Medal of Honor: Warfighter Multiplayer “Shortcut Packs” Now Available

Want to play with the big boys?

Electronic Arts and Danger Close are now offering Medal of Honor: Warfighter “Shortcut Packs” which will grant you access all 12 international Tier 1 units within your class of choice in Warfighter’s multiplayer. You can also go big and unlock all units for every class in one go with the Global Warfighter Shortcut Pack.

Shortcut Packs are available on Origin, the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, or the PlayStation Network Store. Individual class Shortcut Packs can be purchased for $4.99 (400 MS Points) or $19.99 (1,600 MS Points) for the Global Warfighter Shortcut Pack.

Don’t forget that Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s first DLC, the Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack, is also now available for all platforms and that EA will be donating $1 to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation from each map pack sold up through March 19 as part of Project HONOR.

  • Jordan

    Great! More content for a game that nobody plays…..

    • Guest

      PC online925PS3 online2 611360 online2 187

      • Currently online PC 925, PS3 2611, 360 2187, nobody plays is a slight exageration and this is hardly DLC btw it just unlocks content thats already there. It is yet more proof EA doesnt really care about its customers but that hardly comes as a shock.

        • wow so little on PC usually PC has more players on games

          • Clayton Johnson

            Not on GR:FS they dont
            maybe 350-00 at peak times, could be less now

          • PC rarely has more usually ps3 or xbox, the numbers arent great though but the issues never went away even after a patch that took 2 months to surface. No communication as to anything leading up to that patch and then they wonder why people just moved on. Sure the reviews weren’t great but a lot of that was how the game was marketed had they been honest about the type of game this was maybe the comparisons with bf3 and cod would of been left out.

          • MasonMei

            Never… Even BF3

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          Damn. Halo 3 has more players playing then this game with all platforms combined

        • While 2000 people is a lot, when talking about how many people are playing a bestselling FPS that’s pretty sad.

          • MasonMei

            2000 looks like a big number but scattered all around the world… COD:BO2 has 30 thousand players on PC, not to mention the 300k on Xbox and PS3. That’s what I call “a lot”.
            BF3 PC has 60k which is pretty impressive, considering its a game of 2011.

        • Jason

          Uhhh BF3 has THE BEST DLC support so your comment is invalid, 1. Because of what i just said lol, and 2. Because The Developer is who makes DLC, Example: BF3 – DICE, not EA. MOH- Danger Close, not EA. 😉

          • Vern

            Lets see. DICE, owned by EA. Danger Close, owned by EA.

            • Consumer

              Well, no shit. Did you figure out the pattern yourself?

              Battlefield 3
              Medal of Honor Warfighter
              Mass Effect 3
              Dragon Age 2
              Star Wars: The Old Republic

              All representative of the recent surge of EA’s particularly high conflict of interests with the consumers that made the above games miss their marks in terms of their high potential or prequel’s standards. By no means are any specific ones terrible, but EA is consistently abusing the hell out of great games and franchises with their publishing and marketing philosophy.

              I’ve already learned to stop buying after three of the aforementioned games after nearly a decade of general satisfaction with EA, how long will it take others?

    • What do you mean with nobody ??l… dickhead !


    Oldest dlc news this year!

  • can’t wait till COD does this “pay $5.00 to unlock gold camo!”

    • $14.99 for Diamond camo. That would curve boosting

  • Yet more proof that EA doesnt care about any of its customers, they are happy to take your money for a game they have no intention of fixing. I love MOHW btw and I still play it I also have no issue with the shortcut packs I have an issue with the lack of honesty being applied here. They are ok with taking your money but ask them if they are going to fix things like the still broken voip and dont expect a reply.

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    To be perfectly honest, i had completly forgotten about this game util this article was put up

  • ruledrbrt

    I just got this game the other night. It’s sad because only 3 games show up in the server broswer. It is kinda a fun game too.

    • dpg70

      It can be fun. It’s just a buggy unfinished mess of a game. It’s a shame EA shoved it out the door unfinished.

    • LiLAsTrOnAuTKiD

      yu gotta go to find game nd it supposed to show up like 7 soo yea..

  • dpg70

    lol! Fuckin’ EA man

  • masada157

    “EA will be donating $1 to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation from EACH MAP PACK SOLD”

    Guess the SOWF won’t be getting any money from EA anytime soon…

  • Pure Garbage

    I play BF3. Rented this and I liked the story mode the multiplayer was down right awful. The graphics looked like XBOX 1. Dont even get me started on the hit detection. This multiplayer was dead on arrival sadly.

  • skarerdude97

    I hate this its like they’re trying to use the free to play model on a full price game