Modern Warfare 3 Callsigns Display Prestige Ranks from Prior CoD Titles

The “callsign” became a very popular idea when it was introduced into the Call of Duty series with Modern Warfare 2. It was Infinity Ward’s way of making the player “famous” since it allowed users to show off titles and emblems they’ve earned through achieving specific and sometimes challenging tasks. Black Ops took things a step further (or perhaps a step into darker places) by adding an emblem editor as well as different backgrounds to their “player cards.”

Modern Warfare 3 will be bringing back the same callsign concept from MW2 but with one small, but important edition; prior prestige ranks. Now, callsigns will show off ranks you’ve earned in previous Call of Duty titles, starting from Call of Duty 4, according to the picture below, provided by AnthAttack. This obviously has some connection with Call of Duty Elite, which also rewards you with prestige tokens for prestiging in past CoD titles. You can read more about prestige tokens here.

On the bottom right, you can notice prestige ranks from Cod 4 up to MW3.

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  • meh i havnt even bothered to prestige in any cod’s its worthless hackers make it so prestiging aint so special

    • Ourman18

      HACKERS JUST RECK IT FOR EVERYONE why would anyone   pay  $25.00 a month for the hack its only a game. $25.00 is beer money ..MONEY will spent…..


        do you mean money well spent? dumbass

        • She Li0n

          And he also means “wreck” it. 😀

  • WOOOOOOW…I was wondering what they’ll do to change the game, and this is some ground breaking stuff right here! Great stuff!

  • i was wondering if you have to be in lvl 80 to prestige

    • yes you have to be lvl 80 to prestige and i you have to complete level 80 until you can prestige , this is what i have been told anyway i mat be wrong

  • i have mw3 and this is all true u can also get prestige shop points for previous call of duty game when you have prestiged on the other call of dutys otherwise you just get them when you reach level 80 on mw3.

  • Nemesis2805

    Agreed with the hackers ruining it for everyone. Just play the damn game.