Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.09 to Bring New Prestige Levels, Music Volume Update, and Theater Fixes

Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has revealed some of the additions and fixes that the next title update, patch 1.09, will include for Modern Warfare 3.

Recently, five new prestige levels were added to the PC version of  Modern Warfare 3 with the latest update to the platform. Interestingly, the PC version also received an additional five prestige emblems to bring the tally of prestige levels to 20. Robert Bowling promised that Xbox 360 and PS3 users will also receive the new levels; however, it was unclear if it would be via a hotfix or patch 1.09. Now, Modern Warfare 3’s creative strategist explained that “it should be added in the next title updates for those platforms [Xbox 360 and PS3],” but unfortunately he doesn’t have a firm release date at the moment. Some fans, including MP1st readers, were put off by the decision of adding new prestige levels to MW3, Robert Bowling argued that “its nice to have an option to keep going further, even if you choose not to do it.”

Also, “HD video uploads for PS3 are currently planned in an upcoming title update for MW3,” according to Bowling. Further, an Infinity Ward developer has confirmed that music volume issue will be fixed soon, stating “the patch containing the music adjustment is going into submission [presumably, the console manufacturers certification process] very soon.” Hopefully, after the next title update, you’ll be able to turn down the in game music in order to rely more on the sounds of the enemies’ footsteps, reloads, and such.

Earlier today, a new trailer was released for the upcoming map, Overwatch.

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  • Andy

    What baffles me is.. why wasn’t the Music adjustments in the game in the first place?

    • kylegetsspam

      If ever you have a question about why IW didn’t do X, Y, or Z, the answer is always thus: They don’t give a fuck.

    • Ondsnap001

      Music volume is more important than fucking lag issues.  FUCK YOU ROBERT BOWLING! I can’t wait for Respawn to take your sorry COD down fucker!!

  • Mw3

    This game is baffling anyway

  • m16a4 best gun in mw3

    what was wrong with the music volume ? and as for lag i thought by now the community would have at least gotten used to lag and its not just in cod its in every online game

    • Esche1onX

      Never Played BF3?

      • The_Truth

        lol, it lags too son

    • Nospammers

       Not true. First, BlackOps and MW3 have taken lag to a new level. Even MW2 in its worst state had less lag than MW3 does. It’s the stupid Lag Compensation system that Treyarch designed for BlOps and Sledgehammer (IW is dead, look forward to Respawn) took it to a whole new level.

      It’s a fairly ridiculous situation in modern gaming when people defend
      the epidemic levels of lag in the most recent CoD games as it being
      something we have to simply accept. Dedicated servers, for one, will
      virtually remove all lag for everyone but the players with the most absolute
      worst connections. Second, many last gen and current gen titles have
      proven that lag is not an issue when proper host recognition, host
      migration, and latency filtering is implemented into a game. Hell, fuck fixing the lag comp, just let me filter the matchmaking system to prioritize players with the best connections.

      Examples of games without systemic lag:
      MW3 and BlOps when connected to a dedicated server.
      Halo 2, 3, & Reach (srsly, Halo 2 was a last gen game, have we gone backward in network code?)
      Counterstrike 1.6/Source on a dedicated server
      MAG on PS3, Zipper provided dedicated servers.
      DOTA2 and League of Legends, both run without lag
      …and a whole slew of other games.

      • ps3fuckedintheass

        They didn’t make the lag worse. It is the guns. In Black Ops the guns are a lot weaker than in MW3. Because of such in MW3 you have far less time to react as it takes less time for you to be killed, especially with the amount of high ROF guns.

      • Reppin780

         I couldn’t agree more. The one, and only thing, that Treyarch did right with their game(WaW and BlOps) was add the option of filtering your matchmaking search. I live fairly far north in Canada and unless it’s peak hours, connecting to someone where I don’t get an “3 bar”(which is a fake bullshit thing anyway) is impossible. I know that it was generally not a problem for COD4 and WaW but it just seems to be getting worse. You’re totally right, in that, it seems like we’re digressing instead of progressing in the way of hosting

      • Cody332

        Well said man and its true who ever doesn’t believe you are fucking dumbasses cause mw3 has the gayest seletion system for hosts and when people in a party and join a lobby and then get kicked the people in the party start picking on the host of the party saying “you got mexican connection let me be host” when its really the host of the entire lobby they were in is that guys fault not the party host and I tell my friends in my party about all this shit cause my connection status says excellent when you try too connect too it and its never below 4 bars unless I’m not host so yet again well said my friend

  • ……

  • Ty

    How about a mute all button in lobbies.

  • Poop

    Its not that bullshit get use to lag when battlefield 3 doesnt lag. Xbox pays online to not be having lag problem. So whats up with that

  • Pigpiles69

    Where is the music adjust? Oh wait it wasnt added

  • donewithit

    With all the inconsistencies regarding respawning, consistent weapon damage, and lag compensation, THIS is what they’ve been working on?  No joking that this is the last COD i’m buying.   These guys have been wasting time fixing something that should have come with the game in the first place and ignoring the real problem their users have been complaining about.  Fuck Robert Bowling and his whole team right in their ignorant asses.