Medal of Honor: Warfighter Swedish SOG Available to All Battlefield 3 Players Day One

Battlefield 3 vets can look forward to some extra gear and and unlocks when they boot up Medal of Honor: Warfighter this October 23rd.

The Swedish SOG with a customized MP7

Creative Director Christopher “Hoffe” Bergqvist writes on the Battlelog,

After making the decision to make Medal of Honor Warfighter about international warfighters, it didn’t take long before we started talking about introducing the Swedish SOG, or rather SSG and SIG as they were known back then.

There were many reasons for this. The SOG are true Tier 1 and up there with the best in terms of both training and equipment. We also traditionally have a lot of Medal of Honor players in Sweden, and we do feel a strong connection with close to a dozen Swedes on the team (myself included) and a huge Battlefield and DICE fan base within the studio.

Releasing the SOG Spec Op soldier early to Battlefield players is our way of giving some love to the faithful shooter fans who are about to experience a new title on the Frostbite 2 engine.

If you’ve played the recent,Medal of Honor: Warfighter Beta on the Xbox 360, you may remember the Spec Ops class as the Canadian JTF-2 Operator with his fast movement and special “Spec Ops Vision.”

The Swedish SOG takes point in this CQB situation

Battlefield 3 vets can also look forward to unlocking the Mk18 carbine from Daniel Defense along with the Swedish SOG Spec Ops class. Bergqvist writes that “It also includes a whole bunch of unique Mk18 SOG parts for you to explore in the weapon customization system, as well as a night version of the iconic M90 splinter camouflage. This camo is not exclusive to the Mk18, and can be used on all weapons in Warfighter!”

How many of you Battlefield 3 vets will be giving Medal of Honor: Warfighter a shot this October 23rd?

  • RogueM99

    I’m in already. These extra addons are just icing on the cake for me 🙂

  • Cannot wait. Too bad UK gets it last.

    • Sickfunseeker

      Know that feeling bro

    • I wish I had a rational explanation why I got 4 downvotes. Uk gets it 26th.europe 25th, US 23rd.

    • 9 upvotes: faith restored 😀

  • MoH beta sucked bad but I have faith in EA.

    • ” but I have faith in EA.” oh man….

    • Chacale47

      Faith in EA! lollll that was a sarcasm right! LOLLLLLL

    • I hope you mean danger close and just jumbled your words

    • Nick Loner

      Not sure if I want to admire you or slap your face. 😐

  • XFistsClenchedX

    The beta was amazing. I can’t wait!

  • Didnt get in the beta (ps3 player) but I already have mine pre-ordered and paid off @ GS. Cant wait for this one.

    • If you enjoy BF3 more then COD then cancel because the game just fills like a COD

      • What happens when you like both?

        • lol Some people say its a perfect combo of the 2 but it didnt fill that way to me, just felt more like COD. Dont take my word for it tho

      • Slenderman

        This game does not feel like CoD AT ALL.

        I have put in hours upon hours upon hours upon hours in this game and never once did I think it was CoD. What it DID feel like was exactly what BF3 Close Combat SHOULD have been (for consoles at least).

        On BF3 with the low frames and laggy client all CQC was basically put into the no skill, just luck category because you literally had no control over anything most of the time.

        MoH feels SOOO much better. It has responsiveness similar to CoD (although tbh thats not even possible on a console that runs with Frostbite 2.0). And it has the close combat that I love in most games, but hated in BF3.

        So, if you are like me and hated CQC in console BF3 because of awesome frames, but normally love CQC. GET THIS. That is the tied for the strongest point of why im getting this game.

        • Believe me, it was COD. I use to play the hell out of COD before BF3 came out and now all I play is bf3…..I wouldn’t still be playing bf3 if it felt anything like COD because COD just isn’t appealing to me anymore after playing BF3

          • You are right, Battlefield 3 is really amazing, i never played COD again after BF3.(COD vet)

        • B.S. you deserve COD and game like MoH:W …

  • Literally begging battlefield 3 player to buy their game. FUCK NO!

    • Its just because you think that BF3 = god.
      Just too afraid to start something new and awesome, you have to flame on any thing that isnt BF3 related. And even you doubt yourself, so your trolling and flame baiting is redundant.

      • Nick Loner

        It’s probably because BF3 provides a similar experience. To me MoH seems like BF on infantry maps and without vehicles. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

        • EcHo84

          Sad part is, BF3 doesn’t do anything right…. Paper Tanks, Infantry play is based on Client side hit reg, deviation, suppression. Oh don’t forget that blue smurf tint, blinding Sun, glare, and also lens flare. I never knew our eye balls mimic’ed a lens, yeah cause they don’t….

      • Bullshit! You are crazy! How could you possibly compare the epicness feeling that you get in BF3 with any other games like COD or this piece of shit MoH:W … at least COD is COD … this shit is COD + Counter strike + BF … no identity … of course BF3 is god compare to these half assed games. How could you even dare to compare a master piece from DICE with a game from Danger close ?! How many multiplayer game danger close made ?! oh ONE and that is MoH:W … Even Danger Close themselves kissing the ass of DICE and respect them as their idol.

  • taxus

    preordered it already, just more and more extra’s. love it. really nice game, it’s a nice change from bf3

    • Ol1VI3R

      totally agree man i need that kind of change… tired of bf3 and i am not expecting to much of BO2 since they kept the same freaking engine…

      • I have a dead horse over here if you want to beat on it as well.

  • myssternassty

    ive been getting this game since it was announced, i dont need to see trailers, need to play betas, listen to every1s bullshit about how ea sucks lol i pre ordered the week it was available haha if it ends up being shit (which i HIGHLY doubt) then blops 2 comes out a month later. so its a win win

    • duhasst

      If it sucks thats a loss for you. If you dont get what I mean, you would have wasted 60 on something you dont like. It is people like you who fall for pre orders and shit that make EA and other puplishers puah unfinished products out the door. You made zero sense.

      • I don’t think people pre-ordering games is what makes studios put games out on a shorter timeline. Also, if you sell the game back early enough at Best Buy, you could easily get a cool $20 for it so it wouldn’t be straight up $60 wasted 🙂

  • WarHero

    I get Navy SEAL Sniper,SFOD-D from GameStop,Zero Dark Thirty,BF4 BETA,now Swedish SOG. Sweet 😀

    • Ol1VI3R

      yes i have preorder from gamestop too but i just heard that bf3 premium will have a 50% discount on the game (probly from origin). anybody can shed some light on this

      • duhasst

        Its only if you buy premium now. It says it in the terms on the page.

        • Ol1VI3R

          no thats not accurate… but thx anyways but no thats not it

  • buttfacebob545

    Just received and email, stating that since I own BF3 premium, and I preordered Warfighter, I get 50% off the game, that will be refunded to me! Everyone check your email, if you own premium!

    • duhasst

      When did you buy prem?

  • EcHo84

    Sweds don’t have Spec Ops, just Blue Smurfs!!!ALA BF3…
    Just in time for Xmas too…

  • Slenderman

    Oddly enough, I had all of these things in the beta. When I unlocked my Canadian Spec Ops I also unlocked a Swedish SOG who had the DD Mk18 and M90 Night Camo.


    • heikki993

      DD Mk18 is canadian spec-ops weapon. SOG had Ak5 as default weapon

  • Fiyah518

    When I pre-ordered way back in the end of July, they had only announced that by pre-ordering you get access to the Navy SEALs Sniper and I was pretty satisfied with that. 3 months later I also get access to the Battlefield 4 Beta, the McMillan Tac-300, the SFOD-D Pointman, 2 new maps, a whole bunch of soldier and weapon camos and now the Swedish SOG Spec Ops. Sweet!!

  • I’m actually pre-ordering MoHW tomorrow 🙂

  • blabla

    how do you conet whit origin