Modern Warfare 3 Hacks Limited to Private Matches Only, Players Stats “Will Have Been Backed Up”

More has been revealed regarding the recent and very unfortunate rise of modified lobbies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If you’re not caught up, make sure to read about these modded lobbies here and how to avoid them. Activision Officials and Infinity Ward developers have been addressing the issue and are hard at work looking into a permanent fix.

Apparently, according to a developer on the official Call of Duty forums, lobbies which were modded to decrease players’ ranks were initially made to be public before developers caught on. “A modding group created a viral mod, which we prevented from spreading within twelve hours yesterday,” according to an IW developer. He added, “sadly, in ‘protest’ at our ability to disable this they are now inviting player’s to private matches where they reset their stats.” Good news that it has been contained and removed from public lobbies, but the threat still lives in private ones. It is stressed that MW3 players should “avoid friend invites from ANYONE not on your friend list.”

Luckily, IW developers have stated that they “are working actively on fixing this issue and also backing up player stats so that [they] can reset those affected by this malicious behavior.” So to clarify, those worried about their stats having been recently affected, developers state that “they will have been backed up” and that they “put this system in place the moment [they] learned of this group’s activity.”

For some extra assurance, we at MP1st have been enjoying the recent double XP weekend with no issues in public matchmaking. To reiterate, playing in public matches should not prove to be an issue.

Activision Support recommends “reporting any people you believe to be cheating via the in-game report feature.” They have clearly stated that “anyone in violation of the Code of Conduct can/will be punished.” Additionally, they have suggested that if you decide to take a record a video of these offenders and want to “upload it to YouTube, just mention @InfinityWard in your Tweet & they’ll be able to look into it.”

  • the one mode i wanted in MW3 was gun game and since they haven’t added it (to public) ive gone back to BO and im not looking back

    • Gun game might be added soon to the community playlist soon. 😉 

      •  dont care they will probably screw it up like infection and make it impossible :/

        • Brian Rettie

          How is infection impossible?

          • yaouza

            He got a BF3 avatar, let him troll.

        • he’s not a troll yaouza.  Jonathan has already bought mw3 before and have used different avatars in the past.

          •  thanks for the defend 😀
            @ Brian Rettie well 1. they raised the time limit to 10 minutes 2. they gave almost no ammo and crappy guns to the survivors wich made it impossible!

    • Gun game might be added soon to the community playlist soon. 😉 

  • Nice to see this backs up what I was saying in other articles.  Limited to Private matches.  

    And with that, I’m signing on.  Maybe see some of you randomly on.  Gamertag same as my name on here….

  • Simon Ollerenshaw

    I have reported two boosters five times with video evidence as above and nothing has been done. As below I have gone back to black ops, MW3 will just become a hack fest now.

  • Stimbo Slice

    the cod games suck since 4 so the the hacking is only important to losers

  • Arty

    hell ive been waiting for fixes to lag compensations its a truly horrible system in Black ops the mayority if not all the time me and my friends would at the very least have 3 bars each but since MW4 either i got no bars or just 1 bit or they have no bars or one bit i just really want to know what happened


    Jonathan Stoffregen infected was pretty much put in as a win/loss ratio legit booster. Infected win 99% of the time

  • La-Maravilla

    i need prestige lobby please