Killzone: Shadow Fall Canyon Map Now Available, Devs Tease New Announcement In Two Days

Teased just last week, the new multiplayer map titled “Canyon” is now available for free for Killzone: Shadow Fall players.

In order to access the free DLC, you’ll need to visit the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 4 and download the “Killzone: Shadow Fall Map Pack”. It weights in at about 1.8GB, though if you have already downloaded the previous two maps, it will only be about 600MB for Canyon.

This isn’t the only surprise that Killzone players are getting, as the official Killzone twitter tweeted today about an announcement occurring in two days.

No details on what it could be, but through pure speculation it may be tied to the co-op mode the team said that they would be doing sometimes after launch. We only come to this conclusion as multiple devs from Guerrilla Games have tweeted out this announcement, each with their own character class (all of which are only ISA), possibly suggesting that it’s a co-op announcement. 

What do you guys think it might be?

  • jj16802

    Coop mode announcement? They mentioned it was in development for season pass buyers.

    • pot51e

      this looks like co-op to me….

  • SubXero

    What we need is more people playing…

    • HelghastUser

      Hear you on that one..

    • Gurkburk

      What they then would need to do is fixing the dumb controls. It’s impossible to aim in this game. I’ve never had such issues before in any game.

      • SubXero

        You sure that’s not due to the complete lack of aim assist in this game? There is literally ZERO aim assist where as almost all other console shooters, and especially the more popular ones, have quite a bit of aim assist.

        • Gurkburk

          I’ve got no idea what it is, but this game has the worst aim. Being precise with my aim is fucking impossible.

          • SubXero

            I’m not trying to be a dick but it sounds like it’s all on you dude. There is no aim assist, “sticky aim” or slow down when your crosshairs near another player. All the aiming is 100% user input. You’re either gonna have to get used to it or “git gud” 😛

            On another note, I’ve suspected for a while that the complete lack of aim assist is one of the reasons why there aren’t many players playing. This game is not “casual friendly” (I’m not calling you a “casual” here by the way.) at all.

          • faponit

            It’s not out fault you suck, adapt or die :]

            • Gurkburk

              No. The aim actually suck on Killzone. Either it’s the controller or the game, my bet is the game.

  • MegaMan3k

    I thought co-op mode already dropped?

    Shame about Killzone. I thought MP played really well at launch.

  • HelghastUser

    I hate it when GG teases us. Looking forward to whatever it is they have to say.

  • M1ke Daddy

    I feel like this Franchise has so much potential to make such a incredible game but there held back by certain ideas that either dont wanna drop or add :/

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  • Darrell Kilpatrick

    This game is dead online already

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