New Modern Warfare 3 Patch is Now Live on PS3 and Xbox 360

A new Modern Warfare 3 patch is now available to download on consoles.

As Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, promised a few days ago, today MW3 has been patched with supposedly the much awaited “thanksgiving” patch that should address lag, matchmaking, and rank loss issues. The patch size for the PS3 is 21 MB and 4 MB for the 360, and you should be able to download it when you log into the multiplayer section of the game. Unfortunately, there are no official patch notes for this update, but Bowling is going to highlight what the last few patches have fixed at a later date. Based on limited firsthand experience and threads on the official Call of Duty forums, the patch seems to have addressed some of the aforementioned problems to an extent, but as the patch is still being rolled out not everyone is having the same experience. Most notably, the lag compensation seems to be removed, but we still await confirmation.

Make sure to visit our Modern Warfare 3 section to learn more about what’s being fixed in MW3.

Tell us about your experience after the new patch in the comments’ section below.

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  • spinna

    well for me and my clan mates here in scandinavia its got weird after the patch. 
    one of my friendss had 5 console freezes on ps3 after the patch. and rest of us felt like the game is now not laggy BUT, everyone dies so quickly, both team mates or enemies. and in kill cam it shows completley different things.

    • John

      Classic COD BS!! They are such wankers at IW

  • The lag compensation is not removed. No way.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I played one game after downloading the patch and I was the one of the only guys with 4 bars and I kept getting dropped before I could ADS

      • John

        Bloody typical!! My view and killcam view are 2 different things!

      • Fantasygod

        Being host is a literal death sentence.

  • LJ

    after the patch the lag is almost non existent. kd ratio went from less than 1 to close to 2 every match. very rarely do i see a laggy match anymore.

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  • Black Ops’ lag could not be fixed…what makes people think MW3 will be any different? It’s time people realize the COD series is a pile of doody right now.

    Activision made sooo much bloody money of you people, and they won’t give you dedicated servers?? GTFO Activision! Lag will always be there with so much crap going on in the game with P2P connection. They refuse to make their game a better standard, instead they make it good enough.

    • dont blame activision. blame the people who continue to support COD by buying it every year. I skipped MW3 and now play BF3

      • Fantasygod

        Battlefield 3 was even worse with lag.  Not that MW3 is much better.

      • Moss

        Cant i just blame both?.

  • Moveoirnothing

    Does this patch for mw3 include move support for the ps3?. If not i dont really give a crap.

  • HaVoK

    Dedicated Servers. Oh, that’s right, Activision is too cheap and their customers are too stupid to demand them.

    • Anonymous

      you would think with all that money that Activision is making and now with this cod elite.. they would start having dedicated servers.. at lease PC gamers have dedicated servers now.. maybe next cod we might get it for console’s. But knowing activision, thet still do p2p crap

  • Not had any problems with MW3, unlike the over hyped BF3 which i found extremelly disappointing and un-functional.  And very buggy/unresponsive at start, on the xbox.

  • Flea

    One thing which annoys me most is that yes the patch is live for ps3 and xbox, but where is the patch for the pc. Great idea activision, discriminate against the majority of COD players.

  • Dot19

    The fact that they havent patched one cod game with move support is ridiculous and shows that they dont give a S@#$ about move owners. If they dont want to earn my money i wont buy there games.