Modern Warfare 3 – No Old Maps Included in Paid DLC, Elite Clan Challenges Leaked

Only new maps and missions will be released for Modern Warfare 3. Also, Modern Warfare 3 players might soon receive clan challenges according to a leaked page on Elite.

MP1st reader Moriarty1975 has refered us to a discussion on the Call of Duty forums, where a disgruntled fan is asking for more clarity on the DLC release schedule for Elite members. The user points out that the last two drops were announced and released within a few days. To which an Infinity Ward developer stated, “we’ll attempt to give you a better heads up on release timing moving forward. One of the issues we face is we sometimes don’t receive release date notification from the first parties and internal QA until late in the day.”

This month paid Elite members on Xbox 360 players can expect four maps to hit the platform, June for PS3. You might think that classic maps might be thrown in the mix, but don’t fret as Infinity Ward promises that paid DLC is only comprised of new maps, missions, and such. The developer assured, “I can confirm that paid DLC will consist of all new maps, missions etc.”

It’s worth noting that the former creative strategist Robert Bowling wanted to release old maps to fans for free, outside of the DLC model. Some classics were rumored to be found in the game’s files.

Moriarty was gracious enough to send us another tip of a clan challenges’ screenshot he spotted on the Elite website. The introduction of the challenges has been taken down. Clan challenges were initially promised to be one of Elite’s features, and it’s been a while since we heard of them.

Here’s the screenshot of the clan operations taken by Moriarty:

Daily Clan Challenges

  • Earn Clan XP and badges for acquiring specified MW3 accolades a  certain number of times throughout the day. Awards are delivered within  a few hours of completing the challenge.
  • Daily Challenges begin every day at 12:00 AM PST, lasting through 11:59 PM PST.
  • Free and premium clan members contribute to each day’s challenge.

Weekly Clan Challenges

  • Earn Clan XP and badges for hitting cumulative MW3 milestones  across total kills, headshots, assists or score. Awards are delivered  within a few hours of completing the challenge.
  • Each challenge begins every Monday starting at 12:00 AM PST, lasting through the following Sunday at 11:59 PM PST.
  • Free and premium clan members contribute to each week’s challenge.

You can catch the latest Call of Duty news here on MP1st.

  • Storm

    Elite Clan Challanges Leaked


    • Thanks. I have no idea how I missed up in the title when I wrote the word multiple times in the piece itself.

      • asspickle

        Lol i know you hate grammer nazis 😀

        • Agrammarnazi


        • Stoop Kid

          Funny thing is, grammar has more to do with the construction of sentences than it does the spelling of words. Of which are simply spelling errors, not grammatical ones.

      • Storm

        It looks much more professional 🙂  I just wanted to help!

  • tellmeadeshina

    This seems like a really good idea, it might make people play properly, I notice the blue throphy one, if that was to be the most dom points captured maybe people might make more of an effort rather than play TDM in Domination.

    I’m in the top 500 for that accolade, so some nice clan XP coming up for me!

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  • Notice that GIHAINDII said “paid DLC” will only be new material.  The door is still open, barely, for old maps to come out.  Barely.

    Good post, I’ve been looking for info on this.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Alternatively they can do what Treyarch did with Hazard and take an old map and re-imagine it.

      • CobraG7

         I feel like they did that with Overwatch, reminds me of Highrise.

  • Gannon

    I hope so badly that they give free old maps away. That would be amazing. I know everyone complains about MW3 so much, and its not a perfect game. But by FAR my biggest issue is just the maps. If it could be the same game with CoD 4 and MW2 maps it would for sure be my favorite CoD.

    • Michael Kelley

       If they bring back some freebie CoD 4 maps, I might start playing MW3 again.  Can’t go wrong with classics like Strike or Crossfire

      • Gannon

         No doubt. I love the old ones.
        I think that MW3 maps were the outcome of them trying to pander to the people complaining about campers. Honestly, camping doesnt really exist in MW3.  Staying in one spot for 2 or 3 kills isnt camping in my book, and for the most part thats all you can get without gettin snuck up on.

      • Gannon

         I know theres an army of people who would fight me on that. But that is my opinion.


    i think this says it all.

  • Any PC gamer playing this bullshit rehashed money for old rope crappy game should hang there head in shame and buy a fucking console!

    • KillerSparrowThing

      Or you could just let people enjoy what they like the way they like. No? Your right, that would be to hard wouldn’t it. It’s okay. Being opinionated isn’t fatal. Just socially crippling in way that you should be ashamed of.

    • Maybe not all PC gamers are anti-social psychopaths like yourself?

  • Yayclans

    Good. The old Elite Clan challenges sucked. I have a very tiny clan with only a few members Premium. Also, the timing of the challenges normally blow ass, so I never get to play. Now that everyone can contribute on a weekly and daily basis, I can finally rank up my clan.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Yeah they need to do more operations so they can be ran at times suited to all around the world. Whilst it does open it up for the try hards to have no sleep and enter multiple operations, it is better than how it is now.

      I’m in a one-man-clan and I always do quite well 😀

  • eko

    Clan Challenges start this monday.

    • eko

      Ooops! Clan challenges are coming but not this Monday!

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  • Nick

    Some old maps would be great… I’d love to play Estate or Terminal again

    Also, some clarity on when maps are released for PS3 Elite Premium users would be much appreciated. It kind of mitigates the pain of waiting a month after Xbox users if we at least know when the maps are dropping for us.