Massive Ban Wave Hits COD: Ghosts Players – “Will Not be Reversed,” Says Activision


Infinity Ward has announced on Twitter that many of the bans issued were, in fact, incorrect and have since been reversed.

“We understand some players were incorrectly banned over the weekend and we have since corrected the issue. Try playing again now.”

Original Story

Reports are beginning to surface of a massive ban wave that appears to be primarily targeting PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users playing Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts.

While most of the bans are presumably just, a number of users are claiming bans were issued to them through error and are looking to resolve the mistake.

User “tcsdaniels” wrote a lengthy post on the official Call of Duty: Ghosts forums explaining his situation, saying that he and his son have been permanently banned, despite their more casual approach to the game. “After a bit of research and reviewing the past week or so of the games my son and I played, we believe the innocent players that did not either back out of a hacked lobby (due to not knowing) or were automatically placed into one are getting banned,” he wrote.

“My son and I are clueless when it comes to most of it. Over the last week we did come to an agreement that we were losing a lot more than normal but we just contributed that to the assumption we were just getting placed with better people. We are more often then not the lowest scoring people every round we play and that should not be a reason to ban people and their console’s.”

Similarly, Reddit user “wuzzup” writes, “I too, have been permanently banned. I play maybe a couple hours/week and have never done anything against the code of conduct,” which you can read up on in full right here.

Activision support responded to “wuzzups” claims, explaining that “bans are put in place after an account has been investigated into. Any code of conduct violations WILL result in a ban. The user is responsible for all actions taken on the account.”

“All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban,” the response continued.

Aaron of Dublin, Ireland has called for an increase in transparency in Infinity Ward and Activisions’ banning practices via this petition, writing that “this isn’t about the guilt or innocence of any individual player. This is about a fair, transparent process.”

Luckily, it appears that things are looking up for some users.

themidnightsociety” reports that some users have had luck getting their bans lifted. “It seems as if someone has been listening to us because I just checked my account on COD Ghosts and my permanent ban and console ban has been lifted and everything is back to how it was before the ban,” the user writes.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to analyze which players have knowingly or unknowingly participated in questionable lobbies or have broken Call of Duty: Ghosts’ code of conduct. We’ve reached out to Activision for their take on the situation.

Have you been issued a permanent ban that you believe is unjust?

Both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have received significant “security updates” over the past week as Infinity Ward starts to crack down on cheaters.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I should hope not, I’ve worked by rear-end off getting to 8th Prestige.
    EDIT: Just checked, I’m not banned, *sigh of relief*

    • Herbert

      You do realize “8th prestige” actually means nothing in terms of the real world, yes?

      • Alex Melendez

        He never said it did, It dosent matter at all. Im pretty sure he wants to reach a High prestige for the accomplishment not for trying to be the biggest no life gamer at CoD in the world lol.

        • Nick

          funny how the people that comment on “no life gamers” are almost always doing the exact same thing. Just because your game that you play 3-6 hours a day isn’t called Call of Duty: Ghosts, doesn’t mean everyone else has no life…its a game and if you actually knew anything about the society that we live in now, you would totally understand how a VIDEO GAME is one the the most popular things going on right now. Your very ignorant to say otherwise…

          • Alex Melendez

            I meant trying to be #1.

      • Steph

        Nor do your attempts to troll on an internet comment section champ

  • Ryupyroa

    Yeah, ban people for getting into hacked lobbies that they have no control over. Fucking cool.

    • dieger

      Imagine if they did that to MW2 or MW1….

      • Rorke File

        If they love there community they patch that game

        • Brandon Griffin

          I believe Treyarch made a statement in regards to patching WaW once, and hidden under the reassurances was that they haven’t a fucking clue how to do it.

    • Jasko k

      you wont get in one randomly

      • Steph

        U join lobbies without knowing they’re hacked, u find out pretty soon though and should leave

        • That guy you might know

          Shouldn’t that depend on how the lobbies are hacked.

          If you join a lobby and someone was using Aimbot, how would you even remotely know to back out. Not saying Aimbot was one of those hacks.

          • extermin8or2

            Weird, I only got the game last week, kept joining matches with my mates and they’ve had the game awhile now. Yet we’d get absolutely killed. Ive never had such a consistently low kdr innannonline game. Ever. Then yesterday we play and its back to feeling like normal cod and I was scoring fine. Am conxerned though I was being joined to hacked lobbies and not even realising of the hacks eere subtle. I hope my accounts fine.

          • You watch the kill cam and the kill feed. The only things that should use Aimbot are bots..Aimbots are pretty obvious and easy to spot if you don’t skip the kill can like 100% of CoD players.

        • Unknown

          yea i joined one where all the peoples names were changing and were different colors i dont know if its a hack or not but it was weird

        • Nick

          But in a XP lobby, you can’t tell until the max score is reached, but the game continues. Prime example: Domination Playlist-Start game from very beginning, 10 mins in, we notice that the other team is above 200…they are at about 250…we didn’t know that when the game started…

      • dapaintrain

        I got in hacked MW2 lobbies a few times on PC it ruined it for me

      • Nick

        yes, you do…its happened 3 times to me. I had no control. When I choose the Domination playlist and instantly get thrown into a XP lobby, that is random, Sir…

    • Steph

      I’ve been in a few hacked lobbies recently, I’m not banned…..the people who are banned deserved it, they cheated and got caught, period.

      • Wayne McDaniel

        I apparently have been in a hacked lobby cause i was banned. however i mute all the players so my 10 year old son doesn’t have to listen to the filth. As far as game play i get my but kicked a lot, belong to no clans and if anyone looked at my levels etc. they would laugh. Not everyone who was banned is deserving. ps3 gamer tag WRMII

        • Greg Smith

          Why is your 10 year old son even playing a 17 rated game asshole. You’re part of the problem.

          • Wayne McDaniel

            One he isnt playing but he is in the house. The problem is ignorant people and their inability to express their thoughts without the use of explicatives. Im sure if i had the players unmuted i could have caught on to what was going on and exited the lobby. Im not the problem but i am unbanned and again playing. Please reread the post you responded to at no point did i say nor emply he was playing. Save your judgement for someone else.

          • JBeauregard

            Perhaps his son is more mature and respectful than the swill spewing from your mouth. I’ve met several “kids” that are more mature and intelligent than people 3 times their age. I’m not meaning to crap on you, man, but there’s a better way to get your point across.

            • Wayne McDaniel

              Thank you I find him often more mature and articulate than i am. I would also like to thank IW or Activision for fixing at least part of the mistake that occurred when people were mass banned. I hope that everyone who was innocent had their ban repealed. I have also noticed the game has become more playable and for that I thank them. Also ,Parents, I found that if you turn on the feature that is for colorblindness it looks like paintball with bright purple kill shots. Activision a paintball mode would be awesome for this game maybe it would lower the age recommendation on the cover.

            • Greg Smith

              That’s not the point. The point is his kids age. This is why the bigger guys go after gaming, which is beyond me considering the movies that parents let their kids watch, because there’s kids there or there playing them. You don’t see a news story about someone killing people because they watched a movie but it’s all over the news when they hear that the killer played GTA, because the accused killers are usually under age. So get a grip. You think I let my nephews come over and play games? They’re no older than 12, so yeah, I would question your judgement if you decide to have kids.

            • JBeauregard

              I’m a father of 3, actually. I agreed with you until your thought train went off track at the end, Greg. I don’t agree with kids playing mature rated games. The most “heavy” games my kids play are Minecraft and Terraria. I certainly think movies are the bigger issue. That being said, if someone feels like their child is mature enough to play a game, it’s not our responsibility to police that. We assume that they’re making the best decision for their children, and that their child is mature enough to handle the content. CoD is an “army man” game to kids, so I understand the appeal. We would probably both agree that most interpretations of “kids” playing CoD are the ones with absolutely not parental supervision/involvement. These are the same kids calling everyone names and swearing at will. These kids are what’s dragging the community down. Being a parent, I realize that most kids aren’t ready for something like that. They have a hard time shutting off after playing an intense game with violence. However, there are a rare few that are mature beyond their years that can handle it, and handle it very well. On a lighter note, and because I have no animosity towards you, have you played Titanfall? So far I’ve noticed a really mature community in comparison to CoD. It’s been a great change!

            • Greg Smith

              Swearing aside (which I shouldn’t have done in a public forum), by your logic , if I have a child of 12 who happens to have the brain of an adult and is more mature than my entire company, than he should be able to watch R rated movies or pornography? Or games like Saw? The problem is, these laws are made whether we agree with them or not, and when they see it being abused, they come after the culprits. Video games being the major one because people interact with them. Even as we speak, the vote for getting a violent video game tax in North America for an extra $10/game is getting enough steam that this bill will have 88% of the votes for it by this May. In all honesty, I do not have kids so technically, and I hate this one, I apparently can’t fully comprehend the situation. So that’s my opinion “Jay”, that’s what I’ll call you now. I haven’t played Titanfall. I’m a playstation guy but that game along with Ryse I am willing to buy an XOne for.

            • Tasty Pete

              Guys let’s not let our kids play these violent games, because kids have never been interested in violence prior to this generation and this is the first time in history that kids have ever had to deal with the reality of violence! Prior to the 2000’s and the advent of video games, kids never played army, or cowboys and indians, and they never pretended to kill each other with cap guns, or sticks shaped like guns, or household objects shaped like guns, or water guns shaped like guns…[list continues ad infinitum]

            • Section8

              And yet you just proved that movies can also be to blame. How old are you anyway? Prior to the 2000’s kids never played cowboys and indians? Get a grip. Ever since the radio was invented, kids have been running around with cap guns and bows and arrows. Kids were more into that stuff then than they are now. Where are they now? Not outside at the park. You know who the Lone Ranger is right? As for your comment below, movies and games aren’t going anywhere. But if you want the heat off the backs of what we like and don’t want them to be so snoopy, then stop letting little kids watch things that they shouldn’t be watching. It’s people like you americans who got this messed up to begin with. You’re all savages over there.

            • Tasty Pete

              Who cares if some media sensationalist blows things out of proportion? That literally never changes anything, ever. Oliver Stone was named as the leading cause of moral decay in the US after the release of ‘Natural Born Killers’ and people called for it to be banned and outlawed. Was it outlawed? Did people stop making violent movies? Thought not. So how about you acknowledge that overestimating the power of a media sensation is a bigger problem than the hype itself, and stop panicking that Bill O’Reilly is going to take away your games? Instead of placing the blame on a man who plays CoD while his son is in the house, why don’t you accept that people like YOU only feed the media hype by taking it seriously.

          • joezafein

            what problem is he a part of? playing video games with his kids?

            • norm

              shut up section8. His kid doesn’t play the game and he made of point of saying he mutes other players so that his kid doesn’t have to listen to such filth. He’s allowed to play a game and take reasonable measures to ensure it doesn’t effect his child in a negative way.

              This kind of hyped overreaction is the reason the media have so much fuel to go after games, you are part of the problem. 🙂

        • Guest

          shut up section8. His kid doesn’t play the game and he made of point of saying he mutes other players so that his kid doesn’t have to listen to such filth. He’s allowed to play a game and take reasonable measures to ensure it doesn’t effect his child in a negative way.

          This kind of hyped overreaction is the reason the media have fuel to go after games, you are part of the problem. 🙂

      • Ian William Hazelwood

        who cares? I don’t really play this game but its just like if you were to get a skyrim mod on PC that you’d be banned from playing Skyrim. Its not like modded lobbies make you better at the game, its just a mod. They don’t usually carry over into games afterwards like why throw around bans to people?

        • Ryupyroa

          Skyrim and Call of Duty don’t work the same when it comes to mods. Skyrim is your experience, you’re allowed to tailor it how to please and that’s awesome. Call of Duty is a group effort, everyone plays together. It just takes one asshole with unlimited ammo/aimbot to ruin it for everyone. So some of the ban are justified. BUT, they were banning even the people who got into these lobbies with no intention of hacking/modding; that’s what’s fucked up. Hope I explained that right, not trying to sound like an asshole.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        No. There were people that got banned over nothing. If you enter a hacked lobby, it’s not your fault, the devs have more fault than you do.

    • Sensou-Ookami

      (runs and checks her account)

  • zack bosn

    u shouldnt even bought cod on the first place
    *grab popcorn

  • MegaMan3k

    Lmao how can Activision not know the colossal ****storm this will cause them for taking the “Deal with it” approach.

    What a bunch of morons.

    • Herbert

      No bigger morons than the people who play this game.

      • MegaMan3k

        Wow sick trick nasty burn kiddo that’s pretty nasty!!!!!

    • MR

      You think? The sheep will buy their next CoD release regardless.

      It really doesn’t matter what Activision does, this is blatantly obvious and proven by the high sales numbers of the past three or four CoD releases, all of which were utter crap on a dated engine with zero new content.

      So, yeah. Dream on. I’d almost say, if you bought CoD, you deserve it for being so naive.

  • Instead of banning people that accidentally get put into hacked lobbies, why not fix the original problem?

    • amnesia

      Because that would make sense.

    • Nick

      your asking the company that “fixed” the spawning issues to “fix” another problem? now that is funny. I totally get your point though.

      • How naive of me to expect the developers to actually approach a problem with a slight hint of common sense. Thanks for bringing me back to my senses guys 😀

  • ilovegoogleglass


  • Devin Tariel

    Bunch of meanies.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    ZERO tolerance for any rule of law, organization, or system just means ZERO use of common sense and a usually unjust way of governing the situation. As for CoD how do you tell exactly that you’re in a hacked lobby or inappropriate match? I would never think about it.

  • Massive ban wave… sales go up this month!

    • Nate Khan

      I see what they did there LOL

  • That guy you might know

    Another reason not to touch this game. Not gonna fix it, just ban everyone that literally had no clue what they were getting into.

    That being the case, maybe the bans aren’t completely bad. Now these banned players can get a good game.

  • Donut212

    Whoever still plays CoD should know that this happens every year with the hackers. Unfortunately innocent people still get banned for getting into lobbies that they have no control of. Does it suck? Definitely. Is it expected? Definitely. Does the game still have the same re-hashed crap year after year? DEFINITELY. (I just had to add that last part.) Flame bait GOOOOOOOOOO!


      You are right, and the sheep just eat it up.

    • NarooN

      All these idiots deserve their bans just for feeding Activision $60+ a year for the same tired, broken, poorly-made games. I’ve got friends who claim that “this is my last one, I’m done with the series” and then they go out and buy the newest one every year they come out.

      People are just roped in like sheep, there are plenty of better shooters out there that blow CoD out of the water. Not hard to find them either. No sympathy for any of these people.

      • BroJ

        Left COD when BFBC2 came out and have not looked back since. Sadly BF series is going down the same road. But it is still better then COD even despite the problems.

        • Andygee1987

          Bad Company 2 is one of the best FPS ever!!!

        • NarooN

          Bad Company 2 is still amazing after all these years. Got it on PS3 and later, PC :).

        • MR

          BF has already gone down that road with part 3, and the current BF4 is a horrifying experience of CTD’s and bugs… they said we would only get DLC after these issues were fixed, but two weeks after that statement we got our first DLC while still suffering from CTDs.

          And they never got BF3 completely right either, I don’t expect much else for part 4.

          Quick cash-in is happening more and more these days and it is obvious why: the masses of new gamers who just buy whatever gets advertised the most and looks very flashy while being devoid of any depth or real gameplay. Just point and shoot, don’t you dare use your brain, mr. Junior gamer.

      • Donut212

        Bingo. You nailed it. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • josh gallina

        Get off your soapbox. What self centered egotistical and ignorant thing to say. It’s become a sport like Madden or NBA2k. You’re so full of yourself to say people deserve to be banned because “you” don’t like the game. Bitch please, get over yourself.

        • NarooN

          Mad because you got banned, commoner? Stay salty :).

          • josh gallina

            Hahahaha. No. I’m not banned. Commoner? What is this, 18th century England? No real rebuttal so resort to cheap diversions and very very weak insults. Thank you for proving my previous point.

            • NarooN

              CoD isn’t a “sport”. It’s more like a fad, which is exactly what it is. The same people who buy Madden every year despite it being the same thing, will buy CoD every year for the same reasons. If people wanna waste their money to experience the same exact thing, then so be it. I still have no sympathy for anyone who got banned, so spare me the wetworks ;).

            • josh gallina

              Yeah, an 11 year fad. Spare me your bullshit.

            • NarooN

              CoD didn’t get ridiculously popular until MW2 came out. That’s when it became a fad. Mind you, I don’t hate all the games past that (except BO1, which was actually decent) because of any hipster nonsense, but because they were just terribad games overall.

              There’s no “bullshit” here, it’s just you being butthurt because you can’t handle the truth. Run along back to Ghosts and have fun spraying your insta-gib railcannons all over the place ;).

            • josh gallina

              Whatever. Something is popular so you hate it. Such a hipster. I think your skinny jeans are cutting off your circulation. Ultimately is just your opinion which according to sales us grossly in the minority. Enjoy spreading your “I don’t like the game so it must be bad” hate. You should consider a career in teaching at a Catholic School, you’d fit right in. Feel free to reply but I’m finished with you. Enjoy the final word, I know some as self centered as you has to have it.

            • NarooN

              The hypocrisy of this comment is amazing, lol. Nothing you said had any real substance, it was just a rage-driven diatribe filled with baseless accusations and insults to try to — wait for it — get the last word in the discussion.

              As for insta-gib railcannons — if you knew anything about old-school FPS, you’d know what they were ;).

            • josh gallina

              Ok. You got me. I was going to quit but I need to clear up the Insta-gib point. I’m perfectly aware of Quake and Unreal and the weapons used. Are you, because there is nothing like that in COD. Sure you can get a head shot or a one shot kill with a high powered sniper rifle but that is all within the term of realism. It’s the same in BF. Certainly no Gibs at all.

              Why do you hate so much? Why even come here in the first place if you hate COD so much if not to troll and pollute? Does it bother you that much that most people disagree with you? I’m not saying anything bad about BF but COD consistently kills it in sales. Don’t be so butthurt that most people don’t agree with you.

              That really is the end. Say whatever you want. I won’t be reading it.

            • NarooN

              Insta-gib is also used to mean anything that annihilates a player instantly, in any game. The point being that as CoD went on, the health dropped so low that just about every gun killed instantly, removing even less skill required to excel in the games.

              “Hate” is a pretty strong word, and that’s you putting words into my mouth. The only one here that is butthurt is you, who can’t seem to accept that some people don’t worship the games like everyone else. I couldn’t care less how many copies the games sell, or who likes the games, or if anyone agrees or disagrees with me. I posted a simple comment, and you and others blew it out of proportion.

              There was no raging on my end. I wasn’t throwing chairs around my room or smashing discs or taking labored breaths or anything. I was calm when I made my original comment, and I was calm when I made all the ones that followed.

              Perhaps now you have learned a decent lesson — don’t jump to conclusions just because someone has an opinion you don’t particularly jive with. 😉

          • shut it hater

            bitch please fuck yourself

        • MR

          Hate to burst your bubble, but the Madden, NBA, or FIFA games are just as much as a cash grab as any CoD is… Rinse and repeat the same fucking engine, the same models, same textures, hell its the SAME GAME just a different NAME. And on all those games we are still looking at an audience made of 2d sprites, inherited from 1986.

          Your argument is invalid.

      • Bmeowmix

        I enjoy how you say this as if it is a fact. The thing is there is like only three realistic alternatives to CoD in terms of FPSs that people actually play, and for the most part the game physics/engine/pace/etc makes it pretty much come down to preference. Although many people would believe that the franchise is going downhill, the fact that mass amounts of people are still playing it leads me to think that (Heaven forbid) people actually enjoy playing. So quit speaking for everyone that does play it and go back to playing your ‘superior’ shooters.

        • NarooN

          The thing is there is like only three realistic alternatives to CoD in
          terms of FPSs that people actually play, and for the most part the game
          physics/engine/pace/etc are so different makes it pretty much come down
          to preference.

          This right here shows you have no idea what you’re talking about. TF2 and the CS games on PC alone bring in over 100k players per day at any given time. There’s still tons of people playing the Quake games, tons playing DooM games, tons playing Unreal Tournament games, the list goes on.

          And on PC, hardly anyone ever plays CoD. That’s because they know better, they know a quality shooter when they see one — not to mention there are simply tons of other shooters they could pick from, all of which blow CoD away.

          I’m well aware that there are millions of sheep out there who enjoy the series. Nothing will change that, except fatigue, which clearly is already setting in seeing as how Ghosts didn’t sell as well as BO2, despite being released on more platforms than BO2 did.

          Also, it was clear that my original comment was my opinion, regardless of how harshly I worded it. It was you and the others who decided they can’t discern between factual statements and opinions without someone typing “imo” before every sentence.

          • Bmeowmix

            I admit, CoD is not made for PC (Treyarch is decent I hear), but if no one really plays on PC anyways then why use what are PC games for your examples. And what about the one who don’t play PC? They have Battlefield (which if you ask people who play CoD, they generally do not like it) and Titanfall if they have Xbox, and maybe one or two others.

            Also, the whole second part of you post excluding the last sentence suggests that it is a fact. The first part is debatable at best. You don’t have to nessisarily use “imo” but there are a good amount of phases that you could use, and because you didn’t use one makes it seem factual.

  • Upset with activision games!

    My son got his console banned!!! Wth? He barely plays all equip. Is legit, he don’t cheat cuss or harass anyone he’s 11 I thought it was because I put an hdmi splitter on or something but come to find out it was a mass ban? I spent 3 hours on chat with activision, our console is straight from factory never been opened! We did nothing wrong and that I know of he/we were never in any hacked lobby!!!!! We don’t cheat, we barely run a PC or game console let alone know how to cheat it but I’m out 600 bucks on a 500 gig assassins creed special edition ps3 because I have another 109 bucks in hardened edition ghosts we can’t play? How can they do that? I tried to get them to let me send them the ps to prove we didn’t cheat and they said NO! Nothing u can do, it’s unreversable!!!!

    • awesome_farts

      1st mistake is letting him play online at 11 yrs old! As an adult gamer I can’t stand playing with such an age group on a game RATED M! Second mistake is thinking other adult gamers like me will sympathize with you for openly deciding to letting the cod ghost online community “babysit” your 11 year old – so to speak.

      • El Gringo Diablo

        I’m happy his kid got his console banned. Lesson learned the hard way douche bag.

    • SubXero

      Obviously, when it comes down to it, you’re going to know your son better than any of us here but if you don’t think your 11 year old is capable of cheating or willingly playing in hacked lobbies… maybe you should have a look around YouTube.

    • Steph

      BS, your kid cheated, face the facts

    • El Gringo Diablo

      Kids never lie to their parents…


  • Upset with activision games!

    How is the even legal? It’s seems a ploy to make people buy a new ps4!!!! Ban us for nothing and say ” we don’t know why you were banned, there is no appeals process! it is unreversable, if you want to play you have to buy a new console! Note they didn’t ban accounts or ids, just that specific console, which I might add is not hacked or modded in any way!

    • That guy you might know

      Somehow there’s a huge flaw within that.

      If anything Activision wouldn’t ban players, so they go out and purchase a new ps4. This is clearly the fact that the incompetent devs of Infinity Ward weren’t able to stop this, and it’s getting out of hand they don’t even have the balls to make a statement themselves, the publisher had to.

      If anything, if you were one those players who were wrongfully banned don’t buy another PS4 just to possibly be banned again. Just play something else, just about every game that launched on both the PS4 and Xbox One are a better deal than this mess.

    • El Gringo Diablo

      Waaaaah! Me and my kid got banned for cheating waaaah!

  • Auptyk

    I had a friend get banned for hacking, when it happened he swore up and down that he wasn’t. Even sent in an appeal to Valve etc etc. His stats sucked and I played with him for years so I was pretty shocked, and believed that maybe he had been hit wrongfully.

    Few months later he totally admitted to using a mod that allowed him to shot burst weapons full auto. Pretty sure that these bans are legit. They are just pissed they got caught. Anyone sharing accounts with another person… that is the risk you take.

    • Steph

      Right on and totally agree

    • Katana67

      Other than on leaderboards, whenever I somehow get placed within a hacked room (on whatever game I’m playing) or deal with a hacker, they’re NEVER GOOD. EVER.

      I have NEVER seen a hacker do overly well when hacking. Whenever I suspect someone’s hacking, I usually focus MORE on them. Why do people do it if it doesn’t make them any better?

      • wampdog29

        They don’t do it for the game, they do it for the experience of hacking…. that’s it. Same reason why anyone hacks: to say you can and did.

  • Steph

    Been in a bunch of hacked lobbies and I’m not banned as I didn’t cheat, almost all u people crying over getting banned for no reason are lying…u did it, u deserve it, live with it, don’t cheat.

    • El Gringo Diablo

      I know right? Love it! And these are people we sit next to in traffic and movie theaters. Double standard having douche bags. I enjoy a challenge and if I’m getting owned that’s what it is. Cheating doesn’t reveal anything about your talent but more about your character as a person

      • Dale

        Or maybe COD is boring you and you wonder what it’s like to be a walking Harrier Jet (MW2 good times).

    • Dultz

      Well, that’s not entirely true. Played a couple of matches on Friday night. Turned it off. Came back on Saturday morning to a message saying that the console had a permanent ban on it. Looked pretty much like the photo at the top of the article, except it was for the console, not the account. I assure you that we do not cheat/hack. I got in contact with activision, and they told me that they only ban accounts, not consoles and for me to contact Sony. I called Sony, and all was well on their end, they hadn’t banned the console. They said for me to contact Activision. I told them I did and that they told me to contact Sony. He said that it must be something wrong with their servers. Well, I decided to try and see if it was a glitch/mishap on their end, and popped Ghosts in on Sunday night. And I was able to play online normally, the “ban” had been lifted. I do realize that there are a lot of cheaters/hackers out there, but not EVERYONE who has been banned is in that category. Trust me, my K/D isn’t that of a cheater/hacker…

  • How can you tell if you are in a hacked lobby?

    • Dale

      Constant player kills, dieing every 5 seconds, Random level ups/ prestige increases, running/ jumping 2x faster, texture changes, flying cows with rocket launchers… You get the picture.

  • Kidanny Mendez

    Amazing. Diminishing their already low player count.

  • RIPPERmotercross

    I got banned for nothing as well. I looked into it and I did nothing to break the code of conduct, so IDK. It’s BS though cause I paid a good $110 towards this game and they ban me for doing nothing, except maybe for being in a hacked lobby that I didn’t know about.

  • BroJ

    This needs to happen more often. On BF if you exploit glitches or boost or cheat. All of these players needs banned.

  • eccentrik

    I tried hopping on Black Ops 2 the other day and I had a message pop up that I was “Permanently Banned”. Not sure why. If anyone looked through my stats it’d be embarrassing. I mostly got my butt kicked. Oh well…

    • eccentrik

      I guess I was hoping there was some way to actually look into it and see SOLID PROOF of alleged cheating. A screenshot / etc. Their method of “You’re Banned — Tough Shit!” is lame.

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  • mikeslemonadeFromN4G

    This is a reminder for you to play another game. Don’t be a lame gamer that play COD for more than a month.

  • Andygee1987

    Best this game is dead on X1 since Titanfall dropped, don’t know how people can still play it, it’s a awful FPS, worse COD ever IMO

  • OwenFart

    This just convinces me more and more to go out and get a Gaming PC with Titanfall.

  • PatcherStation

    I suppose getting banned will give your console and controller a rest. And too much gaming, more so online, isn’t good for your health.

  • jon manning

    Wouldn’t know i ave been playing this game you may have heard of it TITANFALL!

    • MR

      Yup, and Titanfall does not even have its anti-cheat code implemented in its currently active version.


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  • Gamez Rule

    “Reports are beginning to surface of a massive ban wave that appears to
    be primarily targeting PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users playing
    Infinity Ward’s CODG” ….. But showing it happens on XboxLive on the title picture….. ( BUT no mentioning to it happening on 360 or Xbone )

    • Talking about PlayStation bannings, shows Xbox LIVE screenshot for story. lol

      • Gamez Rule

        Classic or what☺

    • Nick

      I may be missing it, but where does that image prove that it’s from XBL?

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  • Jecht_Sin

    I’m totally against cheating but banning is a dangerous and somehow illegal practice. People paid for the product, they can’t be indiscriminately banned, it is a breach of contract until proven (and not just decided) the player was indeed cheating.

    It happened already with XBL when MS wrongly banned honest users. I believe in some Countries it should be a judge to decree a ban. Otherwise the least they should do would be to fully refund the people banned.

    • Agreed and IN FULL too…

    • Can’t go around cheating and making the game unfair for others online. You paid to play and abide the ToU. If they can’t abide by those then they have every right to ban them to keep the game enjoyable to those who don’t cheat/hack.

      • Nick

        I can’t wait until you get thrown into a hacked lobby and don’t back out immediately bc you have no idea your in one…then get banned….your full of shit to think that EVERYONE is guilty…

      • bob

        I love the people that are mentally challenged that think all people banned are “because you cheated.” I have never cheated in any game. I don’t like cheaters they ruin the game and I have reported quite a few. Recently when logging in to multiplier on Call of Duty Ghosts. I received a error message that said “You cannot play online because you are banned.” I received no warning.. I checked with VC and it says I was never banned. NO ONE at either Activision or Steam will give me answers. So all of you who blurt out “Your a cheater so get over it” are fools that thinks Activision and Steam are always right. THEY ARE NOT!!! I am really getting sick and tired of the idiots that just instantly scream “Your a Cheater” without knowing all the facts. Activision and Steam need to get their heads together because the both blame each other and the people like me who have never cheated cannot get a straight answer.

        • You obviously did something to get banned. Whether your a cheater or not, you got banned for a reason. Stop bitching at me because you did something mentally retarded to get yourself banned. Maybe you are a cheater, got proof your not? No? Didn’t think so.

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  • xHDx

    I really couldn’t care less about Activision. They’re ridiculous when it comes to Call of Duty. Every single Call of Duty gets hacked after around 1/2 months of being released and they wonder what they’re doing wrong. Maybe if they Improve the games they create and actually listen to the community then they might not get picked on as much. It happens every year without fail. For Ghosts they said at E3 (I think) that the game would have dedicated servers on a pllayer level. That was a straight up lie. They later announced the PS4 would have dedicated servers and yet again that was a lie.

    They deserve what they get for milking people wallets and what was a good franchise.

    • Activision is just the publisher. The developers are the ones who handle the actual updates, etc. So your actually pointing the finger at Infinity Ward when it comes to Call of Duty: Ghosts problems.

    • Bmeowmix

      Even though they should do it more, I don’t see how “listening to the community” would prevent hackers. Last time I heard people didn’t hack CoD out of spite, they did it for other reasons.

      Also, CoD has dedicated servers in the form of hybrid servers. You get dedicated servers when you need them, and listen-ins when you’d be better off. Pretty much win-win.

  • Wayne McDaniel

    How bad a hacker would I (ps3 gamer tag WRMII) have to be to have a kill to death ratio of less than one and have not prestige after months of play. Infinity ward needs to use some common sense they have banned some very innocent people along with the violators.

  • Convergence87

    iw have been pulling crap like this for too long!!

  • StrongIsland

    This happened to my friend got him unbanned last night. I talked to @JoeCarrot of IW and @ATVIASSIST

  • Adam Savage

    i like buying used games when i dont like the publisher, Ea, Activision can recive no money from me but as for infamous that is day one new.

    • Your still buying the game, playing it and talking about it. Whether you buy it new or not, there goal is to get you to play the game. Because chances are, if you end up liking the game enough, you might buy the next one the following November.

  • James K
    • That’s a nice thought, but why would Activision jeopardize the COD community with a console war over the same game during the launch of Titanfall, a competitive game to COD according to many?

      Its either a bug in a patch to the auto-ban system or the people actually cheated or got into a hacked lobby unknowingly.

      Hopefully it gets taken care of so everyone can go back to enjoying the game.

  • Dultz

    Played a couple of matches on Friday night. Turned it off. Came back on
    Saturday morning to a message saying that the console had a permanent
    ban on it. Looked pretty much like the photo at the top of the article,
    except it was for the console, not the account. I assure you that we do
    not cheat/hack. I got in contact with Activision, and they told me that
    they only ban accounts, not consoles and for me to contact Sony. I
    called Sony, and all was well on their end, they hadn’t banned the
    console. They said for me to contact Activision. I told them I did and
    that they told me to contact Sony. He said that it must be something
    wrong with their servers.

    Well, I decided to try and see if it was a
    glitch/mishap on their end, and popped Ghosts in on Sunday night. I
    was able to play online normally, the “ban” had been lifted. I do
    realize that there are a lot of cheaters/hackers out there, but not
    EVERYONE who has been banned is in that category. Trust me, my K/D isn’t
    that of a cheater/hacker…so it’s a bit rude for the ones who didn’t get banned to automatically say, “tough luck, admit it you cheated/hacked” Really? Come on, have a little more compassion for others, had it been you, and you honestly didn’t cheat/hack, would you like it if people basically told you that you were and to suck it up?

    • Nick

      Straight up…well put

  • JeffersonsGhost

    You would think they would have a fix for it by now. This is how many CoDs that it is possible?

    • Just because its like the 10th COD game, doesn’t mean its the same backend and everything works the same. That’s the actual stuff that people don’t see that gets updated and replaced with new coding each COD game. Multiplayer games are bound to have problems when you start throwing in patches without play testing them.

  • Zac

    So are they implying that the PS4 is now hacked?

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  • betosobreira

    Activison, you had a job….

  • Daniel Lloyd Geoghan

    so they fuck up when banning innocent people and tell them its their fault and that they investigated it no cod creator actually investigates it its an automated system, i bet ill be banned despite the fact i call bullshit and ping tampering most of the time just because i back out of roughly 80% of my games due to bullshit. i call bullroar on this ban wave for the innocents just unban them you cant actually prove someone has been cheating anyway unless you have a cod theater like bo2 did maybe implement that so you can call it investigation. morons.

    • Rage quitter 😛

      • Daniel Lloyd Geoghan

        yeah i have a low tolerance to bullshit when it comes to shooters.

  • Rorke File

    Activision is really bad against there community , if COD is dead they gone do the same with Destiny ….

    • Really bad against the community for getting rid of the cheaters? lmao

      You can hate a company all you want, but when you make a stupid comment against a developer banning cheaters saying that’s wrong of them, I just find it funny.

      Cheaters ruin a game for everyone else. Its all fun and games until they get banned, and then they start pointing the finger at the developer because they got caught. lol

      • Nick

        And the ones that make/host the lobbies need to be banned. Not the ones that get thrown into a random Dom playlist. Funny how everyone knows exactly what AV and IW did to “investigate” the “hackers”

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  • Sir Elton Pr0n

    Always look on the positive. Gives these poor players the opportunity to play something decent instead of Ghosts.

  • Nick

    This is such a joke!! I am on XBL, not even effected by this ban, but WTF IW????? Are you serious??? You obviously know nothing about your shitty excuse for a game!!

    How in the hell can you ban people for being thrown into a lobby by YOUR SERVERS??? I am absolutely blown away by the ignorance associated with IW. It is an absolute joke! I have been thrown into about 3 hacked lobbies on XBL. To the casual gamer, it doesn’t seem different until you jump and rank up.

    Not only that, but the XP lobbies don’t show any difference until your at the “end” of the match and you notice that the score keeps rising and there is no END. So that’s when you notice the lobby isn’t normal.

    Yet, the dipshits at IW think they know everything and everyone that has “hacked”…HA! You can’t even make a spawn point without it being right in front of an enemy aiming down their sights or find a match with a full lobby, at that.

    This is just the epitome of IW…try to create a game, call it COD, have “Dynamic Maps” (WTF ever), New (refurbished is more like it) engine. After all that, knowing you have arguably the #1 game coming out, lack the server capability to allow ALL your customers to play on launch day, then ban those same customers bc you CANT control what kind of lobby THEIR servers put you in…

    Anyone else excited about 3arc??

  • When you hear about someone being banned on anything anymore, its kind of funny when its a father and son story. The parent tries to say we did nothing wrong, but in honesty the child or the actual person pretending to be a parent did something that deserved a ban.

    • Nick

      I am guessing as soon as your thrown into any lobby, you know exactly if its hacked or not, huh? Highly doubtful…XP lobby’s aren’t noticeable until you see the score not stopping at the “end” score….so how would one know right off the bat? So, when someone gets thrown into a hacked lobby, key word: thrown, they deserve the ban?

  • If you are dropping your $60 bucks.. ANd get banned with out explanation. I Would sue the hell out of them.

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  • Zachary Myers

    “We understand some players were incorrectly banned over the weekend and we have since corrected the issue. Try playing again now.”

    *People try to play; Still banned*

    Infinity Ward:

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  • Ryan Schulze

    That’s what started killing COD for me. I ended up in some hacked MW2 lobby and suddenly all my weapons were unlocked and my Prestige jumped from 3 to 10. That constant “reward” COD gives you when leveling up was taking away and the game just wasn’t as fun anymore. That, and everytime I got on, at least one game I got into was hacked. I thought hacking hadn’t been a real issue with COD since MW2 though.

  • thebulky1cometh

    Hey Activision, sit up and take notice: Infinity Ward is destroying its credibility with each and every mistake (the Onslaught DLC was a MESS and left a lot of people quite pissed off). I wasn’t sure how I felt about SH becoming the 3rd studio, but now I am seeing an added benefit: more COMPETITION so that these studios feel the need to step their game up.

  • JBeauregard

    Pay $60 for the game, buy the season pass for $50, get banned a few months after release! lmao I was banned once for no reason. Got the game for xmas, played a couple times and then didn’t touch it again for a couple weeks. Went to log in and it said my console had been banned. Called Activision, who refused to cooperate with me at first, then after respectfully berating the customer support guy my console was unbanned. They don’t “investigate” anything. Customer support will tell you that – especially due to the large volume of complaints they receive. They essentially wait for a count and then ban. I suck at the game, so maybe people were reporting me for something because I was always at the bottom of the score list? I’m hoping Activision is eventually sued over this. You can’t treat customers like this – you can’t take their money and then ban them without a reason. You cannot ban without providing an acceptable reason.

    • thebulky1cometh

      How did you manage to CALL Activision?!?!

      • JBeauregard

        An extremely long web search to find a phone number lmao. I think I finally found it on a forum. I waiting on the phone for 65 minutes to talk to someone. It sounds crazy but I was obviously very upset.

        • thebulky1cometh

          Wow, how sad is it that a company that is making BILLIONS of dollars from this cash cow can’t throw down some money to support a call center? I find it completely unacceptable.

  • cell989

    so how exactly were the real cheaters, cheating? I came in here wanting to know what methods were they using and how can you tell when youre in a hacked lobby. Instead I got a story about innocent people getting banned -___-

  • victor

    Fuck Activision for banning me for no reason. Then lifting the ban and acting like nothing happened.

  • Akromedo

    lol why don’t they just make squads mode offline so you can level up and unlock stuff on a profile that is offline that would probably help people not hack or give honest people a way to play so they don’t have to deal with hackers and a troll community. I did not get banned but then again I never play online I play squads mode by myself with bots I leveled up to 35 too honestly squads mode xp is caped at 2000, you can unlock patches or customization items for you squad and you can’t do operations they should change this and that would probably give other people a way to play so they don’t have to play i a crap community. The gaming industry is getting lazy. ( and I don’t mean programmers, I mean game promoters and designers are getting lazy)

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  • morgan121

    Stop guys – if you got caught cheating man up! like most cheating players you will probably be a virgin until your mid 20’s – If it was a mistake they will give you access back.. the amount of people using glitches to rank up is crazy – just enjoy the game –

    The real issue: Girl friendly lobbies , guys be kind to other girls –

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  • Anthony C Sanders

    When you pay over one hundred dollars for a game(including dlc and other cutomization features) You expect to be able to play a clean game without hackers,cheaters. When these companies whom are making millions of dollars profit on these games launch,All security should be in place to insure a pleasant gaming experience for their customers. However such isnt the case. More often than not, theres cheating in these games. The companies are aware that it’s going to happen, No surprises there!! I understand that they arent the ones cheating. But they must insure this doesnt continue. Class action lawsuits could result because of this!!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS NOW!!!!!!!

  • WrassliNerd

    This game is garbage anyways. There’s at best 40k people playing every night only because of all the bad campers, and angle kills bull garbage IW came up with. There use to be at least 700k people worldwide playing Black Ops 1. This game’s a joke. I’d be happy if they ban me too!

  • Daniel Gripton

    I joined a domination game last night, joined right at the end bout 1min to go clearly a hacked lobby and it wouldn’t let me leave the game so I waited to remainder of the time and when back in the lobby screen everyone was yelling I am a hacker report him! WTF! Can u get banned jus from that? I don’t think I even had a kill and was on bottom of ladder. Lil stressed right now as never cheated or broke any code of conduct rules. Worried when I next log In I will be banned!

  • Thor Odin-Son

    That’s bullshit I’m still playing against cheaters use all sorts of hacks. Wall, aimbot, godmode, and a slew of other hacks. So why don’t they just patch all these hacks out. So I don’t have to listen to these f’in cheaters talk shit saying they’re just that good and I just suck. Bullshit, if I shot you in the head, point blank, with a shotgun you shouldn’t be able to turn around and shot me once with a pistol in the f’in leg and kill me. Or if I’m shooting some asshole and I’m not getting away hit markers on them but they turn around anyway and put acouple of bullets in me and I die. It’s just bullshit who what’s to pay over $60 bucks to play a game they cheaters and hackers have ruined because they can’t play it normal because they’ll suck ass if they did!

  • Nick Mudd

    I am still dealing with a shit ton of hackers. I mean if someone has a k/d ratio of over 3.00 they are probably hacking or using a lag switch. I have been playing call of duty since the very first one hit the shelves. And have never been more disappointed than when I realized that Activision hasnt figured out that to stop this crap they need to go after the assholes that make the hack programs. AND the people who download them. I’m in a clan war against a team who’s taken almost all the nodes and I can’t play without joining a hacked lobby. Not to mention the guy leading their team has a k/d ratio of 3.10. They also have twice as many players than our clan. How is this fair? I’ve noticed gameplay get so bad my teammates won’t even play. Hackers have ruined a game I used to love. I played over 15 games without a win last night. I fucking hate you Activision for what you have allowed to happen to this game. It used to be about who was a better player. Now its about who is the better hacker… I mean are we teaching kids that it’s OK to cheat? No shame on you Activision… shame on you. I paid good money for a fair shake and all you all worry about is the next unready DLC pack release instead of fixing serious problems. Get off your ass and program a better firewall. And whoever supposedly fixed the matchmaking should be fired because it doesn’t work. At all. I mean 12 players against 6 is not a fair clan battle. And I can’t report someone from clan wars if they are playing a fuckin ps3. Why place Xbox players against ps3 players unfair and retarded. I know you have the money and the means so fix it. Or you may here from the better business people. Sincerely pissed off person who has every call of duty game released.

  • Kelly Lambrianou Keith Bruce

    Why are there not better security protocols in place to stop the hackers in the first place. The top 3000, + on the leaderboard have have stats check the avg score. What amazes me is that there is a hacker at the top promoting his mods asking player to add him so as to supply the mods and they leave him on there it’s disgraceful.

  • Jason Alatorre

    There is a player on Ghost called BO1BO2 hack and he hasn’t been banned yet and it’s been 5 months since he was reported..This is the last COD I will buy since Activision doesn’t care about their customers at all…

  • Lo0neyBin99

    I was banned and activision told me there was no ban on my account but its been since 3/14/14 that I have played ghosts

  • Andrew blanche

    In COD Ghosts PS3’s modded by players I think have changed characteristics of weapons(ie, adjusted range of shotgun, and extended length if playtime with maniacs and juggernauts) and definitely they have done something to my player. I have manually kept track of deaths in games and they don’t match. They must be changing my game stats. It’s like one death is being recorded as 2 deaths. I have passed on the names of numerous players already but I need my account (online character) checked. I have been pinned in a corner by my own team as a member of the opposing comes and kills me. it’s starting to look like there are more cheaters than honest players. Look at accounts with drastic improvements, the abnormally high kill-death ratio. Mine hasn’t moved cause my game results are being changed.

  • wake up

    the ghosts on PS4 have now around 2K on domination, on PS3 around 4K, and the BO2 around 7K.

    The ghosts on PS4 really suck, with so many of players having the KDR of 3 and larger, you can’t really enjoy the game. I was confused as how could they be so good (my KDR is 0.9), but I know now after seeing this page. Bastards. Really, what is the purpose of cheating in a computer game, what do they want to prove? Idiots.

  • TronUniverse

    What these stupid developers don’t get is that they need to ISP, IP, CONNECTION, Internet Protocol ban their entire Service from EVER accessing call of duty series and also approve submission of hackers and make it EXTREMELY strict. But these developers are so terrible that they care only about business and hacks are just growing their business more because if people get banned they need to rebuy that game. This world is trash.

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  • xpyr0x

    I liked Batllefield 3 but like so many gamers got stuck with the no gun glitch or bug so I was like fuck it and just stopped playing it was bs and by then my ps3 broke anyway so all well that ends well I guess.

  • Lee

    My son has had the game less than a week, has played fairly and has been permanently banned without explanation! He has no idea why. Contacted support on Facebook, but just receive generic, vague replies. I’m wild as this game cost me a small fortune.
    What can I do? Who can I contact to have this investigated further?

  • Lee

    Bought Call Of Duty Ghost last week for my son. He’s played it for less than a week & plays with my hubby & his brother. They play fairly, dont hack, etc and received a permanent ban, out of the blue the day before yesterday. No luck with Activision.Com, received usual blanket response back with lack of transparency, offered no resolution, nor specifics as to why he was banned in the first place!
    I’m extremely annoyed about this. This game isnt cheap, if they’re taking such harsh measures, at the very least, provide players with details of their alleged infringment! Does anyone have any advice as to who i can approach to have this investigated?

  • Shadowulf McCullough

    people have no control over what lobby they are placed in during matchmaking all this does is make people like me say that I will not buy your games if I can be banned for playing online.


    i got banned too 3 days after buying it. here’s my convo with support:

    Gieman B: Activision Support reporting for duty!
    Gieman B: Hi there!You: hey i was trying get some unlocks yesterday and i never got them and today when i tried to log in it said i was bannedYou: and my account says im permanatly banned yet im not a hacker and i bought a new copy of GhostsGieman B: Alright. No worries dude. Let me try to check it for you but before we proceed, may I have first your gamer tag and email address, please?You: ok cool its ******* and ********** im on PS3Gieman B: Thanks for the info. Let me check your account. Would that be fine?You: yeah thats coolGieman B: Please bear with me dude.You: its all good i have timeGieman B: Thanks. May I know also if you’re on what console, please?
    You: PS3Gieman B: Thanks man. I’m still generating your info in my end.You: its all good im playing GTA5 meanwhileGieman B: Alright. Thanks for patiently waiting. It seems that you got banned according to the info in my end. Unfortunately, I don’t have any info why you got banned.You: it told me im permanatly banned but ive never hacked anything in my lifeGieman B: I believe that you got in a hacked lobby dude. As much as I would love to help you with this one, I’m afraid that I don’t have any means to revert it.You: so theres no way to unblock my accountYou: i didnt do anything wrongYou: and i just bought the gameYou: my console is blocked so none of my accounts work!Gieman B: I understand how you feel about this one but I can’t do anything about it because bans are final, I would love to help you because I know that you didn’t do anything odd in the game. I’m sorry man.You: that’s ridiculous why whould that be a policy. how are the customers benefiting from BS rules like that why whould i want a game where i can only play campaign modeGieman B: I’m sorry that you’re having this issue man. I do apologize for this.
    You: this the only game this has happened to me

  • Stephen Stubbs

    I was given a permanent ban earlier in the year on a cod game, with no reason, after a week long search I finally got a phone number and spoke to someone in person,explaining that I was a 50yr old player and not some spotty teenage hacker, and that I couldn’t be expected to know if I was in a hacked game unless I saw floating players, in which case I would leave the game, but it would be their server that had put me their in the first place, I got back online, with scores reverted to 0%, not happy then, if it happened again I’d say screw them and find something else to do

  • Devedre That’s Daved Slaughter

    True not their fault if you get put into a hacked lobby they need to pay some one to play the game to see who is cheating

  • Aaron Trevisan

    Jan 13 2016. This just happened to me. I have not played COD Ghosts in over a year. I only have 59 hours into the game. I stopped playing it over a year ago and came back tonight because a friend has it and we decided to play it. I load the game and jump into a server and in roughly 2 min i’m booted. Screen comes up and says I have been banned. Now like I said I have not played it in a year then I play for 2 min and banned. I am 41 years old and not a child. I have been playing games since the commodore 64. I have 12 consoles and 4 gaming computers in my home. I have NEVER cheated in a game. I did not even like the game genie for the 8-bit nes. I know nothing about how to hack or crack a game to cheat. If the cheat was given to me I would not know how to use it. I HATE cheaters and deal with them on a daily basis and I get banned. like I said I am not a child and I know theft when it happens. I will not stand by or let this go. If I do then they get away with theft. I know for a fact that I have not broken any rules in their guidelines regarding bans. What they are doing is stealing my game from me and I will not stop until I have answers.

  • Tony O’Shea

    I thought u could not hack consoles? This proves cheaters on CoD as i suspected.

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  • Kristján Ernir Rúnarsson

    Not fair for people not knowing that the were wrongly accused of entering a server infested by a unknown cheater. Luckily i havent gotten banned although i sometimes encounter ps3 players using invincibility or lag glitching that makes them impossible to die.