Man Breaks Gaming Record, Plays Black Ops 2 for 135 Hours Straight

Australian gamer Okan Kaya has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest recorded gaming session. He spent 135 hour straight on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Kaya played Black Ops 2 for seven days to set the record, which includes 10 minute break every hour. Guinness allows for 10 minute break for every hour, If the player plays through their breaks, then these unused breaks can be stacked, like scorestreaks, to allow the player to have longer breaks for eating, sleeping, and such.

The player was accompanied at all times by an entire crew of supporters and witnesses taking turns to supervise the session. Kaya’s record is at the 135 hour and 50 minutes mark, which beats the  previous record of 120 hours, 7 minutes set earlier this year by a Canadian duo playing Sony’s Resistance series.

By the end of the session, Kaya was ranked 37th on the game’s leaderboards. Please let us know in the comments what you think of Kaya’s achievement  Are you willing to challenge this record? If so, which game will you be playing?

Source: Yahoo via Game Informer

  • sgt_mofo

    That’s crazy. I hope he didn’t live stream the portions with the poop bucket.

    • Lol, actually he can have 10 min breaks, according to Guiness rules.



  • czygigi

    hmmm? nolife 😀

  • AlexTia

    why? is it worth damaging your health?

  • Dylan

    lol i cant even play it for 5 minutes :/

  • nightwing2097

    could have played a better game in my opinion, 135 hours of black ops 2 would get stale fast. but to each his own

    • could of played bf3 because the matches are way longer and there are more things that you can do on that game

      • latch360

        What does it matter how long the matches are? Yeah there’s a lot more boring running around and nonsense.Why is there always one nerd fanboy that has to bring up BF3 when it comes to COD? Do you scour te internet for 130 hours straight to troll?

        • when you little bitches stop defending Call of shitty. “boring running around ?!” you are too dumb to figure out how to play the game ?! isn’t it !? oh i guess you r one of the headless chickens that want to run around like a retard or camp in a corner like a pussy to stack up their streaks/presents !!! i don play COD alot but once i do after playin BF, i ranked up on top continuously, even on hard core!!! (average player in BF) i guess running around in BF really turning me to a nightmare for COD players …

          • First off, learn how to spell. Second off, BF is boring as shit. It takes 4-8 days to find a single player. Shut up fanboy.

            • MikePembo951

              Battlefield 3 64 players close quarters maps are 10x times faster gameplay than any cod game… even mw2 rust

            • 10x faster gameplay?? really?

            • UnknownUser28

              It doesn’t

            • Rhys Smith

              i just think that guy has really shity internet it takes 15 sec on both games for me they both rule be little fanboys about which ones better but truth they both rule

            • Asmitty56

              It doesn’t take long at all to find anyone. And you never have to question why you died, it’s because you got outmatched not stupid lag compensation. If it wasn’t for that shit maybe I’d enjoy CoD more :/

            • Jason

              Taylor, you have a typo! You put 4-8 days instead of 4-8 seconds 🙂

            • Rhys Smith

              no dude u have shitty internet connection it takes 15 on both games WTF GTFO

          • Aria the fag

            Aria perma douche, the way you write makes you a dumb mother fcker. Tell your bullsht to another retard like you.

          • aria you are a fuck head

            Aria you little kid, shut the fuck up. you are a little douchebag who defends battlegay. really? What a waste of time battlefuck was. and o tell your mom I said she needs knee pads for her sore knees k brah?

          • UnknownUser28

            bf3 is kinda like cod tbh.

            • dazza

              cod and battlefield are both very good games so stop your bitching.

            • UnknownUser28

              Bitching? I’m bitching? Just because I say bf3 is like cod? I’m now bitching? I didn’t even say anything bad about any games. So stop your bitching. -____-

          • MWsRAGE_5

            good for you now gtfo

          • Bf3 is just as arcady, if you want to know what “running around” for hours on end is like, play DayZ or planetside 2

          • Dirtknap
        • lol someones mad

        • Jason

          Because it’s true… COD is not bad, just that matches do last longer in BF3 and does not get stale as fast since you could play a 500% server and go 100 and 34 (you get it) and drive vehicles and more players and content so every situation could play out totally differently vs see a guy, shoot the guy, defend, etc. COD is a game you can jump into fast and play a quick match before rushing to work or whatever, two different styles, that’s all! 🙂

  • Sensou-Ookami

    Not worth damaging my health over, really, game is enjoyable, but not that much. GO TO SLEEP.

  • EGMnow said he was ranked 24th on the global leaderboards

    • I cited the original source of the story, Yahoo Games. He might have climbed a few places after the session was over.

  • At least he didn’t die like some other people playing Diablo III for 3 days straight

    • MWsRAGE_5

      as long as he went to the bathroom its fine.

      • Yeah you know… Because water isn’t essential or anything. Just crapping your pants. 😛

    • laugh

      Made me laugh so true

  • noname

    Thats SAD :S

  • Kyle Jackson

    So this is how he has chosen his 15 mins of fame, bravo…

  • oshkala

    He was able to save up his 10 minute breaks and take naps, hardly 135 straight hours of playing.

  • Steve

    That’s pretty sad that he couldn’t even get to the top of the leaderboards playing that much. Means he’s just bad, or there are other freaks out there playing more than that.

    • kirby

      Well yeah, it’s not because after 10-15 hours of consistently playing, let alone 135 hours, doesn’t screw up your ability to play or anything.

    • MWsRAGE_5

      there called the elite boosters. the biggest scum of gaming next to mexicans with their 0.89 mbps download

      • Santiago Garza

        That was a little racist 🙁

        • Glock Lover

          Dont mind him, must be an ignorant 16 year old.

      • BHL those scumbag booster, how is it that developers don’t recognize them to take early action? They say on their site they are not ashamed to boost. and even if they ever change their gamertag, they always include the BHL clan tag! They’re part of why I don’t care for global leaderboards anymore, the entire thing is a joke anyway

  • nickmaster1150

    I dunno how the other 137 player managed to get higher of him 🙂

    • well they probly had a bit more sleep then him. like 2 hours a day or so. soo the could play better

  • inFamous2-VIC

    I’m gonna be the first to say it….. No life! 😀 but I can’t blame him, the game is good minus launch problems.

  • I don’t think I’ve gamed that much all year, so props to him. If this is really what he wanted to achieve then he must be pretty happy. I got like 6 hours on Black Ops 2 thus far.

  • Shizzlemynizzle
  • Man… I bet he is going to get all the ladies now…

  • DsdSD

    lol… cod

  • Herman

    man flew once over atlantic to break record, i guess he was just a nolife

  • Jamic


  • i only have 10 hours played in black ops 2 i havent even prestiged, oh well i will eventually

  • Wow I’d bwt he is rolling in the pussy now.

  • wtf

    So now he finally accomplished something in his life I guess?

  • Lufamos

    First of all congrats if thats what he wanted to achieve but if you look at it he is not going to achieve anything just by playing games and set the world record he will all be called a no life because everyone has something to do in their life like going out with family, going to movies, or something else. So I would congrats to him and also NOOOOOO LIFEEEEEEEEEEE

  • KennyKyle

    i can beat him in 135 hours and 52 minutes, challenge accepted!

  • Funny part is he actually started the marathon with a clean shave.

  • Xx–FURY-J–xX

    i am willing to break this record after i finish my last semester and when my ps3 arrives from barcelona but what would i need to validate my journey ?

  • vikerii

    I bet his KDR towards the end was probably .0001 Just running around in cricles.

  • definition of no life. check story above

    • Says Comic book Man lol

      • its just a handle you wanna be troll

        • I find it funnier that you’ve missed my joke entirely and then proceeded to name – calling. Yes I realize its just a name but shame on you for not noticing a joke because of it. 4 others got it and i assume my one down vote was from you. May as well go find a new handle. I that was a rather large fail.

  • Phoenix

    The virginity is strong with this one

  • asdasdas

    Now that is a no life who will never be a real man!!!

  • tims


  • He’s not Australian, he is Turk.

  • Spun Monkey!

    Musta have bout quarter ounce of meth for that

  • Dude must have patience like no one else in the world to put up with BO 2 for that long. I would love to break this record…. if i didn’t have a life… or a job.


    Usual shit round here. But without world records. But not without the actual Guinness.

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  • Rusty Bishop

    He is Turk, not Australian