Leaked Borderlands 2 Patch Codes Hint At First Campaign DLC

Only shortly after the recent release of Borderlands 2’s first DLC character, Gaige the Mechromancer, community members over at the Gearbox Software forums have discovered what could possibly be the first campaign expansion making its way to Borderlands 2.

Upon looking at the coding from the new patch that came along with Gaige the Mechromancer, forum members have recently discovered the following map names and lines of code that have been added since:


LT_Orchid_Caves_P "Hayter's Folly"
LT_Orchid_OasisTown_P "Oasis"
LT_Orchid_Refinery_P "Washburne Refinery"
LT_Orchid_SaltFlats_P "Wurmwater"
LT_Orchid_ShipGraveyard_P "The Rustyards"
LT_Orchid_Spire_P "Magnys Lighthouse"
LT_Orchid_WormBelly_P "The Leviathan's Lair"

Misc. Coding

SeraphVendor=The Seraph Crystal Vendor sells top level gear but only accepts Seraph Crystals in payment.\n\nEarn more Seraph Crystals by slaying Seraph Guardians.
SeraphVendorTitle=The Seraph Crystal Vendor
RaidLockout=This boss is locked. One or more players have already killed this boss today.
RaidLockoutTitle=Boss Lockout
HealthAttrition=Players health will be temporarily reduced on each revive during this battle.
HealthAttritionTitle=Fear The Reaper

According to the above, each of the original four vault hunters will also get a new head customization options, shown below. No word if the Mechromancer will share the same option.

In addition, “Seraph” now seems to be the highest tier of rarity. But, what about DLC bosses? Luckily, it appears that four new bosses will make an appearance: Scarlett, the Leviathan, Hyperius the Invincible, and Master Gee the Invincible. Unfortunately for you boss farmers, it appears that one of the four new bosses can only be farmed once per day, according to some of the text.

From the looks of it, this DLC seems to be heavily themed after pirates and goes hand in hand with the recent appearance of achievements/trophies that appeared earlier today:

Gadabout: Discover all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate’s booty areas. (Bronze)

Completionist: Complete all Pirate’s booty side missions (Silver)

Treasure Hunter: Complete the mission “X Marks the spot” (Gold)

That about covers today’s findings. Of course, nothing has yet been confirmed by Gearbox Software but we’ll be keeping our eyes open. Additionally, original poster writes, “Note: This information is not representative of the final DLC content. Gearbox will likely have more or different content for the actual release. The purpose of this data is it enable everyone to play together, so it was never meant to be seen.”

Big thanks “XanderChaos” and “Chewme” from the Gearbox Foftware Forums for the coding and images of the new character heads, as well as “Live Free or Die” from the NeoGAF for pointing out the PS3 trophies.

What do you guys think? Already itching for some new Borderlands 2 campaign content?

  • Mike

    A new rarity color, hell I only got maybe 3 orange colored weapons. I already put alot of hours into this game and havent played anything since it released. Just got the new Mechrowhatever and now ill have to go through another playthrough since shes my 2nd favorite now.

  • Interesting. It says one of the levels is the Salt Flats. I believe that is one of the areas from the first game. Then, it was just a huge open area with a giant excavator in the middle. Maybe there’s a settlement there now. Maybe it’s not so barren and there’s lots of water. Who knows?

    • Michael Kelley

      Undead Baron Flynt, perhaps?

  • Notorious

    A pirate DLC?
    Yes please!

  • MasonMei

    Looks like 5 small maps (w/o vehicle) and 2 large maps. hope this DLC is, as how Randy promised, “mo smaller than General Knoxx’s Secret Armory in Borderlands 1”

    • DarthDiggler

      Yeah I heard he said all DLC would be on the scale of Knoxx. I like the addition of more bosses!

  • pirate DLC WHOOO

  • h

    so soon after release, and the game industry wonders why people dont want to pay full price on new games.

    • Jei

      Cause you are FORCED to buy a DLC a couple months after the game is released. On disk first day DLC is a problem… not a dlc a couple months after the game is released. Which you don’t have to buy you little complaining bastard.

      • Ruby

        Agree with this person or not you don’t need to have a hissy fit and insult them. Just make your comments weak.


    Sweet! Although I still don’t have this game. lol

  • Tako

    Isn’t that THREE new bosses? >_>

  • :D

    tiny tina?

  • TheGamingMonkey1

    If you have a ps3 and check your Borderlands 2 trophies, thier are three trophies for Captian Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty