Leaked Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Achievements and Trophies Suggest Alien Horde Co-Op Mode

An unannounced game mode spotted in a recent Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer is finding itself surrounded by heavy rumor and speculation, as new evidence is suggesting it may be Infinity Ward’s answer to Treyarch’s popular Zombies game mode, featured in previous Black Ops and World at War titles.

A few days ago, Infinity Ward debuted a new Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer showing off the brand new “Squads” feature set. At the 0.24 mark, you’ll notice in the background that an unannounced game mode called “Exctinction” is listed in the top right-hand corner. The option reads, “Play Extinction Online”.

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 1.01.25 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 1.00.33 PM

Infinity Ward left no clues to indicate what the game mode might entail since then, but a leaked listing of the game’s 9 secret Achievements/Trophies spotted on Exophase gives us more than enough to speculate on.

Achievement/Trophy descriptions like “Escape with all four players”, “Escape 1st time”, “Reach the exfil chopper with 1 minute and 30 seconds or more remaining on the clock” and “Complete all Extinction challenges and escape” all suggest the game mode is co-operative in nature and requires players to survive against unknown enemies, complete challenges, and escape the situation while possibly under a time limit.

“Get 50 kills with the electric fence and fire traps in a single game” indicates the game mode is based on survival while “Make it to the cabin” and “Make it to the city” suggest that the play space might involve various areas that players will need to traverse and push through as the clock ticks.

Not much can be said for the enemies you may be facing, save for the logo that appears clearly on the “Completionist” achievement. If the shape of the skull is to be taken literally, might we have some sort of alien or monster apocalypse on our hands?

Check out the 9 secret Achievements/Tropies for yourself below!

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 2.03.22 PM

You can also check out the full Call of Duty: Ghosts Achievement/Trophy list right here.

As it stands, Infinity Ward or Activision have made no announcement or statement regarding the Extinction game mode, so we’ll have to sit tight until we hear something official. Until then, feel free to speculate! What do you guys think this Extinction mode it all about?

Thanks to TmarTn and Drift0r for bringing this to our attention.

  • Epicsand

    An alien horde mode would be beast, and a breath of fresh air to CoD. This could be the new co-op mode they were talking about.

    • dieger

      …would it really? if they make the aliens melee only people will complain its just a reskin of zombies but with aliens if they do rayguns and blaster aliens people will complain its only a reskin of the survival mode from MW3

      • CoDforever

        I want a reskin of zombies IW style lol

        • dieger

          totally worth $60

          • CoDforever

            It’s actually better than not having zombies at all

            • dieger

              or you know they could try something new…

            • CoDforever

              You can’t say that just yet, we don’t know how it’s going to play out still

            • dieger

              no i have a pretty good idea of what its gonna be…..either spec ops with aliens or zombie mode with alien but hey maybe IW will surprise me….

    • BadCompany3

      The aliens shouldn’t be aliens with intelligence or weapons, else it will be another shootout mode. Aliens should be like the aliens in the aliens movie just like the zergs in starcraft, bring in the swarm.

  • zacflame

    The term “escape” suggests that there is an ending.
    No competition for zombies.
    Either way, 4-player co-op hoarde wave survival is dead. (Ok, I mean CoD zombies and L4D)

    • dieger

      there is an ending for two zombies maps

      • CoDforever

        Ignore him, he comes to CoD articles EVERYTIME and says some shit about cod. I dont always talk shit bout bf on bf articles, i praise it sometimes (tiered reloading etc)

      • zacflame

        Also “making it to *blank*” suggests that it is linear.

        • Devin Jackson

          so “make it to the power. or “make it to the Bridge” or “make it to the diner” suggest the linear nature of zombies?

          • zacflame

            Never seen a trophy for something so minor in zombies, but I see your point.

  • Devin Jackson

    ALIENS. YES. ZOMBIE COMPETITION. Hopefully its similarly structured , ie. they dont have guns and stuff, its just primal aliens with claws and stuff. Thats very exciting. Cant wait for details.

    • BadCompany3

      And new Alien mode or map for every DLC release.

  • CoDforever

    So now theres FOUR main game modes now !?? Campaign, Squads, Multiplayer, Extinction

  • teo2cry

    It is official :/

    • CoDforever

      You got that from charlieintel, you realize that’s fake right ? The picture inside the logo are the predators from alien vs predator

      • teo2cry

        They are 90% times right

        • Logic

          Apart from when it’s obviously fake.

  • jj16802

    So would it be L4D style where you have to go from point A to point B or COD Zombies style where you defend yourselves in a closed environment? Or both?

    If it’s both, I may actually consider buying this game.

  • Emre

    go to cheatcc . c o m there you see the list for the achievements, and few secrets achievements.

  • Emre
  • RandomUser2yr29387

    The fact that there’s achievements for ‘escaping” lead to me to believe this is more of a time-attack sort mode rather than survival. Not sure how I feel about that..,

    • Robin Huber

      im pretty sure if u can reach a city or a cabin the biggest problem will be to stay alive not to make it in time

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  • Brandon

    It does have something to do with aliens. The skull for the achievements looks like an alien skull, like from AvP and for the achievement that says escape using a relic for the picture it has a crop circle.

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  • Deamon

    men its dinos for extinction

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