Leaked Black Ops 2 In-Game Screenshots of the Quadrotor, New Intel Drop Unlocks, and More

Black Ops 2 in-game screenshots have been leaked through the special effects firm that worked on the Quadrotor viral video. Also, the latest intel drop has been added to the Call of Duty website, and we got our hands on a better image of the real life Quadrotor with a Tacitus watermark .

The official Call of Duty website has been updated with a clearer image of Tacitus, we will have more on that later, and a new riddle for Call of Duty fans to solve. Thanks AngelySaras for letting us know.

Click on the image below to see the alphanumeric codes change.

The code broken down:

  • 34.D46660-CBE.2BC7C68D1
  • 34.D4416E-A98.2B7886AC1
  • 34.849C64-271.272956371
  • 34.34E76B-AFC.2FD106541
  • 34.84E56C-C4E.2718662D1

Telixion changed the numbers to letters and triangulated the following locations through GPS. Let us know if you came up with anything else in the comments.

Here are the first images of the Quadrotor in-game. It’s unclear what stage of developement Black Ops 2 was in when the images were taken, but it seems it was in the early stages.

Those images were released by the mechanical special effects company, Reel EFX, that worked on FPSRussia’s viral video. The images were taken down minutes before this article was published. (It’s possible that the quadrotor was rendered in MW3’s engine for the special effects firm to model the real life version after it. The project page that was taken down earlier listed the project as “Call of Duty.”)

Black Ops 2 is rumored to be set in the near future, 10 to 15 years from now.

You can watch he following video by our friend MrRoflWaffle to see how the Quadrotor was put together:

Last but not least, take a better look at the Quadrotor below. Thanks to PrestigeIsKey for the image.

  • Assmeegee


    • It’s ok. 
      There’s a coming out of the closet forum somewhere on the internet. This isn’t it.

  • DangerC1ose

    Yeah… great.

    How about less fancy gadgets to appease the ADHD kiddies and more improvements to gameplay, bugs, glitches, adding dedicated servers (with the billions of $$$ they make)… removing retarded perks and killstreaks, and putting player skill back as the priority, rather than holding the lowest skilled players hands and allowing them to be successful while be shit and not improving their skills through practice…

    Always said id get back into the series if they went in this direction, time will tell if they can put the $$$ aside for once, but really, as if thats going to happen…

    • It’s Treyarch.  There’s much more hope for them than IW games…

      • DangerC1ose

        Regardless of the devs, its Activision who have general control over the things that have ruined the series, as they put shareholders and profit margins over the customers who buy the games, and the result is the current state of call of duty… rubbish.

        • toto

           Are you retarded, why would they purposely try to fuck the customers?
          They give them the money, you dumbass.

          • ps3fuckedintheass

            What he means is they’re not trying to improve. They stick to the formula, and don’t fix things.

            He doesn’t mean they put out a dire game, it is a good game, but they don’t strive to improve and go wild because that means risk-taking and they want that guaranteed dollar, so stick to the formula that pays.

          • DangerC1ose

             lol way to look ignorant douchbag.

      • Bart Van Maanen

        Look what he tries to say is that he dislikes COD en he rather plays my lil powny in stead.

    • lol stay mad.
      A bad player is a bad player. There’s no way an unskilled player will ever be successful.

      Worst Case scenario, a bad player kills you with Dead Man’s Hand after he’s had a huge deathstreak. Wow 1 kill! So Successful! If you were a good player, you’d stay away from that player and kill him while keeping your distance.

      So if unskilled players really are killing you so much, maybe you are one of them.

      (If you’re complaining about the support packages that don’t reset with death, then don’t be a hypocrite. You people keep asking for change, so we got it with MW3.)

      • DangerC1ose

        Mad? haha nah, just honest…!

        Im pretty sure I never said anything about me getting killed by unskilled players… Thats not what bothers me…

        Many ‘bad/average’ players dont get better because the devs give them these stupid crutches to lean on so they keep playing the game… If you take those away, many of them (not all but some) would get better with time, those that dont probably wont keep playing, and good riddance.

        I f*cking SUCKED when I started playing COD4 MP, I got my ass handed to me round after round after round, but it forced me to get better, not to rely on deathstreaks and crazy perks etc to keep me playing… I kept playing because I liked the game and wanted to improve, and wanted to be that guy at the top of the scoreboard, not because the game made it easy…

        Your statement “There’s no way an unskilled player will ever be successful.” is just wrong, people aren’t born good at everything, sometimes they gotta learn, adapt and improve… Which wont happen as long as the devs cater to the lowest denominator…

        •  That’s been my whole point for a while now. But they just don’t care. It’s all about the green. Then there are retards like those people you’re replying to who don’t get it at all even when it’s pretty simple to understand how fucked up it is.

        • Lol

          Yep, you’re right. I first got into COD with Black Ops having never had any other FPS experience. Man, I was terrible. But like anything in life I learned from my mistakes to become a decent player. My K/D is around 2 and I’m in the top 2500 in Domination.

          • DangerC1ose

            Nice! 🙂

        •  Don’t waste your breath. CoD supporters, like any fanboy group, will defend anything done on their game of choice to the death of each of their braincells.

          Truth be told CoD has devolved as a series in my opinion. It’ll bring money because the current generation of gamer, for better or worse, is time and mentally limited. Whether it’s a busy schedule or ADHD, there’s too much hand holding for sure but whose fault is it. Instead of adding more toppings to the shit at the broken core, they need to fix the glitches and broken mechanics that have been there since the beginning and only gotten worse. I mean it’s gotten so bad that the maps are tiny in, cough, Tiny Warfare 3 just so players no longer even have to memorize too much landscape. It’s insane… But sales are good, so why bother? Why bother fixing an overused and burnt out copy pasted game engine win a huge group blindly or loyally continues to purchase it and take it all with a smile, annually? Shit, in this gaming climate why even bother giving players all of the content upfront for that matter?

          CoD as a game and as an engine is burnt out, period, but sales are good so bring on more shit. Well until next generation, where most of us who have seen the light will be happy to hopefully see a new engine from the ground up that could avoid all of the issues from these expansion packs being called new games.

          If only DICE’s Battlefield 3 was such a half assed fumbling mess we’d be completely saved.

      • Alclient

         Are you telling me that bad players can’t improve? Letting Deathstreaks get them kills isn’t making them better. Having a HBS find the enemies instead of understanding spawns doesn’t make them better. Learning to play COD without the developers holding your hand makes you better. I survived COD4 without all the new crap and I somehow managed, let them. Give me balanced Perks and Killstreaks and I’m fine, but quit worrying about adding new ideas when you haven’t fixed things like poor hit detection and bad spawns yet.

        • DangerC1ose

           ^^ This! 🙂

    • WasabeJuice

      You are so mentally challenged. What separates COD and what makes it tick is because of the extra features such as perks and killstreaks. Take this out and you have a monotonous gameplay, just like BF3 TDM mode. There was even a barebones game mode in MW2 but really was not popular.
      Allowing lowest skilled players to be successful? What a retarded opinion. Skilled players actually benefit from all these extras because you have a variety of choices to complement your skill. If you’re skilled, you get more extra help because of your killstreak. If you’re not,the deathstreaks you are worried about really do not have major impact on the outcome of the game.

      • DangerC1ose

        lmfao what?

        I didnt mean take them all out, and im more that aware what makes COD good…

        Maybe spend less time trying to insult me over the internet like a little keyboard commando and more time actually reading what I said. They need to focus more on the gunplay, which is what made COD great in the first place, its getting more and more about the bells and whistles than the gunfights and gunplay itself…

        Jesus, you call me mentally challenged, your reply is so off the mark I dont even know where to start. My point about lower skilled players is they will never improve as long as there are all these extras to aid them, I never said make COD all like barebones, just that every installment brings more and more far fetched gameplay mechanics and extras than the last…

        People like you are whats wrong with the COD community these days, you cant even leave a reply/comment or say your opinion without resorting to petty insults, what are you 12? 

        •  well said mate,i know exactly what you mean.does 3/5/7 ring any bells,total gun on gun action,which in fact makes the skill come bk,tell me if im wrong but could your way of putting is cod4,

        •  23w

        •  perfect dangerc1ose cod 4 gun on gun skill,and bk to 3/5/7 would be an excellent move by both cod devs,lets just say though that i know i.w will never do this.good post anyway.

        • Alclient

           I agree. Having things like the HBS ,Thermal scopes, Motion Sensors, RCXD cars, Deathstreaks are all about helping bad players get more kills. It’s not like a good player never dies to some crap like DMH ever. Easy mode Support Killstreaks where dying doesn’t matter…..are you serious? Sure, let’s give them lethal Killstreaks in there as well while were at it. You’ll never convince me things like Deathstreaks are needed. Black Ops dropped them and sold like hotcakes. Who are they kidding…..does someone really have a good time going 4-32 instead of 2-32 because DMH gave them 2 extra kills? What a joke. I’m all for fun Killstreaks, but can we just fix the hit detection and spawns already? How many COD games have there been, and it’s still not right. I’ll be happy if they just make the damn knife lethal equipment to eliminate most of the panic knifing. COD has gotten worse, not better.

      • dakan45

        well said, fucking dumb cod trolls ” i wont vehicles and big maps and destruction, remove the killstreaks and throwing knifes, go play bf then you fuckig fucktard.

    • Immoracle

      Amen to dedicated servers. I thought MW3 Elite would’ve had them since we are paying…Sorely disappointed.

    • dakan45

      No fuck you, if you dont want gaddgets dont play cod, end of story.

    • BAttlefieldplayer

      they can’t have dedicated servers, thier are literally too much people that play the game,
      you know how many servers they have to buy world wide and for most of the team each fit 12 people, thats alot of servers, its to much, there will be hundreds of servers they said just focusing in one major city, its too much 

      • Hoppalong

        What the fuck? Do you even know how servers work?

      • DangerC1ose

        Activision made over a $BILLION dollars from the last game, and they get that pretty much each yearly installment…

        Dont tell me it would cost too much… Although BF has less players, DICE and EA still provide them, it would be very, VERY easy for Activision to do it… But that would cut into profits… Thats the bottom line, the costing is just an excuse, which those of us who know this stuff, know is total crap…

    •  Some people just like to play games because they are fun? Plus a lot of people play COD games, even old ones…  So maybe it’s more than “ADHD kiddies” enjoying this game?

    • Bart Van Maanen


  • This is addicting to follow. 

  • well, apparently there are also Osprey Choppers in BlOps 2, hah

    • DangerC1ose

      Itl be the same crappy launch as Blops, with the same level (of lack thereof) of support, whether Treyarch or IW, they are both told to stick to a strict timeline for DLC etc, and given the 12 month lifecyle of the games, the support will always suffer as a result… sad but true, the franchise has become its own worst enemy…

      • John

        Treyarch has great support. They fixed bugs and exploits before the public knew about them in Black Ops. Their DLC was great too. I can’t count how many hours I put into all the zombie maps.

        • DangerC1ose

          Yeah but it took a while to balance the weapons, how long was the 74u OP for, way too long… Yes, they are better than IW (not hard lets be honest) but still not the best, I dont blame them, I blame pressure from Acti…

      • So…you want them to spend MORE time on DLC?
        Wow….here I thought you people hated DLC.

        The more time they spend on DLC, the less time they spend on the sequel.
        They can’t be releaseing DLC for 2 different games at once. That would really put a nail in that coffin.

        • DangerC1ose

          What are you talking about, maybe you misread my comment, but it had nothing to do me me wanting more time on DLC, not sure where you got that from…

          My original comment says what I want, starting with dedicated servers across ALL platforms.

    • matt

      i think thats just a care package delivery thing…


    As much hype and energy they put into making fans wonder what this or that means the game better be playable on release and not make us have to wait for a thousand patches just to play the game. We all know Black Ops multiplayer launch was a mess!

    • Infemeth

      I remember having my wisdom teeth pulled the day Black Ops was released and getting to stay home from work for 5 days playing it. I played the hell out of the game. How is that unplayable?

      • DangerC1ose

        Depends which platform, I heard PS3 was terrible at launch…

        Plus 5 days off work and I could play anything and still have a ball…

        • Nick Denton

           I got the PS3 version at the midnight release, I remember there being maybe one or two minor hiccups as you would expect but  It worked pretty good otherwise

        • No, PS3 was fine. I got it Day 1 and it worked perfectly. So did MW3.

          You people see maybe 1 or 2 people having a bad experience at launch and just assume everyone did.

    • John

      It was fine on 360.

  • What in the hell is the obsession with this quadrotor?!

    • JustinD

      Stupidity of being a cod fan

      • KillerSparrowThing

        How could I have not seen this? How could I have missed this? Looking forward to something, something you enjoy and the extras it could include, do in fact make you stupid. Holy CRAP! Perhaps taking up what you enjoy and look forward to will help my IQ! Tell me please! I don’t want to be an unenlightened heathen anymore!

    • Lol

      Prestige edition toy. Without the gun of course.

  • J_mckay93

    soo it set like 5 years in the future?

  • Cyborg6971

    Lockheed Martin advancing peeping tom tech since 1995.

  • Tludt888

    Looks pretty dumb to me… *sigh*

  • KillerSparrowThing

    Then they came. Those who simply wanted to bash, troll, and destroy. Negative comments were strewn about. Like the smell of asparagus laden piss, they came in force…

  • Andymanse8

    I can see $200 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Hardcore Edition comes with 
    Quadrotor itself. No guns included.

    • Anoob

      Actually… they sell those quadrotors for $350 ea lol, If they sold it for $200, it would mean the COD branding would bring the cost DOWN.

  • Gannon

    I really wish theyd stop making so many controllable kill streaks.  I like MW3 but i will say the kill streak rewards are kind of a fail.  Say what you want about MW2, but personally i thought it was a great game before it got absolutely demolished by hackers.  One of the great parts of the game i thought were the kill streaks.  Much better than in Blops and especially MW3.  There were very few controllable kill streaks, I believe just predator missiles and then the two beast ones, Chopper Gunner, and AC130. Those were so satisfying to get cause the just murdered, but also that they were controllable.  Also EMPs were actually hard to get so they werent so damn annoying.  I am starting to agree that CoD should get less crazy on the kill streak stuff.  Not that they should have less, but just less controllable one and ridiculous ones.
    This is all just my opinion, so dont pounce on meh please.

    • DangerC1ose

      Agreed man!

      Gunplay/Gunskill > Gameplay extras all day long imo. The killstreaks should compliment the gunplay, not dominate the whole game, for pretty much the entire game…

      Having the Support package in MW3 be able to get a Stealth Bomber? wtf is that about, here you go, you died 2 times for every kill u got, have an offensive reward for your efforts!

  • im gonna miss veitnam 🙁 please gos though dont let there be ANY guns from MW3 im so burnt out on the M1a1 the M16 etc.

  • (Greetings from germany!) The codes in your news are not correct! Look at your screenshot and compare! The correct codes: http://bit.ly/IFIFmM

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  • ps3fdinthea

    Static numbers are:
    34.4621.As a longitude this goes to Algeria, near, but still a little bit, from Oran, Algeria.A mission in COD2, made by Treyarch, took place in Oran, Algeria. Not played it myself, though.http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Baptism_By_Fire 

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  • I come to MP1st because you guys post not only relevant information, but accurate information. The idea that you would post such unverified information such as some random coordinates that mean absolutely nothing is offensive. 

    BlackOpsBlog did the exact same thing. Some random twitter user searched the word ‘tacitus’ in google maps, and posted the coordinates as an answer to the riddles. 

    How is it that when random twitter users spill out some bullshit about breaking codes, this gets coverage, yet the case of the BF3 easter egg and the disappearing Danko twitter account goes unnoticed?

    I’m just complaining, you guys are still my favorite, but that was low and unprofessional.

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  • thebulky1cometh

    MW3’s biggest problems are THE MAPS.  With a terrible respawn system, lack of flanking routes, 1-2 “choke points” on every single map, an over-powered assassin pro, and an under-powered Advanced UAV,  it has never been more beneficial to stick to 1 spot (aka “camp”).  If BLOPS has better maps (I’m very confident they will), and fewer issues with bug/glitches/host lag (fairly confident), then it will be a much better game.

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      Yes, the choke points are stupid. Every map has them. And mostly that’s because of the spawns, it spawns you near those choke points, or really, the choke points are created because of the spawns.

      Black Ops spawning, after it was updated, was perfect. Spawned you as far away from the action as it could. Not always perfect, but 95% of the time it was. It allowed you to plan a route back to where you were safely, without having to think right before I move off, who is just around this door I spawned in front of.

      Black Ops maps are great, multiple flanking spots, ways to get in behind the enemy undetected due to many routes in the map.

      MW3 maps are mainly a square with a route around the edge with a line through the middle. Far to circular. It can ruin Domination as you can sometimes end up with entire teams running round in circles capping flags like crazy as you’re always chasing each other.

      And whose idiotic idea is it to have maps where you spawn at each distance from two Dom flags on one side, but only close to one on the other side, ie. Village and Dome. It means one team gets B + C and the other just gets A.

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  • Ajdin Lovic

    Who Cares????

    I will be playing Battlefield 3 when Modern Warfare 8 comes out.

    • goran98

      So 9 years from now you’ll still be playing that one game? xD

    • Manojvarughese

       You will be forced to play Battlefield of that current year instead !!

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  • Ets

    check this N 51° 58′ 57.9918″ E 5° 19′ 39.7862

  • Djsparx

    the second dot from the left on the map roughly (and i mean give or take 50 miles) lines up with Area 51, that could have something to do with it. aliens maybe?

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      Area 51 is on the 37th parallel.

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  • colbitronic

    played mw3 and battlefeild 3 back to back just to compare since im a huge fps fan and both games have there pros and cons, but i enjoyed mw way more. not sure why it just held my attention a bit more, and didnt cost me 2 gigs of space just to play.

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  • there is a new post on  www.callofduty.com

  • grego

    Everyone is making such a huge deal over this flying RC car.

    • Kickfancypants

      with turrets

  • Bigmisike2369

    Play cod 4 and quit all your bitching

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