Mass Effect 3 Community Event, Operation: Resurgence, Begins This Weekend

In celebration of the recently released Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC, ME3: Resurgence, BioWare commences Operation: Resurgence this weekend.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the trailer detailing the 2 new maps, 6 new characters and 3 new weapons included in this pack right here and don’t forget to download it as it is now available across all platforms.

As stated on the official BioWare blog, “anyone who has the Resurgence Pack multiplayer DLC operational during this weekend will be granted a Reserves Pack. A Reserves Pack unlocks one of the new random alien classes guaranteed.” Additionally, “all participating squads will earn +10% additional experience when playing on the Resurgence expansion’s new maps, Firebase: Condor and Firebase: Hydra.”

Unfortunately, BioWare is still struggling to gain the green light from Sony to allow these events to take place on the PS3 as well. For now, this event will take place on the Xbox 360 and PC only from Friday, April 13th at 5PM PST to Monday, April 16th at 5AM PST.

BioWare reminds player to make sure that “Upload Gameplay Feedback” is turned “on” in the online options menu.

So far, BioWare has shown great dedication to their Mass Effect 3 multiplayer fan base. Check out some of these earlier community events:

Operation: Beachhead
Operation: Raptor
Operation: Fortress
Operation: Goliath

  • clembo


  • Shepard-Commander

    Ive missed the last two community events, but I won’t be missing this one! It sucks that Sony for whatever understandable reason won’t allow PS3 players to take part in these events. It seems like because it requires sending gameplay feedback that Sony won’t let it happen. I hear people say they get the same XP bonus on PS3 that Xbox and PC gets, but none of the weekend challenge packs because simply tweaking XP doesn’t require information upload.

  • Darkestarofhallowdin

    I havent gotten my reserves pack? But I installed dlc first day it was out, can anyone help?

    • guest

      I think they must be giving them to us after the weekend is over, I have not been able to find it yet either…