[Updated] Major Black Ops 2 Update Now Live on Xbox 360 [And PS3], Patch Notes Released


Treyarch has released a similar Black Ops 2 patch to the PlayStation 3, made up of the same patch notes that can be viewed below.

Original Story

As Treyarch recently promised, a new patch has been released for Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360. The mandatory patch will set you back 32 MB in HDD memory, and is now live on Microsoft’s platform.

At the time of writing, Treyarch hasn’t revealed when a similar patch will be released on PS3, PC, and WiiU. However, Xbox 360 owners can expect “Revolution & the Peacekeeper [to be] be available on Tuesday. That includes the ability for Season Pass holders to download it,” writes Vonderhaar on Twitter.

You can find the highlights in the video. The complete patch notes are listed below, as released by Treyarch.

New Features & Feature Improvements

    • Added support for Live Streaming in all Public Match playlists.
    • Added League Best from Season 1 to Player Card.
      • If you played in multiple series and/or multiple teams then your highest division and rank will be displayed.  The League Best will span all seasons.  If you finish with a higher division rank in Season 2 then your new League Best will be displayed after Season 2.
    • Added a Cumulative Daily Pool instead of a Weekly Pool in League Play. 200 Rank Points are added to a player’s pool every day. Points that are not used are rolled into the next day.
    • Added 2 new pages to the Combat Record (the Combat Summary and Medals).
    • Implemented sorting of Medals in the After Action Report.
    • Lowered HUD threshold for the “low health” overlay to increase player’s awareness of low health.
    • Added a “Go to Top” button for the League Leaderboard.

Issues Addressed

    • Matchmaking modified to never return games outside of player’s own continent, unless the Connection Type in Search Preferences is set to “Any”.
    • Addressed an issue where the UAV would not trigger if called in while aiming down sight.
    • Addressed an issue where the Master Demolition challenge did not unlock when the requirements were complete.
    • Addressed issue with the headshot sound not playing in final Killcams and Theater Demos.
    • Fixed an issue in League Play where “Career Wins” for a Series were not displayed during placement in the Lobby Career Overview.
    • Updated the After Action Report in League Play so that bonus points are not summed with the ladder points in points earned for the match.
    • Removed the ability to make dual wield attachment combos in Elite Create a Class and addressed an issue where these classes were appearing as missing in game.
    • Corrected mode description message displayed on YouTube when Live Streaming  Public Match Core game modes.
    • Stocks on SMGs no longer allow a player to move faster while ADS than when moving normally.
    • Shotgun crosshairs will no longer turn red if an enemy is out of the shotgun’s maximum damage range.
    • Fixed an issue where bullets would not fire straight immediately after aiming down the sight while moving at the same time.
    • Improved turret tracking to eliminate false positives when checking line of sight.
    • Turrets now have smoother tracking when targeting players.
    • Improved bot pathing on multiple maps.
    • Current League Info is now getting updated properly in the Player Identity.
    • Manual sorting on League Teams removed as the results are now returned correctly.
    • Improved the Scoreboard to make friend Playercard information more accessible.
    • Addressed multiple UI issues.
    • Players can no longer earn credit towards a Prestige Equipment challenge through “friendly” flashbangs, concussions, and shock charges.
    • Fixed Select Fire weapons reverting back to their default fire method when using certain Scorestreaks and not calling them in.
    • Addressed an exploit where the game allowed access to the Custom Games Settings while believing the game was Public Matchmaking, allowing XP.
    • Fixed UI errors when linking Live Stream.
    • Score and points are no longer awarded if a player destroys their own turret in Hardcore FFA.
    • Improved image alignment when Stereoscopic 3D is enabled.
    • Addressed an issue where players were able to plant numerous Assault Shields.
    • Addressed an issue where the Stealth Helicopter was able to drop below the map in Drone.
    • Players are no longer able to get infinite Black Hats by immediately using another Black Hat.
    • Addressed an issue where it was possible for a player to equip two Assault Shields at the same time.
    • Players Spectating a One in the Chamber game no longer earn Survivor Bonus Points.
    • A player can no longer earn Medals for multi-kills if they continue to kill quickly after dying and re-spawning.
    • Various minor map fixes were made across multiple maps.

Gameplay Balancing


    • Death Machine: 3 hit kill range increased.
    • Dragonfire: health increased, gun spread reduced.
    • AGR: ground speed increased, reduced machine gun close range damage.
    • Warthog: reduced missile delay.
    • Lodestar: reduced missile speed and AOE radius.
    • Swarm: drone re-spawn delay increased.


    • Hard Wired: Players with hard wired are now completely unaffected by EMP grenades.


    • Trophy System: increased range.


    • All + Silencers: reduced range.

Assault Rifles:

    • All: reduced idle sway.
    • M27: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, increased 4-hit kill range.
    • Type25: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
    • SCAR: reduced amount of bullets to headshot kill at all ranges, slightly reduced maximum hip fire spread.
    • SIG556: penetration increased from medium to large, increased maximum number of bullets to kill at long distance and reduced burst delay.
    • TAR21: increased 3-hit kill range.
    • SMR: slight increase to damage so that 2 hit kills can still happen with minor penetration, headshot multiplier increased at long distance.
    • FAL OSW + Select Fire: increased recoil.
    • FAL OSW: increased hip spread.


    • All: ADS in and out time reduced.


    • SRM1216: slightly increased short range damage.


    • Executioner: increased medium range damage.

  • Rock3rGTR

    I can appreciate quite a few of these fixes, will definitely add to the game, but its very disappointing to see that not even one of these fixes are aimed at the lag issues with Black Ops II.

    • mrneoshredder

      Give it time. Remember how long it took DICE to finally fix the sound glitch?

      • masada157

        Don’t forget how it took DICE OVER A YEAR to fix that damn input lag.

        • matt

          they fixed input lag in april. not even close to a year after release.

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            True, but six months to fix an issue like that is a very long time.

          • masada157

            Not really. It wasn’t until the Aftermath DLC that they completely got rid of it. That’s like 13 months after release.

          • EcHo84

            Input lag was only fixed across the board/all maps with the Aftermath release…That’s 13 months my friend.

        • VolG

          Yeah but for COD there will be another game next year, so we cant wait a year for a fix…

          • This is exactly the reason I haven’t played COD for a week.

      • Dirtknap

        Smaller issues could be overlooked, but the lag issues in this game are shocking. I know each iteration of CoD works differently and the devs have to find a way to deal with lag etc while still supporting newly implemented features, but this isn’t Treyarch’s first rodeo. BLOPS I took around six months (essentialy half of its life cycle before losing relevance) before it was somewhat consistent, I was really hoping the principles used then could have been applied to BLOPS II, to resolve this in a much swifter fashion.

        I haven’t even bothered to prestige yet, and the best lag mitigation method I have discovered thus far has been exclusive use of the R870.

        • HighBob

          Buffer bloat. Read about it and buy a better router.

          • MrLadyfingers

            The lag has nothing to do with your router or your connection. This test was done during a split screen on one PS3… it’ll blow your mind.


            • Dirtknap

              Mind blown! Also, feelings a little hurt. It’s inpossible surmise whether there are net issues in conjunction with this broken camera business.

          • Dirtknap

            I had a read, thanks for the heads up. I’m not certain that it’s relevant in this case as I only deal with these issues at this magnitude on BLOPS II (I’ve also tested several routers), but it’s possible buffer bloat is compounding such issues. It’s good to have an awareness either way.

        • Sensou-Ookami

          But BLOPS 1 is still unplayable, cause it freezes all the damn time. The load screens kill it all the time, slow load times getting anywhere on that game. Given, this current BLOPS is an improvement over that, it still has it’s moments when it too locks up, but a bit faster load times. But both games seem to be crippled with server issues, no matter how good your web speed is. All the CoDs seem to be passing this on, getting to be a pain and not worth my time and $60. They should slow down the making of more CoDs by a lot and focus on fixing this game and let us grow on it more instead of having to move on so damn quickly only to be disappointed again, losing that fan base.

          • hm

            I haven’t had problems like that with BLOPS 1 since before MW3’s release, and I played it all last year in place of MW3. It is my favourite COD.

          • Dirtknap

            Hmmmm, I didn’t experience a ton of freezing with the original BLOPS, What platform do you play on?

            I agree with your comment on the pace of development. Push the development cycle out to two years, add a little more thought and substance into the DLC and change up the content calendar to fit a biyearly release. I always felt an annual release didn’t do the previous years game justice, this is also a likely component in the relaxed approach to supporting the games. It’s just unfortunate we can’t stop Activision from milking that cash cow in favor of quality each year.

            • Sensou-Ookami

              It seems to be mainly a PS3 issue, but some 360 users occasionally run in to it. It’s depressing that some game developers throw consoles that are not linked to Microsoft under the bus.

            • Dirtknap

              Are you running an old fat PS3? After mine YLOD’d for a second time I upgraded to a slim, haven’t had freezing problems post upgrade, other than the well documented issue that was patched a week or so after BLOPS II came out.

              Experienced crazy lag last night, the worst to date. I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with my 870, total absence of hit markers in some games. It was shocking in every lobby, and I ended up having a conversation about the issues BLOPS II has with a lobby full of randoms who were all having the same problem yesterday. I hope it was a one off, over and above the regular issues we have been facing.

              I honestly feel it’s getting to the point where I need to quit CoD if the game I have purchased doesn’t work as it should. I don’t want to give it up, but if the metric butt ton of issues aren’t resolved, fun turns to rage and that’s not a good way to spend downtime.

            • Sensou-Ookami

              I own a slim, never have trouble with my slim, but when I turn Black Ops 2 on occasionally it will lock up, not as often as before the patch, it will do it. It is Treyarch garbage I tell you. Still pissed off about running into Hijacked every time I go into Chaos Moshpit, I want to play Nuke Town, I feel cheated by their false advertising and empty promises. Server lag for days too.

            • Dirtknap

              Agreed, Nuketown over the the double XP weekend was the most fun I’ve had since launch, they really just need to implement the playlist full time as promised. It was a serious factor in me purchasing the hardened edition. Activision/Treyarch must understand not making good on their commitments alienates core customers and is a short sighted and deceptive way to sell product.

              Your freezing issue sucks, it’s yet another example of the
              inconsistencies in the issues surrounding this title (for the folks that
              seem to think this game is perfect).

            • Sensou-Ookami

              Have fun with Crysis 3! Hope it is a welcome diversion from all the poo we have been given. I hate false advertisements, really, shame on them. I had a lot of fun on Sunday playing Nuke Town all I wanted, was a welcome thing. Man, today though, not only stuck with crap players who seemed to be confused with the concept of playing the objective in Dom, but server bs too, was jumpy today. I hate players who play Dom like TDM, they walk around like “DERP DERP, kill whore, ignore flags, DERP DERP!” The End

            • Dirtknap

              Crysis 3 hadn’t hit the PSN store by the time I went to bed, will have to give it a crack tonight. I suppose I should download this patch and take it for a test drive too. If FFA spawns weren’t jacked I’d probably play that to avoid those team mates that don’t PTFO.

            • Dirtknap

              On a possible brighter note, have you checked out the Crysis 3 beta? I’ll be taking it for a test drive tonight, will hopefully be a welcome diversion 😀

      • not on 360

        Sorry bud but sound glitch is still not fixed on 360

    • DanDustEmOff

      look if u are holding out for a lag fix u can forget it they dont even see the issue blops 1 always had poor lag comp never got fixed I know it was quite bad on mw3 but after a few patches it was loads better if you had good internet this one still seems to punish players with good connection’s just like the last blops its a shame cause its the only issue I have with the game they should fix the lag comp before balancing weapons

  • not encouraged by the xbox patch notes for the ps3 patch. game runs like garbage with freezing in the lobbies and in game. hope its improved

  • MrLadyfingers

    Holy crap Treyarch, you don’t get it. Half the reason we use SMG’s is because the high fire rate makes up for your shitty hit detection. FIX THE LAG

    • DanDustEmOff

      agree 100% true

    • Matt Esser

      Fuck smgs!!! there over-powered too begin with.. DsR Daily

      • there not ever powered bro there good at what they are put in the game to do

    • You realize you can do just as well with a good majority of the assault rifles, right?

      • MrLadyfingers

        Yeah if you camp really hard haha

      • hm

        But really, I love using the ARs, especially the AN94 or the SCAR, but they’re completely dominated by SMGs.

      • Nope. Because when I use the assault rifles, I have moments where shots just fail to register. Given all the players in the game have 3-4 bars, this should not happen.

    • Very true. Sadly, I could say the same for MW3 and MW2. Treyarch should have stuck with the previous iteration of the engine. COD4, World at War and Black Ops 1 all just worked.

  • Sgt. Mofo

    CTRL + F: “Netcode” – No results found. “Lag compensation” – No results found.

    Yep, still no reason to buy this game.

    • WasabeJuice

      How would you even understand how broken the network play is without playing it? But yes for more than 2 months now, the lag is still fcked up, just like Bop 1, it is so frustrating. Had high hopes for this game but turned out as bad as mw3, we really need a new good shooting game, if only respawn developed an identical cod but with good shooting mechanics and balanced network play.

      • Sgt. Mofo

        I played it around launch for a couple hours, but never owned it. One in the Chamber was the only mode I could reasonably enjoy. The mechanics are solid, but the netcode & lag comp make them irrelevant.

      • I’m not saying lag comp isn’t a problem, but I don’t understand how people are saying it’s a huge problem considering I hardly notice it.

      • You are just poor to get a good connection. i play on connection finding: Best i never lagg…

        • Iheardumbpeople

          You do lag, your just not good enough to notice it. Also, It’s people who have good or great connections that are affected most by lag comp. Not people like you with “dial-up”.

          • Dirtknap

            Agreed, another enlightened comment good sir.

        • hm

          Bullshit, because I play with my search on Best and the lag comp happens every game.

          • Chris P.

            If you have a good – great connection, best search preference doesn’t help very much…. at all. Mine is always on best, and I get a good game about 1 in 5 matches. Lag comp is horrible. Plain and simple.

            • Dirtknap

              Until I started running my lag mitigation class I was lucky to have that ratio too. I am having much better games and more fun, though network inconsistencies are still very evident. I am running an R870 speed build, give it a crack if you haven’t already. I feel like a bit of a cheap ass at times, but my K/D is looking healthier and I can actually defend myself on the objective.

          • Brian Anthony

            It’s either lag comp or render lag by the host console! Remember, activision doesn’t have dedicated servers on console, the host console can’t process this new increased graphics on current consoles! Blops2 tried to keep up with other better game engines but the greed in activision didn’t want to listen to the guys who left Infinity Ward to get servers to better the game! That’s ok, BF4 on next gen is coming! 60 fps and 64 players….6-8 close qtr maps will put the nail in the coffin with cod!

      • Brian Anthony

        They are late 2014… It’s called Medal of Honor is 2015! Watch…rue spawn is gonna do some sick shit on Frostbite 3.0! Lol

    • It’s only going to get worse now that in-game streaming of public matches is available. Usually the people that stream have money to spend on a good connection. Since they invest into it with a good computer and some type of HDPVR. Now anyone can stream. Unless the game won’t let you if it doesn’t reach a certain internet speed requirement within the game.

    • Its not bad just some people cant handle the fact there not that good at cod and someone else can react faster. Its the perfect excuse for all the kids that cant handle dieing they just blame it on the lag when it was the other player being faster to react. some even say changing tactics helped and that is because they have slow reaction times so they go for more ranged play which benefits people with a slower reaction time.

  • Gerri

    I think most are good but in hardcore the dragon fire was already over powered

    • Rock3rGTR

      You can’t claim that a killstreak in hardcore is overpowered. They are balanced for core, since thats what most people play. I don’t think its possible for them to balance the killstreaks with two sets of stats for different modes. Maybe when CoD starts using the new engine IW is working on, this may be possible. If you earn a killstreak in HC, expect it to do some significant damage.

  • vikerii

    I’m afraid the matchmaking by continent change is Treyarch’s “solution” to lag. We’re not getting anything else. And what was all that talk about a new game mode and dinosaurs??

  • iiKaRmAx

    There’s a zombie glitch that really effects nuketown zombies on PS3. Say if you get to round 22 with 4 players and someone leaves or times out at round 22, that’s the round it will save it for on the stats. Me and my brother made it to 31 but one kid got kicked/timedout and it only saved for 22. This wasn’t a one time deal either. This has happened every time.

    • DanDustEmOff

      It does this on all the leader boards

    • thats intended, but i think its dumb, it should work like black ops 1 leaderboards did and still register when someone leaves.

    • if anyone quits out during a game of zombies the round they quit out on is the round that is set to you leaderboard…..and almost everyone who is a random always quits in tranzit

    • aaron

      thats a one of the best things they added. dont complain about something good u moron. imagine going to 59 on moon ur friends power goes out. ur hosting. boom everything all 8 hrs are a lost. now u get atleast something. so shut up faggot


    REALLY TREYARCH! i cannot believe not one sound issue is being address, there arent foot steps, i have 5.1 surround and for what, to enjoy all the players screaming new mag! or you wanna get paid move it?!??? and the lag, trey arch THE LAG! i Guarantee i am going else where, selling both ps3 and xbox copies, goodbye call of duty, may you rest in peice with your crappy developers, and yes i wont miss any of you fan boys either!

  • Not what I was expecting… at least they nerfed the FAL, but the SMGs really still need to be nerfed a bit more.

    I’ll give it time, but in this time I will definitely not be playing Black Ops 2, that’s for sure.

    • The SMGs are effective at the right level to keep the pacing of the game quick and moving. Nerfing them would put COD back to a duck-and-cover game.

  • BOSS jediZOHAN

    So, I’m not expecting to see a lag fix in the first major patch, but they should at least mention whether or not they’re even working on it. Lag is what is breaking this game, all other problems are secondary.

    • Agreed! You’re talking sense for once. 😛

  • GMan

    How about stopping the controller cheaters with their auto-aim, rapid fire ,fast reload and everything else they do with their stupid custom controllers. Also shotguns are overpowered and over ranged

    • DanDustEmOff

      lol auto aim doesn’t work on mp and shotguns are in no way op they suit certain situations better than others and its a nice change of pace to have some good shotguns the R870 and ksg have good range but they are pump so u have to make your shots count I think they did a good job balancing them

      • Quickdraw is pretty close to being auto-aim. There have been times when I’ll just ADS off in the distance and my sight will move towards a played that’s not even around a corner yet.

      • UnknownUser28

        Remington Long barrel, you’re fucking done. Case closed.

    • Matt

      Quit bitchin

  • Liam

    Every article for “Black Ops 2…”

    Lag lag lag lag lag omg guys get over it. It’s in every game.

    • DanDustEmOff

      not to this extent its not

    • whats funny there isnt much a lag issue in black ops 2, there wasnt in black ops 1 either. mw3 was terrible for like a year though, however lag is the usual excuse for poor skill on these kind of games, i used to blame the lag comp, but then i just realised i wasnt that good yet now im having a lot of good games. i just stuck at it.

      • Dirtknap

        What you need to remember is that so many people have incredibly varied experiences with this game, and their assessments shouldn’t be discounted. Especially when you consider a solid portion of the contributors to this conversation are core players, with a lot of hours and experience in the franchise, guys who generally have a fair idea of what’s going on.

        I asked myself, do I suck at this game? And the best and simplest sounding board I have is measuring my current performance against previous titles. I was typically a 1-1.5 K/D, objective oriented player (I very seldom went negative), this has been consistent across all titles since CoD4 until now. I have adjusted to pick 10 and changed my play style up accordingly, yet my K/D is sitting at 0.87.

        Have you ever lost a gunfight the other guy had no business winning? Welcome to my world, a solid 25% of my deaths don’t make sense, I am sick of seeing myself get capped (yes, I watch my kill cams now), apparently staring at a wall, even though a second before I was emptying buckshot into my enemies chest.

        You play enough online games and you begin to understand when the game is pooping on you, and I’m going to back that up. I have mitigated every single lag compounding possibility within the realms of my control and have a solid connection, so when I experience what so many others comment, blog and vlog about, I know these are legitimate issues to that seriously need to be addressed. Why this effects some but not all? That something only Treyarch have the ability to investigate, explain and hopefully fix.

      • DanDustEmOff

        lol the game lags on lan let alone online and black ops 1 & 2 have way worse lag on the network than mw3 im not using it as an excuse for anything I still win nearly every game I play my ratio is like 3.5 I only play ffa cause ground war is totally unplayable 5 out of seven games due to match making more so than lag but it does make the lag worse. Even though I win most of the time you still have those gunfights u know you should have won frequently which turns people off the game

    • Dirtknap

      Yeah it’s in every game, but not to a game breaking extent. You obviously haven’t had the displeasure of experiencing the worst BLOPS II has to offer, count yourself lucky.

    • UnknownUser28

      -_- Not even going to say anything.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Is actually a big issue, I never have to deal with this much lag in any other FPS, CoD really needs to here everyone at sooner or later and step up or they’ll keep losing people. I’m a devoted fan, thus I devote myself to letting my voice be heard so that maybe, just maybe, it will happen. I like finding these problems and discussing them with like-minded fans too, judge all you want.

  • lol, i thought DICE released BF3 with so much bugs left in it… Apparently Call Of Duty is joining the party. This is the problem with these days games. Hopefully release of the next-gen consoles will give developers more time to fix their game rather than spending most of their time for optimization.

    • titled bored

      another battle shit fuckn fangirl on a cod forum not surprising

      • rcote09

        You’re another butthurt bitchy poster so please, go find a school bus to run head first into.

        • Eminemmm

          Honestly battlefields quality is definitely still better than call of duty ever will be. It’s just a fact.

          • Could you Battlefield people quit calling subjective issues “facts”? Quality is not a factual issue, it’s a matter of opinion. You have your opinion and I respect that, but I will not treat it as a fact.

      • I’m pretty sure she bashed both BF3 and BO2.. so I wouldn’t call her a fangirl

  • Thatbeastlytaco

    Wait if you put a silencer on smgs before this patch you don’t get range deduction? WTF.

    • titled bored

      no kept same damage i think exept for snipers

    • masada157

      No it’s a more heavy range penalty. This is really gonna hurt players who use the MSMC/PDW suppressed.

      • Alex

        So pretty much everyone

        • Krispy kreme

          Nah man the PDW and MSMC suppressed is still the same. No diffrence what so ever lol.

    • The silencer reduced damage at designated ranges before this.. those ranges were reduced more

  • Thatbeastlytaco

    Give the lag some time guys. Remember BO1 where it lagged really bad until that patch that came out in February?

    • DanDustEmOff

      black ops 1 lag was never fixed imo

      • Dirtknap

        It was about six months before I found it to be playable, I still needed to lobby shop frequently for a serviceable connection though. I would even settle for improvements on BOII at this stage, at least we would know there was a Treyarch consciousness of the issue and they were attempting to resolve things. I have lost a ton of faith in Treayarch, Vahn seems more intent on hiding behind his “math” and making inane tweets in favor of listening to the community.

  • WarHero

    No word on Lag Compensation fix or improvements? I give up,sorry Treyarch but I’m done :/

  • xxDWERxx

    Lag is pretty bad at times but I maybe have a lag problem 1:6 games that’s it, maybe you have crappy connection. Also you say oh this game isn’t worth playing? What makes this game so unplayable? The fact that you have to be good enough to adapt to a few lag features and certain weapon ranges? Learn to be strategic and know the long/med/short range areas and stick to the ones that best suit your wep. Also some people just have good reaction time, it comes from experience, PLAY the game, and GET some. 😀


    • Eminemmmm

      This game requires no strategy all u have to do is run around. That’s all this game is.

    • Exactly. Not every game will play the same, so adjust. Expect lag issues every so often for the first few months. The only time I really have issues is when my own connection goes to shit and when that happens, I find a corner and wait it for it to pass. All of this bitching is getting old. Treyarch isn’t reading this, so all of you people complaining are just “preaching to the choir”.

  • Alex

    Is it just me or did the new patch remove double XP?? Double XP was working last night but this morning its gone

  • Michael

    TDM score needs to be raised to 125 points per kill. I have never seen anything higher than a VSAT earned in TDM and its too much of a campfest due to the scorestreaks being so hard to earn.

    • i dont think anything needs to be done, TDM is still the most played playlist. so clearly they are still happy to play this despite the difficulty in getting scorestreaks, these people should be encouraged to leave this playlist, its really not as good as any of the other modes or rewarding, and this is their intention, the game is based on doing other things in game now rather than just kill people.

      • Michael

        You should be rewarded for playing the objective, which in TDM is getting kills. Yes it is the most played game mode, but not a lot of good players are playing it. I wouldn’t say they are happy, but they probably get owned in other gamemodes so they stay in the campfest known as TDM

  • Brian Anthony

    It’s not lag as much as it is Lag Compensation! The Lag Comp is what is driving players away! Make the hosts maintain a certain ping rate before joining, not an instant reading of their ping but like a 5 second average! Low ping rate people are killing this game! It’s designed to help only slow Internet speed people! The game is almost every other game playable. It’s so inconsistent with hit detection that its too frustrating for good players to actually play.

  • I wouldn’t call this a major update… the weapon changes are so little that the game will feel the same. Most of these bugs they fixed I’ve never even heard of.

  • Wafflenaut

    Executioner: increased medium range damage.

    Game of the Year, All Years; I may be the only person to use them, but man are they fun.

  • Think it Broke Game? Host Migrated and I could hit nor be hit anyone/by anyone


  • PlatinumSoldier

    Same patches different CoD :/
    But im slightly curious about the dino tweet

  • jorge

    Theater keeps freezing my xbox. It wont even load anymore recent games

  • Oh shutup about the lag you whining kids. If you don’t like it, you’re quite welcome to fix it yourself, because it’s so easy to fix a major issue, or just don’t play buy/the game. Whining and flaming 3arc will not get you the fix, in-fact, they ignore people like you lot who whine about stuff because you have no patience. As for me, I’m enjoying the game a lot and double XP was immense fun.

    • Thank you! Finally someone not fucking whining!

    • Dirtknap

      Read my comments a little further down. Sure there’s lag and then there’s what we are currently presented with. I still love this franchise, and enjoy BLOPS II immensely when its working, but as a consumer and active community member I have the right to voice my experiences and criticisms (I endeavor to keep my comments constructive). I think half the problem around these discussions are flame wars breaking out every five minutes over whether lag exists or not, then objectivity, and constructiveness with it, flies out the window.

    • WasabeJuice

      This whining, cursing and flaming actually informs them that something is wrong and customer base is not happy. If you dont want to contribute, might as well zip your comments.

    • UnknownUser28

      Doesn’t matter, 3arc are the professionals here. If it’s so hard to fix then they should have thought about that BEFORE releasing the game. Without WHINING they won’t feel like anything is WRONG with the game dude -_-. Cod fanboyism.

  • Krispy kreme

    Still using the MSMC and PDW suppressed and they work the same >.> And now the swat is op as ever. Faster bursts and a lot more 1 bursts. Anyone agree?

  • Greenie

    who knows what the NEW symbol in the zombies mode is for? they changed anything at all?

  • Greenie

    who knows what the NEW symbol in the zombies mode is for? they changed anything at all?

  • Rushman

    Cod requires skill o.o??? “R.U.S.H” Run until something happens

  • so are we gonna have to wait a month for this patch to hit PS3 too?

  • banCoD

    I just wish that they would fix the issue with the ADS while prone with Legacy controls. Practically IMPOSSIBLE to aim and shoot! And my emblem editor got banned for producing a Swastika (SMH to the emo “adults” who reported this), but nowhere in their rules does it say I’d lose the ability to show Calling Cards. FIX THESE THINGS!

  • maybe its this

    I don’t play cod but i would bet anything that most of the lag you guys are experiencing is caused by the game recording each round for theater mode I seen on a site where they thought it was that also. I really hope they don’t put something like that in bf4. Its cool but i think it puts to much strain on the net code. Can you guys disable that in menus to check?

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Will try this, I really don’t care about my gameplay footage unless I really want to try for something one day, thanks for this idea.

  • what are they waiting on

    I don’t want to preach about bf3 but dedicated servers is a life saver for fps. I really cannot believe that cod does not go that route. I mean with all the money they are Getting you think they would reward you guys with dedicated servers. Host based servers are really old news. On dedicated servers everyone is on a level playing field so you cannot blame lag on crap skills.

    • mrneoshredder

      > Says he doesn’t want to preach about BF3
      > Preaches about BF3

      • sorry

        Actually I preached about cod more than bf3 I usually hate on cod all the time but the fans seem to be doing it for me so I am going to be nice. But damn this many people bitching you would think they would play better shooters like bf3. Oops i did it again.

    • Derek Haneman

      Your dead on the money. The lag issue would fix itself with dedicated servers. And being able to choose which server you join….OMG thank you much..Sooner or later COD will get out of the stone age as far as tech goes.

      I should amend this lol, I just played BO2 for 2 hours and havent touched my copy of BF3 in a month or two, I love BF3 and BO2 but they both have their +/-‘s.

  • Caparso777

    I don’t understand the people Said give more time to fix the lag; more time? I hope this don’t take the whole year f trayarch the experience was diferent with infinityward .

  • jahladagaming

    One wish I have is that the in game “commentator” would alert us to all incoming UAVs etc. Half the time there is too much other stuff going on and you hear inbound UAV only to find there are two or three already up there. PLUS, a little more heads up time for hellstorms and lightning strikes would help, 90% of the time you’re dead before the “commentator” warns of them coming in.

  • master tofu

    They went so far out of their way to deny lag compensation that fixing it would be admitting failure. This is America, nobody is ever wrong. Their system sucks but they’re too busy rolling in their money to fix something that is causing a lot of people to second guess call of duty. If halo 4 was still on the mlg circuit everyone would be playing that game.

  • Robert Yeo

    Lag, ever think it might be the router?! google buffer bloat

  • EcHo84

    Game is shit, crappy spawn locations, and SMGs that can hip fire across the map…

  • Funny

    I laugh at the people who complain about net coding or lag, I never have any problems with regards to lag and i have a high KDR.

    Stop making excuses and blaming the game because of the fact that you guys aren’t good at the game. This game can make people rage a lot, and it is very evident in a lot of players.

    If there really was a problem with netcoding and lag, then why am I good at the game? Could it be that some people really just suck and can’t admit it?

    • Dirtknap


  • Fallen Angel

    Black ops lag netcode is fine 4 bar guys no longer kill with 1 bullet anymore

    and that what Host dont want, I applaud Treyarch for thinking about us 3 bar players

  • Fallen Angel

    In modern warfare 2, host or 4 bar players used to kill 3 bar player with one Bullet

    that no longer happens thanks to treyarch !!! I applaud them again

    quit bitching about the fucking game netcode its just a game lolzzz

    • Dirtknap

      Are you suggesting it’s okay for faulty products to provided to the consumer? If you purchased a TV with faulty HDMI inputs and the manufacturer essentially ignored you bringing the fault to their attention, would your response be “It’s just a TV lolzzz” ???

  • pete


    after 2 months and “a major update” they still haven’t acknowledged the freezing problems…

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Yay, they fixed the Dragonfire, damn thing seemed to die the second after I whip it out, like 2 bullets, and the bullet spread was annoying. Happy the tweaked the AGR’s speed, but really, why mess up the already crappy machine gun further? Happy that the SMR can compete a bit more with the FAL as far as damage goes, so now people will stop using the FAL so much and give the SMR more love. M27 needed some love, happy they saw it was barely competitive, TAR as well. S12 seemed really underpowered at close range, glad they tweaked it a bit so I’m not stuck playing Hardcore more often to get those one hit kills, even then you sometimes got hitmarkers up close. Wish the would leave the SMGs alone now, but people just keep complaining, sheeesh.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      But the server issues are still there. Hmmmm….lag.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      OH and I will be using the SCAR more, said to compete with the LMG’s now, SCAR needed some love.

  • No recoil added to LMGs? That’s odd.

  • Fkit

    Nice, everyone is ranting about the lag compensation so bad that no one notice small thing such, the write Tar-21 from MW2 instead of MTAR

  • Fallen_Angel

    the lag is supposed to be there because not all connections are the sameee JESUSSS

    do you want treyarch lose customers just cuz it will be nearly impossible for 3 bar players to beat 4 bar players Seriously think about 3 – 2 -1 bar player before you speak

    sorry my english… 🙂

  • Fallen_Angel

    christ arent all 4 bars players greedy ??? they got a slight advantage over 3 bars and they want more lol

  • Pvt Joker320

    Why is everyone making such a big deal about hit detection? Most of my guns have 35% + accuracy and none of my friends have a problem with it…. Have you ever thought that maybe you just suck at shooting? I mean seriously the only thing i have a problem with is the knife. I use an array of different guns and don’t have a problem with it. as for the lag if you change your search preference to best and you have a good connection you shouldn’t have a problem with it. You all complain to much the game has been out for three months, it will get fixed just be patient, maybe they are trying different things to see what works best for the entire community… It’s a game of course it is going to have problems.

    • Dirtknap

      I take your point, and it would hold water if there weren’t a plethora of legitimate issues that effect a good portion of the community in many different ways. No two players seem to be having identical issues, then there are those who are having a seamless experience to date. High five to those guys, sounds like you are one of them.

      Have a read of some of my comments below (and a ton of other informed accounts of experiences on the topics of lag/lag comp/netcode/buffer bloat etc) so that you understand some of the gripes we have.

  • Thomas

    FAL Increased recoil?


    • Sensou-Ookami

      Doesn’t matter, that gun still pwns and I never ever use the select fire attachment, control is better and more deadly, or my trigger finger is just that reactive and awesome.

  • Sensou-Ookami

    So, jumped online to play Chaos Moshpit, everytime I re-roll I get Hijacked, wtf Treyarch??? How about that false advertising of 24/7 Nuke Town 2025 only Playlist, still burns me up, I still think they should have been sued over that, that playlist should be here all the time, not on “special” occasions. You can’t butter me up completely, Treyarch, I know how you like to fool people with your bs.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      Von is a troll.

  • Ultimatelink

    Well its probably because you play on xbox. There is still lag on Ps3, but not as bad.

  • Radioshow

    This is total bullshit. Lag lag lag and oh ya lets buff shotguns that 1 shot 3 people at once!!

  • tmatnme

    black ops 2 should really patch the deranking glitch on xbox it is so f****** anoying please i was 10th p so close to p master and now i am rank 1 f***.

  • joe the Plumber

    You guys obviously haven’t tried counter strike. It’s a Xbox 1 game but still an awesome fps multi player. They need to take notes on the physics of that game!

  • Colin Flynn

    Does anybody know when you link your youtube acount to black ops 2 will my parents know if the xbox email is under the xbox acount?
    please help

  • What I don’t get is when we drop out from poor connection I get a warning that I will be penalised for dropping out