • Jamic

    I probably wont use it.

    I have been out of internal memory since 2011 🙂

  • “Extensive privacy options.” …….. Oh cheers EA, made enough multi millions off our details already? Cheers for that.
    “Working on an android version” ……. Yes we got told that last summer.
    “Yes, we’re working on storing the server browser filter so it doesn’t get reset.” ….. Wow! Good to see your spending all the money you’ve reaped in for DLC’s DICE said they would never charge for, the servers you rent out (replacing 95% of your own ((hardcore)), the shortcut kit’s, and last but not least the not so “premium” service you provided for B3! …….

    I will NOT be buying premium for B4 i’m almost certain! I already owned B2K from my LTD edition copy, the boxcutter was a bonus, but your “bonus drops” were atroscious!

    Yes B3 is still the best FPS on the multi format market right now, but it’s still glitched out, inconsistant with client side hit detection, and after 18 month on the market it’s finally balanced (pretty much). The community of new players broke the game as far as i’m concerned (minus the USAS Frag, mav elevating era), I am a hardcore mode player, but the final product misses the high damage model from the original Alpha, closed/open beta stages.

    I’m seriously hoping B4 isn’t actually going to become B3.5, and from the look of what we’ve seen so far (HUD, lighting, shadows, animations) it seriously looks that way (B3 on ultra settings anyone)?

    All that said, I’ve spent over 700 hours on B3, and i’ll still buy B4 (for PS4).

    Oh and did i mention i’m not overly fond of EA?

    • Hater much?? Every developer charges for DLC and it isn’t nothing new. Dice is literally the only developer where I bought a Season Pass from and felt I got my moneys worth

      • It’s EA I’m on about here, need i say more? And yes i do hate them, they’re not up for America’s worst company two year’s running for no reason. And i’m English.

        • Oblivion_Lost667

          They’re also NOT the worst company in America, all they do is sell games, rush them, and milk a bit. It’s not JUST EA’s fault either, people seem to forget that devs have a fairly large say, and believe that they don’t deserve the hate because “EA.”. Honestly, from what I’ve seen, Activision’s worse. Not to say EA isn’t a bad company, but they’re definitely not the worst.

          • Clayton Johnson

            Capron will always be the worst in my opinion.

          • WarHero

            Both are not THE WORST,I can think of other companies FAR worst than EA and Activision you say? Well there’s a company who spills oil on US soil and Oceans causing pollution and killing marine life..EA and Activision is NOTHING compared to that.

            • Oblivion_Lost667

              Yes, I wasn’t saying Activision was THE worst, just that they seem to be a worse company than EA.

              EDIT: Also, yes, what you’re pointing out is some of the stuff I’m talking about, EA is by NO means anywhere near as bad as that.

    • dice has always charged for there expansion packs? road to rome, secret weapons, armored furry, special forces, euro forces, northern strike, vietnam etc etc

    • Doesn’t Better Battlelog allow you to save your filter options? I think I seen an option in the settings before.

    • Katana67

      While I don’t really agree with your approach, I do agree with a lot of what you have to say. I dislike DICE and EA, for varying reasons. DICE mostly because the devs themselves are arrogant and really seem out-of-touch with their own community and franchise.

      However, it is more important (as you are) to take a critical view of BF3 than it is to deride those that do as “haters” and constantly praise the game despite its faults. Many people take critical views because we care about the game and want the next one to be better, not worse or the same.

      Battlefield 3 suffered from some bugs, sure. I personally think they were overstated, MAV lifting specifically. Personally, I think MAV lifting added a -LOT- to different maps (such as Karkand) by allowing players to make up for DICE’s very narrow map design. Rooftops could be accessed and snipers could actually have an effect on the battlefield and support troops without going to CQC. They were not invincible, as counter-snipers and mortars dispatched these people pretty easily.

      I think the effects of Frag rounds and various OP weapons were vastly overstated and the worst of it was confined to smaller maps such as Metro, which I personally think have no place in the Battlefield franchise.

      However, regardless of the bugs… I think the main problems with BF3 are just in how the game itself was executed. The shooting mechanic is atrocious, as made possible by “random spread” being completely divorced from recoil and your reticule. It is an intangible variable that takes control out of the player’s hands, disregards the likelihood that the player would have a properly zeroed weapon, and limits combat to occurring inside 100m for anything other than sniper rifles.

      Furthermore, vehicles are both empowered and inhibited. Tanks and IFV’s are immensely significant on maps like Gulf of Oman, whereby if a team gains control of every Tank and IFV, there is nothing that can be done (even if those vehicles are destroyed). Likewise, aircraft are insanely underpowered (at least on console). Jets can conduct little CAS, mostly because targets don’t render until you’re really close, and partly because the main guns of Jets have little to no splash damage at all.

      Why does “Vehicle Smoke” act like ECMs AND Flares at the same time for tanks? Pick one! It should either break the lock or confuse the guidance of an oncoming missile… NOT BOTH.

      That, and EVERYTHING has some form of ludicrous AA lock-on capability. Tanks have guided shell, which is ridiculous. Javelins can lock on to aircraft as well. Stingers/Iglas are vastly overpowered (having a miniscule lock-on time, increased range, ignorance of “Below Radar”, and a one-hit disable). How anyone is okay with this is beyond me.

      These are just a few of the problems, that I hope get attended to in BF4.

      • Derek Haneman

        To piggy back on what you said I would love to see the flight mechanics of the BF2 mod Desert Storm(was that the name its been so long). Those planes and heli’s where tied closer to physics and were a bit harder to fly. I know they changed that to make them more accessible to uncoordinated people. If they went back to the old flight model they could probably go back to the old damage AA model as well.

        Just throwing out my opinion of course.

        • Katana67

          Was a great mod! And sure, I don’t think jets and helicopters should necessarily be harder to fly, I think they’ve found a good balance. I don’t remember BF2’s jet flight being that much different than BF3’s.

          There are several things I think they could do (even with the current system).

          – Reduce the disable percentage of aircraft from 50% to something that makes sense… like 10-20%.

          – Remove/limit Air Radar

          – Make “Below Radar” apply to all AA, not just non-Iglas

          – Add a “Magnification” optic package to Jets to allow them to use their main guns in more effective CAS (This happens every so often to me in the form of a bug)

          – Add a significant splash damage to the main cannons of Jets

          – Make the Stinger/Igla lock-on time much longer (to encourage point defense and punish pilots lazy enough to linger in close proximity to Igla’d areas)

          – Decrease the ammunition per person with the Stinger/Igla and subsequently make it hard/impossible to re-arm without respawning

          And things they could add/redo…

          – Make ammunition finite (requiring an aircraft to land/RTB to rearm)

          – Add “dumb bombs” in place of guided AGMs (which would be more powerful but less accurate and more dependent on player skill)

          It’s really an issue of making Jets better at CAS, allowing for useful time off target, and decreasing the overwhelming effectiveness of MANPADs and the pervasive nature of “lock on” mechanics that are on everything for no reason.

    • Oblivion_Lost667

      “Good to see your spending all the money you’ve reaped in for DLC’s DICE said they would never charge for” Could link a source to this? If it’s true it interests me. I’m okay with BF4 becoming BF3.5 if they release in a more balanced state, release better, more frequent patches, add in some eSports capabilities, tweak suppression, and use server side hit detection. Also, on the note of what we’ve seen so far, I still have hopes it’ll change a bit, I mean look at early BF3 (Yes, this is a larger time frame, but still), it changed a lot with the final product. (Not all for the best sadly.)

  • Derek Haneman

    How bout they get rid of the retarded requirement for all voice chats to be done through battle log. Most retarded decision ive seen.

  • Oh dear gawd privacy. I’m gonna get all misty eyed the day that’s implemented.

    • Okay


    • Flare Demon

      Dude you have some amazing accuracy with the M417.

    • BFFNoobSupport

      you mad, bro YOLO?

  • ThePoolshark

    I could have told you this a couple of months ago….

    • potatolover

      But you didnt,you were too busy locking threads on Battlelog.

      • Beastshaw

        Bionic Potato is that you?

      • ThePoolshark

        BikingViking and DarkLord are constantly posting in the Battlelog Discussion section, if they want “News”, they should just go there. They are pretty transparent about information.

    • Ebone

      shut up pool you dork

    • NotNicholasCage

      pool is a faggot

  • When they first announced Battlelog mobile wayyyyy back they said the Android app was in development. Two years later and we are still hearing the same thing? I’m hopeful, cause it would be nice to track assignments on my phone while playing in the middle of a game.

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  • Mark

    why not give premium members 3x? feeling a little underpriveledged here…

  • Kriegerog

    They have been working on the app for over a year. They keep saying they are working on it. We need a release date. This is such BS that apple is always first even though apple OS blooooooooooows