Minecraft Player Attempts To Recreate Planet Earth in 1:1500 Scale

Minecraft builder lentebriesje plans to recreate planet Earth in glorious 32-bit. Pretty cool, right?

He plans on doing so using a tool called WorldPainter, an interactive graphical map generator for Minecraft. He hopes to recreate each continent as accurately as possibly while still keeping each playable.

PC Gamer took some in-game shots of the California coast and the English Channel below.


California Coast


English Channel

You can check out the full gallery of images here showing off Europe, North America, South America and Australia – all continents that are currently downloadable.

You can follow lentebriesje’s progress through his blog post.

Thanks, Polygon.

  • WHY

  • holy crap. O_O

  • jahladagaming

    Impressive and very very geeky. I’ll be properly impressed when someone does it to 1:1 scale. If they do and manage to recreate my flat (apartment to you yanks) I’ll bow down.

    • mechcell

      Earth is 196,900,000 sq miles (510,100,000 km²) big and it is impossible to recreate on modern hardware

      • Niosus

        every block in Minecraft is 1m^3, so to make the surface you’d need 510000M blocks, times 20K if you want to get the heights right (the difference between the lowest and highest point on earth is roughly 20km… sooo yeah 1:1 is not yet possible.
        For 1:10 you’d need 5100M blocks. A lot but starting to become doable if you can automate it. 1:100 would definitely be possible: 51M blocks and it’ll even fit in the 256 block height limit.

        Now if someone would make earth in the real, spherical shape… THAT would be seriously awesome

        • mechcell

          I found mistake on your math. 1 KM = 1000 meter, you need 510.10 Billion blocks not 510 million block. FYI

          • PuddingAuxRais1ns

            Your math is wrong. 2+2=5 HA!!!!!

          • Niosus

            right! Stupid mistake 😛 Fixed it!

  • JustinD

    This is pretty awesome but it seems like a complete waste of time to not get paid for it. Makes me feel a whole lot better for spending 7000+ hours on oblivion and skyrim

    • Dieger


    • Not everything is about getting paid, the guy probaby done it for fun and as an accomplishment

      Also 7000 hours = 291 days, and that is if you are playing 24 /7

      Lets say you played for 8 hours a day (which is a lot) that would mean it would have taken you 873 days in a row playing 8 hours a day,

      I think your comment was a little far-fetched.

      • JustinD

        Yes quite far fetched seeing how Oblivion has been out since 2006 and it was one of the only games I played consistently. Sorry for sharing you far fetched asshole

  • has he got a youtube channel?

  • WarHero

    This guy should get a record O.O

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