Latest Modern Warfare 3 PC Update Separates Cheaters From Legitimate Players

Modern Warfare 3 may not be completely rid of cheaters on the PC, but Infinity Ward is taking steps to separate those who cheat from those who play legitimately.

In the latest MW3 PC patch 1.19, the notes read, “added security measures to prevent our legitimate players from matching with players that are known cheaters and hackers.” This should come as good news to those still playing the title on the PC.

Within the first 24 hours of release, players have already reported the presence of aim bots in the PC version of Black Ops 2. This goes to show that there are those out there dedicated to hacking Call of Duty titles as quickly as possible. If it can’t be ultimately stopped, perhaps Treyarch could implement a similar system, if they haven’t done so already.

Rockstar Games did something similar with Max Payne 3 by creating a “cheater pool” that confines all known cheaters to one playlist, separating them from legitimate players.

Are you still playing Modern Warfare 3 on the PC? What would you say is the current state of hacking and cheating?

  • Ye good progress but the game is now broken because you get kicked from ever game, its possibly because not everyone has updated yet, but you cant finish a game

  • ButteredBread

    Whohoo….maybe I’ll get the dlc’s now!

    • dont get the DLC’s no one plays them, you will struggle to find a game

      • VolG

        exactly this. first thing when I start MW3 is to press F1 to disable DLCs

  • If they can separate cheaters from regular players then why not just block the cheaters entirely?? Sounds kinda dumb

    • Alkanida


      If i was working at sledgehammer games, first thing i would do is:
      Slap every fucking one of them and tell him afterwards to get their shit on.

      • Infinity Ward is a bunch of retards..I mean if you can stop Hackers from joining certain servers then you should be able to block them from playing!! It is like there allowing them to play on severs for hackers lol It also seems like matchmaking would be more difficult for those not hacking

  • uh

    “Latest Modern Warfare 3 PC Update Separates Cheaters From Legitimate Players”

    UH…Why not put this in from the start?

  • Ebone

    Whew, thank god!

  • Licensedbeast

    Obviously i don’t play MW3 (anymore) and i’m not on PC, but i definitely think Treyarch should implement a system like that. Not sure if it costs lots of extra money solely to have them divided or not but it would be smart.

  • This update is like closing the barn door after all of the animals got out

  • dr_kabuto

    The article title should be instead: “Legitimate players being kicked while cheaters still play like before”

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