Modern Warfare 3 First DLC Leaked? – Maps from CoD4, MW2, And 2 New Ones

A few weeks ago, we reported on alleged Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 4 map files found in Modern Warfare 3. In the previous leak, the maps were CoD4’s Crash, Crossfire, Strike, and Overgrown along with MW2’s Highrise. Apparently, there are three other classic maps and two new ones to join the MW3 map rumor mill.

This new, apparently leaked flyer reveals that on the 12th of January, 2012, Modern Warfare 3 will receive its first map pack packing in five maps, two brand new ones (Aftershock and Fallout), two from MW2 (Terminal and Favela), and the smallest map from CoD 4 (Shipment). This map pack is supposedly going to be available for all MW3 players on that date with Elite paid members having a head start earlier. Take this leak with a big grain of salt since the word “unrational” technically isn’t a real word, but keep in mind that Activision did make up a word in the past with “Mapathy”.

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  • The developers from MW3 said all DLC maps will be play in survival mode.

    Survival mode in Shipment? LOLwut?

  • Bearjew66

    Mw3 blows

  • i bet $100 its gonna cost $15 –__–

  • Ryan

    I’m suprisingly dissapointed in the map choice from MW1 and MW2.  Crash, Stike, and Overgrown would have seemed like better choices to me. Hopefully the new maps are amazing.

    • Anonymous

      And Cross Fire! One of my favorite CoD maps.

    • Anonymous

      Not those again. They already have all 2 of them in Both MW1 & 2. Enough of crash and strike already.

  • Disputed2147

    lol you get 2 new maps while in battlefield you get4 new maps new game mode, weapons, vehicles, improved destruction and new ways to unlock weapons

    • Troy_jason

      4 new maps? lol i can tell that you haven’t been a fan of the battlefield series for long all those maps are from bf2 

    • improved destruction? I watch the gameplay and the destruction is the same as before. DICE must be stretching the truth

  • Dynamix

    More recycled content, woohoo!

    • cant wait to pay $15!!  *sarcasm*

      • Ryan

        Yeah, why can’t MW3 realease a map pack like Back to Karkand! /s

        • Tre_daniel

          dice is doing the same thing iw is doing taking old maps from older games all those maps were in bf 2

          • but its adding old guns,vehicles, and  a new progression system plus the maps are some of the best maps ever made

  • UKGenious

    You have missed the latest leak with 5 new maps, Morning Wood, MW2 Spec Ops map Overwatch, Italy, Concrete and Park. I wouldnt go anywhere near the leak you are lookign at.  Since when do Infinity Ward use concept art to show new map releases its always in game imagary.  I would take this leak with a pinch of salt guys

  • it does look a little dodgy by showing actual map images for the classic maps and then art for the brand new ones. 

  • John

    Cheap ass fools!! We better have to pay for this!!

  • Junior78dm

    i want nuketown in this game

  • Fake, very bland looking. Unless they really put as much effort into this poster as they did with the actual game…