Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.08 Will Fix “Damage Proficiency Exploit”

Along with other updates, patch 1.08 will include a fix for the damage proficiency exploit in Modern Warfare 3.

Robert Bowling has revealed that “the ‘damage’ proficiency exploit is already fixed in the next patch. We’re now tracking anyone abusing it and will ban offenders.” Bowling went on to explain, “the exploit allowed you to assign Damage proficiency to primary weapon classes that didn’t have it available. No way to do it by accident.”

On another note, Infinity Ward is “doing some updates to the leaderboards right now, so you might notice some wonky scores or incorrect placements for a little bit.”

Title update #8, patch 1.08, will be available for players to download some time this month.

  • wow alot of news you guys are pumping out today godd work 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jonathan. 🙂

      • great job guys dont ever close the site

        • except if their lives depend on it!

        • Anonymous

          Oh don’t worry. 🙂

          There is some cool stuff planned for the near future, we think you’re going to like it. 😉

  • How long have you guys been around for now? Seems to be one of the best games websites along with Gamearena.

    • Anonymous

      Almost 5 months old. We’re still kinda young.

  • ItsSmitt

    Do you think this patch will also ban/derank anyone who did the prestige token glitch?

  • Merciless_24_7

    Merciless_24_7-man oh man I sure appreciate your web site,thanks for all your hard work,I’m one of those having problems with the ranking up and my score ranks went from 31000-ish to 14 million-ish,least I know it’s not just me

  • AWESOME!!!

    Now how about FINALLY covering the open mic exploit… or is this something you dont want to fix?  You can fake buying/DL a cheat and then go back for ‘support’.  THE FIRST THING THEY TELL YOU is to make sure you plug your mic/headset in and enable it.  You dont have to leave it in but thats the key.

    Its amazing how easy this was to discover yet Activison has decided, since they know everything, that it just cant be happening.  Mute a whole lobby, keep em muted, keep checking with your player menu (they drop toons out and in to try and throw you off.  It WILL change your game play.  We tested this by fighting with our player screens up AT ALL TIMES and still placed pretty high, even with all those names in front of it!

    BTW… this is why sometimes when you enter a game you can hear someones mic on but once the game starts there’s nothing showing at all.

    Occasionaly, you will get the toon you cant mute AND that toon will be the one to come and wak ya…???…!!!

    This IS Modern Warfare… and Im all bout the delivery!

    • One day, I imagine a game play where I can keep my router locked down versus this putting things in my DMZ.  Heck, why not just place a sign in my front yard with my EXACT IP and list of open ports!?!?

      These game manufacterer’s dont open their in-house consoles like this, yet expect us to not care about overall security.  If it were just a bunch of annoying kids running cheats, it wouldnt be so bad.  Yet, in todays world most of our life is on our home network in one form or another.  What makes them think the criminal element isnt using this to their advantage?

      Some of the criminal element is VERY smart.  Look at the breach on the PSN back in April, and other LINUX breaches since then.  Most our done by attacking non-firewalled equipment; such as smart phones, consoles, etc, BECAUSE these devices are suggested to be placed in our DMZ (this is where ALL firewall precations are thrown to the wind).  But dont try and tell their NOC’s(server admin) that, they are way to cocky to understand their settings are fouled at a VERY basic level.