Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Patch 1.08 on Feb 3

Robert Bowling has announced that the latest MW3 patch, 1.08, will available to PS3 users at 2AM.

Bowling stated “The latest MW3 title update for PlayStation goes live at 2AM.” We know that Bowling usually refers to the PST time zone, so the patch is going live after midnight at 2am, February, 3rd*. Bowling explained that the patch “includes improved voice chat quality, theater fixes, weapon rebalances.” You can read more about the weapons tweaks here.

Also announced today, PS3 users will receive the first Elite map drop on February, 28th.

*We reached out to Bowling for clarification on the time zone and when the PC patch will be released.


  • what a dumb fuck. he has to mention what time zone it is :S

  • bowling answer to everthing

  • bangshi

    FINALLY. Bowling lied to us. He said the voice patch was sent to certification in December for release in January (ie when everyone was back after Christmas break). Now it is February. It doesn’t take Sony six weeks to certify a patch.


  • angry PS3 user

    hope the fucking voice gets better for real son. Fucking retarted shit they can’t fix this faster

  • Anonymous

    Oh, you found out akimbo FMGs take out the choppers?

  • Carrkool

    it seems to me that all the weapons are messed with. The MK46 now has less killing power shotguns ranges are way out of this world and dual pistols gained alot of acc with the reduced firing rate…why do they always take things that are ok and mess them up but things that suck like that maps they never worry about…I have loved COD but as time goes on i find i might not get the next one…

  • Nigel

    Now I can’t use the “Voice Volume” setting to mute everyone.  I don’t need to hear 10 yr olds mouthbreathe, thanks.

    • Jobby

      Same here, after installing patch 1.08 the voice volume control became inoperative. Hopefully they release patch 1.09 tomorrow to fix that. I refuse to play at all without that feature. Its too tedious to manually mute each player at the start of each game and then have to mute new players as they join during a game.   I didn’t buy black ops because it didn’t have a voice volume control. Now, this one is unplayable.

    • Regnix

      Yup, same here. If only they bothered to play test these patches prior to release.

  • Thorpy

    this update has fucked my mw3 up completely i cant even play 10 mins without it freezing and me getting disc read errors