LawBreakers PC Unimpressive Launch Numbers, Peaked at 3,000 Players and Continues to Drop

I’ve been pretty hyped for LawBreakers on PC. Having taken part in many an alpha and beta test, I’ve gotten to see the game change and evolve into something great. Unfortunately, for developer Boss Key Productions, it doesn’t like many other players share my sentiment.

Despite the game having achieved a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, peak player count on launch day rose to only 3,000 players. In comparison, Gearbox Software’s Battleborn managed to quadruple that count, with 12,000 players jumping in at release.

As you can see from the statistics above, the player count is continuing to drop. The “7,482 all-time peak” seems to include beta numbers, in case you were wondering.

Of course, the game is far from “dead,” as 1,000 players is still enough to quickly find a match, but it’s still worrying for the long-term. Boss Key is going to have to come up with something clever if they hope to bring in more players and save the game from an early death. Or, perhaps LawBreakers will revert back to the original planned free-to-play model? Time will tell!

The PS4 version of LawBreakers has also been suffering from some launch day woes

Were you one of those 3,000 that were playing LawBreakers on PC at launch? What do you blame for the low amount of interest?

Source: PCGamesN, Steam Charts

  • Nimrod Zar

    There are plenty of people on forums and in youtube comment section expressing their concern about the return of skill based arena shooters yet when one comes out, its DOA.

    • I know. That’s the thing, no? People say they want it, but once it’s out, no one gets it. O_o

    • Mack Ashworth

      Yeah, it’s a strange one!

  • yowzagabowza

    Mack! Glad to see your doing well!

    I wonder, do betas disincline people to pick the game up on release? Or maybe they try it and the game just ain’t that good?

    But, maybe it’s just the fact that it was supposed to be F2P that fucked up the progression and made it unfun?

    • Nimrod Zar

      It hasn’t been officially announced to be F2P.

      • yowzagabowza

        Yeah, I know, I just mean when a game is designed with Microtransactions in mind, the F2P model, it hampers game design and playability. Yknow what I mean?

    • Mack Ashworth

      I think giving players ANY chance to play the game before launch is going to do more bad than good. (In most cases!) Obviously, as a consumer, I love the chance to try before I buy.

    • Mack Ashworth

      Hey man! Yeah, I made a video talking about this the other day. I think any chance to play the game prior to release is risky. (Good for consumers, but bad for publishers.)

  • Sgt. Mofo

    From the footage I’ve seen, there really wasn’t much that distinguished this title from other shooters this generation. The gameplay is tried and true, and graphically it’s on par with other titles. I’m not sure what they expected from such a ‘safe’ shooter if they weren’t gonna push the envelope anywhere.

    • I think a lot of these shooters are being pegged as Overwatch clones even if they’re not. 🙁

      • Nimrod Zar

        Alex Co The only game that borrows heavily from Overwatch is Paladins. And that game has a solid playerbase.


        And its crazy that overwatch and other wacky themed fps are clones of timesplitters 3 future perfect 😉

    • Mack Ashworth

      When playing the game, the “gravity-defying” mechanics do work well and make the game feel somewhat unique. However, yeah, I think Call of Duty has really exhausted the sci-fi shooter genre.