Medal of Honor: Warfighter Gets a New Multiplayer Trailer

After reaching the 100% mark on their Facebook goal, Danger Close has unleashed a brand new multiplayer trailer for the upcoming Medal of Honor sequel, Warfighter.

Check it out below and let us know what tickled your fancy or if you noticed anything interesting. Expect a full trailer analysis up soon!

  • Niosus

    Interesting… This trailer reminds me of the multiplayer of the original Crysis in some ways. I definitely want to see more of this!

  • Antoine

    R.I.P. COD

    • fuck cod

      yeah buddy

    • BrokenThinker

      As a game and not a business model, this piece of shit died years ago.

    • look at the liitle trolls. how many years have people told CoD to RIP? Its still stronger than ever & this year is no different.

      • Pudge

        Stronger not better, of course stronger when all the little kids buy it

      • Kazuela

        Cod is already dead on PC (went to shit with MW2 and mw3 put the final nail to it’s coffin), the only thing keeping it alive it’s that since consoles are garbage that can’t maintain 60 fps on a game unless it’s engine is from the stone age there is no other option that can deliver the same framerate.

    • WasabeJuice

      MoH W running at 30 fps on consoles where majority of the gamers are will not make any difference to COD. Fast pace action at 30fps does not look good, missing frames all the time. This will follow what happened to MoH2010, it faded away into oblivion.

  • Just what I feared, the possible direction to continue this FPS slide towards being so user friendly that skill acquired from experience is thrown out the window for dumbed down “accessibility”. I hope this map and maps in MoH:WF are bigger than what this appears to be. Medium size in between BF3’s expansive and CoD’s tiny maps would be great.

    Anyhow, not a huge fan of tiny maps where strategy is replaced with
    pretty much being in a random duck shoot like what CoD:MW3 is. Point
    streaks or kill streaks, whatever you want to call them, are not my cup
    of tea if they are going to be Ai driven and giving away kills like in CoD.
    At least on BF3 whatever killed you was player controlled to a tee and
    not some cheap Ai.

    Plus, why were we given what appeared and I hope was non-Hardcore gameplay? Does this mean hardcore will actually be hardcore and not what has been posing as hardcore in say BF3? I hope so. Flesh is weak, blunt force kills.

    • Pudge

      Can’t agree more, Hardcore is the only thing I play in BF3, you still need 300 shots to kill someone. Hope they change it in MOH.

  • Scary69

    I think the bigger the maps the more it promotes camping COD 4 had good maps and way less camping then the COD now and BF. I prefer medium size maps than HUGE maps which makes noobs just sit in corners cause they suck.

    • Mikey Spangler

      Theres no campers in BF3? Maybe in TDM but in other game modes, thats called defending.

      • Jason

        Never thought about it that way!? good stuff

      • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe there “defending” there little corner in TDM.

    • tludt888

      Camping isn’t wrong.

      “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice… shame on me” holds true for camping. If you walk into a camp after being killed, and aren’t prepared… it’s your own fault.

      Furthermore, if there’s an actual objective… like in BF3… defending a fixed area is prudent. Oh and never forget people, even in objective matches, killing the enemy helps your team! Fewer OPFOR on the field at a given time = easier time accomplishing objectives.

      A problem with camping only arises when the player doing so isn’t good. It’s not a problem of the tactic, but a problem of a player being able to make an impression on the battlefield regardless of the situation.

      I don’t agree with camping being considered “noobish” either. Running around the map like an idiot looking for the closest stimuli to shoot at… now that sounds silly to me. Often times, a camper is the most experienced/intelligent one there, and has sufficiently scouted/assessed the map and found a great spot to slay bodies from.

      As an aside, CoD4 is a great game. I’d still be playing it if IW would take some action on the hackers.

      I’ve got no problem with the run and gun people so long as they don’t have a problem with campers.

    • go and fuck your own brother, people can sit in any part of the map they want to. pull ur head out of your own ass…………….

  • jahladagaming

    Very reminiscent of MW3 Village map, looking good. Medal of Honour looked good too though and we saw how quickly that disappeared from popularity. Reserving judgement and therefore purchase until several youtube commentators and websites give the thumbs up or down.

  • Ethan

    Looks so good, like a cqc BF3. Will definitely preorder when I get a chance. No way I’m getting BO2 now, and I regret purchasing premium for BF3 since this will take up my time from october on.

  • Jason

    Does anyone else think “Battlefield:Bad Company 2: Vietnam”? lol, looks cool!

  • Faraz

    No No No. I have bf3 and mw3. MoH doesn’t do it better. I will pick this game up when it will be for $5 soon after it’s launched.
    And on the sidenote: Have u noticed the similarity between MoH and Warface by crytek? LoL.

  • Patrick Bateman

    What is this gay COD Crap? Killstreaks? Stupid guns like the MP7 and Mk.19? This is supposed to be a hardcore tactical realistic military simulator, not Crap of Dooky!

  • Patrick Bateman

    Looks extremely gay and unrealistic. Why killstreaks? And why dumb COD weapons like the MP7 and Mk.19? This is supposed to be a hardcore realistic simulation of war, not COD!

    • It a damn video game theres nothing realistic about it!

      • Patrick Bateman

        Idiot. MOH is a hardcore realistic tactical authentic simulation of warfare. The only unrealistic game is Crap of Dooky

        • dman

          idiot?your calling him an idiot lol and your the one saying the mp7 and mk19 were created by mw3 and ur saying they are gay guns?dude cod didnt create mp7 or mk19 and he does have a point video games arent supposed to be realistic

          • Patrick Bateman

            Hey dumbass, Mp7 and Mk. 19 are extremely unrealistic since they were in COD. If you think those gay guns are realistic, I bet you also think Sleight of hand pro is realistic, don’t you? Stupid COD kiddie…

            • Mr. X

              do not engage this troll, he is a certified troll.

    • BF3 Fanboy

      I agree with Chad. I dont know why people go to the MoH and CoD articles and whine because they are not realistic enough. Why not look at the Arma 3 posts if you want realism.

      • Patrick Batemn

        MOH is the most realistic, hardcore, tactical authentic simulation of 21st Century warfare. It doesn’t deserved to be sullied by unrealistic COD crap such as sprinting or killstreaks.

  • Pudge

    It’s 2012 EA, MOH:WF has no tanks, hellis, sooo why not 60 FPS?

    • Derp

      They could only play it at 60FPS if they made the graphics look like shit. There are limits on the Xbox and PS3 and what they can handle.. its like playing on a computer from 2006. You’ll see Battlefield games at 60 FPS on the PS4s and Xbox 720s.

  • I’m always Right

    MW3 still destroys this SHIT. CoD will never fucking die, so all you kids just stop whining becuase CoD is the best FPS franchise ever. Even BF3 sucks compared to MW3. Bf3 isn’t even realistic, you can’t FUCKING QUICKSCOPE.

    • dman

      so your saying that quickscoping is realistic? you know what go try it in real life. see if its really realistic because your an idiot…or a troll

      • I duct-tape a scope on a pistol and quickly fire at a nearby tree. Much yelling and police action was involved and I proved quickscoping is realistic*

        * or is it?

    • I always Right, too!

      “hey guize, call of duty is like da best game evah! it’s so damn realistic and shiz. i love it when i jump and 1080 quickscope sum n00b from 1000 feet away! it’s so authentic, real snipers do it likes all da timez! call of duty is the only FPS i haz ever played and the only FPS i will ever play! everything else sucks! BF, Crysis, Halo, Goldeneye, CS, MOH, TF2, Rainbow 6, etc. all SUCK! i’ve never played any of them, but i know they ALL SUCK because they not CALL OF DUTY! also, i am 12”

      • DoYouReallyWant2Know?


        I see what you did there.

    • DoYouReallyWant2Know?

      If cod isnt gonna die its gonna be one old used up, haggy, saggy son of a bithn BWAHAHA.

    • sqeezy258

      If you think that quickscoping is realistic your an idiot and the fact that the envirements are for the most part static in cod besides windaws cardboard, boxes, the occasional explodable car, and trash cans your even more stupid. Things fall apart when hit with rockets and grenades just so u know.

  • Antonio

    me thinks MW3 still pwns this shitty game.

    • Tyreke

      me knows that you are stupid


      Me thinks you’re 12

  • Sam

    This Map Design kind of look like LAGUNA PRESA from BFBC 2

  • Well.. i dont care if this is a cod killer or not. It looks pretty friggin fun so im def gonna own it cause im so over cod is not even funny. How can anyone really blame EA for creating a game like this.. it def has a cod style w/ the killstreaks and close quarters map but at least they are trying to make something NEW! Cod has had the same broken tech for years now and its time for a change. Some people like just the way it is and good for them.. the cods out now arnt going anywhere so why hate on a game trying to up the standards. 🙂

    • Pudge

      We blame them for not having 60 FPS. Really!!!! … Might as well play MOH 2010.

  • PlatinumSoldier

    soooo there will be killstreaks? 0:42 – 0:54

  • @TonetheBone925

    Remember trailers are suppose to make the game seem great and action packed! Wait until you play it them

  • PertAndPopular

    What a beautiful game! just started playing battlefield 3 and yes it’s way better than MWGay…And I don’t care about people bitching saying “they are totally different kind of games blah blah” Lick my hairy asshole. Black ops 2 has a slight chance of saving call of duty…Time shall tell.

  • this white stuff just came out of my penis is that normal i’m kinda freaking out right now ………..

  • Console gamer 1

    This was be a little better than the 1st one which was complete trash so dont know what to expect but seriously rip COD lol only a fool would say that yes everyone hates on it even me and all the diehard cod players but it’s the best fps on console and it will remain that way for at least a couple more years

  • :l

    BF3 for men. CoD for kids/gays.

    • Guest

      Damn, those men need to start supporting their families and get a job then…

    • you little spunk guzzler, do you think Warfighter will be more like BF3 or COD? what about kill streaks, do you know if it will have any?

  • Jamic

    Lol what is this ?

    People are sayin: vechiles = advancment, moar frames = advancment and if one is missing other must excist right ?

    No people, NO !

    Framerate is not an feature, there is no “support” for 60FPS, its an measurment for how fast your hardware can render and calculate the game and its assets.

    Missing few vechiles and some destruction doesnt mean that suddenly your machine can render the game TWICE AS FAST as before, you can maybe pinch few frames more but do you really care/notice 5 extra frames ? They can use that released potentiality to add few new detail objects to the enviroment or up some rendering feature.

    Then you must be sure there is enough free memory for even bigger “image package” and lastly ensure that there is no cluster of events that could potentiality break smooth 60 Fps.

    Its easier to maintain lower framerate than higher framerate.

    TL;DR, you cant just demand higher FPS, especialy if you play on console where developers have to strugle through all the thinking and optimizatiob in order to bring you the new, latest batch of rendering features (such as radiosity lighting) to an old and fairly limited hardware.

  • I will be getting this game (Warfighter) but mainly for the single player campaign so I hope it is good? I think Black ops 2 is looking like the winner, sand-box approach to missions, etc….. it needs to be at 60fps though, why can’t they sort that out? COD manages to do it :/ there are a lot of attitude wankers on this site, why so serious? you are not real soldiers and these are just ‘games’

  • rat or strategy games. thank