Killzone: Shadowfall A PlayStation 4 Launch Title, New Trailer

Guerrilla games confirms that their recently revealed PlayStation 4-exclusive FPS, Killzone: Shadowfall, will be a launch title for Sony’s next-generation platform.

In addition, you can also check out this brand new trailer, formally introducing the title.

You can catch some extended (and unbelievably awesome) gameplay footage of Killzone: Shadowfall from yesterday’s PlayStation meeting where the title was first announced right here.

  • dpg70

    And we thought Killzone couldn’t possibly look better.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Aint no other developer out there can show the ps4s potential better than guerrilla.

    • Alkanida

      and i hope we get 64 players online!
      KZ2 had 32 players, KZ3 had 24 players (and was terribad)
      dont fuck this one up guerilla games!

  • Sounds good
    • RyGuy

      Good article but they stated that Killzone Shadow Fall was the most graphically stunning game shown… I’m sorry but that belongs to Down Deep. Capcom already stated that it was actual gameplay captured using the PS4’s built in recording feature and then cropped together in trailer format.

      • MegaMan3k

        Deep Down is in no way believable as in-game. At all. And remember, Sony claimed their Killzone 2 was “in game” before eventually relenting and acknowledging that it was a target render.

        • UnknownUser28

          you want to be blown away right? well give them a chance at least.

        • lets see how it plays out – Im as sceptical as you but I have hope – things may not look that good now but give the devs a year or two and hopefully we will be impressed. I remember when I first got and played KZ2 – didn’t look like the trailer agreed but I was still blown away by the capabilities a good engine can have on GFX – Crisis 2/3 or BF3 are more in my opinion – looks great on this gen and shocked me with what they can do to make games look good.

      • jameslara

        There’s no way to tell if that was in-game TBH. They didn’t even say, and adding a HUD does not make it in-game (look at Rainbow six Patriot)

  • looks great graphically but seems to have the gameplay of KZ3… thanks…

    • dpg70

      well, he flanked them and got in behind them. There wasn’t a lot of that in KZ3. I see the point though, and they’d better make KZ4 multiplayer more in line with KZ2 than the dumb downed crap they did with KZ3.

      Maybe Sony figured out after KZ3 and the utter failure that was SOCOM 4 that you are not going to pull in the CoD kids with a bad copy of their game. All you can do is make your game the best you can possibly make it, and KZ2 was a great first step. The one thing they did right with KZ3 was Operations mode, and they didn’t even support it post launch.

      • Alpine

        dude i so miss KZ2…best game i eva played along with BFBC2…KZ2 was the reason i got a ps3 to begin with.


    PS4 Y U NO come sooner ;-;

    • PS4 Y U NO show us what you actually look like

  • roland0811

    Hopefully they finally make a Killzone that doesn’t feel like I’m controlling a 500lb midget walking waist deep in mud. The first Killzone is still the best Killzone to me.

    • dpg70

      Granted, that was a little over the top in KZ2. They went for a weighted feel and they got it. Just too much weight. Then they ripped it out and made it as if you floated on air in KZ3.

      I’ll stop now. I played the hell out of KZ3 and it had it’s moments for me, but man they took a huge step backwards with that one.

      Invisible guys with assault rifles! FUCK! I did it again! Okay, now I’m done.

      • roland0811

        Haha! True man. I miss KZ1. It had a badass map that was a fortress on a beachhead if I remember right. I used to play that one over and over for hours against the bots. It was a ridiculously well made map.

  • MegaMan3k

    Warning: Incredibly pessimistic and cynical post incoming…

    I would have been blown away if they’d shown us multiplayer instead.

    A console reveal with a killer multiplayer first person shooter? I think that’d get people talking. The Killzone: ShadowFall demonstration felt like they were following the recipe for a Call of Duty trailer. Scenic entrance. Explosion. Wake up on the ground. Things happen around you while you struggle to get up. Queue shooting gallery.

    I don’t know how anybody could be impressed with anything this game showed. The graphics were “okay” – if you look at graphics as being no more than the number of polygons being pushed – but if it comes at the cost of wonky animations and blatant scripting and one dimensional gameplay, then I feel like gaming isn’t truly progressing.

    But, if they took this opportunity to show how their desire for a social network could tie into a multiplayer game, then I think people would start paying more attention. Big player counts, big battlefields, innovative ideas driven by the new RAM capabilities… this is what will sell consoles. Not a shooter that’s just ticking off bullet points that it got off the back of a Call of Duty box.

    Watch Dogs was, for me, the only game that “wow”ed me at the presentation. (Assuming Deep Down was a “fake” target render – which it almost assuredly was). It’s taking a common genre and adding an interesting spin on it, and it seems to be carving out its own identity.

    (Also – FWIW – I think Killzone: Liberation will forever be the best Killzone game. Damn that was a good game. It was the tipping point for me to buy my PSP.)

    • Way way to soon to see multiplayer for any PS4 game

      • MegaMan3k

        Why does it have to be? There’s no rule that says it can’t be done. Just tradition. And breaking tradition isn’t a bad thing. For a company stressing integration and community, multiplayer should have been at the forefront of their show.

  • what a waste

    fail game. BF4 will kick this futuristic-crap into next week. just like it already did with the call of duty franchise. thats the truth, fellas

    • thanks

      Wow I got my own slave doing my job for me. What a good little bitch you are. You make daddy proud.

    • *sigh*
      just because your a battlefield fanboy do you really have to?
      I mean don’t get me wrong – I play BF3 daily and have been playing all of them since BF1942 came out… – yes I’m showing my age but why don’t you start to act like yours?

      • Troll

        The dude that said that is a troll. He copied my picture. I think he is gay.

  • Here is a brand new Game play trailer they uploading that is in the highest quality possible The video is in 1080p so it looks like we will get some smooth game play in 1080p =) I cant wait!! For people who think the game play was all scripted watch this video because it is played slightly different

  • Sensou-Ookami


  • Mr Simoes

    Looks like next gen games will still have no AI for single player. Stock to MP.

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