Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.08 Now Live on PS3 – Patch Notes

The team behind Modern Warfare 3 has released patch 1.08, title update #8, on the PS3.

Modern Warfare 3 receives its 8th title update on the PS3. The patch will set you back 22MB in memory (most common size). You’ll be prompted to download the patch, when you log in to the multiplayer portion of the game. The PS3 patch was delayed due to specific fixes for the platform. Patch 1.08 for PC is still in the works.

Patch Notes:

  • Improvement to Mic Quality (PS3 specific)
  • HD Video Uploads (PS3 specific)
  • Networking enhancements
  • Theater improvements and fixes
  • Further improvements to “Host Disadvantage” / “Lag Comp”
  • Increased speed of YouTube uploads from 32k to 256k
  • Nerf to all Akimbo weapons (reduced fire rate)
  • Shotgun re-balance (Slight nerf to Striker, slight buff to all other shotguns)
  • Fix that prevents some users from not receiving their prestige token after prestiging
  • Fix stat bug that retains “games played” stat across prestiges.

Check out a more detailed explanation of the weapon tweaks in patch 1.08

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  • Cnkm 777

    this is patch made the game laggy again… whenever i use the spas 12 it lags like crazy, u guys at infinty ward better get it together now 

  • Streek9999

    this is BS! network improvement?!?!?! i literally get lagged out of ALL the games im in now!!!!! >:(

  • Boba

    this game is the BIGGEST garbage FPS i have ever played. they need to compensate for this POS game by acutally FIXING it and compensate to the people by giving them something free, like free MSP or something

  • the akimbo’s got buffed watch this

    • Hound

      Old video yee scrub.

  • Is there more detail on the buffs and nerfs. 

  • ” Nerf to all Akimbo weapons (reduced fire rate)” from what ive seen that is BS

  • Anonymous

    There’s something else that’s been changed. Voice volume in the options will no longer affect player VoIP chat. This really sucks, since now I’m back to having to mute all players whenever I join a server, and occasionally mute people that have just joined in the heat of battle.
    Also, it LAAAAAAGS. Before this update, around every 10th server was laggy. Now, I’ve played three games, all three were lagging like hell, in the end, my PS3 froze up so I had to shut it down using the PSU switch.
    Anyway, that was the last nail in this game’s coffin, I’m gonna play BF3 now ^^

  • Bcully_17

    voice volume all the way down still getting volume!?!

  • FireStorm-X

    Hi All

    Downloaded 1.08 update today 🙂 now stopped playing MW3 due to Lag 🙁 all fine until I get 6 or 7 kills. Then the Lag is so bad I can’t even move without running into every object in the map.

    So for me it’s back to BF3 and I will just have to wait and see if they get this sorted, but with the way this game is being……well let’s just say it’s the last COD game I will be buying 🙁 good game, but poorly implemented and very poorly supported. Try going on the MW3 homepage and finding anything out ? Lol I have seen more action from the morgue then from anyone in charge on there site.

    We can not even call ourselves mushrooms, as they are kept in the dark and feed on bullshit !!!!

    But we are just kept in the dark lol.

    If it wasn’t for sites like this, I would not have even the slights clue on what the he’ll is going on with MW3 !!!!!

  • Killer

    the patch did nothing but screw more things up as every patch does in cod 


    Insane lag now 10 out of 10 games I’m watching a slideshow I wish they just left it alone at least before maybe 1 out of 10 games I would see bad lag but this is ridiculous.

  • fixit

    fix the fov for consoles. i feel like i’m looking through a tunnel. that would help alot of things

  • deathbehindyou

    =/ game never lagged before until I updated this yesterday now lags so bad

  • B Raktoe

    Still host disadvantage en lots more and get throw off the server so they did nothing to improve the game

  • Nikky39

    Still shite. Host lag not fixed. Won’t buy Dlc till fixed

  • Stevewitmore

    the lag is way worse now after this update, I dont want to play anymore, but I already paid for the game… what do they care, they got their money

  • Dellmad5

    too much laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggg after the $##$%$%$%#@@ update…whyyyyyyyy….why..

  • drusiffr

    getting disc read errors….wtf?? all was well before latest patch…anyone else having problems like this?