Modern Warfare 2’s Favela Map Removed From Playlists Due To Complaints

The fan favourite map, Favela, has been removed from all public playlists on Modern Warfare 2 for the time being.

Over the past few days, gamers have noticed that the high-octane and fast-paced Brazilian slums multiplayer map has not been showing up, perhaps due to malicious means such as hackers spoiling the map rotation. Earlier, unconfirmed, rumours said that the popular map was disabled due to insensitive and racist remarks towards the Islam religion were found inside the map.

Activision has since confirmed that Favela does indeed have insensitive and inappropriate images that may offend Muslims.

In a bathroom hangs two paintings, each with frames which have a religious quote in the Arabic language embedded on them. It reads “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.” The means of which these pictures have been placed, one of which is directly above the toilet, potentially could be offensive to Muslims and those who follow the Islamic faith. It is inappropriate to see religious teachings written in or placed on something inside the bathroom.

Activision and Infinity Ward have been alerted to the blunder, of which the Muslim gaming community pointed out, and the map will remain off all public playlists until a patch has been released to remove the text or pictures and any other instances that may be considered racist towards any religions.

Favela is still playable through private matches. One video, made by a Muslim gamer, describes the issue in English with Arabic subtitles but also mentions he did not mean for the map to be completely removed for all players. You can watch it below.

In a statement to Kotaku, an Activision representative said:

We apologize to anyone who found this image offensive. Please be assured we were unaware of this issue and that there was no intent to offend. We are working as quickly as possible to remove this image and any other similar ones we may find from our various game libraries.

We are urgently working to release a Title Update to remove the texture from Modern Warfare 3. We are also working to remove the texture from Modern Warfare 2 through a separate Title Update. Until the TU is ready, we have removed the Favella multiplayer map from online rotation.

Activision and our development studios are respectful of diverse cultures and religious beliefs, and sensitive to concerns raised by its loyal game players. We thank our fans for bringing this to our attention.

I reached out to Infinity Ward’s Community Coordinators, Tina Palacios and Candice Capen, today to ask when a Title Update for Favela will be available but have yet to receive a reply.

We will update this report as soon as we get more information.

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    • Angelreborn96


    • Santiago Garza



    Once again, religion cause unneeded bullshit.

    • Is it the religion, or is it the people of said religion.?


    Once again, religion cause unneeded bullshit.

  • tbag

    Muslims do realize this isn’t a REAL bathroom right?

    • They’re too busy being offended by everything in the world to notice.

      • Exactly… I don’t know how there’s enough time in the say to work, pray AND be offended.

      • Exactly… I don’t know how there’s enough time in the say to work, pray AND be offended.

  • tbag

    Muslims do realize this isn’t a REAL bathroom right?

  • They won’t do anything to prevent people from hacking but fixing something that offends Muslims in a three year old game is top priority. Who took the time to figure that out anyway? Sounds like a loser with too much time on their hands.

    • Santiago Garza

      You are seeing these things as the gamer side. If you see it in another way (the humanist way), you’d realize it’s more important to eradicate something that offends someone (in this case a religion) than to fix something that will find its ways again to the community. What I mean is that even when patching, hackers will find another way to keep hacking/cheating/glitching).

      • It shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with. Also, it takes someone with too much time on their hands to find something like that. Russians should be more offended than anyone at the series since they’re always the enemy.

        • Santiago Garza

          I agree with you on this though. It somehow reminds me of the “No Russian” mission. People were offended, and actions were taken for several countries (although it is playable and part of the story). I really wonder what was the person who found this doing.

          • CobraG7

            camping in the bathroom.

      • Dane Curbow

        We need to stop bending over to change something because someone finds it offensive. If everything that offended someone was removed we would have nothing because everything offends someone, somewhere. The last thing we need to do is give more credence to anything of the Islamic faith. Many people find killing people offensive yet without that CoD would be nothing.

  • betosobreira

    Holy ignorance!!

  • cooldname

    Does Islam even allow to play violent video games?
    I thought its a peaceful religion.:D

    • I was just going to say exactly the same thing.

    • Kyle Jackson

      Lo, peaceful in intent.

    • tbag

      He was training 😛

      • So he just kept running out with C4 and killing himself?

        • McFugg itall

          Hahahahahaha! I nearly pissed myself just then.

        • Cod player

          Dead man hands MONAY

  • JK Monroe

    That’s great Infinity Ward, you took the time to take out a supposed ‘insult’ yet you insult players by not stamping down on the hacks and cheats that plague your 3 year-old game.

    At least take the time to fix all your past games as they are still be sold in retail stores!!!

  • JK Monroe

    That’s great Infinity Ward, you took the time to take out a supposed ‘insult’ yet you insult players by not stamping down on the hacks and cheats that plague your 3 year-old game.

    At least take the time to fix all your past games as they are still be sold in retail stores!!!

  • Is this more correct? “Modern Warfare 2′s Favela Map Removed From Playlists Due To Threats.”

  • Is this more correct? “Modern Warfare 2′s Favela Map Removed From Playlists Due To Threats.”

  • betosobreira

    So much effort in writing bullshit in the game and less time to develop good things for the game.

    • nightwing

      honestly, thats what the writing looks like to me, it looks like someone put BULLSHIT on the frame, not arabic writing,

  • Fucking muslim cunts.
    A small barely legible writing in a map in mw2 offends you?
    Get the fuck out of here.

    There’s also a statue of Christ in Favela?
    I guess it should be banned because of that.
    First religion fuels wars, now it is taking maps out of our games?

    • That statue is an actual monument inside Sao Paolo Brazil. So long as it’s accurate in position relatively and not impacted on/by the game itself no one cares

      • Actually, it stays in Rio de Janeiro, not Sao Paulo…

  • muslims want to take all the fun away

    • John Kea

      Did you even see it ? or you read it and understood ? You left the game and spent your time reading it and enjoying it, was that fun ? I dont think so

    • unknown

      Fu*** muslims

    • fgdfg

      Fucking Spic

  • tludt888

    Waits for CoD-esque ignorant comments against Islam… Oh, would you look at that.

    In the grand scheme of things, is this a big deal? Absolutely not.

    Should we make sweeping judgments about a religion because of it? Absolutely not.

    • Waits for someone to ride along on their high horse and act they have never stereotyped anyone… Oh, would you look at that… “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

      • tludt888

        Yet you’re making massive assumptions about me with literally no proof to back it up. Look up logical fallacy and get back to me.

  • JK Monroe

    I love how the Youtube poster DEMANDS Infinity Ward posts an apology through various means. He also DEMANDS a fix be put in place or else IW will face the ‘consequences’.

    Maybe the world should demand muslims develop a thicker skin and focus on fixing the problems in their own community before making demands.

    • lolwut

      Yep. I respect their right to their religious beliefs, and not wanting the frame in the toilet, but to then say ‘consequences’ and act in a threatening manor is the very reason that most people think they’re a bunch of idiots who want to bomb the joint. When they’re probably not.

      They seem to have little grasp of how we like to conduct ourselves.

      So if you want us to respect you and your beliefs, at least respect ours and don’t threaten us with ‘consequences’.

    • Usman Mohammad

      Is anyone really considering this one guy represents muslims worldwide? Oh please.

      • Radioshow

        Take a look around, Muslims worldwide are doing this constantly.

    • Guest

      the ‘consequences’. will be a plane in there office

      • McFugg itall

        Don’t forget, they’re a peaceful religion. ROFL!

  • Hmm.. took them 3 years to find it.

    • JoseB88

      Yea but they can’t find the time to stop the hacking of the two most prestigious games they made: COD4 and MW2

  • I heard that the toilet manufacturer complained when he saw his artwork so close to a muslim quote ! He asked Anonymous to hack Activision servers 🙂
    Is it me or we go backwards with freedom ?

  • kida

    Gee it only took them around 2 years to figure that out…and now that map will probably never be available in public considering IW’s excelent record for delivering patches…

  • uwantSAMOA

    People still play that crap game?

    • Angelreborn96

      I love how people thumbs your comment down. It is a bad game. Because of noob tube mostly.

  • Tens of thousands of complaints about actual gameplay during the release year of the top selling game in history up to that point and the result is nothing.

    One complaint three years later about a painting in the bathroom that no one else in the world noticed that affects no one and the result is immediate.

    This is a strange world we live in.

    • betosobreira

      I wish IW would be so quick to fix glitches, errors, remove deathstreaks or stealth items as it is to remove nonsense requests.

  • Laser0pz

    Hmm, so they’re gonna remove the frame, but ****-all to the hackers? Good job IW, because a picture frame is more important than hacking -_-

  • sasmon

    So they where not offended when you had to kill people in the airport in the campaign but a sign in the bathroom is bad I am lost for words and btw I agree with all the comments on this matter which is a first

  • buttfacebob545

    A bit late don’t you think…? They didn’t notice this 4 years ago..?

  • just saying

    next thing i would like to see:
    Modern Warfare 2′s Grenade launcher attachement Removed From Create a class Due To Complaints

  • jerry

    it took the muslims 3 years to find that. and they call us disrespecful

  • newagewolf

    religion got to love it but muslims bitch more than any one and kill people when they get pissed

  • LOL

    it´s just a video game muslims always over reacting. Why not remove all the Swastikas in the cod games in respect for the Jews.

  • Black Cops

    Let’s just hope they dont find something offensive in Nuketown!

    • McFugg itall

      Osoma Bin Zombie

  • HBK

    I feel people are being overtly critical. That the complaint is Muslim-related should be irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, there was an offensive religous gesture, and a person that read Arabic happened to take a closer look and read it. However, taking the map out entirely was an over-reaction of Muslim sensitivity. Even if the developers of the old Infinity Ward put it in their without proper knowledge, there wasn’t any malicious intent from the looks of it. Overall, however, it is better from the new Infinity Ward’s and Activision’s perspective to just take the map out and keep the publicity low.

  • Time humanity put away such childish comforters such as religion. You are born, you live, then you die, nothing more.

  • My CoD will be provided only by Treyarch from now on. Pulling a map from rotation for religious reasons crosses the line. I didn’t see id software pulling the majority of Doom 3’s content out when the Christians bitched. Why should anyone else do it?

    • Stevetaylor1981

      It was enforced by activision they as I’m sure u know run both iw and treyarch, also would u be happier if they left the map in but someone lost their life over a map in a computer game. Truth is they did what was right and if u not getting to play a map for a few weeks to avoid violence bothers u then why aren’t u outside a mosque protesting against them and their threats of violence, guess its easier to come on here and moan at the developer huh.

  • thatRADwhiteGUY

    OHHH CHRIST.. if it’s not one thing it’s another… So there is NO Anti- Christian or anti- American propaganda in the Muslim World? Just make it a giant parking lot! Just bitching about EVERYTHING.. After you blow yourselves up I will make sure and call a WHAAAbulance.. Pussies..the WHOLE world is against muslims…blah blah blah..

  • asdf



  • Bathroom Art

    Okay, that’s it..I’m going to post an oil painting I did of the prophet Muhammad in 5th grade. Lock your doors embassies!

  • Alco

    Nice to see Activision scrambling to please Islamists.

    I’m sure I’d have trouble finding a game where you literally can shoot your firearm at a cross or other non-Islamic religious symbol. Remember when Rockstar had to patch their game because John Marston was able to shoot up a monastery (oh wait, that didn’t happen).

    I think a more appropriate response on the part of the devs is to give the offended people a warm welcome to the liberal democratic world and tell them to stop making asses of themselves.

  • dfg

    Wow, looks like the EDL are out in full force(!) in the comments section.
    Way to stereotype 1 billion people.
    But then I guess you guys are the kind of ignorant fuckers, who think the Libyan Embassay was attacked because of some obsecure internet video.

    • Way to take the high road and call people “ignorant fucktards”. Chose your words better next time when you try to stand on the moral high ground. And also, obscure*.

      • Funny how you are the one to correct spellings… choose*

        • Dammit, you got me. I would blame it on Swype, but that would be a little too convenient…

        • Chose was a typo, not a misspelling, so, yes, I will correct spellings.

  • A lot of people won’t understand but I can see why it may be deemed offensive, I’m glad the company is recognising this and removing it however; I still believe that people are taking this too far. Demanding that it HAS to be removed isn’t needed. The proper way is to make the company aware, and suggest a method to fixing it. There’s no need to throw a tantrum if they didn’t however move the texture, it’s something that wasn’t intentionally offensive and therefore shouldn’t been seen as offensive at all.

  • masada157

    Hey, remember when tons of Americans complained about MOH2010 because you were originally supposed to be able to play as the Taliban in multiplayer? When tons of news casters, gamers, and even soldiers wanted the game to be banned because of that? When all that bad press forced DICE to change the name to “Opposition Forces”?

    Yeah, think about that next time you decide to insult someone else for complaining. What was that saying about glass houses?

  • awill20

    Please do boycott this game so I don’t have to hear all those Islamic people voices. Its annoying.

  • Casavult

    Nah, millions of Muslims are not offended. You’re just butthurt. Stupid video.

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  • “I didn’t ask them to take it down.”

    What else do you think they’re going to do? Common sense. If it offends people and they care about it offending them, they’d take it down until it’s fixed. If they give a shit they wouldn’t just leave it up and be like “We’ll fix it sometime but you’ll just have to deal with it for now.” and risk people boycotting or whatever.

    So yes, you pretty much did ask them to take it down.

    For fuck’s sake, this is so dumb. Everyone is offended nowadays. Nobody gives a fuck. It’s a picture. It’s not like they wrote “Muslims are retarded.” on the wall. Why don’t we ban all WWII games since that MUST be offensive to the Jewish community, right?

    It’s a picture in a video game. It’s not even insulting. It’s just in a bathroom. Is it in the toilet? No. It’s just on the wall.

    They didn’t keep it out of the game in the first place because they didn’t think someone would be SO FUCKING ASININE that they would take the time to inspect every inch of the map that you normally couldn’t give a shit less about what pictures or whatever is on it because you’re busy shooting people and go out of their way to make such a leap in logic that because a religious saying is in a bathroom, that must mean that they’re making some kind of shit insult to that religion. I swear people go out of their way to make a fuss over stuff like this on purpose just because they can.

    Why wasn’t this mentioned a long time ago? The game is old as shit now. Oh right, because it wasn’t until now that someone with way too much free time on their hands decided to make a fuss over something just because.

    I don’t even play this game anymore, or CoD at all for that matter. It just annoys me so much how people can be so damn retarded.

    TL;DR I ranted. This whole situation is dumb and shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

    • And I thought the guy who found this pic has too much time on his hands… Funny how you are the one to mention free time..

  • Pathers

    Everyone knows that religions are all pretend! This just represents a flaw in humanity

  • Arnan

    And people still wonder why so many people dislike muslims?

  • You_r_all_secular_retards

    As if there wouldn’t be a million Christians demanding to bomb some Arab country if they produced a video game that had a picture of Jesus above a dirty slum toilet? GTFO. Oh wait, that’s right, they are already bombing them for no good reason. Inb4 ‘911’ and typical American part-time Christian douchebaggery…


  • I don’t really like Favela so It’s cool.

  • adam

    for 1 we English report stuff to activation and jack all gets done about it and then 1 stuck up Muslim reports a picture frame and it gets removed, for 1 Muslims if you don’t like our English / American don’t f**king play the game.

  • ztech123

    I am a Muslim, who has been playing MW2 since Day1 and still play it and I am more offended by the comments here than the Arabic writing in the picture which I never noticed. By ‘consequences’ the Youtube uploader meant jack or causing the MW2 servers to go down. ( Remember PS3 servers ? )

    Please be respectful of other religions even if you do not practise that religion. It is unacceptable to have a go at others for no reason.

    If you term Muslims as Terrorists because of Al Qaeda, then equally Christians should also be branded terrorists because of IRA, Kony in Uganda, FARC, the British empire for killing millions of people worldwide when they decided to conquer the whole world.

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

  • ztech123

    I also believe they should have patched actual problems as well, shame the whole multiplayer team that amde MW2 left IW after not getting bonuses and pay-rises that they were promised

  • Hector

    Religion this, Religion that. Religion is bullshit. deal with it, you twats.

  • IW = No spine

  • aoidhwa

    This is BS. I mean, they could have just removed that content. I love favela, one of the main reasons why I still play. Jesus christ.

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