Incoming MoH: Warfighter Patch Makes Improvements and Preps for Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack

Late December will see the latest update for Danger Close’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter across all platforms.

The update will drop on December 17 for PC users, December 18 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 users, and December 19 for European PlayStation 3 users. Though it it will be an optional download for Xbox 360 users, it will be mandatory for both the PC and PlayStation 3 in preparation for the upcoming map pack, Zero Dark Thirty, most likely releasing shortly after.

The update will be “based on community feedback to continuously improve the experience for our fans,” according to Medal of Honor Community Manager Seeson Mahathavorn. Check out the full update notes below!


  • VoIP improvements
  • Front-end visual improvements in MP
  • Increased bullet damage in Real Ops
  • In-game Party improvements
  • Shortened post-match timer and updated post-match progression display
  • Several fixes for Eyefinity setups (PC)
  • Added server leaderboards post-match
  • Added Fireteam leaderboards in Battlelog
  • Added Quick Select for classes/weapons
  • Added server password protection support (PC)
  • Added ability to modify FOV through in-game options (PC)
  • Added ability to modify ADS mouse speed option (PC)
  • Improved stability for SP and MP
  • Numerous fixes addressing known bugs and exploits
  • Additional content and changes in preparation for the Zero Dark Thirty or The Hunt Map Pack

See anything you like? Anything missing? Let us know in the comments!

  • Too little, too late. The game is dead already.

  • Andrew S.

    the problem is that only an average of 80 people are playing it on pc and maybe 150 on the ps3 and 360

    • Bennie_Hair

      Really? Wow! Can I ask where you got those stats from?

      • prostynick

        The number of players is indeed very low, but not as low as he’s saying. It’s morning in Europe right now and there is about 120 people on European servers right now, which indeed is very low, but not as low. It’s a problem when you want to play specific mode and setting like: almost full server, Hotspot only, 20 slots, Normal, etc., but on the evening, 7-12 pm it’s not a problem, although I’m disappointed that so many people stopped playing the game. But on the other hand let’s face it – the game is hard, definitely not easy, it takes a lot of time to switch from BF3 to it and you suck at it hard at the beginning. Most of people who plays MoH:W switched from BF3, but BF3 is much bigger game and it’s pretty obvious some players will miss vehicles. And Aftermath – even if I’m bigger fan of MoH:W I’ve spent last week playing AM. But after playing it for many hours I still think run’n’gun is much better in MoH:W.

        • Andrew S.

          I know the pc stat is right bc you can check all the servers on battlelog

        • TB

          You’re bailing the ocean my friend. Futile. Game is the biggest flop of 2012

        • tonisniff

          well said same as me i prefer the mechanics in moh warfighter i went back to bf3 realised i could not slide and the movement felt like every palyer was demolition class

  • Alex

    Changes look promising, but it’s a bit too late considering most everybody is playing BO2 or Halo 4 now

  • increased bullet damage in Real Ops… might get me to play again…

  • masada157

    No changes for the sound cutting out
    No changes to the atrocious spawns
    No changes to the shoddy hit detection


    • Alex

      Well we don’t know for sure what
      – Improved stability for SP and MP
      – Numerous fixes addressing known bugs and exploits

      means, so who knows? Knowing DICE though they probably aren’t fixed…

      • Jason

        “Knowing DICE”? They don’t even make this game! lol

        • ROCKMONEY

          Exactly! If your gonna troll at least get the developer right. LOL

          • Alex

            I wasn’t trolling… and sorry I was thinking of Medal of Honor 2010. DANGER CLOSE GAMES. Jeez

        • but it has the same problems 😀

      • Danger Close is the name you are looking for

    • prostynick

      Nothing wrong with hit detection. It’s just not BF3 and you need to spend at least 20 hours in game to start hitting properly. After that your accuracy will be higher than in BF3.

    • juniluis

      am just get a better sound card or a better headphone you idio
      i have corsair vengance 1500 7.1 suround

  • Phoenix

    It’d be nice if they increased the Framerate on consoles. Don’t get me wrong; it’s playable, but sometimes it drops very low, and it becomes a hindrance.

    • TB

      Because crappy 2005 hardware. If you care about frame rates you’re on the wrong platform kid.

      • HighBob

        *facepalm* if a developer makes a game on a console he should GRANT 30+FPS gameplay. When framerate is lower than that on ANY moment of a game, they should not release it AT ALL or fix it eventually… They did not do any of it.

  • ivory

    What about hardcore tdm?

  • Jamic

    What I find interesting is the part “..For the ZDT or The Hunt map pack”

    So they STILL arent sure whatever they want to call it ?

    Im not saying that its a sign that ZDT/Hunt is bad/unfinished/rushed. Im refering to the whole “Greg got kicked” story.

    • Sham

      It is called Zero Dark Thirty in North America and The Hunt everywhere it seems.

      • Sham

        Everywhere else, that is to say.

  • 3DArtist

    Fan?! What fans? So far i know that game is dead or near it’s death( lying in coma). I feel sorry for guys who’s been rubbed by EA… Considering the fact that i my self have almost preordered game, but soon as i played alpha i knew game is dead. I’m sure this patch won’t fix most enoying bugs, not all of them, it won’t save this game. I give this game another month considering it’s dead already comparing to amount of players online in other FPS.

    • prostynick

      So you don’t even own a game, yet you are sure there is a lot of bugs? You mean those one created by beginners that can’t adapt to the game and think it should be exactly the same as BF3? Besides random freezes (one in few hours) and not working VoIP there aren’t too much other bugs. There is just constant whining like: “I can’t hit anything – hit detection is bad”, etc.

      • 3DArtist

        i`ve seen enough video`s / reviews & talked to people who own it,= to make this point out.

        • prostynick

          So you’re just one of many guys out there who are saying the game is shit, because someone said so. No wonder the game is dead, if there is a ton of people who were expecting BF:MoH instead of MoH and they keep spreading the word about their disappointment without any constructive arguments, except how they can’t kill anyone, which obviously is a game’s fault, not their, because they are so good FPS players while in tank.

          • gderd

            Thank you! and btw the game is not bad, I play it and BF3 and I enjoy them both, haters that don’t own the game please die

          • TB

            Where there’s smoke there’s fire, if its universally panned there’s usually many good reasons. But type words and try to rationalize all you want, new sales are dead and its being declared biggest flop of 2012 by a couple review sites already with more likely to follow before years end

            • prostynick

              I know it’s a failure from the EA perspective and not only EA. I don’t argue with that. One of the many things is that they advertised it as a game on Frostbite 2 engine. It was of the biggest advertisement slogans, so people where expecting a) much more, b) something similar to BF3. They could at least something like: “It’s Frostbite 2 powered, but it’s totally different than BF3”, but they didn’t and now they are wondering what happened.

          • sgt_mofo

            A bit defensive eh? To be honest. your arguments aren’t constructive in the slightest.

            If the game wasn’t rushed, it could’ve been a lot better. EA is so enthralled with taking away sales from the CoD series that they forced Danger Close to finish the game in Oct. There are way too many issues, IMO, to warrant the $60 price tag. DICE had said multiple times that vehicles take up quite a few resources/bandwidth, so when a game doesn’t utilize vehicles (minus attack chopper) there is some expectation to see either a graphical improvement or better fluidity in the framerate. MoH fails tremendously on both levels and that factor alone makes it unworthy of the purchase. I have no doubt this could’ve been sorted out had the game been released next year, but just because Danger Close’s hand was forced by EA doesn’t mean I should feel compelled by sympathy to buy the game. The buddy system is a great concept, and I like how it displays your partner’s name before you are allowed to spawn. It’s almost like an official introduction to your buddy and kind of begins the VoIP teamwork aspect.

            That being said, the rest of the game is average to below average. The menus and post-game screen are difficult and unintuitive to navigate. Being forced to register on Battlelog just to figure out how I’m progressing is not only unnecessary but comes off as bush league especially since in-game progression tracking has been around on consoles for YEARS. There is some stat tracking under the leaderboards section, but if you want the full picture, you need to head to Battlelog. Sprint and death animations are so goofy they negate quite a bit of the immersion that the sound design (one of the few pluses) adds. Gunplay itself is merely average. It functions like your standard run-of-the-mill shooter albeit a slightly more difficult recoil. And the levels?!? The map design is on par with MW3 as being some of the most uninteresting in gaming history and the drab textures and color palette are borderline Xbox/PS2 to early-gen titles on 360/PS3. Again, the logic of the equation ‘Frostbite 2 – vehicles = awful graphics & lower framerate’ doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy this. If I wanted a change of pace from everything else out there, I’d play CS:GO.

            Yes the buddy system is cool, yes the sound design is good, yes the customization is fantastic, but if you compare MoH to either BF3 or any other AAA shooter, the other options out there right now are just A LOT better. Period.

    • Nathan Cox

      Please refrain from commenting on something you have no practical knowledge of. Warfighter is a very polished game that many of us are fully enjoying. It has a few issues that are extremely annoying, but none of them deal with gameplay. I’ve been having a blast on Warfighter, and as soon as they fix the VOIP it’ll be a real treat for those of us who want to play something -different-.

  • xkj220x

    This game shouldn’t be died, its the COD fags and halo is reasonable but the COD fans who picked that over, MOHW are down right stupid. This game has the best damage, that ever been in a MP game ” Besides Homefront”, killl streaks are balanced, the gun on gun is beautiful best grenade tosses since cod 4 this game has promising moments all around i’m level 89 playing the time i did is enjoyable, look at BO2 game already broken too, the SMGs with lazer slights out gun every gun? why people play shit like that gets me?

    • TB

      You lost your argument at ‘kill streaks’ .. Game’s even lamer than I thought

  • Luis Mitis

    The ones who are complaining are just those Call of Duty players who want it easy all the time, of course there not gonna like a game made for men. I play MoHW and i honestly love the game, i also love Battlefield 3 more than anything, even my girlfriend. Black Ops 2 is okay but i bought it ONLY for Zombies, MW3 has to be about the worst game EVER made but i probably couldn’t do any better myself. If you don’t like MoHW why bother clicking on this link and bitching about it.

    • Confusion

      I play BF3 and it makes MOHW look like a kindergarten’s toy. “Game made for men”? Maybe if you like nooby wallhacks and stupid killstreaks.

  • tonisniff

    THIS GAME IS FUN i still have not play bops2 and not interested
    who said theres not enough players online/ even if there is only 300 online a night i will not even play all of them in a gaming night session

  • FINALLY MORE BULLET DAMAGE IN REAL OPS! It was pointless to have full auto+very limited ammo without more bullet damage. It was like 6-7 min to kill somebody at average range! I understand in reg, but real ops/hc? come on! I am so glad that MAYBE the 416 and the OBR type rifles can kill with like a double tap to upper body at all ranges now…thats REAL ops