New Killzone: Shadow Fall DLC Map Teased, New Weapon Tweaks and Warzones Available

The next free Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer map gets its very first teaser.

Game Director Steven ter Heide Tweeted early yesterday the very first image for a new upcoming Shadow Fall map, which you can view below.


The location appears to be on Planet Helghan, so whether or not this is an updated map from the previous game is yet to be revealed, though it does seem to resemble a few maps from Killzone 2. Again, the map will be free to download when it launches.

Additionally, the team also announced some new changes to Warzone, as well as a couple of new hot fixes. Warzone is getting an additional rotation due to fan feedback.

“With this first phase we are introducing a new official Warzone, which will feature fan favourite Warzones rotating on a regular basis,” writes the studio. “We will be reducing the number of official Warzones to 24 Player Warzone, 24 Player Team Deathmatch, and the rotating Warzone. This week, it is 24 Player Domination.”

This also allowed the team to make tweaks to what players see in the available rooms, making it easier to join games that suit what they may want to play. Weapons have also been altered due to feedback. Check out the notes below.

VC30 Sickle

  • Increase spread of pellets by 15%
  • Reduced damage ranges by 50%

StA101 Kameraad

  • Reduced standing and crouched hip fire spread by 10%
  • Reduced maximum moving hip fire spread by 45%

  • MegaMan3k

    I wish my friends would play Killzone. It plays quite nicely. Aside from the spawn lock issues that Guerilla still insists is part of the Killzone identity.

    • MrMultiPlatform

      Dude 90% of the deaths in ShadowFall are by some sort of drone. There is no gun skill required.

      • PoopsMcGee

        That’s bull dude.
        The only reason why so many deaths come from drones is because of how much more hardcore the “gun skill” needed to succeed in comparison to most other shooters (thus, you have to really learn your preferred gun and actually AIM). No aim assist man.

      • Iamsofakingraw

        No gun skill required yet this is one of the few (maybe only) shooters on console with no aim assist

  • Aria68

    i heard the they reduced the motion blur …

    • Yep, late last month. I play at a friends place and there’s a noticeable difference.

  • PoopsMcGee

    That looks like Pyrrhus Rise!
    Damn, I think I just peed a little…

    • MrMultiPlatform

      Looks like a blown away salamun market.

      • PoopsMcGee

        You’re right, it could be.
        But that tower in the background made me hope beyond hope…

    • jj16802

      This reminds me more of Pyrrhus Crater, but without the irradiated petrusite everywhere.

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  • jj16802


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