Infinity Ward Finds New Call of Duty Community Manager

At last, Infinity Ward, creators of the Call of Duty franchise and primary developers of the Modern Warfare series has found that lucky someone who will be taking up the role of IW Community Manager.

You may remember back in March when IW Creative Strategist Robert “FourZeroTwo” Bowling left Infinity Ward and Activision after working with them since 2006. Many argue that he became the face of the Modern Warfare series as many community members looked to him for news, events and general guidance within the Modern Warfare universe.

Today, Infinity Ward has hired IGN‘s Tina Palacios to take up the role as Senior Community Manager for the Call of Duty/Modern Warfare franchise. Being a “huge Call of Duty fan” herself, Tina has “been at the heart of the 1UP and IGN communities for several years now, injecting her unique brand of humor and passion into our sites, and breaking down the barriers between our internal editorial teams and our valued community members,” according to IGN.

We look forward to her presence within the Call of Duty community and wish her the best of luck!

You can follow Tina Palacios on Twitter here.

Thanks, CourtRoomGaming, for the tip!

  • Jav

    Well IGN had a thing for Call of Duty so this isn’t really a shocker. So how long until the feminist jokes come into play with her for not fixing Call of Duty.

  • who? satan?

    • QwietStorm

      I don’t think placing Bobby Kotick as community manager would be a good decision. He’s got a whole corporation to run.

  • Hrihrighrgihrihhi

    They purposely got a girl, so that people wouldn’t make fun of her like they did to Bowling.

    • Agrammarnazi

      She’s a dirty whore.

      ^See, you’re wrong. ;|

  • “At last, Infinity Ward, creators of the Call of Duty franchise and primary developers of the Modern Warfare series” uh no the creators left activision. IW is now…….i dont know what they are but they sure as hell aint the creators of MW and the COD franchise

    • Likeasombohdee

      Well Infinity Ward is just a name now since the two creators left..that sucks..

      •  yep them and almost all the the team at infinity left with em

        • Cilliangreene

          hey, johnathan, i always see you’re comments here, what u hink about new cm?

          • haven’t seen her and dont know much about her time will tell if she is good 🙂 also you spelled my name wrong XD

  • tellmeadeshina

    OK so Robert Bowling was Robert Trolling.

    I’m struggling for puns of Tina Palacios guys, please help out!

    • IcyGuy

      Tina PaLIEcios?

      It’s always a good sign when your new CM’s name is hard to make into an insult, heh.

    • It Can’t Be Helped

       Tina Fallacious

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  • oh god… Bowling was one of the only people on this planet who was able to do that job and handle so much abuse.  This girl is gonna get chewed up and spit out, I don’t think she knows what kind of community she’s about to deal with

    • Outlawz

       I hope she can troll as good as Bowling.

  • EasterEgg

    blame truth nuff said

    • Cilliangreene

      f**K blamethruth


      • no blame truth first on to post on respwan and hutch left and works as a waither

    •  No.

  • ButteredBread

    Good move actually.  They’re probably thinking that because she’s cute that young teenage boys would rather hit on her then give her any verbal abuse. 

    • tellmeadeshina

      Yeah I hope she doesn’t get abused purely for being a girl gamer, no need for that.

      Those that do are most likely those without girlfriends or horny virgins.

      • Cilliangreene

        she will absoloutly get abused, she has no hope

        maybe if they hired a pornstar people would shut up, but she looks like the kind of person that can easily get abused

  • Holy shit, I know that chick from 1up. She was great there, but the notoriety from CoD might be too much for her. Wish her all the luck though

  • Cilliangreene

    HAHAAHAHAH< this is going to be so funnney!

    she is a bubbly happ kind of girl
    she is going to get analy raped with an un-lubed fist!

  • Ketchupzz

    Hm putting a woman to community manager.. nice strategy

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  • Jwm2hot

    Need to find a new engine……….

  • RiZeN

    who told you to leave the kitchen…nuff said lol

  • blondbassist

    All they need to do now is change the Studio Name and it’s a completely new Dev Team!