Microsoft Details Qualifying Xbox 360 Games That Can Be Upgraded To Xbox One Via New Promotion

Thinking about purchasing some of this year’s biggest titlest like Battlefield 4 and Call Of Duty: Ghost for both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, but don’t want to pay twice for the same game? If so, Microsoft is unveiling a promotion that will definitely save you some cash.

Under this promotion, which will be valid between August 27 through December 31 of this year, Microsoft has selected a number of Xbox 360 games that will be eligible to be ‘upgraded’ to their Xbox One counter-part for the low price of $9.99 USD at Microsoft Stores.

Here are following titles eligible for an upgrade:

  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag
  • Battlefield 4
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts
  • FIFA 14
  • Madden NFL 25
  • Need for Speed Rivals
  • NBA 2K14

Additionally, both Amazon and Best Buy will be participating in this promotion and will also offer Ubisoft’s open-world title, Watch_Dogs, for eligibility.

The Xbox One will launch this November 22 in 13 markets around the world for the retail price of $499 USD.

Are any of the above titles will you be purchasing for the Xbox 360 that you plan to upgrade to the Xbox One? Let us know in the comment section below!

  • JJz

    If I’m not mistaken, Gamestop has this same offer for both Xbone and PS4. But I’m not sure when they are actually going to start or end this deal.

  • John Carroll

    GameStop does not have this deal for PS4

  • Mike

    Definitely doing this with Ghosts on 360/Xbox One

    • EndangeredQuake

      Why is this downvoted? Just because it’s Ghosts and xbox? What the hell is up with you people?

  • Arthur Watkins

    Yep! Thanks for the heads up. Game Stop did not mention this yesterday.

  • Wyatt Williams

    If Gamestop will take Xbox 360 games for PS4 game i will be in there.

  • Ryan Schulze

    Will they allow me credit of my 360 game purchase towards the PS4 version?
    Of course, I’m kidding, but If you’re not jumping ship, it’s a welcome opportunity.

  • Jose Magdaleno

    If I do this will i keep my Xbox 360 version of say BF4 and get a discounted price at BF4 for Xbox One? or will I have to give up my game for the other version?

    • paulinacio

      I think you will have to trade it for the Next Gen version

      • Also Sony Is doing the same for pretty much the same games except you only get the digital copy next gen and Sony is putting the possibility of a fee in the hands of developers

        • Gilbert Nicks

          everyone is charging $10

    • Gilbert Nicks

      Like Paulinacio said you keep your Disc for 360 and you get a Digital copy for xbox one.

  • Bryan P

    I hope GTA V makes the list eventually

    • WarBroh

      Won’t because Rockstar isn’t desperate. Sony isn’t desperate.

      Only Microsoft is desperate.

      • Gilbert Nicks

        Sony and Microsoft are offering this deal? Last I checked Sony is bleeding out from both Console and Handheld market. Sure I hope the Vita picks up in sales and I hope it drops another $50. But they have no real game line up in the USA and they seem to think Remote play is enough to convince everyone to pay $200 for a hand held…


      GTAV isn’t going to next gen consoles so there’s no need.

  • Killerder Killson

    Wtf what about Watch_Dogs?

  • Dirtknap

    It’s good to see reasonable price upgrade opportunities available for both consoles, that’s another point on the parity list to check off, nice!

  • colormeshocked

    Question. I preordered the xbox1 and battlefield combo. Would I be able to buy battlefield on 360 then upgrade for $10 to another game such as assassins creed? Since I’ll already have battlefield on xbox1

  • MegaMan3k

    I’d love to do one of these, but…
    1) Why not just keep the 360 version when almost all my friends will play that and refuse to double dip?
    2) MS needs to stop being stupid about disc vs. digital on next gen – and I’d like to go all digital

    • Then go all digital, that was the original plan anyway.. Every game will be available to download on their launch day, that hasn’t changed. I’ll be mostly digital

      • MegaMan3k

        Previously, you could purchase discs in the competitive retail market and still get all the benefits of digital. Now, you cannot, and the only way to get the benefits is by buying it in Xbox’s horribly managed and ridiculously overpriced digital marketplace. Could they change that? Sure. Will they? I have no reason to think they will.

        Plus, with the trade in program, presumably – nothing I’ve read has said otherwise – you can only get a retail disc.

        Also, right now, the Xbox Live Rewards program – like it or not – only applies to retail disc based purchases, not digital purchases.
        Also, Microsoft currently does not support pre-loading games. I’m expecting that at launch, high profile releases (CODs, Halos, GTAs, etc) could see dramatic server stress and slow download speeds at release. Therefore, you could presumably play a retail game earlier than you could a digital game (via midnight releases which are very common nowadays).

        What Microsoft needs to do is:
        1. Make digital vouchers available at stores and urge that the vouchers be priced identically to discs, or otherwise priced competitively with the market.
        2. Improve their digital marketplace to be in tune with the market. If Amazon is offering a $20 gift card for preordering a game, Microsoft should make a competitive offer.
        3. MUST enable pre-loading of games. Absolute must. MUST unlock games at a ‘reasonable’ time (ie: midnight PST or midnight EST).
        4. Allow the trade-in program to purchase a digital voucher on the Xbox One
        5. Remove the restriction that installed games (note: all games must be installed) to require the disc, even if it’s paired with additional (restrictive) requirements (ie: Must be online and had the disc in the system since complete power-off).

        Microsoft should want people to go all digital. It’s ludicrous that they do so much to discourage it.

  • JamesWhiteneck

    Will there be a similar upgrade option for digital purchases of these games? Would make me sad if these are limited to discs only.

    • iced666earth

      This is what I’d like to know too. I want to buy the digital copy of madden 25 on the 360 but I don’t know if I can upgrade it to the xbox one for a deal

      • Gilbert Nicks

        I know Sony confirmed it will work for digital but i couldn’t find any info on Microsoft.

        And this deal is perfect for me. I can get 2 copies of the same game for $70 one for me and one for my step son… sure we cant cross play but heck he will be happy to get to play it… then IF or when MS brings back the share plan me and him can play together.

  • Kevin Teeple

    PC’s already next generation, baby. 😎

  • Dude everyone is getting down voted for almost no reason apparently

  • Tyler D

    I am waiting. Buying a game twice when they are coming out weeks of each other is real stupid. My opinion.

    BF4-Oct 29 PS4-Nov 15
    ACBF- Oct 29 PS4-Nov 15

    20 days apart. I will pass. This is just a cheap way to make 10 dollars off poor dumb souls. Also I love how they say upgrade when we are paying them. LOL

    • Taylor Cogdill

      I’m honestly going to wait until a little while after one and 4 come out. I think buying a console first day is a bad idea, unless you REALLY want it first day. Remember the last release? Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs, and we didn’t even have a complete list of features either. Nah, I’m gonna wait a month or two for all the first day buyers to reveal all the bad features of the consoles that sony and microsoft aren’t telling us about. Since I’m waiting longer, 10 days to get something 2-2.5 months earlier is a good idea to me.