Modern Warfare 3 New Map “Overwatch” Releases on Feb 21st for Xbox 360 Elite

Modern Warfare 3’s Robert Bowling has shared a screenshot of the second Elite DLC drop.

The second Elite drop is set to release on the 21st of this month for paid Elite members on the 360. So far, three out of the four leaked maps have been confirmed.Only ‘morningwood’ is still not officially confirmed, but we expect that it will be revealed next month. It should be noted that PS3 users will have access to the first DLC drop on February 28th.

  • So Xbox gets 2 drops before PS3 gets any and they wonder why we quit caring at all

    • Ohh thanks for pointing this out. I’ll update the post with the PS3 Elite release date for comparison.

    •  *GMAN VOICE* hello DOCTER FREEMAN~~ i didnt know you cared about COD 😛

    • ps3fuckedintheass

      Yeah this is a big joke. I do not understand why we are waiting FIVE weeks. It should be four weeks/month as Black Ops was.

      PS3 normal users will get the last map pack when Black Ops 2 is out at this rate.

      They lied and said Elite users will get the content first. The video is still on YouTube of them saying it.

  • you know what baffles me the most about this game? they had 2 years to work on it 2 studios a beta test (COD XP) and the amount of content they have in the game is pitiful treyarch had the same amount of time and only one studio and look at all the content in BO im sorry but IW and sledgehammer are just pitiful developers!

    • u will never have a cod that’s perfect bops sucked they NERFED ALL THE GUN’S

    • Tjenoes

      I agree.. BO had the best made maps.

      and ok, a game can’t totally perfect,but  WTH did they do in those 2 years?! cause the game look exactly the same as MW2.. and it got worse IMO

      for example: again they put in the game mode Groundwar , and again it laggs like *peep*!!!

      • ps3fuckedintheass

        In fairness the game runs quite well now. It is graphically the best yet, and they have made some improvements, albeit not great improvements. Strike packages are fantastic.

        Don’t forget most of IW left.

        I have faith Treyarch will pull off the goods this year with a greatly balanced game that runs on a newer version of the engine so we can have a balanced game with decent graphics, as MW2 and 3 graphics eat up Treyarch’s efforts.

        Treyarch make the best improvements, maps and Black Ops was a very balanced game. You might moan about Ghost but IW made it even worse with Blind Eye AND Assassin – Assassin Pro not even showing you up to AUAVs!

  • Call of Duty must like the word “Overwatch”,. How many times they put that name in maps and spec ops modes? 

  • Universalbori

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  • Universalbori

    they can careless about us the way i see it always concern with xbox360

    • Griffin041

      It’s because we pay and u dont

  • Ps3user

    As a PS3 user, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve been bored with these maps for months already and 2 xbox dlc releases will come out before anything on playstation??? almost a joke.