[Update #3] Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.10 Now Live on PS3 – Patch Notes

Update #3: Added more PS3 specific patch notes.

Update #2: Robert Bowling explained, “if you’re on PS3 and noticing low or no voice chat audio, check the in-game and XMB voice volume slider. Patch may have set low or to zero.”

Update #1: Robert Bowling reassured that the team behind Modern Warfare 3 is “aware of some party chat / voice issues since update. Currently looking into it and will address anything found ASAP.”

Along with the first two Elite map drops, Piazza and Liberation, PS3 users received patch 1.10 for Modern Warfare 3.

The new maps can be downloaded via the PlayStation Store for paid Elite members. Also, a new patch was released for the PS3. The patch, which should have been 1.09, is now called patch 1.10. It’s a mandatory patch for all users, not just paid Elite users. The update will set you back 22MB in memory. The new patch adds five new prestige levels, and optimizes Elite for the platform.

Patch Notes

  • 400 new ranks included in 5 new prestige levels.
  • Also adds the ability to view Clan Rank on player card in-game when enlisted in a clan on Call of Duty: Elite.
  • Fix for trophy system glitch.
  • Ability to select country flags as clan titles.
  • Additional network optimizations.
  • Additional ELITE push to game CaC validation.
  • Support for ELITE Clan Operations end future features.
  • Fixed PM issue where failed invites were preventing large parties from congregating.
  • Repair of writing of the games played field of the player stats so the team behind MW3 can sweep LBs and correct averages on the backend. This process will commence shortly.

Update #3: In addition to the patch notes listed above, title update #10 brought the following fixes specially to MW3 on PS3.

  • Voice volume slider fix.
  • HD rendering for PS3 theater.
  • Host migration update.
  • Anti lag balance adjustment for 1/2 bar connections vs. 3/4 bar connections


Thanks James and Gav for all the help.

  • Yeah, i’m on ps3 and everybody’s headset is really quiet. what do we do?

    • guest

       Run around like an asshole and commando knife people.

    • Kaspermortenkoefoed

      go to options when ur in a game and turn up voice volume

  • This game can’t be fixed :/ I have already given up on MW3. The most i want now is for them to fix the shitty spawn system, fix the lag and fix the snipers, i be getting to many hit markers to the chest and head so not fair!

    • Kaspermortenkoefoed

      thank god your not playing mw3 anymore! Nobody likes a whiner.. 

  • i dont think us PS3 players even care anymore i might have bought the DLC for MW3 if it was reasonable priced and we got it the same as everyone else thank fully i knew activision would pull some sh*t with elite and i didint buy it

    • Seriously man, it’s just bullshit that we aren’t getting DLC the same time as Xbox. I did pay for elite on PS3, such a damn rip off. I didn’t think I’d have to wait two months for even 1 map for elite, while Xbox has had 3, sucks ass.

      •  im selling MW3 its boring and i already got a bunch of other COD games ill play MW2 or Bo besides this SH*T cause this is BS!

        • Anonymous

          I was thinking about getting MW3 for PC because I’m bored of BF3, but from what I’m reading, there is no point.

          Back to BC2, Skyrim and CoD4 for me.

          •  Bo is cool zombies are awesome! also you should think about getting HAWKEN looks awesome!!

        • Anonymous

          I was thinking about getting MW3 for PC because I’m bored of BF3, but from what I’m reading, there is no point.

          Back to BC2, Skyrim and CoD4 for me.

        • Yea I’m into BF3 more than MW3, I’ve tried playing CoD but it’s just too frustrating.

  • Streetzneedme

    I wish they would fix the stupid disc error message I keep getting .. Hopefully they have a patch for that I know it’s not my system or disc .. Anybody else getting the same problem ?

    • Bazti3n

      Ive started to hate this game because of that….

  • Player123123

    kill kill kill thats all u do

  • FireStorm

    Still crap after the 1.10 patch, can’t even be bothered going on the new maps due to the lag 🙁 tried a few games on the new maps but still lagging like shit 🙁

  • Update, maps but no promised theme.

    • The theme is now available. 🙂

      • Ieuabru


        • Search for “Elite theme” and I think you’ll find it. Let me know if you do, please. 🙂

  • TheSackboy17

    Finally, they fix the invites! I couldn’t play with my friends, but now I can! Thanks, IW!!

  • disgruntled customer 89

    So i can’t go and download the maps without elite?
    Don’t get me wrong, i wasn’t going to buy those fucking things anyway, but it still seems stupid.

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  • mike

    Im glad the voice volume is working agian,  cant stand it when ppl are cursing.  I love playing the game and listening to the chat until theres someone thats cursing.

    God Bless

  • Youngarson

    What about the Disc read error 

    • Dsdkb

      I agree I get that damn disc read error also! Seems they are not even acknoledging that there is a problem! Always happens to me on liberation!

  • outlawz

    LOL I totally forgot the maps came out today.. I’ll play it on the weekend

  • Dvs

    The trowing knife jump glitch is also patched. 

  • IMintaz

    For some reason now my connection sucks!?!?

  • guest

    lag is worst

  • iQualitiZz

    i cant hear people on my headset, but they can hear me??
    kind of frustrating  : S

  • Joooicantsay

    they should Patch this stupid Last Stand

  • Rossie-boi

    im an elite member but my MP menu doesnt have any map content in it an i want the maps whats the go do i have to update if so can someone tell me how plz i jus got a ps3 jus for mw3 oh yea the playstation store has the content i dowloaded an istall but ddnt work HELP PLZZZZZZ

  • Xboxwolf667

    Goddamn … after the patch I only get 1 red bar … the game is unplayable due to lag … ughhhhh FML

  • lag Hater

    The game is almost uplayable since updating 🙁
    Lag seems to worst than ever. Had to stop playing. Normally roll between 1.5.- 2.5 average kd but has dropped to 0.5 – 0.8 Hopefully it will get better in a few days. Sort it out. Payed £40 for game and £35 for elite. Not very happy.