The Last of Us Multiplayer – Leaked Customization Items Uncovered, May or May Not Be Released

When the Grounded DLC bundle launched last Tuesday, Naughty Dog and Sony also ‘accidentally’ published some additional DLC for character customization.

A few people were able to nab them before being taken down, however.

Below, you can see a video of all the new items, which look rather cool. As a bit of a warning, turn down the volume, as the uploader shouts a bunch throughout the video. It is also not safe for work.

Multiplayer designer Erin Daly responded to questions about the customization items during the Reddit AMA, saying “Those were items we were testing. We can’t say at this point whether they’ll be released or not.”


  • dieger

    God i love microtransactions! i mean they add so much value to the game! – said no one freaking ever.

    • oo7PorscheMGS

      hah….well, people can buy them if they want…but yes I think it is silly to pay $1 for such small things. These things should be included with the season pass, they’re not such big additions that they should be separate.

      • jameslara

        they are though!!
        Least the first set of hats were
        IDK about this, it’s not on the store yet so IDK

    • captain dont

      unfortunately, it seems that people out there actually buy the damn things, because devs keep making them.