Modern Warfare 3 Now Has 15 Prestige Levels, 20 Prestige Emblems on PC

Yesterday, we reported on an imminent patch for MW3 on PC. Other than the fixes and weapon balancing that PS3 and Xbox 360 owners received a while ago (read patch notes here), it appears that the number of prestige levels on PC has increased as well.

Steam user, Hungaryan, posted several screenshots of what the team behind Modern Warfare 3 has changed in terms of prestige levels. As you can see below, now PC players have to reach ‘Prestige Level 15’ in order to reset all stats. Before patch 1.5.387 on PC, Modern Warfare 3 had a maximum prestige level of 10. Players were able to reset stats – using a prestige token – at level 10.

Interestingly, 10 new prestige emblems have been added to the game files as well, according to Charlie Intel (see image below). Bringing the total number of prestige levels to 20, not 15. We still don’t know if levels 15 through 20 are accessible or not, but we’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

  • :O

    • ohara

      sorry but is anyone making you prestige?
      i dont think so
      ill be happy to prestige again even though i have most guns gold or at least in the late 20’s in the levels and there doing it to keep people interested in the game

  • Anonymous

    It has something to do with them not being able to have or use COD Elite I bet.

  • Cyborg6971

    I can’t believe people play this craptastic pos game.

    • Anonymous

      What may be “Craptastic” to you is actually very fun to play for others.

    • Haydan Titus

      Even though you don’t like it, millions of others do. So it’s not that hard to believe.

    • Undercova98

      i kno if you find this gme shit then y r u even on this website

    • sniiped

      sooo if this craptastic for you WHY ARE YOU HERE? we dont give a fuck what you think about this game…

  • so this is how they are gonna extend their gameplay? prestige levels -__-

  • ridiculousness! so i get to 10 waste xp staying at 10 until the next 5 come out and then i get to 15 and what wait 2 more months to play and then get to 20, or waste millions of xp at 15 unlock gold guns and then throw them away again.. id love to know where they get these ideas. why not just release the game with 20 from the start??

    • Anonymous

      Because they like to screw over customers like you.
      And they don’t care because they know they can get away with it.

      • Wow

        They’re not screwing anyone over. Prestiging is an option. Your logic needs work. A LOT of work.

        • Anonymous


    • haha no life

       its your own fault for no lifing and you don’t have to if you don’t want to smart one

    • Jourdinbowe

      I 100% agree with you they should start with the game or don’t come along at all

    • TheEpicNugget

      THATS ME!!!!!!!!!!!

    • guest

       probably because they didn’t plan on people maxing out so quickly. i suggest that you go outside in order to resolve your complaint.

    • Quark

      You need to go outside and get some air dude.  Prestige 20! how many hours have you spent on a worthless game?

  • Zach

    Josh G. Tech Specialist Josh G. Reporting! Josh G. Thank you for contacting Activision Customer Support. How can I help you? Zach Hi, I have heard many rumors regarding possible prestiges 10 to 20? There are pictures and they show up on a recent pc patch Josh G. They have been added to the PC yes. Zach Is there plans for the consoles? Josh G.
    At this time we do not have any information regarding that. We
    generally do not get any information regarding unreleased content until
    it is released but, you can visit Infinity Wards Twitter page or for updates. Zach Ok, thank you for your help 

  • Jamie55

    i fill sorry for the 10th prestigers who reset their stats to find they have added 5 more so what a waste 

    • TheEpicNugget

      yea this sucks that is what i did

  • 420iscrap

    i feel sorry for the makers of this game. how many more ways will they find to f** things up?

  • Centennial Football

    how about they fix the fucking lag instead of releasing shit that nobody gives a shit about?

  • AwesomeIka

    When does it come to prestige 20 on ps3 ! I have to 80 like 7 times on prestige 15 just for the tokens! getting sick and tired !
    Give us some more challlange on the wepons og someting that we can do !

    • H_ui

      i kno i didnt do it for the prestige tokens. i acttually done it by accident beause my mate told me that the new 15 to 20 prestige levels had been added and i neva knew that it will just reset you to 15 prestige level 1 so i lost all my pro perks and gold guns so now i dont play the game anymore cause im PISSED!!!!!!!!

  • Donegal1

    Im at level 11 in waw, and still no emblem shows up on mw3  barracks sheet. ? What level do you need to have this show up?

    • Bigredjn

      You need to prestige in waw to show up at the barracks as well as receiving a prestige token.

      • Cockforcock

         no you don’t

  • Daddy bill

    Because games are for fun not to show off to pepole you don’t know

  • C Poole65

    Have the levels from 15 to 20 been added to the MW3 for Xbox or is this for PC only currently, why did the game not get 20 levels right from the start, and better still make it so that you automatically rack up to the next level.

  • Mwarfare Rogosic

    does someone know anything about this? I was 15(V)prestige and finished it and again entered prestige 15(V) ? wtf had happened?

    • girl cod queen

      im prestige 15 is there no more prestige after tht because it does give option to prestige again?????

  • It’s to try to bring back players maxed out already, that have moved on to much better games. Activision is afraid if people don’t stay on MW3 cuz it sucked for its entirety, they won’t be able to scam us for another $120, without fixing MW3 first… instead of adding stuff no-one but their simple minded selves care about.

  • Mizcon31

    How utterly unimaginative are those new prestige emblems?
    Am I missing something here or is that just damned lazy?


    PS3 MONEYSDE HAVE TO SAY ” I am 15 prestige which was a lot of work An extra 5, reccomemed by what ever lame needs some FRIENDS”

  • griffo

    when will there be an update to eliminate fucking campers?

  • Cedj

    How about some different prestiges. The same look. They suck for not putting some work into these next 5. Wow. Supa gay