Meet The Chinese Army of Battlefield 4 – All In-Game Voice Overs in One Video

Earlier this week, we heard the many voice-over dialogue lines for Battlefield 4’s Russian Army that you’ll often hear shouted throughout the game’s intense multiplayer matches.

This time, it’s the Chinese Army’s turn as we hear over 10 minutes of VO lines from the game specific to that faction.

No description is available in the video above, so we’re not exactly sure what they’re yelling, but it’s interesting to listen to nonetheless. But perhaps it’s best not to listen to the video too loud. We’re not sure what you’re neighbours will think.

  • dieger

    The one thing i hated the most about BF4 is that there was no english voice overs YET they had a comma rose….

    • I hate that there aren’t as many swear words 🙁

      • Cameron

        I also miss the profanity. Made for some good laughs.

      • Katana67

        Yeah, I think they overdid it with the BF3 profanity.

        As a New Englander, I use profanity on a daily basis.

        But for whatever reason, the voice actor in BF3 always sounded like he was using profanity to sound cool. Call me crazy.

      • dieger

        Ah yes ill never forget the best phrase ever said in a videogame

        “Im getting f*cked up the a$$ over here i need some help!”

      • Brandon Stern

        Yes, I severely miss the swearing in multiplayer, you occasionally hear a “fuck” from the USMC soldiers and a “blyat” (whore in Russian but fuck when translated to English). The swearing added to the ferocity of the multiplayer environment in my opinion.

        My reddit thread I posted;

      • KillzoneVII

        Right? Not only did swearing sometimes add some comedy to the game, but I felt it made it feel like a more mature, atmosphere, like a much more believable war zone.

    • Katana67

      *tries to play as a team*


      That’s how most of my CN-faction matches go.

      • Hot-Wire

        Lol “da tso la! Wo she zhe ji lun.” *my horrible pinyin. Just means “you’re shooting wrong! I’m one of you!” Too lazy to translate the rest.

  • Hot-Wire

    “Wo tso tsun la!” -i’m hurt!

  • OshotOkill

    I really have to say,these voices are extremely funny,but the grammer has no mistakes,since I’m a Chinese too.

    • MeisseN

      No mistakes but also unlike how real Chinese soldiers communicate…

      我发现一架好大的敌方飞机… which translates to “I spotted a enormous enemy aircraft” No one ever says that… LOL

      • OshotOkill

        Haha,that’s the fun part,whatever the real is.
        卧槽我血流满地啊,见识下大爷J8厉害等,makes me 笑 cry

        • MeisseN

          Yeah the 2nd one is in Beijing local accent… sounds like what I say on a daily basis lol. “SB去死吧” really loved that line.

  • MeisseN

    As a Chinese, I must say that DICE is doing an impressive job on doing these Chinese VOs. The pronunciation is good, there aren’t grammar mistakes and most of them doesn’t sound weird (unlike Black Ops II’s SDC voice overs which don’t sound like how Chinese communicate at ALL). They are recording audio samples with different people. I count at least 3 since they all have different accents (one with Hong Kong style Mandarin, one with Southern China Mandarin and one with Beijing local accent). There’s one problem though.. that sometimes my soldier would shout out VOs of different people, like “我需要治疗” (need medic) and “Hey, 拿好你的医箱” (take your medkit). It’s probably because the game triggers audio files recorded by different people, but it will be so much better if there are standalone audio files recorded by one dude for one soldier spawn, thus making a soldier really sound like one 🙂

    • Brandon Stern

      Yes, like in Bad Company 2, each soldier per class per faction had a unique voice actor, it was legit. In BF3 and BF4 all soldiers just share actors across each faction.

    • Jason Lane

      That’s a lot to ask of a game who even get it’s shit together. Glad to see they did their homework on the finer points though.

      • MeisseN

        True. It never hurts to mind the details.

  • TripleBeamRIII .

    I don’t know why, but I find this HILARIOUS!

  • potatolol

    Most of these voice overs arent even in game.

    • Grif

      Yes they are lol. Why would DICE include all of these sound files and not use them?

  • XxvSLYvxX

    These are only some of the auto trigger audio files for the Chinese PLA not all plus there’s still the Commo Rose audio files which aren’t in the video.