Medal of Honor: Warfighter on Xbox 360 Likely to Ship on Two Disks, Possible HD Texture Installation

Much like last year’s Battlefield 3, it looks like Medal of Honor: Warfighter, also powered by the Frostbite 2 engine, will ship on two separate disks for the Xbox 360 console.

Last year, the single player and multiplayer portions of Battlefield 3 were split on to two different disks on the Xbox 360 as a result of the DVD’s limited disk space. Speaking to VideoGamer, Danger Close senior designer Ben Jones he recently admitted, “I think that might be a reality for us as well.” He added, “It’s DVD format versus Blu-ray and you’re going to see that split at certain times, especially with the amount of content that we’re delivering.”

On top of being split on to two disks, Battlefield 3 also included an optional HD texture pack which allowed the game engine to display high-resolution textures if installed. When asked if this is also a possibility for Warfighter, Jones mentioned, “I believe we are [including an optional HD texture installation], but I don’t know that we can confirm that. We haven’t had it confirmed to us.”

While it might seem a bother to have your favorite shooter this year split on two disks, it can also be seen as a good sign, considering the amount of content that is being delivered. Jones assures that the Danger Close team has “spent a lot of time innovating and making great improvements to Frostbite 2.” And, “…in terms of quality bar, I think we’re all very happy with what we’ve delivered.”

He continues, “…we’re pretty happy with that. Our PS3 version of the game is solid, I think it looks great. We went in specifically… We’ve been testing on both of those platforms for at least a year on a daily basis, so we spent a lot of time tuning and testing.

“We really focused on the lighting. I think lighting is one of the big things that shifts when you go to the consoles, so we made sure that our lighting was tailored to console first and still looked incredibly beautiful on PC. We’re going to deliver a high level of quality there regardless of platform.”

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is currently undergoing open beta testing on the Xbox 360. If you’ve had a chance to take it for a spin, how do you think the visuals are stacking up so far?

  • Coolguy1991

    I fell like i have to share this with someone, I was incredibly surprised of how great the graphics looked the first match i played on the BETA.

    Comparing them to BF3 i think MoH WF looks like a great improvement (coming from a console player).

    As always thank you David!

    • dpg70

      I agree. Really impressed with how good it looks. I am not a fan of this map though. Now I just need to suck less.

      • flamfive

        agreed, this was really a pleasant surprise. Definitely pre-ordering now on Xbox and PC.

    • B.S which part of this looks better than BF3, Even though they using the same engine and BF3’s maps are 10x bigger, but this game is filled with texture popping …

  • Cancelled both my copies. CoD insults in 3-2-1 fire!

    • LOL

      do you want a prize?

    • leadfarmer153

      How so? COD has this game beat on every single aspect.

    • Battlefield 3 still FTW!!!

  • Regardless of how you look at this, most 360 games dropping this fall are on 2 discs. I think it’s time for new hardware.

    • Kazuela

      it has been time for years.

      console hardware is as of now 6 generations weaker than PC

      just for the record the 360 uses an Amd X1800 based gpu (HD1000), we are now at HD7000 with HD8000 coming in a couple of months

  • Johnny Neat

    Graphics are flat. Environment especially looks pretty sad. This game needs help based off if what I’ve experienced through the beta. I feel single player might be better than multiplayer. I was praying for a 60fps version of BF3’s close quarters on squad death match diced maps minus vehicles and this looking like the related child of Homefront and the last Medal of Honor.

    • you really thought Frostbite 2 would operate at 60fps on 7 year old technology?….

      • Johnny Neat

        I had hopes considering maps are smaller and there are no vehicles.

        • A console is limited to 30 fps no matter what or how indemanding a game is.

          • Jason

            Stupid reply Brendan, you must know nothing about consoles lol. Yes they are old, too old but COD and a handful of other games run at 60fps on console and there are plenty more games that run above 30fps.

        • THis has nothing to do with map size and/or vehicles. YOu are talking about a game engine made for high end pc’s in 2012? 60fps? not a hope, it barely scrapes 30 on extra low settings.

        • Kazuela

          the game engine doesn’t work that way, FB2 uses heavily streaming on both textures and 3d models in order to render the maps, so while you can improve somewhat the performance of the engine by using smaller maps it’s only by a slim margin since the engine does more of its magic by streaming.

          as it is there won’t be a console game on FB2 running at 60fps till the newer consoles arrive

        • Honestly, i wasn’t expecting 60 fps on consoles, but i was definitely wishing to see less texture poppin/slow texture loading in this game due to the fact that the map size are much smaller than BF3, but from what i saw in beta, it’s much worst than BF3.

    • I agree man, I have played a couple of round of the beta and I must say I am disappointed. The graphics are not at all impressive in my opinion and to kill people in this game just fills stupid and takes a entire clip

      • GOD

        Have you checked your accuracy on battlelog yet? You may be surprised to find out that you’re just a crappy shot.

        • my accuracy is 16%, it is better then most. It would be higher but I shot for the hell of it. My overall experience with the game just isn’t what I thought it would be. I was hoping for more destruction but isn’t it just plays more like COD and I never liked kill-streaks in games. If you love COD then I think you will fill right at home but I gave up on COD when BF3 came out and I don’t plan on playing it again

          • Same here, i was a COD vet but when BF3 came i gave up on COD, never bought MW3 and not going to get blops2 btw Destruction of Frostbite 2 is exclusive to Battlefield franchise that’s why you don’t see it in MoH:W … this game is also a copy cat of COD so im not gonna buy it, I’m waiting patiently for Battlefield 4.

            • I can just imagine how amazing bf4 will be and yes I think MOH W is just another COD game and I wont buy it for that reason I left COD for BF3 so I am not going to buy MOH W. I was hoping it would have been more like BF3 but thats not the case

          • Johnny Neat

            Hear, hear!

        • leadfarmer153

          The guns kill to quick!! Idk WTF you guys are talking about. There are no gun battles. It’s a 4 bullet kill. I think you guys can’t shoot.

          • The funniest part is that in real life it takes 1-2 shots (depending on placement) to kill someone.

          • Sometimes it’s a small, drawn out battle and then others it’s just insta-kill. Really weird. Still having trouble with the direction indicator when I’m getting shot.

          • Johnny Neat

            Regardless, I’m not into glowing friends and enemy assists.

        • Johnny Neat

          Are you serious? Why do we have suppression game mechanic and ribbons (Awards) if it’s all about accuracy, Mr. Crackshot? I think you’re one of those arcade shooter gametype apologists and if so that’s fine, but take it back to the K/D playground known as CoD with that BS.

          • Johnny Neat

            P.s. I was talking about BF3 and I obviously was off topic. I’m just frustrated by where FPS are headed.

      • Johnny Neat

        I asked for months for hardcore gameplay footage and all I got was led on my their social media PR team. Bogus.

    • GOD

      Have you played MOH on PC yet? Not all games run at 60fps. I know that Rage and COD games run at 60fps, that must be because they’re running at sub 600p resolution. You need to build a PC if you wanna see 60fps, It’s not an easy task but it’s gonna take more that that $100.00 console sitting on your entertainment center.

    • Johnny Neat

      Because I wrote my original message hastily on my cell, I wanted to clear it up.

      MoH:W beta Graphics are flat. Environment especially looks pretty sad. Sound is weak. Game is also confusing at first for many. This game needs help based off of what I’ve experienced through the beta overall. I feel single player might be better than multiplayer just like the last MoH.
      I was praying for a 60fps version of BF3’s close quarters on squad death match sized maps, minus vehicles and this ended up being the special needs child of Homefront + CoD. Why it couldn’t be a optimized better version of close quarters BF3 on squad death man sized maps is beyond me.

    • Spoken like a true COD/BF3 fanboy.

  • tludt888

    Still way… wayy… too many rounds to kill a person, even for Core. It’s absurd, 15 rounds to put someone down is ridiculous. Here’s to hoping Hardcore is an improvement. Love the customization.

    • MasonMei

      Haha, check the recoil as well. Altogether (rounds per kill and recoil) you feel like shooting plastic rounds with a toy gun.

  • therapiist

    People got to remember that console’s are pretty damn old now. If you want top of the line graphic’s then it’s better to get it for pc if you have an high end pc.. console player’s like myself should be really happy that developer’s are release new technology and making games for old console’s. but this year I finish building my high end pc and im getting this baby for PC.

    • JK Monroe

      Gaming on PC can get too expensive when you consider how often you have to upgrade just to keep up with the latest titles. I like the cyclical nature of consoles as it takes years before the new one is released. Sure the graphics get dated after 4-6 years but the gameplay is still there.

      As for Blu-Ray, I’m glad Sony had the foresight to include it with the PS3. They were also smart in not charging for online play so they will earn me as a repeat customer for their next console!

      • The fact that you CAN upgrade a PC at any time does not mean you have to or need to. I’m planning on getting an SLI GTX 680 setup within the next year or so, and that will probably last me 10 years at the maximum delivering top of the line performance unless some major technology overhaul comes along with like VR 3D and stuff with new tech only on new GPU’s, in which case, would suck. But that most likely won’t happen within the next 5-10 years, so I’m good.
        A relatively old GPU, such as a GTX 480 or so, could run BF3 at medium settings at a solid 45 FPS or so (I’m guessing based on it’s age). Considering that is a 2-3 year old card and it can run BF3 at those settings, WHILE considering the fact that consoles get 30 FPS on a VERY VERY LOW settings preset, PC’s do NOT need to be upgraded as often as you stated to “keep up with the latest titles”.

        But yes, the gameplay is still there (on most titles) and that never changes 🙂

        • JK Monroe

          You do fail to realize that most PC gamers are always after the BEST visuals with NO COMPROMISES. Sure you can run BF3 today with a 3 year old card like the GTX 480 but not with all the graphics eye candy turned on. Likely scaled down and most PC gamers wouldn’t be satisfied knowing that better visuals can be had with a newer video card in the $400-$500 price range.

          So the hardware upgrade cycle begins. Wait till the next game that comes out next year which will push todays top of the line video cards even more and hardware manufacturers will be all to pleased to sell you the next product!

  • Phil

    Warfighter is one of those games you don’t release a beta for.

  • MasonMei

    You can’t disagree that the recoil is quite low.

    But anyways… Man the gun sounds rock! Quite the best for a FPS these years. It’s so detailed, I can even hear the sound the round colliding with the barrel when shooting.
    Also the skins and models of guns are amazing. This is the only thing awesome visually though, since the graphics of the environment and details is as shitty as BF3’s. I know it’s Xbox, but BF3PC’s image is bad on details as well.

    Also, why put a night map in the Beta?

  • Guest

    The visual look great to me, but they need to work on the guns. It should only take 5 rounds to kill someone. Not 10-15.

  • The game looks great to me, but they need to adjust the damage of the guns.

  • The graphics weren’t up to par. a texture pack would be needed, why is that even being questioned to be included?!

    • GOD

      You’re talking about an Xbox. The texture pack will most likely affect the single player campaign and do nothing for multiplayer. Don’t forget this is only the beta version, most likely the graphics will be polished up a bit before release like on BF3.

  • Ol1VI3R

    I dont know about the cod fan boy saying that the graphic looks bad but on youtube graphic looks pretty good (for youtube) and for 30 fps on xbox… dont beleve me look for yourself bf3 on xbox vs moh beta or cod vs moh beta looks pretty clear that MOH looks better…. definitely preordering the pc version… alot of none noob commentaters love the beta so…

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  • wolf onatshirt

    In other words: PS3 > XBOX

    true story

  • I was just thinking ‘Man, it’s great to finally read some comments not pitting COD against MoH/BF3’ and then you people had to screw it up. This is my first introduction to the MoH series and I must say, I really enjoy it, minus the spawn trapping and shoddy hit detection. Completely fixable issues so they have earned a new fan.

  • Mr. X

    I smell the execrable whiff of failure from MOH:W, not touching this game with a 10 feet pole, especially on the PS3.

  • anthony

    i haven’t played the betab because im ps3 but this games online looks good in im a bf3 player myself in i think moh is a mix bf3/cod in im fine with that im buying day 1 4 sure:) cant wait tell the 23