[Updated] Black Ops 2 PS3 Update 1.04 Patch Notes – SMGs Get Nerfed, Xbox 360 To Follow This Weekend

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 users can look forward to an incoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 update.

According to Treyarch, a PlayStation 3 update will be dropping tonight at 11pm PST while Xbox 360 users can expect a similar update this weekend.

No details or patch notes have been given as of yet, but we will be sure to update this article as soon as they become available. Keep your sights on MP1st!

Update 2

Title Update 1.04 is now available to download for Xbox 360 users. Patch notes are similar, extept for:

  • Added support for the Kinect camera to Live Streaming.

Theater mode for both platforms should now also be re-enabled.

Update 1

Game Design Director David Vonderhaar writes on Twitter, “lot of updates you’ve been Tweeting us about contained in those update notes, including our first gameplay balance pass.” Regardin Theater Mode, Vonderhaar states, “when enough people have the update, we will re-enable the Theater. Probably sometime tomorrow mid-day.”

He went on to comment on how gameplay balance decisions are made:

How gameplay balance decisions are made. Math + Feedback = Tuning. But mostly math. Sometimes what you have to say and the math agree. Sometimes, they do not agree. Where they agree is that hipfire SMGs needed to get de-tuned. True story. I couldn’t pay people to use SMGs in development. When the game came out, I couldn’t pay people to use anything else. They get nerfed a bit. But some ARs get buffed. Some equipment gets detuned. The patch notes tells you exactly what these changes are.

He concluded, saying, “this is the not the first or last time we’ll touch it. It’s the hardest and most rewarding part of the job.”

PlayStation 3 Update 1.04 Notes

New Features & Feature Improvements

  • Added support for posting Live Stream URLs to Twitter.
  • Improved audio/rumble responsiveness when hitting enemies with gunfire.
  • Improved overall communication of Double XP when enabled.
  • AAR better communicates how much XP was earned in each match.
  • Added the ability to “View League Teams” from any player’s Playercard.
  • Added the ability to “View Playercard” from League solo leaderboards.
  • Added a number of security system enhancements.
  • Added Hardcore Kill Confirmed playlist to the Hardcore category

Issues Addressed

  • Fixed a rare hang (“Awaiting Textures”) upon loading into maps when joining a session in progress after fresh boot.
  • Game now resets the Care Package for a non-owner if the owner re-rolls the package using the Engineer perk.
  • Players with Black Hat PDA can no longer hack a Care Package faster than the owner can capture it.
  • Addressed an exploit where modified console hackers could maliciously spread infected films to other users.
  • Added a fail-safe to prevent spawn trapping in CTF.
  • Increased sight checks on turrets to improve spawning algorithms.
  • Fixed a number of new UI error messages reported by users.
  • Addressed a number of issues that would cause friendly/enemy color indicators on equipment and scorestreaks to display as the wrong team.
  • Improved overall Theater and Live Streaming stability.
  • Improved film rendering stability and made progression bar more accurate while rendering a film.
  • Addressed issues which prevented some master challenges from being completed.
  • Precision challenge “Wet Work” will now unlock with 10 kills.
  • The wins challenge will now account for all FFA modes when ending a match with a tie (if you are in the top 3).
  • Players that help with the “Synchronized Attack” challenge now get credit for it.
  • Players will not be able to manually take control of their AGR if they die at the exact moment that their AGR deploys.
  • Emblem Editor no longer closes the current emblem when discarding changes.
  • Players using Ghost will no longer be invisible at all times in Custom Games with the mini-map option set to “constant”.
  • Players using Ghost and a Suppressor attachment will no longer appear on the enemy’s minimap while shooting and moving while a UAV is up.
  • The median for the K/D graph in the AAR is set to 1.0 instead of 0.0.
  • Players can no longer get on top of the shrubs in Nuketown 2025.
  • Thermal vision overlay no longer appears using the VTOL glitch.
  • Kills from the explosion on the explosive crossbow bolt now count towards challenges.
  • Counter UAV no longer remains for the rest of the game after a host migration.
  • Clan tag is no longer locked immediately after prestige.
  • Offline profiles can no longer be exploited to join online games when an online profile is also signed in.
  • Multi-team games no longer count as a tie if an entire team quits.
  • Fixed an area in Express where K9 Unit dogs could get stuck.
  • EMP grenades no longer affect the CODcaster HUD.
  • Party Privacy count no longer affects how many bots will spawn in Combat Training.
  • Shadows seen through sniper scopes now render more correctly.
  • Players can no longer stand on invisible collision in Carrier.
  • “Drop Shot” medal is no longer awarded after standing back up.
  • Players can now copy a custom class to the extra prestige slot.

Gameplay Balancing

The following is a list of numerous gameplay balancing tweaks that were made after thorough review of statistical data from usage patterns of weapons, equipment, perks and scorestreaks since launch.

  • UAV: cost increased from 350 to 425.
  • Lightning Strike: added 750ms delay


  • Bouncing Betty: increased the grace period between trigger and activation by 200ms.
  • Sensor Grenade: increased the range (now 1000 units), frequency (now 800ms between pings), and amount of time (now 6s) that players appear after explosion.
  • Concussion Grenade: decreased movement penalty and turn speed penalty when hit.


  • All: increased hip fire recoil.
  • All: increased max hip fire spread from 4.75 to 5.
  • All: reduced bullet penetration.
  • MSMC: increased recoil slightly.
  • PDW-57: increased recoil slightly.

Assault rifles:

  • All: reduced idle sway for more reliable long-range aiming.
  • XM8: reduced lethal range of 3-hit kills from 250 to 50 inches.
  • XM8 + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • SWAT-556 + Select Fire: increased recoil.
  • MTAR: Made auto aim values consistent with all other assault rifles.

Sniper Rifles:

  • All: increased hip fire spread.
  • All + Laser Sight: increased hip fire spread.
  • XPR-50: increased recoil slightly.


  • R870: reduced one-hit kill range by 45 inches.


  • B23R: reduced headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1.
  • KAP-40: reduced headshot multiplier from 1.4 to 1

  • Predictions…..addresses lag. Download install, lag is worse.

    • BOSS jediZOHAN

      It’s got nothing to due with lag. It’s mostly a bug and balancing patch. Networking is really complicated and not something that can fixed with a quick patch here and there.


        They had two years to fix the the so called “Networking” situation since these same issues happened with the first Black Ops.

        • Dirtknap

          Different game, different code, when a new iteration drops they have to start from square one. They got it right after about six months from BLOPS 1 releasing, I hope they can apply the same principles to resolve the garbage we currently have to put up with.

          • Cynnik

            Are you freaking kidding me? It’s been the same game 6 years straight with the same engine, there is no starting from square one, just tweaks.

            • Dirtknap

              My comment is in regard to the netcode specifically. That “same game” has had changes of various magnitude throughout the different CoD titles. Even a small change that appears inconsequential from our perspective potentially means a huge amount of work at the back end, add in even slightly more significant changes and you have an even bigger job on your hands. Slight tweaks graphically, changes to physics, lighting, weapon behaviours, even different weapon camos all play a role, hence, the developers essentially starting from scratch.

          • Which is why I’m playing Blops 1 till May. Last CoD I buy before summer……next year you guys play the beta for me.

            • Dirtknap

              LOL, fair enough. I’m playing Halo 4 and BLOPS 1 and periodically checking in on BLOPS II. It’s currently sanity breaking if played for long periods of time.

            • I hated Black Ops 1 multiplayer. That, and I wanted a higher sensitivity.

          • Dtoxz

            Funny how you say that Dirtknap. My point has been proven. 6 months after the game came out, they got it right. Key word- AFTER. If they just waited another 6 months, maybe Ops II would work when it’s released. This and the lack of a beta. Instead they make people pay to test this game with the COD Elite convention. We act so blind to the daily ass raping this company gives it’s consumers when all the consumers want, is to re-live that feeling they got from COD4.

            • Dirtknap

              Good call, I guess its overly optimistic of me to have hoped that past experiences for the devs would prove of value in a smoothly running follow up. It’s sad, when this game has functioned as it should (on the odd occasion) it has been amazing, I continue to spend my time elsewhere until I hear some good news.

          • Yeah but some networking parts of the game are affiliated with the game engine, which is basically the same in every Call of Duty game with enhancements here and there. In Black Ops 2, the engine was tweaked to improve graphics and lighting. Hopefully next time it’s tweaked to improve networking.

      • Yea let’s give them a free pass on there lag issues…after all its there 1st attempt at online gaming and they don’t make that much money off COD.

        • BOSS jediZOHAN

          Have you not read my past two articles? If it weren’t for all the issues we have with “lag” in BOII, it would be the best COD game yet. But because of the issues, it’s basically unplayable. I give Treyarch no slack when it comes to this issue as it’s currently destroying their game. That said, if it were as simple as flipping a switch, do you really think they wouldn’t do it? This is a big issue because it’s a TOUGH issue.

          • They make it tough because they put in theater mode tons of stat tracking and got rid of host advantage and tired to make everyone the same with the new style of lag comp.

            • BOSS jediZOHAN

              Like I said, read my last two articles.

            • Nathan Cox

              Theater mode is handled on-console and should not impact lag, it has its own set of issues.
              Stat tracking is negligible at the worst and should not impact lag.
              Lag compensation is an essential element for any multiplayer online game, it’s not an option.

              Much of the lag that you’re seeing is because they happily put you into servers with players from the other side of your country, or even another country, and in order for your signal to get to all the other players it first has to pass through hundreds or thousands of relays and across hundreds or thousands of miles of old copper line which suffers from distortion at multiple levels to the host’s machine… and then back to everyone else through those same lines to the rest of the players.

              Are there coding issues that contribute? Yeah, probably. Is it entirely the developer’s fault? No.

            • Dane Curbow

              Fiber, not copper. Hub to hub internet connections all use fiber optic cable. From your local ISP hub to your house may have copper, but it would not be nearly fast enough if it traveled through copper across any ocean between countries.

          • heikki993

            Unplayable? Not for me. I have had no issues with lag comp.

            • Nemesis_96

              Many internets to you! I dont see why there are so many people complaining about a nonexistent problem…

          • GoMonkey66

            I don’t know…I have had no issues with lag at all. First week was a little buggy and laggy, but since then, nothing worse than the occasional spike. Sure, we all get bit in the ass from time to time by lag comp, but even THAT doesn’t break the game for me…I’ve been on the end where you get shafted, and I’ve had gunfights I know I had no business winning, but overall…it’s been fine.

            I’m on a hardwired PS3, I have good AT&T DSL, have opened all the right ports in my router, am using QoS to prioritize network traffic to the PS3, have my TV on GAME mode (ok, that doesn’t affect network lag, but it definitely helped with the BF3 “input lag” gripe), and I always use BEST matchmaking. I think all of this combined makes for a damn good lag-free(ish) game.

            In contrast, I played BF3 the other night, and it was an awful, frustrating mess of horrendous lag, awful hit detection, garbage framerate, and a grab bag of players from all over the world in any given server. And no, I’m not a fanboy for one or the other…but with all of the time BF3 has been out you’d think they’d have ironed out all the crap by now. I guess that’s what you get essentially releasing your beta as a $60 retail product.

          • Dango man

            even if the game didnt have the issues you stated above this comment it wouldnt be the best cod game..blops 2 just looks inferior to the other CODs out there, idk is it just me?

          • Dtoxz

            Yeah but an annual release for an incomplete game is more of a lack of development time honestly. The point is that this game HAS these features, so despite what the network/engine is DESIGNED for, the shit is still in the game….it should work. After all, our money works for them year after year.
            Maybe since the ‘engine isn’t designed for that’ they should create a new engine. It’s about time anyway. Then again that doesn’t fit in their ANNUAL release schedule. Again, it’s about money instead of making your millions of consumers happy.
            The worst part about this is that to me, this IS the best COD so far. Yet these things make it horrible and unplayable so its an even BIGGER tease

      • I’m starting to think the only people in fps that could write a code that didn’t lag are West and Zimpella.

        • Astrong

          pretty much….thats why i cant wait til the fps releases over at respawnentertainment.

          • Astrong


            • oNIXo


      • Joe

        Doesn’t matter. The last 3 cods have been notorious for patches causing worse lag, regardless of what the patch was for. Also, stop portraying your OPINIONS as facts (referring to a comment below)…

    • Sensou-Ookami

      More than likely. :/

    • dubbs

      Go figure… BOII = BIG STEAMING PILE OF $H!T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stabby

    Theater? I can’t upload any matches but Zombies. A calling card for Combat Knife Mastery would be nice.

    • jimmylara

      I believe it is to considering on their page it says

      “Films currently remain offline and will be enabled again when the upcoming Game Update is released – stay tuned for timing. In the meantime, feel free to reference the status page here http://www.callofduty.com/blackops2/status. Thank you for your patience.”

      • Stabby

        thnx for link

  • fingers crossed this fixes a fair chunk of whats wrong

  • Please fix this lag. It has to be something in the coding. Even on PC with dedicated servers, the same thing is happening. 9 COD’s later, and the most basic part.

  • thebulky1cometh

    I’m REALLY hoping I see an improvement with this patch; I’ll probably come home from work Friday afternoon and play for about 3 hours in the name of research.

    • Dirtknap

      I hate to break it to you, after installing the patch and jumping into games I didn’t notice a huge change to weapon balancing, SMG’s still seem to eat everything else alive. The lag issues remain the same, but the spawns, oh wow. My experience saw the spawns are even worse in objective games, the game itself spawn trapped me, gift wrapped my ass and put a bow on it for the enemy team. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go and apply some soothing balm :S

      • Sensou-Ookami

        I’m scared to play now……….

        • Dirtknap

          How did yo go? I’m really interested to hear if anyone else had the same experience when it came to spawns.

          • Derek Haneman

            I played a little last night and about an hour just now and was only playing Hardcore TDM and regular TDM. Had some pretty crazy deaths do to spawns. Watch the guy get killed spawn within 40-50 feet of me and shoot me.

            Saw this on Hijacked which is a smaller map so to be expected a little..got some a few nasty spawns on Drone, and also a few on Standoff. Would be nice if they could fix this because its annoying as hell to watch a kill cam of a guy spawning nearly on top of me.

            • Sensou-Ookami

              Irritating TDM and FFA spawns, they messed them up.

            • DanDustEmOff

              FFA is fine u have to expect the odd lousy spawn in ffa it goes both ways sometimes u die from a poor spawn sometimes u get a kill u just have to learn how to make the spawn system work for you

      • jrstryker

        IMHO – SMG will still rule since so many gun fights take place within short range and the SMG’s have super-high ROF. They should have increased the damage drop off in addition to increasing recoil and spread.

        • Dirtknap

          Yeah, I agree with you there, such a small tweak leaves the handling characteristics and effectiveness more or less the same. Perhaps they have plans to modify damage drop etc further, but are playing it safe to avoid a BF3 magnitude screw up? Either way, this game needs just as much attention as it did pre patch.

        • The PDW-57 doesn’t have high ROF. The only SMGs that have it high are the VECTOR K10, maybe the MP7 and the Skorpion EVO III which is the one who kills faster but at the same time it’s as inaccurate as fuck. I haven’t tested the laser sight to see if a change was there with the hip-fire recoil

      • GrieverXVII

        couldn’t agree more. when im getting killed faster than i can shoot my s12 shotgun at 1-2 feet from an PDW, and get killed…there’s issues.

        • A Remington didn’t help? The Remington has more damage and more range.

      • So far from what I’ve seen, the spawns are noticeable better than before.

        • Dirtknap

          Wow, fortunate. What game types do you play?

          • Hardpoint, CTF, TDM, Kill Confirmed, etc.

            • Dirtknap

              Cheers, you still finding spawns are okay?

            • yes and i play on xbox

    • Sensou-Ookami

      FOR RESEARCH!!!!

  • IFG

    I think its gonna patch the hardpoint glitch capture points

  • Inches? Dont you mean feet?

  • Hello David!

    Please add the following to New Features & Improvements – Added Hardcore Kill Confirmed playlist to the Hardcore category

    Our site experienced some funkiness with our forum software and in the midst of updating a few things that needed to be added weren’t. Full notes are up at the same link though. 🙂

    II F0XH0UND II / Foxhound-Pro

    • Hey || FOXHOUND ||. Good to see you! And thanks, will update right away 🙂

  • Surprised my favorite AR (XM8) is getting de-tuned. I’ve been playing with that one just based on looks and feel, not cause I was beasting with it or anything. Sigh.

    • SivertOlsen

      Tried the XM8, wasnt that convinced even though it was quite good with select fire. But you should spend some more time with the M27, it’s my sole baby now. Racking up kills all over, and now that SMGs are abit more balanced it’s going to be more powerfull in CQC.

      • GoMonkey66

        You and everybody else…the M27 is the most whored AR in the game, so far (not counting the MTAR).

      • Cynnik

        The M27 is the weakest AR by far in the game. That gun doesn’t drop anyone especially with a silencer when head to head. This is a 4 shot kill when every other AR is like 3 shots or less.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      I think they screwed it even more with this patch, poor little XM8 🙁

    • Nathan Cox

      Uh… What’s the XM8? I’m like a quarter of the way to my second prestige already and I’ve never seen this weapon.

      • GoMonkey66

        The M8A1…it’s based on the XM8 in real life (it was a very popular gun in Bad Company 2)

    • Dirtknap

      So this is a little off topic. I manage a tech team for an ISP and I just handled a complaint that one of my guys passed on to me. This customer was experiencing lag issues on BLOPS II, so I got him to do the usual (static IP, port forwarding, hardwired connection, adjusting matchmaking preferences) and explained the lag issues we are currently faced with. Then I sent him to MP1ST got him to add it to his bookmarks and cited it as a great source of news to stay up to date. Educating the CoD community since ages ago.

  • Lizzy

    so much for numbers and math about the game being perfect from David V… broken game is broken

  • Maybe people will stop running with nothing but the Remington and SMGs now…

    And then maybe people will PTFO and quit kill-whoring in objective based game modes…

    Haha jk

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Hey now, I PTFOed with the Remington and the SMGs and mind you the Remington take a bit of skill, granted not as much as KSG, but it is fun a rewarding in objective type games.

      • You put quickdraw and long barrel on either the KSG or Remington and no skill is needed. It took a small amount to get to that point, but not a lot. I do applaud you for PTFO though.

        • Sensou-Ookami

          I always PTFO, I don’t use long barrel on KSG, gun has enough range on it, it also takes way more skill than the Remington to use, which is like QSing,is a very frustrating shotgun. Remington I do use long barrel and laser sight, but not quickdraw, no need since it has a decent ADS rate. Note again, I believe it really depends on the one using the gun that makes it good.

          • Sensou-Ookami

            In fact you have to slow your rushing objectives and opponents way down with the KSG. I’m getting better with it, takes a lot of careful movement around the map and quick, precise accuracy.

            • These close quarters maps and ridiculous spawns require careful movements, no matter what gun you’re using.

          • Agree to disagree lol.

          • kby

            Why would you not use the long barrel on the KSG? It seems like you’re having some rebel attitude about it. Yeah, the KSG has plenty of range already, but wouldn’t you want more? Whether something is overpowered or just really good if used right, there’s no point in giving mercy to the people you play against. Long barrel + Quickdraw on the KSG is probably the best thing you could do with it.

            • Sensou-Ookami

              Not a sense of mercy at all in my attachment decision, I just feel I am better off with laser sight + quickdraw + red dot. It is a good gun with either, but I prefer these 3 choices on it.

          • DanDustEmOff

            Agreed that gun is a bitch I got it gold and the lack of spread coupled with bad lag made it awful to use I had to start shooting in front of players to kill them but it’s done now R870 MCS is a much better gun

    • I would PTFO… except Domination on this game STILL hasn’t got a respawn timer since CoD4. *kill a guy on the flag, guy you just killed spawns on the B flag and kills you as you try and capture it* (normally he chucks a stun or grenade at you while you’re at it.)

      • No excuses! Quit worrying about your K/D and PTFO. Your K/D isn’t going on your resumé and your family won’t disown you if you have a slightly negative K/D 🙂

        • I don’t care about my K/D. I care about winning. But I’m not gonna jump on a flag every single time it looks clear. If no one is getting on it with me, then screw that. I’d be better off trying to prevent the enemy getting it.

          • Then go defend, but don’t just run around trying to spawn kill and rack up points.

            • Ryan

              How is killing them at the flag any different than killing them elsewhere?

            • If you kill them at the flag, then you’re playing the objective. Just running around and killing with no purpose other than to rack up kills like you’re playing TDM is not the point of Domination.

            • Dirtknap

              Further to Thomas’ comment, you receive greater rewards for that objective play, if you’re playing the objective you’ll get those score streaks quicker and more consistently. It’s a win win situation with something in it for you as well as helping your team to win.

          • Sensou-Ookami

            Here in lies the problem these days with CoD, nobody jumps on the damn flag with you, you get so close to capturing it yourself the POW you get pooped on. Can tell you how many times I’ve yelled into the mic at retards that just blaze past the flag or don’t protect the flags we have. Most of them make the excuse that they didn’t notice the flag was being taken, but not any excuses for running past a flag we need to capture. I also hate triple capers, messes up the damn spawns. All you need is 2 damn flags, A and B or C and B, NOT ALL OF THEM. *yanks hair a little*

            • Exactly. If you defend two flags and keep from pushing their spawn, you make the other team predictable.

    • DanDustEmOff

      Smg’s keep the game moving as do shotguns if they nerf them then people will just camp lines of sight with ar’s and snipers and nobody will ptfo e.g. black ops 1 people using smg’s and shotties are usually the only people that ptfo in my experience

      • Black Ops 1 had plenty of movement and the SMGs and Shotguns were almost useless. Not every map needs to be an A.D.D. kid’s wet dream.

        • DanDustEmOff

          We must have been playing different games black ops was a campers wet dream SMGs and shotguns were far from useless but ARs had the upper hand with the open map design

          • We obviously perceive things differently, so no use in arguing. I would like to see the ARs and LMGs have the clear upper hand from a distance

            • DanDustEmOff

              I think that they do from distance if your having problems at long range it’s the connection that’s the problem I have no trouble with them mid to long unless I have been poorly match made

            • kby

              LMGs do with a Target Finder. I really hate that, however. It’s just easy mode for those players. But I can’t find an alternative right now that would help.

            • Target Finder is definitely a campers tool. Thankfully, Cold Blooded can negate that little attachment.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Imo it’s ok to camp with an lmg I certainty don’t expect them to run around like they are playing with an smg also the acog is actually a good sight for the first time in a call of duty game and would recommend it for any ar or lmg

            • If by camping, you mean defending an objective, then yes, ahead glitch all day. But if by camping, you actually mean camping, then no lol. I’ve always liked the ACOG with LMGs. The M60E4 with ACOG and Rapid Fire on MW3 was the shit

            • DanDustEmOff

              Imo camping an objective is worse than camping in ffa and tdm

            • How? You’re defending an objective, as opposed to defending just a random spot so you can kill people with more ease. If you’re playing Hardpoint and camping a future HP spawn, then yeah, that’s crap, but defending a flag or bomb site or HP/HQ is what the objective-based game modes are about.

            • DanDustEmOff

              My thoughts are that ffa and tdm the objective is to get the most kills so the best way to do that is to take the high traffic areas of the map and go to work the other players/team then have a choice to either sit back or take the area from you. Objective bussed modes are different if u camp a flag or a b dom or bomb site the other team has no choice but to come to you to win the game putting the campers at an advantage where as in tdm and ffa camping a high traffic area does not cause u can choose not to go there and still have a chance of winning which is not true of objective modes

            • That’s why you flank and shoot down UAVs. Every bomb site/flag/HP/HQ has three entrances to it, so flashbang and start clearing ’em out. It’s the nature of the beast.

            • DanDustEmOff

              So three people camping can make it nearly impossible to win I used yo play a lot of ctf in a team and it was no fun it
              Wasn’t even sport they never stood a chance of getting out of their spawn get 2 flags and block the spawn till the end of the round rinse and repeat the next every team has the same mentality block and stomp hell demolition was unplayable without a team in the last two cods u can play objective game modes easily without camping but u won’t get big Killstreaks and score which is most people’s motivation for camping

            • I don’t play CTF so I can’t comment on that, but what are your other options in Demo? Chase people around the map until they plant, then rush back and diffuse?

            • DanDustEmOff

              U can play the game however u like u paid to play it just like everyone else so I am not going to say u need to play like this or that but it’s not very skillful and doesn’t make u a good player even if Ur getting high scores and yes u can chase people round the map and diffuse bombs at least it’s a challenge I would rather have a tough fair win or loss then an easy win every game where the other team may as well have not bothered to turn up that just makes them rage quit and ruins your game too

            • It takes a little bit of skill and coordination with your teammates to hold down two bomb sites, especially if a team bum-rushes one site. I enjoy winning and I pride myself on PTFO, even if I’m severly outmatched skill-wise. Very rarely do I get anything more than a Lightning Strike because I am very average and I’m always around the objective, so it’s not like I play the way I do just to try to kill-whore.

            • DanDustEmOff

              Like I said u can play however u want but as I originally stated camping especially in a team is worse than camping

        • Except that the best AR’s in Blops 1 were in essence Smg’s. AUG, Famas. Type 25 is the only one in 2 that feels like it can play like an Smg. SMG’s were superior with the exception of the Skorpion.

          • The Galil and Commando were two of the more popular ARs and they weren’t like SMGs. I thought the MTAR was a SMG for the longest because I never used it. It’s pretty close to being an SMG.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Nope, I still cruise with the Remington, granted the range got cut a little but I respect that, won’t stop me from raping one or two of you at close range and PTFO the hell out of game mode. SMGs are meh, always have been meh for me.

  • jasjw

    what about the appalling spawns? especially for TDM and FFA. Also the lag comp?

    Good to see Ghost maybe worth using now if you can aim down sights with an AR whilst moving and stay off the map.

    Nice to see the shoty and SMG’s nurfed and AR’s slightly buffed. Hopefully people will start to use AR’s now.

    I think the UAV could of gone a little higher, maybe 450 but I suppose with Ghost buffed a little it maybe now be balanced, Will have to play a few games to test when patch goes live on xbox.

    Also good to see the laser and been nurfed.

    Overall a good patch but disappointing to see no network or spawn improvements.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    “Added a fail-safe to prevent spawn trapping in CTF.”


    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Like a BOSS!

    • They need to fix Nuketown 2025 Demolition spawn trapping. There’s no fail safe for that so if you’re trapped into a spawn it’s hard to get out. Then the Lodestar’s and VTOLs come in and it’s game over.

  • The 2 biggest oped smgs get nothing done to them(MP7 & Vector)? WTF treyarch.

    • voodoo

      note completely true, it do say that

      >ALL SMG’s< gets a
      All: increased hip fire recoil.
      All: increased max hip fire spread from 4.75 to 5.
      All: reduced bullet penetration.

      And apparently according to there own Math + Feedback it is the MSMC and PDW-57 that needs the biggest nerfs. I get the MSMC nerf, but not so much the nerf to the pdw-57. but hey if it all helps to even things out a bid more, so there is a bigger insensitive to use the assault weapons, it is ok with me…

      • masada157

        The PDW-57 is one of the two SMGs (next to the MSMC) to be able to get a 3-hit kill up close, and it had the highest mag cap of all SMGs. Makes sense ti nerf it along with the MSMC.

      • StealthShot24

        The PDW with silencer was a absolute laser. Almost like the MW3 MP7, except a little less range. Plus its got a 50 round clip. MSMC however i found taking a whole clip to get a shot on at medium range. Plus the MSMC has a tiny clip.

  • fred

    The lag now is f**king awful….They totally broke this game.

  • steve

    a fix for having a full party with a 31 match win streak joining a match where the whole team left losing 125 to 21 would be sweet

  • pete

    so the shotgun fun is over again!!:@:##!
    I don’t get it why they listen to everyone whine about the guns.. the remmington wasn’t nearly as powerfull as the smg’s or snipers and the needed a buff???
    lmao it needed skill to own with the sniper… noobs with the remmington where stomped bigtime …

    but hey some kids can’t handle being one shot killed…

    • Laurin Emmerich

      The SMGs and Snipers were nerfed not buffed lol

      • Dirtknap

        I didn’t really notice a difference with the vector or MSMC, spawning seems a lot worse, objective games modes feel like FFA in that regard. Time for a Halo break, see you guys after the next patch/hotfixes are applied.

    • All these are good buffs and nerfs 870 is OP and everyone knows it.

  • betosobreira

    Oh Lord I really hope they fixed this game.


    LOL. People are never happy. Give it time, just think about how many people are online, everyday, even with the issues. People still LOVE this title.

    • how can i be happy when i bought game on midnight release and still til this day can’t sign in under my s/n. every other games works except bo2. i have multiple emails and support tickets open. so yes people are never happy when their dealing with a shitty product.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Hopefully people will stop moaning and groaning now that the SMGs are “fixed”. Don’t see why the went after the Remington, gun takes a bit of skill for me to use, actually all the shotguns in this game take some skill, more so with the KSG. KSG = frustration.

  • I’m not bothered much by the lag issues. What’s got to me is the increase of UAV from 4 kills to 5 and the nerfing of the assault rifles, snipers and R870.

    • GoMonkey66

      I’m bummed that they increased UAV points too…I LOVE shooting down ten a game. Free points!

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Ermehgerd, spawns are jacked. You guys really should have left well enough alone with that one.

  • Pingback: Black Ops 2 - Page 3 - HondaSwap Forums()

  • DanDustEmOff

    They never fixed the lag in blops so I would not count on it ever getting fixed on this one but whats worse than lag is match making sometimes I just don’t play the game I check every lobby I go into and I have lost count of the amount of times I get put in lobbies with French, German and Italian players even Americans surely u can match me with players within a 100 mile radius rather than a 1000 mile radius it can not be the best connection for me now can it Treyarch?

    • Dirtknap

      When I returned to BLOPS 1 after MW3 came out, I found the lag issues had been largely resolved. Apart from the occasional lag spike if I did find myself in a laggy game it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed by lobby shopping. I find with both BLOPS I and II if I’m playing later at night, more and more Japanese players (I live in New Zealand) start to join my games, at that point its time to call it quits because I get all the lag. This is a consistent issue specifically matchmaking with people located in Japan, its so damn strange especially with the best connection setting is selected in my search preferences in BLOPS II.

      • Cynnik

        Wow I’ve been noticing the exact same thing. At first i just thought the Japanese were crazy good but realized I was getting lagged out. This one player dodged my point blank knife perfectly by crouching and hipfired me… i thought that was pretty cool but then watched the kill cam and he had already been shooting me before my knife even came out lol.

        • Dirtknap

          Clearly there’s a “Japanese Pro Perk” not available to the rest of the world, lol!

      • DanDustEmOff

        Yea I hear u I get this at peak times and i have to lobby shop all the time it’s like the game is constantly punishing me for having a good connection and I still believe that it will never get fixed going from my experience with blops 1 at least MW3 fixed their lag comp
        To the point where the game was playable I must give them credit for listening to the community and sorting out the issue cause treyarch seem to ignore this issue and pretend it’s not happening

      • DanDustEmOff

        Yea I hear u I get this at peak times and i have to lobby shop all the time it’s like the game is constantly punishing me for having a good connection and I still believe that it will never get fixed going from my experience with blops 1 at least MW3 fixed their lag comp
        To the point where the game was playable I must give them credit for listening to the community and sorting out the issue cause treyarch seem to ignore this issue and pretend it’s not happening

  • ayrtonsenna94

    I see no date/time for the PC patch in the artice or in the comments. Anyone know?

  • Kev

    This patch did nothin for feeZing loaded game up after restore system wipping everything off now froze up twice on loading screen it’s still messed up,

  • yah they never touched my EVO i got gold and 2 prestige in 2 days so dont fuck with it

    • EVO is OP as fuck. The mp7 and pissy noob EVO needed the nerf.

      • the fire rate is good but if u can control the recoil your fucked and u can call me a noob for using something iam givin

  • Thank God HC KC is coming back, I hope it includes ricochet.

  • Nothing for Zombie glitches??/

  • deadzone on xbox

    still nothing about the deadzone on the xbox. I guess they intended it to be like this?

  • Flashbangs and Concussion Grenade DO NOT SLOW YOU DOWN. Get rid of it…

  • PS3 gets something first? Was Treyarch maybe under the influence?

  • MegaMan3k

    Not even a COMMENT on the network / connection / latency / lag compensation / lag mitigation / matchmaking / host-migration / etc?

    Come on, Treyarch. We used to be best friends – I defended you for Quantum of Solance, I publicly forgave you for Call of Duty 3, for God’s sake, and you ignore what most people are complaining about. Let’s make the game smooth before we nit pick over TTK and recoil adjustments.

    • truthbringr

      “What lag? Ahahahaha”. –Activision in line at the bank dropping off another hundred mil for deposit, profits from all the sheep that pay for shit and expect something other than shit

  • Capt_BananaYT

    Increasing the hip fire spread on the laser sight? Doesn’t that make it worthless?

    • kby

      Not necessarily “worthless”, just harder to use. Depends on the value it was changed to. I think that’s the point of nerfing it anyway.

  • Kev

    Patch did nothing this game broke my ps3 what a p.o.s.

    • truthbringr

      Broke your POS PS3? Redundant.

  • CoDisaFish

    lol this patch sucks, why do gun balancing? and not address a problem where they can make a game playable? like the lag? omg bravo treyarch. #BETRAYARCHED

    • truthbringr

      This isn’t twitter, brains

  • Outlawz404

    Does anyone know if S&D is 500xp per kill again? I heard they were fixing that but I don’t see it in the patch notes. Unless I missed it?

    • kby

      It was always 500XP per kill. No matter what game mode you’re playing, any time a +insertnumberhere pops up on your screen, that isn’t the amount of XP you get for that action. For example, you don’t get XP for destroying Bouncing Betties, Shock Charges, Sentry Guns, etc. That +insertnumberhere is the amount of score you get that adds on to your scorestreak meter. The amount of XP you get for any actions that award XP are hidden now, though some actions, such as killing someone in TDM, will reward you the same amount of XP as it does score.

      Long story short, you still, and always have, get 500XP per kill in Search and Destroy, same as 100 per kill on TDM, 50 (I think) per kill on KC, etc. It’s just hidden now.

      If it helps any, I think you get an Elimination Medal for every kill you get on Search and Destroy, which gives you 500XP. Essentially the same thing. Either way, you get 500XP per kill still.

      • Outlawz404

        LOL did you even play S&D before the patch? It was 250xp per kill. Only now it is 500xp per kill.

  • Outlawz404

    I like how the UAV cost has been increased. Seriously hate all of you UAV spammers. I don’t even have Ghost yet. Treyarch should just take out the UAV and Ghost all together. End it. COD would be a better game without those perks.

    • Ryan

      What?!? How would that help combat camping at all? The UAV encourages movement on the map. If you hate the UAV, it probably means you camp.

      • Outlawz404

        I camp, run and gun, and do whatever I please. If you hate campers so much then why don’t you ask Treyarch to make a map with absolutely nothing in it. A big fucking square where everyone can see eachother and just have a clusterfuck of fuck. UAV doesn’t combat camping as much as it aids the noobs that plague COD. BTW, I don’t need no UAV to take out campers. Are you fkn serious? LOL.

        • I have honestly laughed LOL

        • DanDustEmOff

          You would still get someone crouched in the corner ads’ing

          • Not as much as before.

        • Ryan

          Easy, tiger. You don’t need UAV to kill campers, it just discourages it. And they have those maps; ever play Shipment? I still fail to see how the easiest scorestreak to obtain somehow only helps noobs and that you somehow still can’t find the counter to it. And noobs don’t plague COD, campers do.

          • Outlawz404

            I do have a counter… and it is unlocked at lvl 55 which is the highest lvl.

          • Actually, noobs can plague CoD. What about LMGs with Target Finders from folks that are in head glitches but aren’t exactly camping by definition?

      • kby

        It’s a touchy subject. UAV and Ghost, I mean. You have UAV and Ghost’s new effect to combat camping. The problem is, it’s so damn easy to get UAVs, and those who don’t camp, or hardly do, get punished until rank 55. After they prestige, what if they want to permanently unlock their best/favorite weapon that normally would be unlocked much later? Well, if they do that, they have to deal with getting raped by UAVs even more.

        The game is just not fun with UAV being spammed all the time and Ghost taking so long to get. My solution? Don’t make UAV cost 425. Make it cost as much as a Lightning Strike. Don’t make things like Care Packages and Hunter Killers cost less than UAVs, just make everything cost more. A lot more.

        Then make Ghost require a player to hit levels 21, 22, or 23. They’re relatively easy levels to get to, but require some time before obtaining them. Maybe even make it 30 to even it out more.

        Campers don’t care if they show up on the radar if there’s no one there to counter them. And they’ll know no one is there to counter them because UAVs are going up like nuts. If they’re “smart”, and notice only 4-5 dots on the radar with 6 people in the game, they’d play more cautious, but chances are they’re not going to. And if you die to that, it’s probably your fault more times than it isn’t.

        So how is what I said a solution? If you make UAVs cost as much as a Lightning Strike, you’ll see UAVs going up 1/3rd of the time. Those who aren’t level 30 will have to worry much less, but won’t have to worry as much as they would if Ghost required level 55.

        Why can’t Call of Duty just go back to being truly gun-on-gun? No, I don’t mean Call of Duty 4. Best game so far, at least until BO2 gets its shit together, sure. At least that’s how I feel. But what I meant was pre-CoD4. Call of Duty 1, 2, and, hopefully I don’t regret adding this game into a list of doing something right, Call of Duty 3. No perks, no killstreaks, and hardly any attachments.

        And yes, these all add a new element to the game. I understand. They did in the Medal of Honor series too. Guess what though? Any game that adopts this “fresh, new element” into their shooter is just going to gain so much complaints in the future. I also understand there would be a good chance of a series becoming stale and the same thing when there are only just new maps, reskinned and new guns and some new game modes every couple of years (now it seems they want to make something new every year). I don’t know how a lot of people would feel about it, but if I really enjoy a shooter game that has no perks, no attachments, no killstreaks and just really good maps, really good and balanced weapons and fun game modes, I wouldn’t mind seeing a game by them the following year that’s practically the same, only with newer maps, mostly reskinned guns and the same–plus possibly a couple new ones–game modes.

        Sorry for the tldr.

        • Nobody gives a shit about your thoughts.

          • kby

            No one cares about yours either c:

          • Sensou-Ookami

            Now that was rude of you. He had a decent opinion, you could have critiqued it like a civil person or just not say anything at all. Seriously, grow up.

            • You act as if you were the most mature or already grew up, but that still managed to make me laugh. Nice try though

            • Sensou-Ookami

              Just pointing out you really don’t know how to handle yourself on a thread, you just sound like a bully and I don’t appreciate bullies. It’s people like you who mess up threads to make yourself look taller than everyone else, but really you are just a desperate tool. Be senseable or just shut the hell up.

            • I know you can try harder next time! Come on, you can do it!

        • DanDustEmOff

          If u have such a problem with perks and Killstreaks then this franchise is not for u give bf3 or farcry 3 a go

          • kby

            I never said I didn’t enjoy this series as I’ve played it since CoD2 (have played CoD1 plenty enough as well). If I really hated perks, attachments and killstreaks all that much, I wouldn’t think CoD4 is one of the best in the series and my most favorite. Let alone the fact that I wouldn’t have played it much other than to try it out.

            What I was saying was that if this game didn’t have either of those 3 things, there would be much less complaints and hate towards the game. Why? Balance issues are what hurt this game the most, and they all spawn from those 3 things mainly.

            But on the flip side, they also offer a new element to the game, as I also stated.

            • DanDustEmOff

              So y make a long ass comment going on about them then

      • Sensou-Ookami

        Mostly we hate how often it comes up because of the campers, then once they get it they still just camp, but they know you are coming, thus racking up more camper killstreaks.

    • d

      Complete bullshit.

    • obvious camper. UAV nerfs are the craziest thing ever. I spam nothing but low streaks and run and gun. If you want to hide and wait on big killstreaks then do your thing and good luck with that. Semi-auto sniper rifles with no recoil are there for you, complain about that.

      • Outlawz404

        Played some games last night and there were still UAV spammers. Just to let you know, hiding won’t get me big killstreaks. I have to move around the map carefully and hope to GOD none of you scrubs bust out a UAV.

        • Sensou-Ookami

          You sound okay to me, sounds like my style of play, keep moving, but know not to over play your hand. A lot of these guys don’t know what real “camping” is. No offense to anyone, it is just there are a lot of you who don’t really know how to tread around the field efficiently. Just because you find me reloading for a second in a corner or slowing down to get a good lay out of what I’m dealing with in a certain area doesn’t make me a camper, you just immediately assume that because you run up on me while I’m in the middle of doing those things. Stop assuming unless you have enough Killcams to prove that I’m camping.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Yeah, I’m pleased with the UAV hike. Not having to whip out the FHJ every time I move.

    • And I assume the Orbital VSAT as well?

  • thebulky1cometh

    Am i in the minority when I say i think this patch is a step in the right direction?

    • Dirtknap

      I think so, but we all have such varied experiences based on so many variables. The patch notes in concept are a step in the right direction, however, my experience (and most of the other folks commenting it seems) has been that things have gotten worse post patch. I honestly feel once the lag issues are mitigated, I would have been okay with the balance of the game pre patch. At least we would all be on a more or less, even playing field.

  • NathanEWash

    Why.. For the most part they are just making this worse. Like honestly, why do they need to nerf weapons and make the recoil worse..

  • GrieverXVII

    i just can’t compete with smg’s, when they’re killing me at 1-2 feet faster than i can shoot off my s12 shotgun, and they can also kill me in under 1 second at mid range which makes them way too versatile, STILL. they really need to reduce the max bullet damage ranges for the SMG’s…

    lag/latency issues are still huge. can’t seem to ever be on the good side of latency, always seeing different things on killcams.

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  • It’s nice that they’re trying to balance weapons, but honestly it’s just not working. They seem to have made the weapons how they should be made aka smgs good at close/medium range, ARs good at medium/longish, shotty great at close but suffers heavily past like 15ft.
    The problem is that kind of design only works when you have maps that have a good amount of all those ranges. This is cod where just about all maps are 75% or more close range with the rest being key medium/long range lines of sight. So when you have that design, obviously the cqc weapons will be best.
    So if they want to keep this balanced style of weapon design like they have now, they’d have to make bigger maps with more open areas. Problem is then people will moan about running around and 3arc knows that the current small map style is what works and what people want and come to expect from cod.
    In short, weapons can never be balanced in this game because the style of the game itself makes it nearly impossible to balance well.

  • fred

    Patch 1.03 the game froze but was balanced. Patch 1.04 the freeze is gone but the lag makes it unplayable. I bought BO2 with hopes it wouldnt turn out like MW3. “Hated it” Please don’t ruin this one with nonsense. Fix the damn f**king lag.

    • truthbringr

      Hoped a COD game wouldn’t turn out like MW3 – a COD game? There’s some rocket science everyone.

  • uwantSAMOA

    Honestly, the R870 nerf did nothing. I can still get OHK’s with it from afar even with a suppressor attached.

  • Bob

    If you complain about lag that much it’s because you are too worried about you k/d so just go play for fun and it changes te way you look at the game

    • fred

      I personally don’t care about my k/d ratio. I am always just about even or a little elow 1. So by no means am I a K/D freak. It loses its fun value when playing kill confirmed or tdm and losing every gunfight due to lag. I mean thats the point of that objective is to shoot someone right?

  • ThirstBlood

    Sounds ok… I was on last night after the patch, felt that with the uav points change that within no time of getting my uav, i had a care package and straight away a hunter. Made the game easier to be honest.

    Still need to address sounds within the game, the lag and the effects of lag upon hearing your surroundings. I also noticed last night that spawn times had significantly reduced. Infact, everyone (enemy or friend) was complaining about this. Spawn + Kill + Die + re-Spawn = 10 seconds.

    Overall, the game since the release has improved considerably but still with work needed.

  • dave

    Could have made awareness do *something* this patch. Not a priority to have working perks i guess

  • All well and good, but connections for me are still sub par. Even when I turn it to local search field, I can get major lag issues. This game is wayyyy better than MW3 when it comes to lag comp, but sometimes it feels even with a 4 bar connection I have lag. I don’t have amazing internet speeds, but 10mb down and 2 mb up isn’t bad by any means.

    Strange thing that I have noticed though: I now run speed tests on my network a couple times before I start playing. I doubt this has any real world effects, but honestly I feel like my connection is much better. Maybe just a placebo effect but I still feel like my connection is smoother when playing.

  • Cynnik

    SMG’s nerfed? Please. I still mow people down and get mowed down with SMG’s the same and AR’s are still crap compared to it. I even lose long range battles against SMG’s often when i’m using an AR in this game. No recoil SMG’s don’t make any sense.

  • Outlawz404

    Search and Destroy is now 500xp per kill. I checked last night.

  • Went From Loving BO2 To Hating It After This Update.

  • Angelreborn96

    Why was the PDW and MSMC recoil increased???

  • truthbringr

    Awww what’s a matter can’t exploit SMG’s anymore waaaaahhh cry me a river.

  • Anthony

    When will they make a cod game that doesn’t require high speed Internet so everybody could have a 4 bar

    • truthbringr

      When will peasants get off 56k

  • only on the pdw .. try sop the ‘1 bulleting’ !

  • Jack

    The game is getting even worse

  • dubbs

    This game and Tryarch are pitiful!!! If I purchase a product, that product should work properly right out of the box! If it doesn’t, that means the product is DEFECTIVE!!! Therefore, I want a refund. If I bought a defective product from any other company I’d get a refund… The way I see it, TRYARCH HAS RIPPED OFF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD926


    You OBVIOUSLY CAN’T handle releasing a new game once a year. As is evident in the nonstop problems your games have (and had) and the constant patching. Here’s an idea for you, (because apparently nobody who works for you has a brain…) why don’t only put a game out every two years?!?!?!?!? Then you could actually test your product SUFFICIENTLY, so that people like myself who pay $60 for your product, actually get a product that works properly (RIGHT OUT OF THE FU$%ING BOX!!!) and is not defective like MW3 and BLACK OPS 2. To be fair to Infinity Ward, MW3 didn’t have nearly the problems that Black Ops 2 has. You NEED to do something so this doesn’t happen again. You may not realize yet, but with the TERRIBLE condition of Black Ops 2, you have lost a TON of customers!!!!! Also, you need to make a SERIOUS effort to treat your customers with the RESPECT they DESERVE. AFTER ALL, IF IT WASN”T FOR US (YOUR CUSTOMERS), YOU”D BE PLAYING BF3 IN YOUR MOMMY’S BASEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU MARK RUBIN, DAVID GOYER, AND OTHERS. You should have in-game messages apologizing for the unacceptable condition you released Black Ops 2 AND You should offer a refund to anyone who wants it. And hire about 500 more customer service representatives so people don’t have to wait on the phone for 3 hours to speak to some one. It’s not your customers’ fault you released a defective game!!!! So at least provide customer service that isn’t DEFECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thebulky1cometh

    New idea for article: organizing a black out.

    • thebulky1cometh

      In all fairness to Treyarch, I had a very smooth MP experience last night on ps3. Anyone else feel like things are getting better? I’m hoping they put out another patch before next Friday- I’ve got quite a few days off!

  • mccart420

    how about you fix the leaderboard so when someone backs out of a zombie game the progress gets save intstaed of your leaderboard stats ending on wut ever round they back out on

  • PayneX023

    should have left this alone. nerfs? damn…lets go for realism treyarch

  • Gamer 276

    Do not buy Black OPS 2. The multiplayer portion lags, the players have modified controllers and if you try to leave a game that is screwed up they block you from connecting to the game… $60.00 dollars for this garbage is not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow fuck this patch this is fucken worse
    fucken treyarch fcuk you and your patches

  • KnightHawk902

    penalties for hosts who quit and make players to lose accumulated points .

    • I’m not so much concerned about points as I do about challenges.

  • mike

    I can even download the stupid update it wont let me !!!

  • Catmeauw

    why did they make more damage to the sniper, they have to make the aim more faster

  • SickTrigger1

    Does anyone know why I can’t download the latest update on the 360 for black ops 2?

  • rooznee

    how to do it