Injustice 2 – The Joker Officially Revealed, Darkseid Receives Introduction Trailer

Those who’ve been patiently awaiting to see who will be the final character announced for the main roster of Injustice 2 don’t have to wait much longer.

NetherRealm Studios has officially revealed that The Joker is set to join the cast of their upcoming DCU based fighter that’s set to be released next month.

You can catch The Joker’s reveal trailer above, which from the short gameplay glimpse video it seems he retained some of his moves from the first game. As well as gained some new moves such as the roll dash which will help in close the distance on his opponents to set up his traps.

Alongside The Joker being officially revealed for Injustice 2, NetherRealm Studio has also showcased¬†gameplay footage of the game’s pre-order bonus, Darkseid. Which you can view below:

Additionally, those who love to see some high-level play when it comes to fighting games. Two of the most popular personalities when it comes to NRS games, Ketchup and Mustard have recently uploaded a combo video that you can view below to see a small glimpse of what the pros can do:

Injustice 2 is set to be released May 16th for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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