Modern Warfare 3 Double Weapon XP Now Live, PS3 Patch 1.19 and PC Patch 1.15 Detailed, Terminal

Following up from our previous article about Terminal available to download for PS3 ELITE premium subscribers and a scheduled Double Weapons XP – which you can read here – a second Title Update for PS3 has just went live.

PC players have also received their patch today, which includes the fan favourite Modern Warfare 2 map, Terminal, plus weapon buffs. PS3 non-ELITE premium subscribers can now download the Modern Warfare 2 classic map from the store as well.

PS3 players will be prompted to download another Title Update – patch 1.19 – when you go to play the game, which includes further additions, bug fixes and changes to the matchmaking system. The update also inputs logic to make Terminal count as an original map. A full list of changes are as follows:

As seen on the official Modern Warfare 3 forums.

PS3 Title Update 19

  • Update to Face Off logic
  • Improvements to lag compensation
  • Support for Elite drops 19-24
  • Fix for XM25 challenges not registering
  • Added logic to make Terminal count as an original map
  • Fix for players changing a UAV into a second Ballistic Vest pointstreak
  • Fixed Elite Web issue when sending custom classes with attachment proficiency on second primary

Thanks to Landis Golden.

I asked Infinity Ward’s Candice Capen why this update has been released so quickly, after 1.18 was only just released a few days ago. She replied “we were able to rush release [the Title Update for PS3].”

PC gamers can now download Patch 1.15, which also features many changes including a VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) fix and all additions that the console players have had in previous hot fixes and title updates. Details below:

PC Patch 1.15

  • Valve Anti-Cheat fix to prevent VAC banned players from accessing MW3 MP servers
  • Support for Terminal to autodownload as part of the patch
  • Update to Face Off spawn logic
  • Weapon balance changes for Assault Rifles & SMGs
  • Adding all previous hot fixes

Terminal is now globally available to all players. The nostalgic map can be downloaded via the Playstation Store now – which ELITE subscribers got access to yesterday (including their August Content Drops), and will auto-download for Steam players. Xbox 360 players have had the map exclusively since last month. The classic MW2 map has been weighted accordingly on matchmaking – you will see Terminal appear more often compared to other maps.

To celebrate the release of Terminal for everyone, Infinity Ward has turned on Double Weapon XP across all platforms. The event is scheduled to last through the weekend and into next week – as Candice Capen exclaims “enjoy your #MW3 gold week.”

What weapons will you be painting gold this week? Terminal is a fan favourite for many, but what map would you have picked instead? Share your opinions and comments below!

  • Another ps3 patch? I download one like 2 days ago.

  • Radioshow

    “Improvements to lag compensation” lol we’ll see, I dont have high hopes for this game anymore. Totally unplayable for me and my many friends in Canada due to the horrible lag comp. Always dieing as soon as someone looks at you, 1 shot and your dead yet a whole clip goes right through them.

    • dsf

      It’s still playable, it’s not THAT bad.

      • its still pretty danm bad though

      • Radioshow

        It really depends on your area. I’m positive with 1.24 in TDM and still do good sometimes but we get more bad games/hosting every day. It really is unacceptable when any other game, including PC games don’t have this issue, only MW3 and to a lesser extent Blops.

    • Korflock

      Me too. I’m actually getting into good lobbies and getting my shots in. But that’s only 6v6 or free for all. GW is still really bad.

  • Brandon

    Highrise/Skid Row would have been cool

  • Mystery11

    I would have picked shipment or any map from cod4.

    As well there should be a dome 24/7 on double xp weekends 🙂

  • what guns did they buff?

    • AK47, FAD, M16; MP5, UMP and PM9. Check our earlier news articles for more info!

  • CobraG7

    Thank you for the credit CourtRoom! 🙂
    – Landis Golden

  • christos

    the free content is not downloadable in some regions!!
    thus we cannot even start the game online!
    problematic update for us!!

    • clemmho

      yes im having the same problem. i live in australia and when the game prompted me to download the free update, i was directed to the ps3 store and nothing came out after that. any fix?

      • Check the BLES code on the middle of the MW3’s cover (outside) which has the product code.
        Hope this works

    • christos 12

      nothing works so far!
      please update in any solutions!

    • You have the wrong region game, it has to match your store region (U.S game – U.S account, U.K/E.U game – U.K/E.U account)

  • mw3player


    • Mmkay

      I would rather have wasteland without the tubes

  • Bluey1234

    I’m new to all this stuff. But when I go to play it prompts me to download new DLC content. blah blah blah .. Anyway it redirects to a blue screen where there are 7 items it wants me to download all with the same name. I tried just downloading one, but that didn’t seem to work. So I am trying to download them all, however it is going to take 500 minutes to do so .. wtf. Btw… Using PS3

    • There’s a lot of different DLC because they separate it all for different regions and locales (one for UK, one for France, etc). Check your BLES code (back of your game box or manual) so you can download the correct one.

      • Bluey1234

        Thankyou so much for the reply. I will try that!

      • fishball

        if my game brought from Australia then i went to another region what should i do………i cant even download it………

  • Mandog29

    i hate the changes!! i ONLY play domination and ITS SO EASY TO GET TRAPPED INA SPAWN TRAP!! its goes with mw3’s horriffic spawn system -_-

  • I have MW3 on PC. Can’t play it because of hackers. I will logg in today and see if they have fixed it…..

  • im already tired of terminal and all the do is either camp in the airplane or in the little shack outside overlooking the hallway

  • Oscar

    Hi, mw3 player only recently one month low. The other day I had to download the patch 1.19 to play and now when I go to play online asks me to download a free thing that is in the store, but when I enter the store there is no new thing to download. Please help me 🙂

  • I wish IW would just bring combat training from BO. Some nights I lag so much that the game becomes unplayable. But with combat training I can still play some COD and enjoy the game like BO.

  • And double weapon xp is still on wtf oh well

  • adr


  • plz answer

    Wheres the download link

  • tptptpt