Modern Warfare 3 Fans Threaten a Global Blackout on April 20th Due To “Lack of Support”

It seems that even Activision and Infinity Ward are not safe from global community blackouts.

Last month, the community behind Battlefield 3 rose their voices and pitchforks in an effort to gain the attention of developers DICE and publisher Electronic Arts. The goal: To pressure EA into allowing freer communication between developers the community by threatening a global BF3 blackout. This ended rather quickly as communication came to a satisfactory medium within the week.

This time, it’s Modern Warfare 3’s turn. YouTuber HC4MALiTe posted a video (featured below) detailing the issues that a number of Call of Duty community members are currently concerned over. This video also urges any wishing to get involved to participate in a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 blackout on April 20th, 2012 at which point all members involved will refrain from playing the game on this day. Their demands are the following:

  • Lag Compensation
  • Matchmaking options which include the ability to enable disable local search and base search off the party leader when playing with friends
  • The broken Spawn System
  • Full featured Theater mode
  • Individual volume controls in the options menu
  • Tac insert removed from Kill confirmed
  • More Hardcore game modes
  • Better Elite playlist options
  • Objective stats on in-game scoreboard
  • Akimbo machine pistol nerf
  • Removal of any assault kill streaks from the support package
  • Removal of death streaks and Fix Local Area Network settings for Competitive events

This comes at an awkward time coinciding with the departure of Creative Strategist Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward and Activision who was one of the main coordinators between the community and those on the other side of fence. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this movement.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

  • TTRedRaider27

    on 4/20…yea that’s gonna work.

  • miDnIghtEr20C

    LMAO.. they are?   Ahhhh kids these days.   I’ll be rocking and rolling on COD as usual come 4/20. 

    • Gibgib28

      Same here hopefully there will be less campers with all the gamers sitting the day out

  • grego

    Most of that stuff would not change. And even if the entire community sat out a day, that’s not going to affect their yearly profit. we had a leap year this year so it’s pretty much like last years cycle. 
    Now if they blacked out a week or a month…that’d help spur some change.

  • Djsparx

    Whining kids moaning abOut things that dont matter. Its a game chill out and grow up….

    • Trevion Roberts

       its not moaning, its simply asking for support. very stereotypical response, to asking for fixes to a completely bullshit game

    • XBlazer14

      ok so your telling me that i just spent 60 fucking dollars on a broken game and that i dont have the right to be whining about it because it is not to my satisfaction? its my 60 dollars and thats not cheap now ah days. FUCK. YOU.

      • XBlazer14

        i am no means a COD fanboy but im guessing your like this towards all games. bf3 for example same situation us bf3 players got what we wanted and now we will continue supporting DICE

      • Djsparx

        Hardly broken all the problems that people are complaining about I.e lag compensation only occurs when your Internet connection isn’t that great. It happens Internet isn’t always top rate all the time. Lack of support. Very rarely does a week Goes by when there isn’t a patch. They continually support the game and have constant Contact with the community on the official forums asking what need to be improved and what works. As someone who plays battlefield and cod. I know what a broken game feels like. Battlefield until very recently was damn near unplayable. After a patch that the community helped decide what needed sorting. That game is a lot easier to play. Cod doesn’t need messing with. The onlybthing I would say is that it does need competitive options in private matches. Guns don’t need rebalancing. If you keep dying rethink and try a different approach. If something is annoying you work a way around it. Bitching to them isn’t going to solve that camper that nails you every spawn on dome. A blackout won’t do jack. And to be fair yiu spent 60 dollars. I bought 2 hardened editions. One for me and one for the missus. So that’s 180 Pounds which is a lot of money and I’m more than happy with the game. so if hoe much you spent on the game dictates how much clout you have with the hints you want my opinion is twice yours. And I want a dragon to kill with. That’s not happening either. Deal with it

        • Lag compensation occurs when SOMEONE ELSE has a bad connection, not you. Do you even know what lag comp is? It’s when they do something to help the shitty connection players. The people with good connections are the ones complaining about it because they run into the people who benefit from it.

          It is a lack of support. They release patches that either don’t do anything to the game’s actual mechanics, or when they do they’re are barely noticeable and barely change anything. Just because they release a patch that says “hey we fixed one graphical error on the menu” doesn’t mean it supports the game the way the players want it in any kind of significant way.

          I’m sorry, there is no re-thinking stuff, lol. The game has imbalanced weps, period. You can do that in BF3.  You can change your tactics and counter most weapons in some way even just by changing your approach and not even changing your loadout, because the weapons are mostly balanced.

          Saying that everyone is just bitching would be true if the game was mostly balanced, and got a lot of attention to any it’s mechanics being changed. So far, they only change what they think is right, not what the players want. Like how just about all players don’t want deathstreaks, but they leave them in because they know it helps the terribads keep playing and making them money.

        • Tnbowhunter1

          Obviously you aren’t heaving problems, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us aren’t. I too am very unsatisfied with multi-player gameplay. My K/D ratio has suffered greatly the past few weeks. I am on my 5th prestige and have a .861 ratio. That is down from .88 in just a few days. Did I all of a sudden forget how to play?? I don’t think so.

        • Got $60 for days lmao!

          Lmao beautifuly put lad! As much as there complaining I bet their spoiled behinds got the game from their parents so its not like they paid for it anyways.

      • Got $60 for days lmao!

        You need a better job then what are you a 5 grader?

    • iStuartyy

      Mate take it you dont even play mw3 if you saw how bad it is then mabye you would complain !!

  • why not just permanently stop playing mw3.  and wait for black ops 2.

    • Cyborg6971

      That or just play bf3 while waiting for bo2.

      • Tacos

         Or play Tribes like a sane person.

  • what will stoners play on 4/20 and not even realize how terrible the game is??

    • Matt

      my thoughts exactly

  • Outlawz

    These are all WANTS. BF3’s blackout movement was because Dice’s lack of communication and the NEEDS for a decent patch.

  • Anthony Geiger

    So.. What we all gana do sit around smoke and play black ops? Like who the hell want’s to do that?

  • lefs

    If people actually did these things companies may listen, but unfortunately especially in the world of gaming people won’t unite and will play and buy the things anyway, then they complain will complain why things dont happen later.

  • Intheboombox

    Wow, really? Are these things this whiner is crying about really that bad or game breaking? Doubtful….

  • JustinD

    Lol seriously if people do do this on 420 they’ll get stoned and forget about and play. 1. Or 2. Get stoned and not care about these wants an play anyway. My advise. Don’t play a shitty generic game anyway

  • Just wait 6 months for Black Ops 2, that will pretty much solve everyone of those concerns.

    • Rattlehead

      Wrong, because with EVERY SINGLE CoD released, they are always broken for the first month or two and almost all complaints for that will be EXACTLY the same (spawn points, crap perks/streaks, lag, system crashes, etc…)

      • Rattlehead

        (sorry for the extra post. Couldn’t figure out how to edit original, but….)….  My problem with CoD is that with all the money behind them, why can’t Acti pay ____(insert dev, this case IW/Sledgehammer) the money to put the time and effort in to addressing as many concerns as possible?  
               People will hate me for the comparison, but when you look at DICE with their recent patch for BF3 (for me, its on the PS3), which weighs in at about 1GB, they are able to fix SOOOO many things that NEEDED to be fixed.  Given, there are still some problems like the MAV glitching, but so much was fixed/ added/ and or tweaked, it makes the game feel completely different (and for the better, NOT WORSE!).  Does all that work mean that DICE has more integrity in their product, or has EA given them more money to put the effort into fixing problems?  Either way, it just shows where each franchise/dev has their priorities.

        • You have it backwards, everyone loves CoD for the first few months but after the kiddies figure out all the bullshit that’s when it starts to go downhill (usually around Christmas). After that initial lust for CoD, everyone starts complaining about what you just described.

          The difference between 3arch and IW is that 3arch has the benefit of the doubt at this point. Black Ops 1 proved that post release patches were possible (as they were pretty much non existent in MW2), so in my mind 3arch actually understands what the community is feeling.

          As far as DICE/EA go, Blops had little patches more often because that type of hotfixing was built into the architecture of the game. With BF3 however that’s not the case, it’s not built to be able to hot fixed like Blops (or how MW3 claims to be). So you’re going to get Bigger patches less often that fix a lot of things at once with BF3.

          IW has definitely suffered some PR damage by doing away with a lot of things that 3arch did; for instance full fledged theater, death streaks, individual volume controls, and the ability to search locally vs the default were all handled in Black Ops.

          Black Ops wasn’t perfect by any means, but it terms of listening to the community and trying to appease them they definitely have done more than IW.

          • guest

            check your sources.  I’m pretty sure BF3 uses hotfixes too.  You just don’t see a version number like you do in CoD

        • What? DICE has said numerous times that the reason you don’t small little patches more often is because the game isn’t built like that. It’s built to take big patches over a long period of time. And they have said that right here on this website.

  • Kasperkoefoed

    This list of is so mixed with different demands that it seems stupid.  While i agree that matchmaking system could be better.. most of the things on this list are not global demands but more like a  personal opinion on what needs to be changed .. i love this site, but this is hardly newsworthy as i don’t see this have any effect what so ever.   

  • Rave5000

    I already started my own black out 1 month after release. god this game is boring

  • BF3

    Lol broken spawn system? Or broken map size?

    • Aclient


  • Jesper Rex

    they cant fix a game that are broken from the start 

  • Chuckz28

    Lol. I’ve been on COD blackout since MW2. Bad enough to never touch a title since. Not trollin just saw the article title and it made me chuckle.

    • yaouza

      How can you not be tolling when you did not touch a COD since 5 years ?

  • Mw3Gamer

    If all these things were implemented into the game then it would be a new game. I don’t think The game developers will worry too much about gamers striking from play. You probably only make up a small minority overall. Stop complaining and play it like you should, for the FUN aspect. Get real the game comes around every couple of years and has improved gameplay, once 6-9 months set in from release no one really cares about your KD, they play it for it’s true purpose a fun experience with themselves or Friends. They dish out improvements on most updates. If all you do is complain because you keep dying or lag, you should probably 1. Become a better Player, 2. Sort out your Internet connection because the problem lies in your hands not the developer

  • Jfddsjfsdjf

    i love tack insertion on kill confirmed i finally found a purpose to use that thing i dont no why ythey want that out

    • Aclient

       You mean ABUSE, not use. Or people just boost with it in regular games like little brats. Get rid of that crap already.

  • This will never work.

  • sgt_mofo

    The list begins to get nit-picky after the first two points.

    • Aclient

       Couldn’t disagree more. Who in the hell was begging for Deathstreaks to return? Who’s brainchild was it to put lethal Killstreaks in the Support setup(or the entire Support setup altogether)? Spawns are poor, Theatre mode is terrible, tac-inserts need to go away in ALL game modes, why can’t I turn down the music in the menu’s so I can actually here everything else?, Akimbo nerfs are needed(I would’ve only had Akimbo pistols), Objective stats….yes please, Local search…yes please, Lag comp is a joke. Some of these were already present in Black Ops but they chose to remove valuable features. Nitpicky…..I think not.

      • Michael Kelley

         Support is for guys that like to PTFO and who hate losing their streaks when noobs spam tubes and FMG9s.  I definitely “support” that particular strike package

        • Lol no. Support is for the players who don’t want to be bothered with worrying about dying. They specifically said that.

          • Michael Kelley

             Sounds like me, alright.  Still, I will be pissed if they take out the stealth bomber/remote turret

  • dpg70

    Lack of support?  They’ve released like 14 patches!  lol!  And people say the BF community is a bunch of whiners…wow!

  • Aria_sj

    saving the Call of Duty franchise ?!?! is this a joke !!? this franchise has been destroyed long ago.

  • thebulky1cometh

    “Lack of support?  They’ve released like 14 patches!  lol!  And people say the BF community is a bunch of whiners…wow!” – dpg70

    I think you’re failing to realize that the BIG problem is that the majority of those patches didn’t really address the BIG problems…lag compensation + respawn system.  We have had to deal with “Don’t worry, (insert problem here) will be fixed in the next patch.”

  • Subj3ct18

    why people hat on mw3????

  • Subj3ct18

    mispelin suks

  • Skrying

    Good luck getting the twelve year old  kids to understand.

  • Ms Keyia

    They need to nerf that stupid Type 95. Don’t see anyone complaining about that gun but keep complaining about the akimbo FNG… really??

  • Ms Keyia

    They need to nerf that stupid Type 95. Don’t see anyone complaining about that gun but keep complaining about the akimbo FNG… really??

    • yaouza

      Because you have toactually aim for it to work 🙂

  • Jwm2hot

    “Lag Compensation”….WoW 2012 and they still selling the same laggy shit, why do ppl continue to support crapOvision????

  • T BAG

    I laugh at all you people who say they stopped playing MW3 already…TOO LATE!

    Activision has your money, and you contributed to the fail that is COD. I have a suggestion, instead of blindly buying this POS every single year without thinking, try not buying it.

    I doubt that will work though, as everyone is drawn in by the social gimmick…”my friends are getting it, so I have to get it” BS. All my friends got MW3, but I got BF3…now I have new friends, while they cry and complain about the same game every year.

    • RB

      Better friends to be had there.

    •  true but that also means no more $$$ for their DLC…oh wait ELITE….

    • Kraie

      The BF3 community sucks to be frank. You may not have the ability to talk (no game chat, wtf?), but anywhere they communicate they are twice as immature as CoD players are claimed to be, no offense, I’d rather say to hell with both games and go play CS:GO….. just saying.

  • RB

    A bunch of spoiled brats with idiotic demands who won’t even carry out their threats.  Threats which are empty since anyone who isn’t a spoiled brat will just play anyway.  Don’t support brats, they have no future.  Parents should stop supporting them too.

    • Cosmos

      Asking for reciprocity is the equivalent to being a brat now? A salient trait of MW3 is that it sucks massive balls and the community who spent what as of now has been a wasted 60 bucks is at ends with the indolent developers and wants a half-ass decent game.

      Chill out and quit being a little brat dude.

  • A lot of this list outside of lag compensation,spawn logic and elite playlists are purely opinion rather than serious technical issues that need to be addressed and as such takes credibility away from the actual problems that do genuinely need to be fixed.

  • Jellis06

    take tac insert out of infection! sick of boosters havin infected use tac insert right infront jus because they dont have enough skill to get moabs or level up on the own.

  • Fucking Lol

    420… you highschoolers sure are clever.

  • ps3fuckedintheass

    What a bunch of fools.

    Yes fix the payback spawns, yes improve lag compensation and yes look to make matchmaking the best it can be, but the other issues are non-sense.

    Clearly someone is just annoyed because they keep dying from stealth bombers. The way I see that reward is that, they have put a lot of effort into the team, as 14 is quite a high number.

    Not sure what they mean by full audio controls – you can already adjust music, sound effects and also the volume of people using headsets, so for the first time ever you don’t need to mute every player individually.

  • Tequila_Mckngbrd

     Good luck. You guys already PAID for the game. Threaten to boycott future Activision and Infinity Ward games in the future until the current game’s demands are met… not STOP playing a game your already PAID for. They could care less. Hell, I care less.

  • Guest25

    I don’t want this to come off as a Troll post, I’m just looking from the outside with a couple of dashes of truth and realism…

    This will amount to Nothing. Highly admirable as a non COD gamer but it won’t amount to nothing. According to VG Chartz this game has sold:

    Xbox360 – 13.72(Top of the chartz)
    PS3 –          11.51(Top of the chartz)
    PC –              1.28
    Wii  –             .44 
    Total          26.95

    Of course that doesn’t take into account the games that have been sold But it does give you an idea of how many people (Have)support(ed) and play this game. Millions..

    That being said, What’s a few thousand? Even a couple of Million players say from Xbox or PS3? Not Enough. Admirable but the COD engine/addiction is to big and strong…

    Either way good luck to those that take part in this and lets hope I’m wrong…

  • Eze1720

    when it comes down to it the akimbo machine pistols should b that powerful they are meant to beat any gun in close range other than shotguns

  • Trevion Roberts

    I cant even believe people are satisified with this shit game!!!  like wtf!!!

  • Kingskellington

    Some of the complaints above ate warranted but some are just crap from better players who don’t think that people who suck should get something good every now and then (assault/support pack and the death streak removal).
    Some of the others like better playlists for Elite should deff happen. I payed an extra $50 over the standard player yet I can’t play just domination with only my Elite Maps?? Seems as tho the game industry wants to be like everyone else and screw the most dedicated player buy having them pay more and give them less options. Obviously there are issues with the number of servers they have dedicated for each type of game but it only seems right to give PAYING Elite Members AT LEAST the same number of game modes as listed in the standard play list

    • If you’re a shitty player obviously you shouldn’t get rewarded. That’s the biggest problem that this game suffers from is that it rewards anyone regardless of how good they are and how well they do. Whatever happened to players who suck at the game just sucking it up and actually GETTING BETTER instead of having to have the game baby you and give you shit even though you didn’t do shit to earn it.

      Also, pretty sure the reason that the elite playlist doesn’t have the same stuff as the standard is because elite is just for the extra stuff that you get for having elite. It’s not a replacement for the standard playlists.

  • Sdddddd

    ive been doing a 2012 blackout of mw3

  • TrevorSP

    I black that game out every day now lol

  • iLLGT3

    It’s the same rehashed DX9 garbage it was back in 2007.

  • H’m

    Shit like this makes me laugh, yeah ok not everyone is always gonna be pleased, but people have to remember… We choose to buy there products, so relax
    Dont get me wrong i like that the player is finally getting heard more often but sumtimes its taken to far
    Eg.. Me3 ( and no i havnt played )

  • Madmaxx2k3

    If they nerf the akimbo pistols than they better nerf quick scoping


    I don’t care about any of those problems. Honestly they don’t affect me to a point where I’m going to cry about it every time I log in to the game like this. I sure as hell won’t be participating in the blackout.

  • xMasek1ner

    this is pathetic as hell, I’m not doing this blackout. I’m on a Infinityward/Sledgehammer games STRIKE. Blackouts are lame, people and cod fagboys are still gonna be playing it on that date. I won’t play/buy any Infinityward game until things are balanced. 

  • Cosmos

    I sold the game three months ago. The previous CoDs are infinitely better anyway just stop fucking playing it.

  • hibye

    due to plp complaining about large maps in mw2 infinity ward made much smaller map which mean spawns are closer so yeaaa its our fault, plus camping is not a problem its plp dnt know how to p[lay so they need something to pin the blame on.. deathstreaks is prolly the only thing that should be taken out

  • xQueen JuJu

    i spent $120.00 on two games, $400 on the MW3 console, $150 for turtle beaches and another $100 for call of duty elite for my boyfriend and me.  Im pissed at the “lag compensation” and other players horrible connection affecting my game play.  It’s not me, it’s the game.  I spend a lot of money for the best high speed internet and the best gaming router just to be fucked by some kid playing off his cell phones internet.  I am a very skilled player and its frustrating when connection helps poorly skilled players excel.  They are then rewarded with death streaks, i get blown up by c4 which ends my kill streak just because their sorry ass can’t get a damn kill, or i get killed by a bitch ass stealth bomber by someone that has 14 kills and 30 something deaths, why should they be rewarded.  I understand trying to make the game “fair” and “easy” for those who are not good at it, but they’re hurting those who took the time to learn the game and spend money to help them succeed at the game. so they need to think about who they are fucking over.  I am all for this strike on April 30th and i will be sure to help spread the word, i am not the only one that is fed up

  • xQueen JuJu

    my correction, April 20th, 420

  • Guest

    On 420? Are you kidding me? What pothead is not gonna play MW3 on 4/20? I’m on board with the call-to-action, but lets not fail out of the gate. Also maybe there should be a auto-kick for any player that dies 4 ties in a row instead of a deathstreak(sarcasm). I won’t play on 4/20, that makes you and me.

  • Papa Smurff86

    Also getting rid of all the cheaters,modders, and hackers from the game. For a more enjoyable and fair game.

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  • Tenniskidace

    I participated, mainly because this game is broken as shit, has been since the first week of the game. These guys have a new vid up. Check it here: