Modern Warfare 3 Major Updates Incoming: Terminal Issues, Matchmaking, Weapon Tweaks and More

Another busy week of Modern Warfare 3 news: from PS3 and Xbox 360 Elite subscribers receiving their respective July drops including all 360 gamers getting the free Modern Warfare 2 map Terminal, to Infinity Ward Executive Producer Mark Rubin revealing some big updates on the horizon.

Previously I reported on this month’s Content Drops, how spawns work and other news, which you can view right here.

Major Updates Incoming

Earlier today, Rubin confirmed a number of fixes are on the way and that some have already gone live for some platforms. From matchmaking tweaks to weapon buffs and nerfs, this is what he said:

MW3 Update:
Lag Comp (Xbox & PS3) – TDM has some settings that replicate to an extent MW2 lag comp settings. More to be done here. Moving to all playlists soon. Probably sometime next week barring any issues. PC is still being worked on as well but is a different code path.

Matchmaking (Xbox) – Domination has a new matchmaking schema. It no longer uses Hilbert regions but rather country code based on your IP. Improvements to that coming in upcoming patch. But if you have been matchmaking a lot with people from other countries please try this out and see if it is better.

Spawning (All) – Faceoff maps have had more spawn points added and a slight tweak to the logic. Should reduce the amount of spawn trapping. But the maps are small so spawning will always feel dangerous. Part of the fun of the mode. A full re-write on spawn logic is in the works but will be some time before it is ready.

DLC – Terminal is out for everyone on Xbox. I’ll be able to announce the date for Ps3 and PC sometime soon pending PR approval. Probably next week or so. Yes Terminal will be free for everyone just as it is on Xbox.

PS3 DLC Issues – Some of the issues with PS3 DLC have been resolved. There are still isolated cases of people losing their Elite Subscription (me included) and also of some DLC content that seems to be either unplayable or un-downloadable. We are still working with Sony on those issues. Hit up @candyslexia for possible solutions for DLC issues.

Weapon Balance – We have started our pass on weapons here at the studio and are testing out some changes. We are just hitting ARs and SMGs at first. Our current philosophy on this right now is not to nerf but rather to buff those weapons that are under-performing. Not sure yet on the eta of when these changes will go live.

Playlist Updates – I don’t have any info yet on Playlist updates just yet. Hoping to get to that soon.

Candice Capen, Community Coordinator for Modern Warfare 3, also replied to a question I asked her regarding Team Tactical and general playlist changes to which she responded, “compiling a list of things I want changed when we do the playlist overhaul” and is currently being discussed.

Terminal 24/7 and General Issues

Update: Mark Rubin, recently asked about Terminal 24/7 playlists, answered that he is “looking into that possibility. Just figuring out best timing.”

When asked about whether or not Infinity Ward would consider having a Nuketown 24/7-like event for Terminal, Candice remarked that there will be no playlist dedicated to the map but continued saying she’s “going to weight Terminal higher throughout the playlists so it comes up more.”

We reported earlier that a Care Package glitch and other new issues like getting on top of the plane have started appearing. Luckily, they appear to have been noticed by Infinity Ward and some hot fixes are on the way to fix some obvious glitches as Candice confirmed, “we’re fixing the one where you can get on top of the plane.”

She also confirmed that the ‘Disable DLC’ option will not affect Terminal in a future update, stating, “we’re going to add an update that addresses this.” Terminal is expected to be a “mandatory update” for all Xbox 360 users, regardless if you want the map or not.

A previously patched exploit has returned: console controller buttons showing up in names, specifically in Elite Clan Titles. Players have managed to find a way to implement controller button images. Rest assured, Infinity Ward and Beachhead Studios are working on a fix.

Matchmaking & Lag Compensation Update Results

Over on the Call of Duty forums, Infinity Ward developer Ghandi has been posting news regarding their attempts to smooth out lag compensation with a series of hot fixes for frustrated players which were tested on Team Deathmatch and Ground War playlists. This is what he had to say:

Generally there have been mixed results. More people are reporting an improvement in TDM than a degradation. In GW it’s a wash. We have three settings in test internally with additional instrumentation code added that we began significant testing on under various simulated lag, NAT, packet loss and jitter and ISP conditions. We are looking at each and measuring which is provides the most accurate results. This will be pushed live soon.

They have managed to achieve some improvements but still require more testing over the next few days in order to push a global fix for every playlist. In a later post, he also announced that a new Face Off spawn change is expected “to go live soon.”

Further matchmaking improvements have been tested throughout the past few days and those results, plus more updates, are expected over the weekend and into next week.

Other News & Remarks

A Terminal release date for PS3 and PC has not been announced. Candice reassures that the map “will arrive [for PS3 gamers; PC unconfirmed] next month,” and a release date for both August Content Drops and Terminal will be revealed at a later date.

Regarding maps from Modern Warfare 2 to make an appearance on it’s successor, Candice reaffirms that “[there are] no plan for more MW2 maps at this time” but continues by saying, “we have more new MP maps coming though!”, which probably refers to the last remaining multiplayer maps, which we reported here.

As a side note from Modern Warfare 3’s Tina Palacios, Senior Community Manager at Infinity Ward, she tweeted out yesterday that the Infinity Ward website – which has gone long untouched since the Activision vs. Jason West & Vince Zampella exodus and only showed a splash page of it being “currently redesigned” – is finally getting some love. She posting a screenshot of the new website. We look forward to the new look!

Another week of Modern Warfare 3 news recapped. We’ll update this article if any further news has been announced, but if you have any comments or questions, please post in the comments section below.

Have you been enjoying MW2’s Terminal with MW3 gameplay on the Xbox 360? What changes would you like to see regarding weapon re-balancing? Post a comment below or head to our forums to discuss with other gamers!

  • Radioshow

    No lag compensation improvements on the PS3 that I have seen. I’m still either 2 sec. ahead or behind. Im CDN near T.O. and get many southern U.S. and South Amer. players in the lobby.
    I’m positive k/d and generally do good but its frustrating to have to play so hard to do good and have the game screw ya ’cause it rewound you 2 sec. and you never actually got a shot off 😛

    • yeah its weird COD4 or WAW never had these problem in my experience played em recently and i was always the same speed as everyone

      • sedi

        last few days i cant seem to get a kill 7 hit markers with mp7 on xbox and nothing, wtf is going on lol

      • Someone

        oddly enough im quite the opposite,when i used to play cod4 (still do but less) i used to hate how the killcam would always say i would never shoot the enemy when i would be. now i get this problem on MW3 but never as much as cod4 did for me, think BO was the best for this since i don’t remeber any problems on the killcams other then snipers hitting miles away but guy acts like hes shot and dies

        • Dane Curbow

          In COD4 I had such a good connection that I would mostly get host and people would run around a corner and after a full 1-2 seconds then they would start firing ( if I hadn’t killed them yet ) unless of course I wasn’t host, then it was either about right ( most the time ) and sometimes it would put me 1 second or more behind. WaW was fairly similar as was MW2. Then with BO I noticed a much more balanced give and take when it came to lag so that overall I didn’t feel cheated or like I had a giant advantage. With MW3 I rarely feel cheated also, but there have been some matches where I notice it and finally understand what people were complaining about in EVERY PAST GAME. People with slower connections usually hate on CoD4-MW2 and have a tendency to like BOs. The opinion on MW3 seems the most mixed though. I can’t hate to much on any games net code, but as stated before my internet started out good and has only gotten better.

          Just know that as developers they are trying their best to even the playing ground out and make the game run smooth and feel good, but in a game where a millisecond can mean life or death you will never ever please everyone. The internet doesn’t work like that and no matter how much people want it to be instant there will always be ping times ( unless we perfect a quantum network, but that is a different story ). Also networking for FPSs is inherently harder with you moving your stick needing to be INSTANT and then having the guy on the other end who gets that information 20-80 milliseconds later see it relative to him in a way that if he shoots ( or you do ) it comes out fair for both parties and remember after he sees you move up to 80ms later and pulls the trigger you will be getting that info up to 80ms later also… See the problem. With something like starcraft or any other RTS you have tick times and compensate for lag by having a soldier say “YES SIR” 1…2…3.. Starts moving.

          • bitemywiiwii

            has anyone actually read this guys response?? it’s absolutely to long! smh

            • Dane Curbow

              It may be long, but it still only takes about 30 seconds to read. If you find it too long, then don’t read it and move on. Don’t really see it requiring a response.

              Although that post really is a two part thing that address on one hand my personal experience with their networking then a quick anecdote about how networking is hard and that the devs are trying new things to make the game more fair due to a large number of complaints. Like how being host mattered and how much a faster connection mattered when really a game that has been networked well should more or less be fair even if your connection is slower ( and at least meets a minimum expected ping ).

          • codgamer

            BS! BOP started the broken lag comp and was frustrating as well but MW3 perfected it and hence the solidarity from gamers that it is okay to dashboard if you’re host.

            • Dane Curbow

              I have had hosts dashboarding on me since COD4 and I have never nor will ever see it as something that is okay to do. I think there needs to be someway to disable dashboarding.

      • To clarifiy: MW3 netcode HAD to change b/c to allow the ‘ban hammer’ software to work.

  • Jesse

    Why the fuck would they patch the plane ‘glitch’ ? It was never patched in mw2, because its a part of the map… Not even really a glitch..

    • ktorkel

      Campers with tac inserts can abuse that spot.

      • Roe Parc Ranger

        never witnessed it ever.

    • How do you know it’s a glitch or not? If the developers didn’t intend to make it like that, it’s a glitch.

      • faceoffchannel

        Because infinity ward knew it was there, and everyone on youtube knew it was there, and infinity ward was aware that everyone knew of it, and NEVER patched it in mw2. Why should they now?

        • kby

          Because the IW now is not the IW from them, plus Sledgehammer is now a big name in the MW series?

    • Joe

      Well, nothing was patched in MW2 after the mass exodus of IW..

  • Logic

    Sick of PC players getting shafted by IW. We paid just as much for the game and have little bordering on no support from IW.

    • dickhead eater

      becuz most PC gamers would buy BF3, MW3 is shit on PC and PS3

      • Radioshow

        I have BF3 for PS3 (i know) because my PC cant really do it justice. And it is better in most respects, counting that their both different games, but I do like MW3 for the intenseness of it and hope for just a consistent connection!

    • Radioshow

      I feel for ya brother. I was an avid Promod S’nD player in cod4 xpl/tgl and still play it on PC just for that. I would love to play the newer titles on PC but your correct in that the PC players have been shafted and I see no reason to buy the PC version(let alone the PS3 one :P)

    • I’m not a PC gamer, but I would be pissed for the lack of support PC gets.

    • PC gets an avg of less than 10000 players, Xbox and ps3 gets 10 times that. But I feel u, they should have a team working on pc patchs along w/ Xbox. But they hav 1 team working on patchs for Xbox, then they transfer the patch to PS3, then they work on pc!! (I Think, not 100% sure)

    • Mark

      Lol MW3 is not mean’t to be played on a shitty 6 year old, kids console. MW3 likes to suck on them 10 year old cocks for more money they don’t care about grown pc men , they like fresh small cocks… I don’t know what the fuck i just said but basically MW3 is not mean’t to be played on PC. BF4 is…

      • Jamie Socratez

        I don’t understand how penises were brought into the situation.

    • Joe

      If you’re sick of it, stop buying their games — there’s your solution. What did Einstein say about repetition of the same act w/o changing the variables & expecting a different outcome? . . .

  • cool. so that rules out ANY chance of nerfing the ACR or MP7 -,-

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. It is an IW game and therefore takes no skill.

    • Angelreborn96

      I love how kids I bet you, are disliking this video hah. Your totally right dude! They’re lazy developers man. I mean kids nowadays can find glitches and they can’t?? Mine as well hire kids! Useless bastards at IW.

      • Someone

        well by your name ending with 96 hinting at 1996, you’re not exactly a grown man/woman since there’s only a few years apart from the stereotypical kid playing cod

      • Dane Curbow

        Or regular people have no idea what it takes to actually make a video game ( or any other software application for that part, especially one that releases on multiple platforms! ). It isn’t easy, you don’t turn on your computer and just type.

        IW::MW3::multiplatformMAIN( int )
        StartGame( MW2 ); // hahah they just copy pasted MW2
        LoadMW3Assets(); // Lolol MW3 should just be DLC HAR HAR!

        If it is so fucking easy go fucking write your own TRIPLE A FPS COD KILLER with amazing networking… oh yeah networking is one of the hardest areas in programming, let alone a video, hell let alone a video game where time matters down to the millisecond and gameplay has to still flow at a constant 60FPS on your side.

        • Angelreborn96

          I didn’t meant it fucking literally idiot. So really chill out. I’m saying how the devs suck! And try can’t find a glitch but kids can. So u should just Stfu really

          • Dane Curbow

            Apparently you did mean it literally because you once again go on to say once again that the devs suck and can’t find a glitch.

            The point is that they are doing a lot more difficult things that take a long time to do and once in a while something small makes it through that the community finds because more people who think differently tend to find more things. Then they go back and patch it. If you understood how difficult games were to make maybe you would give them more credit.

            • Cod devs dont do shit they have been doing the same exact thing for 4 years now just re skining the old game and pushing it out the door thats why every year there is a care package glitch its the same shit just repainted your fooling your self if you think they actually are building the game brand new every year peel off that mw3 sticker on the disk and you will find an mw2 disk

    • ACR and MP7 need a recoil nerf ASAP in my opinion.

  • im just waiting till they are done with patching it and then im buying it……

    • they patch the game until it’s old. Their is always something to patch in every game.

  • I find it funny that they literary copy and pasted the map from MW2 and brought along the same problems from that game

    • Someone

      well whats the point of making the exact same map from scratch…
      they did add new features and now see an oppurtunity to fix them problems
      making a ‘copy and pasted’ version means less effort needed to make it, meaning that they’ll make it free as it would be greedy to pay for same thing for a high price *looks at mw2 dlcs*

    • Dane Curbow

      So your actual reply to me is either hidden or you deleted it so I am just going to say as someone who has spent time writing software my insight onto how difficult and or easy it is to do something is far more accurate and valid than yours. The CoD devs are working as hard as they can to make the game into something they can be proud of all the while staying within their publishers ( ACTIVISIONs ) requirements.

      Devs don’t QA on large teams, the QA team does, and guess what? QA teams don’t just play the game in the manner that players do. They jump 50 times straight and make sure it works, they fire a gun for 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, etc and reload at each of those times to make sure ammo counts work properly. They kill an AKF player over and over and make sure the killstreaks work, they capture objectives. And they each do the same task for hours on end to make sure it is STABLE. They don’t chose 3 perks, get a carepackage then sprint around the map knifing people in a lobby of 12 players. That just isn’t part of the process. They make sure the base game mechanics work to a degree that people won’t be pissed when they get it and it doesn’t work. There are a few exploits that some people find, get a lot of attention, and when found are fixed.

      • TL;DR
        “There are a few exploits that some people find, get a lot of attention, and when found are fixed.” But the problems arent fixed.

  • Gannon

    I like that they’re buffing the weak guns rather than nerfing the strong ones. It feels stupid to get 6 hitmarkers and not kill the dude. I just wish theyd adjust the stats that go with the guns. Not that they’re accurate anyway.

    • Joe

      Hit marker issues are from lag — every primary in the game can kill in 6 bullets from it’s allotted range. As for weapon stats, they’re meaningless–always have been in cod. Why? Because they’re created in a vacuum & not in the game. What a weapon can or can’t do in a controlled environment w/o lag or moving targets is completely irrelevant to what it can do in a ranked pub w/ moving targets, other players shooting you, lag, your own accuracy, view kick (aka flinch), etc.

      To me, what IW is just constantly say “in the works.” Well, cod games are only supported for a year & their time is running up. It feels like IW is just biding their time until Blops2 comes out so they can just put MW3 in their rear view mirror.

      • fanboy

        Most regular COD gamers have given up for a flawless MW3, this game will never be fixed, broken at launch and will forever be broken. But the concern is the same studios are working for the next COD game for next gen console, fck that!

      • fanboy

        Most regular COD gamers have given up for a flawless MW3, this game will never be fixed, broken at launch and will forever be broken. But the concern is the same studios are working for the next COD game for next gen console, fck that!

  • snakedoctor

    how about more info on clan challenges!!

    • Clan Challenges: coming soon. Stay tuned for more info. <- that is the latest official news.

  • Dawit Blackwell

    IW are a bunch of idiot ass developers.

  • Whitey

    Arggh, wanted to know what weapons they are adressing. This game will be a lot more fun if OP weapons are nerfed and some under-rated weapon got some love. Personally I think nerf: ACR, Type95, MP7, PP90M1 and Buff: PM-9, M16.

    • randomname1337

      type95 is not OP anymore, it suffers at long and close range, only strong at medium. but the ACR and MP7 really need nerf. i think a nice nerf to the MP7 would be reducing its clip size to 20(40 with extended mags), so it would balance the existence of rapid fire). and with the ACR increasing the range loss while using the silencer.

      • Yanneck Mock

        Are you playing BF3? 😀 there the MP7 has 20 bullets in a clip. that would be good, but both guns need more recoil.

  • Rich

    Please fix lag compensation. It’s hard trying to kill people when you shoot them 6 times and you die instantly, and on the KillCam from their perspective you don’t even fire any bullets. It’s terrible.

    • WOB

      I’m amazed that there are those who claim that this lag doesn’t exist … that it’s just people who are as capable as their opponent. I suffer this same issue nearly every time I play. I have a super fast connection and it’s obvious that MW3 is compensating for my speed and that of my opponents. I repeatedly lose face-to-face meeting though I have the jump and have fired several shots, near point blank, and then “poof” find myself dead. The camera replay shows the other guy firing first and either my not shooting at all, or just getting one or two shots off.

      My favorite was the time I and an opponent turned a corner at the near same time … I immediately knifed and then, “poof” I was dead. What the replay show? My opponent having gone by me by several steps and turning around and shooting me. What was I doing? Still looking .. not one knifing motion. Sorry, that’s not ineptitude, that’s lag … big time at that.

      I could go on an on … it’s frustrating, to say the least.

  • Like a Boss

    The average amount of players on Modern Warfare 3 for Playstation 3 at any given time exceeds 400,000. I’ve seen it dip to 375,000 and rise to 700,000. Why do we get shafted in any way? I’m not saying pc should get the short straw though.

  • fanboy

    The latest build for Xbox is stll crap, played hours and hours of TDM yesterday and the big three fck ups are stll there – lag comp, matchmaking and respawning.

  • i still want a gun dlc 🙁

  • Tom

    Major updates coming… Yeah sure, but who cares anymore. MW3 the worst game ever. Its lagging so bad that i cant describe. They prefer those with the shittiest connections ever. The host is litterally unable to play. Its just unbareble anymore. That is just a BULLSHIT game, cant take it anymore. Today i quit playing MW3 after 13th prestige and 18 days playtime. Lag just reached a whole new level that i can not tolerate anymore. R.I.P. COD.

  • There’s a simple solution for the type 95 problem. You just swap it’s damage with the M16 and then you have a balance.
    End result
    Type 95: 3 bullet kill
    M16: 2 bullet kill

    • I think there’s a better balance – if the Type 95 is great at close range (due to the 55 max damage) but pitiful at mid/long-range (20 minimum damage), then the M16 should be more powerful at long range. I think it would be great if they adjusted the hit multipliers so it keeps the same max/min damage profile but can earn one-burst kills at maximum range if you shoot an enemy in the upper torso, neck, or head. That way it would turn into more of a high-accuracy battle rifle, kind of like the MK14.

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  • Sup

    PS3 accounts for 45% of IW’s sales. We have more processing power and more disc space, and yet we get the ported version? Sad sad sad

    • Jamie Socratez

      Microsoft uses their money to get the best version.. Activision basically works for microsoft tbh.. PS3 is more superior tho so If they focused on ps3 then wow cod would be awesome

  • When is the Snipers Only/No Snipers playlist coming?

  • Poojan Shah

    can u guys please take out the rsass and put the Intervention?

  • wOB

    Another complaint. When I throw a stun grenade at an enemy/location and then I move toward the explosion, I often feel the effects (I am slowed down, slower response to commands), my enemies? Little to no effect. When I get hit when one of those, it’s light’s out; I’m unable to see anything but a bright flash and unable to move at speed for 6-7 seconds, during which time I am invariably killed.

    What’s up with that?

    Here’s another one. I use the XM-25 air burst … which, in real life is a deadly weapon. It allows US troops to shoot these grenades over the top of where the enemy is located, letting it explode and killing/injuring everyone below it. When I use it in the game, I often see my opponent walking right through the explosion … or with the burst hitting the ground a few few from the opponent without any affect whatsoever.

    What’s up with that?

    Here’s another one. I am consistently having grenades lobbed at me that come over the top of buildings and roll up under my feet, though I am crouched behind an obstacle such as a wall or a car. It’s like the grenade has eyes. My grenades end up exploding harmlessly … and, sometimes, not exploding at all.

    What’s up with that?