Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta Receives A Server Update

Thanks to Community Manager Seeson Mahathavorn, we got the first information regarding a server update pushed to the Medal of Honor beta.

While the beta for the most part is holding it’s own and is not plagued by any ground-breaking bugs or glitches, there are a few issues that Danger Close decided to tweak for players enjoying the beta. Below is a full list of changes you can expect the next time you hop in and play.

  • Fallback Spawn – We’ve received a ton of feedback on our spawn mechanic! It was clear that the initial system occasionally placed players too close to harm’s way. This new update changes where you spawn in vs. the proximity of enemy players when using fallback spawn. We are also investigating Fireteam spawns for the final game.
  • Weapon Tuning – We’ve listened to your feedback regarding weapons and have tweaked them accordingly.
  • Player Dropout – We’ve addressed some issues regarding player connectivity and should have a more stable connection to game servers.

Seeson went on to clarify “There were numerous reports about “invisible weapons” and “invisible characters” showing up. The team has verified that this is a beta-specific unlocks issue and has confirmed that this is not an issue in the final version of the game.”

Don’t forget that you have until Monday, October 15th to enjoy the beta before it ends. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled to hit store shelves for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 23rd.

  • Phil

    All that effort for a game that is truly horrible.

    • So what’s the problem with it exactly? I mean apart from the bugs and glitches. Im asking couse I have a PS3, and people just say “its horrible” and thats it, no one tells any details.

      • Super Six Eight

        He doesn’t like it because it’s either: not BF3.5, MW3.5 or it has a small learning curve that he is unwilling to invest in. Too many casual gamers want an easy game to play that requires little skill on their part.

        • Good point…after the tweaks the game feels and plays a lot better….here to change!!!

      • EcHo84

        The game doesn’t appease COD players or BF fans, MOH:W falls somewhere in between. Alas for people who are sick of the 2 I’ve mentioned, or want something different, this game is perfect for you :).

    • Super Six is bad at the game

      Couldn’t agree more Phil. This game is terrible.

      • Love how people are bad at the game & they bash it.

        • leadfarmer153

          Love how people assume things.

          • Love how people assume things about other people assuming things.

            • leadfarmer153

              I think you lack understanding Eugene. Just because someone dislikes a game doesn’t mean they are bad at it…why must I explain that?

            • More likely, someone who is shita at a game can complain more, that’s what usually happens.

            • YourMomsLover

              I think Eugene is a stupid name. And to have rash as your last name. Fuck dude I feel bad for you. Eugene’s rash

    • Kyle Jackson

      I agree, it looks hideous (on console anyways) but liked the SP gameplay vids I’ve seen so far, so I might just play that then get rid.

    • leadfarmer153

      This game is really bad. Really bad graphics…but what does it for me is lack of twitch controls. I’m a super aggressive player and when a game lacks responsive controls it ruins it. Not laggy controls are perfect for head glitching campers. Hmmmmm

    • bfkingb

      agree, too far out abd out of reach to be a twitch shooter, that 30 frames per s makes this game too jumpy and laggy.

  • MatthewScars

    Good first step!

  • MatthewScars

    Good first step!

  • norum11

    comes out on the 23rd not 26th.

    • In the US its 23rd, and in the UK (and guessing: the rest of the world) it comes on the 26th.

  • Mike1987

    Phil, you have no idea what a good game is. I’m interested in the multiplayer but mostly the campaign is what I’m looking forward to. It’s funny watching people bash this game. MW3 is trash. Just like the article regarding how the community of quickscopers and people not playing the objective in COD said, they have destroyed that game. MOHW, if you don’t play the objective, you don’t win and you don’t get rewarded.

  • The spawning was horrible glad thats getting adressed.

  • I have a ps3 & 360. Played the beta(360) & loved it. Buying it for my PS3 though.

  • kyuubi_clone

    i am a ps3 guy, but i also have two 360s. i love the beta, love the teamwork required to win the rounds. glad they tweaked the spawn. other than that it is going to be a great game. honestly, most of the people that are bashing this game are the ones that cannot play any other shooter besides the ones that cater to their style of play. this game has improved so much since the last MOH title too.
    some people also seem to forget what a beta is exactly.
    great mechanics and great class balance. my only gripe so far is that every time i set up my classes/nationality/weapons/attachments, i have to redo it again when the round starts because it does not seem to save. great beta. a hybrid of BF3 and MOH, and i am a HUGE battlefield fan.

  • Karnfx

    Lol. So here’s my two penny’s. I am a semi-pro gamer. I have participated in many turni events across the US and some of Europe.

    So far my thoughts on this game have been really good. Considering it is only the beta-err demo. I have experienced some initial bugs here and there like the infamous reload without reloading lol. But other than that I’m liking what I’m seeing so far.

    I do hope however, that the graphics are not final build in this beta. Also I’d like to point out that the peak and lean function is wonderful. Many a times have I peaked around a corner only to find 5 dummies running at me only to get spreyed in the face.

    • leadfarmer153

      The xbox can not push much better graphics. By standards its a super weak system. Let’s hope microsoft plans a quicker turn around after 720

      • out of the pc, ps3, & 360 the 360 has the worst graphics.

        • leadfarmer153

          Fanboy garbage!! The PS3 and Xbox are so close. Xbox better graphics card ps3 better processor.

          • I own both systems there moron

          • Oliver Cooksey

            The Xbox beta downloads in SD, so will disc 1 be (due to DVD restrictions). This is why it looks bad on the Xbox.

      • It will have a HD patch like Bf3.

  • Soldierofbullets

    Its cool that their brushing up a little on the faults of the beta. Won’t convince me to buy the game though.

  • Ol1VI3R

    totally buying this game, nice job dangerclose

    • mohwartfighter

      totally cancelling preorder for this game, that 30fps motion, graphics, can’t feel support actions and lag sh*t screwed this game, too slow for a COD wanna be.

      • Luis Young

        Just a beta…

        • betosobreira

          I don’t thing there will be major changes until the release.

          • except HDD graphics installation and the other 10 gigs that come with the game.

      • betosobreira

        I agree.

      • Kazuela

        well if you are grumbling about 30fps why the hell are you playing on console?, i mean since 30 fps is the best a console can handle without making the game looks like some shit of 2006, you can’t ask more for Old as hell hardware.

        if you want 60fps, better go for a PC, all games can run on that framerate or higher depending of the hw and the monitor you’re using.

  • Ol1VI3R

    very happy too see them support the game that quick, they are showing us that they will not do the same mistake that DICE did in 2010… Did you know that BO2 will have the same game engine that MW3 well since 1999… thats really a bummer after all the money they make they did not even change the engine yet HELLO unreal4engine is right there are they too lazy to use it or COD community just don t makes the difference…

    • oliverisgay

      stupid fck you have no idea what you are talking about, might as well leave COD alone. The COD graphics is as good as any game out therer. Dumb fcks like you only crticized when frostbite 2 came around, all praises for the new engine and trashed COD. But look at BF3 and MOH W on consoles, it look sh*t And MOH on smaller maps run at 30fps. Your fav engine is all hype but no balls.

      • Jason

        OMG Really dude? Frostbite 1 was better than Id’s 1997 Tech 3 Engine (which is COD’s Engine, but you probably didn’t know that) Granted Black Ops 2 does look better and they have improved alot on that engine but the engine as a whole is missing features such as Tessellation, AA, Volumetric and Bloom lighting as well as Volumetric shadows, Real Time Physics, Destruction, and more. It’s not that Frostbite 2 doesn’t have balls, but The Consoles running it don’t have enough Balls to show it off! When Xbox 720 and PS4 come out next gen you will start to see what the Frostbite 2 Engine is capable of, after all it is a “Next Gen Engine, Optimized to Run on Current Gen Platforms”

        • Zack

          Why does everyone keep mentioning “xbox 720,” it’s not going to exist. Microsoft was clear in saying the Xbox 360 is their last xbox console.

      • Hm

        You have no balls, but you love to suck a lot of dick.

      • YourMomsLover


  • Terraform

    Unless the patch isn’t out yet, I haven’t noticed the spawn changes. I’m still spawning into a huddle of enemies at certain times. I think it may just be the horrible map and all of the tight engagements that happen everywhere but I never seem to spawn in safety.

  • Zack

    This game is great, but i’m hoping EA fixing their server issues with this game. I used to be a CoD head back with CoD4, when the game actually took time and skill to get good at. Now CoD is way to easy, you play allot, you learn spawns and tricks, and bam you’re going 20/8 every game. Back in my day when I had no life on CoD4 I was doing 35+/2- Every game, with rushing and zero camping. Now these new CoD games suck, and i’ve moved onto MoH, because they take much more skill. Like others have said, some CoD heads just can’t learn new (or actually any) skills.

    • Zack

      *oh, and that’s why they are hating on the game. They are used to being able to just camp somewhere, or rush with an Lmg, and spray everybody down. Or no scope people like it takes skill or something. They’re mad, because this game takes more skill then little bitch tricks like that, so they hate on it.

  • medalofhonorfan619

    Hey had a quick question regarding the multiplayer for the Ps3 version of the game that I bought brand new. I tried to play online with the free online pass/pass code I was given with the purchase and when I try to play after choosing my country and everything, It says that there are no servers available or that I don’t have everything downloaded…When I know that I do, as I entered the code in and downloaded my free online pass…I just wanna play online! Any solutions???