Leaked Overwatch Trailer Focuses On Upcoming Event, Skins And More

After just hinting that Overwatch would see some big content update on the official Blizzard’s social media pages, a leaked trailer surface showcasing off the many goods players can expect to see come April 11th.

As according to the leaked video in question (unfortunately pulled as of this writing) Overwatch next event will be called “King’s Row Uprising”, which happens to be an historic event in the Overwatch universe. The event will be a co-operative game mode that pits you right in the middle of action of what happened during that event.

Aside from that, much like every Overwatch event this to comes with numerous new skins. For those wondering what will be included in the update you can check for yourself below:

For those who are attempting to get every skin or cosmetic items, act quick as this event runs from April 11th to May 1st.

Overwatch is currently available on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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