Incoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox 360 Title Update

Treyarch has announced an incoming title update for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 to deploy within the next few hours.

“360 Title Update inbound on your position, over,” reads Treyarch’s latest Tweet. They also added that it is “currently scheduled for release at 2am PST.” Game design director David Vonderhaar mentions, “deployments like these are usually staggered over the course of a few hours. So hang tight. You’ll get it eventually.”

No patch notes have been released as of yet, but we expect it to include fixes for the following, as indicated by previous intel:

  • Theater Mode β€œUI error 226117.”
  • Escort Drone glitch (Attacks owner while under the map.)
  • Dragonfire glitch. (Won’t deploy.)
  • FHJ-18 AA not levelling up properly.

Make sure to stay tuned to MP1st for full patch notes when they are released. While we wait, have you had a chance to read up on our Black Ops 2 review? If not, check it out right here.

  • I hated the escort drone glitch. You can’t take them out if they are under the map! I had it happen on carrier.

    • Happened to FahedJ (other co-owner of MP1st) in one of our first matches together. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I LOLed immensely. He wasn’t too happy.

      • Niosus

        Would almost pick up a 360 and blops 2 just to hear his reaction πŸ™‚

    • WarHero

      At first when I got it I was excited then it killed me,I respawned then it killed me,respawned,killed me and then I said fuck it.

  • How about fixing Ground War because it has the worst matchmaking of any other playlist? I can get into games instantly in other game modes except for Ground War, and GW is the only playlist I like.

    • Geeza

      Maybe because it’s a larger playlist but with fewer people attempting to play? That’s not a glitch, you’re just not able to use common sense apparently.

      • A lot of people play GW. Matter of fact, it sometimes has more players than HQ, Capture the Flag, SnD, Multi-TDM, Mercenary, FFA, and even Demolition. But here’s the thing: Even if the lobby is full, the match will never start. I can almost always join games with a full 18 players, but the problem is the timer never starts. It just alternates the teams and says “need more players to balance teams” when 18 is the max. Not a common sense issue.

  • the specialist

    the game is not good.i thought mw3 was the bad one but this game drives me crazy.

    • Geeza

      A lot of people get butt hurt when they can’t play a new game and instantly go on mad killing sprees. Try taking it slower and adapting to the new game and the way it works or more likely continue blaming the game for you being shit like everyone else who’s gonna bitch about BLOPS2.

      • VEX_VEHIX


        People need to stop playing “Rambro”. If you run out in the open, expect to get GOT!

      • Platinumb

        You can’t adapt to lag and disconnections.

        • Latch

          I’m not having these problems at all. Maybe you should fix your shitty internet connection.

          • Connection doesn’t matter because if you aren’t host, you can get both of those things.

          • John K

            I use fibre broadband and my game still lags.

      • Taking it slow means playing tactically and CoD has lost all tactical approach after CoD2 on Xbox and PC. After that it became a twitchy arena shooter clusterfuck and because of how big the game is and what it’s known for, it can’t evolve past that. That’s like Battlefield becoming another arena type arcade shooter after being known for what it is for 10 years

        • Actually no deathstreaks on Black Ops Dos. Pretty cool not having people kill you in Final Stand.

          • Oh yeah I forgot. Lol just because it’s been in CoD for years you kinda just assume it’s there regardless

      • Ricky Brown

        Why adapt to to all the pussys, fuck that play your own style faggot

        • He’s not saying adapt to his style, he’s saying to try to find the way you play best and adapt to it so then you can play good rather than bad. Most of the people who complain are bad.

    • You may say that because of the isssues that I has, sometimes lag and errors. But when all it’s fixed, will you still say that? Btw MW3 had countless issues bro. At least Treyarch put their effort into their games, not like Infinishit Ward that just copy and paste..

      • Cory Armstrong

        Mw3 wasnt that bad at all it was a good all around good and it felt right….and its not the same infinity ward….most of the infinity ward group left when the main creators left Jason West and Vince Zampella started respawn entertainment…..i just think this game is almost beyond repair even with all the patches and alot of people are realizing that.

        • Latch

          You my friend are the only one that thinks that MW3 was good all around. Also how do you know how good this one is? You play it less than a week and it’s worse? Makes no sense guy.

        • Bro, at first when I saw MW3 MP trailer I honestly said: “No shit, this is very similar to MW2” But I didn’t pay attention to it and just bought it ‘cos it was CoD. Yes, I liked by 2 months and then I was sorry why I’d bought that shit? I felt ripped off seriously, unlike BO1, I played a whole year! And will so with Bo2!

      • Joe

        Don’t bother arguing with this game’s community — all they do is bitch, yet they wont stop playing. The cod community is NEVER happy. If the game doesn’t change enough stuff, people bitch they devs are just reskinning the same old cod every year; if they change too much, people bitch they should’ve left the game alone. The devs are literally in a no win situation. Yet, people are already pumping days played into a week old game — they must be doing something right…

      • Dtoxz

        @David….I’m sorry, I fail to see logic here. When its all fixed? that was supposed to be BEFORE the release. It’s not like I gave them broken or incomplete payment…..Besides honestly, by the time the game is REALLY fixed, the new one will be out anyway. If this is going to be a yearly thing, then it should work properly.
        I thought this was supposed to be a good, if not the BEST cod title, yet EVERY SINGE head on engagement I face, I die. Ports forwarded on router and Im in DMZ. Not to mention, I took the router out and did a direct connect to the PS3 and STILL nothing. If anything, its worse. MW3 and BO1 I am a legitimate 1.80 k/d. this one, Im negative almost every game. I’m happy there is zombies though.
        As for everyone else that says to “take it slow” in this game……. WHAT?! the past 5 years in a row Ive been bitched at for being a “camper”. Ghost is way underpowered now, and everything in this game is GEARED towards running around. The subs are the most powerful gun, that should say it right there. I don’t understand how all of a sudden, everyone needs to lay back. Not that I mind, but if Im gonna sit back, then Im a camper and people bitch. There is no win with COD. At all, ever. Just frustration anymore. I need a new MP game to play. This is bad.

        • I honestly didn’t read your comment. It’s all your own opinion and it’s all valid.

        • LMAO. MW3 had plenty of issues week one to one month. Mw2 even more. Black ops 1 had issues. All call of duties had issues. Get fucking used to it i can recall one game that didnt have issues bud. not one game that focused multiplayer.

    • Ricky Brown

      Maybe your just bad.

  • o starrzz

    How aaout fixing the shitty spawns and lower the hitmarkers it takes to kill people it shouldnt take 7 to 8 hitmarkers to kill somebody

    • MWsRAGE_5

      this game is so brutal its not even fun

      • BO2SUX!!!

        Worst COD ever!!!!

        • Joe

          Stop playing it then. I love the amount of people that are bitching their heads off about it, yet wont stop playing it. I heard a dude on Friday (3 days after release) call it the worst cod ever — he was 4th fucking prestige already. If the game is so bad & so unplayable, I wonder why the Xbox version alone has 600-800 thousand people on at once ALL THE TIME…

          • Seanybear

            I know what you are saying, but just because it is the worst cod ever doesn’t mean it’s not still playable. It’s just a let down from Bo 1 in my opinion

        • Every year the newest cod is “the worst cod ever”

          so funny, same every year, mindless idiots. Don’t play the game if it frustrates you

          • suck it.

            fuck off drone!

    • Geeza

      If you want one hit kills become a shotgun fag like most other people who are bad and can’t adapt to new games.

      • Cory Armstrong

        Dont get me started with the shogun fags some maps are unplayable because of them.

        • ayrtonsenna94

          Shotgun and knife users are fags.

      • Ricky Brown

        Kid fuck your adapting shit were not out in the wilderness adapting to winter. Its cod you bitch

        • Not an Idiot

          Humans are alive today because we adapted… If you want to let yourself become part of the group who’s only still living because everyone else adapted enough to keep you alive fine by me, but I’d like to reach higher than that.

      • Joe

        Shotguns are supposed to be OSK weapons. However, they’re range is terrible — shotguns are balanced fine, you just sound like a whiny little, homophobic bitch.

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  • jahladagaming

    Where’s the sniper nerf? Quickscopers/no scopers ruining things already. head glitching is bad enough, but the maps won’t change. NERF THOSE DAMN SNIPERS.

    • i’m more pissed that they can even quickscope/noscope to begin with. I seem to recall seeing posts from the devs that there would be no aim assist for sniper rifles, which should have eliminated this “playstyle”.

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  • how about fixing the shit spawning, and bring back nuketown 2025 24/7 already, and not this shit moshpit crap

  • betosobreira

    I have some concerns that the granade is a little bit overpowered. They should lower the blast radius. Someone thinks the same?

    • betosobreira

      I can’t think about anything else bad in this game. It’s much better than MW3. I can play hours and hours and not to complain about shitty things in the game. Except for the matchmaking here in Brazil, this game is great for me.

    • The grenades are pretty powerful. It’s not too bad though, just have to equip the trophy system for the games on smaller maps with tight rooms.

      • betosobreira

        good idea.

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  • Cory Armstrong

    the spawn system needs some real work i havent seen spawns this bad in any other cod

  • BKF

    The only thing I think they need to fix is ghost. I understand the no moving=showing up, but if I’m crouch walking or climbing it should be counted as moving

  • brian

    Definitely need to fix the spawning. So sick of gettin shot in the back…and fix the lag compensation sick of hit markers . If you have a good internet connection you should not be punished for it

  • Latch

    Seems like the people that don’t move much in CODs are the ones getting mad. It fits my style perfect. I love the game. It’s going to go over a bunch of the old COD players heads, the young people want notice so COD will live on. I’m happy with the direction they took it. You got to adapt and adjust people. If you’re playstyle don’t work then try a different one.

  • Latch

    If you’re getting spawn killed then you’re not moving enough. You can’t sit in one spot. They will spawn 3 seconds beside you. Funny how people are saying it’s the worst ever and it hasn’t been out but a week. SMFH

    • I move around the map all the time and from time to time, I get killed by the entire team on my back. Some people make it sound really bad, but it doesn’t happen too often for me.

  • Jason

    BF Players sit back and watch in awe as COD Community rips itself apart! Treyarch fans vs Infinty Ward fans lol πŸ˜‰

    • dmier

      How’s that fix for the crash sound? I mean they had a whole year to fx it right?

  • Seanybearr

    IMO if the lag compensation is taken out and just make it feel like the older CODs it will still be a good game

  • Gayarch

    Game is still a piece of shit with horrid lag compensation and spawns

  • Gayarch

    Still a broken game with broken networking and broken lag compensation… yea lets punish people with good internets. I honestly should downgrade my internet just to not lose gun fights. Anyways spawns and lag comensation… need i say more

  • Lmao at everyone bitching. The game has been out barely a week. MW3 started absolutely terrible (it still is, mind you) but by the end of all the patches and such, it is a semi-playable game. I believe Treyarch will fix the sh*t, but you don’t see Barack Obama “fixing the economy” in a month, do you? So shut up and either don’t play or deal with it until it’s fixed.

  • Ricardo

    How in the world can people call this the worst COD?
    First there’s no fucken support package stealth bomber bullsh*t,no last stand final stand second chance bullsh*t as well no death streaks ! To me this is the best COD since COD4 and I can assure you this is a big step up since the nightmare I call MW3 Type-95 Final Stand Dead Mans Hand.

  • Blah blah blah… Cry cry cry… What a bunch of school girls… Either play the game or don’t play the game… if you don’t like it, don’t play it.

  • uwantSAMOA

    Well so far the most OP weapon out there is the Scorpion EVO. It should get a range nerf. This gun breaks the game.

  • CoDisaFish

    no fixes on lag comp yet or nerfing laser attachments for shotguns. I really had high hopes for this game and thought it would play somewhat like Blops1. And to take a break from BF3

  • Everyone here, has actually made a semi valid point. People wanted change, they gave us change yet people now have a problem with said change. This honestly feels like a new COD, with that said there are problems here I honestly can’t figure out why YEAR after YEAR they bring this game out with major problems. I feel like the DEVS need 2-3 more months to finish this game but ACTIVISION wants that NOV release date. In all honestly DID THEY EVEN TEST THIS GAME OUT FOR PS3, I have had so many hard freezes that my PS3 is about to go on strike, kicked out to the main menu, Theater Mode problems *my god the theater mode problems! I just don’t get it, if your an artist like I consider DEVS to be I wouldn’t put my name on anything until it resembles a F’N picasso because I value my name. Ok, sorry turned rant button on by mistake! with all this said THIS IS ACTUALLY A GOOD GAME that at the moment is semi broken kind of like our expectations.

    Flame Suite [ON] OFF

  • SwishaBoi

    So I beat the campaign real quick and the ending is a song and dance which looks like they spent the most time on. Very disappointed. Plus I love how you botched the pre order stuff no codes they don’t work and Activision and trey arch have no support non what so ever. There phon line as been down since the day of release lol. Over a week and still can’t fix it especially with having ur biggest game of the year just come out. So the reason trey arch doesn’t put what the patch fixed. Because they are notorious for screwing the game up even more with there updates. Lmao Epic fail.

  • HBK

    This is long but worth the read!

    Ultimate Black Ops 2 Tip for most game modes: treat every kill like a Search and Destroy kill. What do you do when you kill a person in SnD? You become instantly aware about what’s around the corner and you get out of that area cautiously since people know where you are. You don’t just charge into a building or around a corner, ANY corner. Always tread lightly and ADS around all corners. You have to stay really focused, unlike the original Black Ops where you could relax a little due to larger maps, given the hectic spawns in Black Ops 2. You DON’T NEED SILENCERS OR GHOST (I’m a ghost hater), you just need to be extra careful and treat each situation as a precarious one.

    Trust me, the first few days the game came out, I had a steadily rising 2.2 KD and I was playing like this; a defensive rush, so to speak. Kill a guy, wait, then go, usually along map edges and cutting in to the centre and regrouping with teammates for support and security. I could get the really high killstreaks if I so tried. But once I learned the maps I started sprinting into the open, running around randomly, and just doing stupid things because I’d kill one guy, and another would come around the corner and kill me since he knew exactly where I was and I was unprepared. It dropped to a 1.67 KD that was rapidly declining. Every game it was a struggle to go positive. But now, ever since I’ve reverted back to this style of gameplay I’ve been dropping 25 – 30 + kill games with under ten deaths, while getting around 20 confirms a game (mostly a Kill Confirmed guy). I was just as angry as everybody here, getting spawn killed and not being able to get consistent games. The only thing they really need to fix is lag, which has gotten a lot worse since launch in my experience. Try to use a lot of reactionary attachments as well.

    P.S: Use CUAV; given the UAV spam, this scorestreak can do wonders. Consider replacing your first killstreak from UAV to CUAV. Also, how can anyone even compare this to the utter garbage that is MW3. Thus the COD cycle, the last one ‘wasn’t that bad’ even though MW3 multiplayer was a solid 4/10 for me. There’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more bullshit in that game, and those maps make Black Ops 2 ones look godly, even though I’d agree they aren’t the greatest, unlike the original Black Ops.

    • ugh

      On the one hand, I want to agree with you. Problem is now everyone has the skorpion EVO, so they literally just run around corners jumping with laser sights and are perfectly accurate. So ADS doesn’t do anything, because of the RoF on the skorpion you will die before they do.

  • I cant wait for more patches…..for the ps3 :/ (game still freezing)

  • mlg nades

    They need to slove these gun problems and walls dont exist in this game this is ruining the chances of mlg players to play this game its so unfair fix this fucking game

  • mohammed abdul

    idk whats wit all the hate…. imo this game is pretty epicc o__O

  • Joe Cod

    Nerf the sniper rifles!!!

    • Nope, apparently people wants supermax range weapons in a 50 meter map

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  • BrandoKone

    How about fixing it so it can work on older xbox models instead of wasting my 60 dollars pricks.

  • Nod factor

    Is it me or are they having issues with the foot steps of the enemy being literally inaudible. Plus the hit markers and the so called ” Smart spawn” seem to be broken as well. Blops 1 seemed to hit the control sweet spot with the avatars movement. Now everything seems to be sped up. Can Treyarch just pull an xpadder move and just move some of the good parts of Blops 1 into part 2?

  • ProjectGaming

    The only problem I have with bo2 is the campers lol it’s just ridiculous!! As well as the spawns I would die, spawn and die right away it gets really frustrating!

  • paulo rico

    my xbox cant even read the fucking game!!!!…but reads every other game ????shame on you treyarch …and xbox to reap us all off on membership for a lot of rubish…