Medal of Honor: Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack Gets a Release Date

Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s first map pack, Zero Dark Thirty (AKA The Hunt Map Pack), goes live this December 18.

Arriving one day after Medal of Honor: Warfighter’s latest update, which you can learn more about here, players across the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC will be able to download these brand new maps, weapon skins and weapon attachments for $9.99 USD or 800 MS points. Zero Dark Thirty comes at no additional cost to Limited Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition owners.

Check out everything that’s included:

2 Brand New Multiplayer Maps (All game modes supported)

  • Darra Gun Market

Darra Gun Market

  • Chitral Compound

Chitral Compound

14 New Weapon Camos

New weapon attachments

  • EBR: Standard Barrel + PEQ-15, Trijicon TA648-308 + RMR
  • AK103: Lightweight Barrel + Surefire Rail & Foregrip, Trijicon RMR
  • MG4: Lightweight Barrel + Handguard, No Stock
  • G36: Quad Rail + LLM01, Aimpoint Micro T1 + 3x Magnifier
  • MK16PDW: Lightweight Barrel + PEQ-15, Trijicon 1×42
  • OBR762: Standard Barrel + PEQ-15, US Optics SN-8

See you on the battlefield December 18!

  • i expect a increase of only 300 players when this releases

  • tbh moh2010 has continued with a small playerbase and in some ways is better for it. The players that remain tend to ptfo and additionally you see a lot less cheaters. 😉 Patch sounds as if it has addressed the main concerns, next server revision is rumoured to bring much needed functionality and the new maps look sweet.

    • SangheiliSpecOp

      I agree, even MoH 2010 still has it’s hardcore players. I have a friend on Xbox who plays it every single day….. So I guess the hardcore fans will be happy.

      I hope this is a lesson to EA though. There are two type of developers, those who make a game for the sake of making a good game, and those who make a game for money. While in the end it is a business, you can tell if a developer/publisher went more for the former or latter when you gets your hands on the final product.

      • TB

        ‘except here they tried to make a good game to make great money and wound up failing embarrassingly on both counts.

  • 3DArtist

    10 bucks for 2 maps/weapon skins & few attachments! EA got too greedy… They should release it for free to all people who bought this game, after their FAIL with MOHW.

    • mechblade

      “…EA will donate a portion of map pack sales as part of its commitment to give back at least $1 million through its Project HONOR campaign, a program created to drive charitable contributions to nonprofit veterans organizations…”

      • rpgzilla

        “A portion.” I bet EA is trying to figure out how to split a penny right now.

        Besides, Activition donated to charity with a portion of profits from COD XP, yet people still call them greedy.

        • Truthbringar

          Activision did it for tax purposes don’t kid yourself.

          • But EA is doing purely out of the goodness of their collective heart? Psh. All major companies donate for tax purposes, let’s not fool ourselves here.

    • You get it for free with LE edition…u mad you gotta pay $10.00 non LE owners?(not saying you don’t have the LE edition 3DArtist)

    • ….or you could have just pre-ordered and got it completely free -.- ya know, they have to give at least some incentive to pre-order.

  • Ambiguous Mouse

    I know there are at least a few developers that worked on this DLC that think this is pointless.

  • Desgaizu

    2 maps is not going to save this game.

  • dpg70

    I held onto it this long. Might as well check it out. If they fixed most of the issues this can be a really good game.

    • Which is correct, I think most could see the potential of the game and thus the frustration.

  • Truthbringar

    I’m sure all 5 people that bought the game are happy to hear this.

    • Luis Mitis

      5 people? last time i check i was in a full game. U NO HOW COUNT LITTLE BOY ?

  • Truthbringar

    Oh and I hear they still havent gotten rid of the lame Left4Dead silhouettes around teammates, lmfao what a joke,

    • Delta8A

      how about FOV of 60 on PC… Arghhhhh….

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    If i had this game, i would buy this dlc just to use the tactical pink camo.

  • Jesus, you guys are really harsh on MOHW. It’s not THAT bad of a game, it’s just not an amazing game. Give DICE a little time with MOH; they’ve only made 2 games. CoD 1 and 2 weren’t that good. The BF 1942 games weren’t that good either, to be honest. They are still trying to figure out what MOH is supposed to be all about.

    • 3DArtist

      Are you talking about DICE or Danger Close or Activision?

      • Well dice developed the multiplayer, which is the only thing everybody plays these days. I was using CoD as an example to show that most franchises aren’t very good for the first few games.